Nabors Holding Company main competitors are Parker Drilling Co, Nabors Drilling USA, LP, and Latshawdrilling.

Competitor Summary. See how Nabors Holding Company compares to its main competitors:

  • Nabors Drilling USA, LP has the most employees (15,000).
  • Employees at Parker Drilling Co earn more than most of the competitors, with an average yearly salary of $93,598.
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Nabors Holding Company vs competitors

Nabors Holding Company salaries vs Competitors

Among Nabors Holding Company competitors, employees at Parker Drilling Co earn the most with an average yearly salary of $93,598.

Compare Nabors Holding Company Salaries VS Competitors

CompanyAverage SalaryHourly SalarySalary Score
Nabors Holding Company
Sylvan Energy
Key Energy Services
Nabors Drilling USA, LP
Helmerich & Payne
Patterson-UTI Energy

Compare Nabors Holding Company Job Title Salaries VS Competitors

CompanyHighest SalaryHourly Salary
Nabors Holding Company
Diamond Offshore Drilling
Patterson-UTI Energy
Basic Energy Services
Parker Drilling Co
Helmerich & Payne
Nabors Industries
Falcon Drilling
Nabors Drilling USA, LP
Cactus Drilling Co
Rowan Companies
Hercules Offshore
Lewis Energy Group
Frontier Drilling
Ranger Energy Services
Precision Drilling
Sylvan Energy

Nabors Holding Company Jobs

Nabors Holding Company demographics vs competitors

Compare Gender At Nabors Holding Company Vs Competitors

Job TitleMaleFemale
Key Energy Services82%18%
Parker Drilling Co84%16%
Basic Energy Services84%16%
Nabors Holding Company86%14%
Helmerich & Payne90%10%
Diamond Offshore Drilling92%8%

Compare Race At Nabors Holding Company Vs Competitors

CompanyWhiteHispanic or LatinoBlack or African AmericanAsianUnknownDiversity Score

Nabors Holding Company And Similar Companies CEOs

Keith Schilling
Basic Energy Services

Solid leadership capabilities in the Energy Industry including upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. Education 1995: Bachelors, Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University, Texas, USA 2008: Masters of Business Administration , Erasmus University, Rotterdam Board member: Canadian Heavy Oil AssociationProfessional Qualifications and Affiliations Societies * Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers* Member, Society of Exploration Geophysicists Publications and Presentations Keith Schilling and Vivian Pistre, “Wireline tool to improve estimates of 3D borehole acoustic rock properties”, First Break, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, Volume 24, July 2006. V. Pistre, T. Kinoshita, T. Endo, K. Schilling, J. Pabon, B. Sinha, T. Plona, T. Ikegami, and D. Johnson Schlumberger, “A Modular Wireline Sonic Tool for Measurements of 3D (Azimuthal, Radial,and Axial) Formation Acoustic Properties”, SPWLA 46th Annual Logging Symposium, June 26-29, 2005.Rick Von Flatern, Keith Schilling, Giovanni Tumbiolo, Nick Heaton, and Martin Issacs, “Wireline Wizardry - Scanning Square One”, Offshore Engineer, Jan 2006, pp. 44-46.K. Schilling, et al., “Estimation of 3D Borehole Acoustic Rock Properties using a New Modular Sonic Tool”, EAGE 67th Conference & Exhibition, Madrid, Spain, 13 - 16 June 2005.Keith Schilling, Rick Von Flatern, Giovanni Tumbiolo, Nick Heaton, and Martin Issacs “Technology for Tomorrow”, Asian Oil & Gas, January/February 2006.Keith Schilling and Long Jiang, "Sonic Scanner Leading the Way from Clastics to Basement in Vietnam and Thailand", TMV Reservoir Symposium, Bangkok, 2007.Keith Schilling, Long Jiang, Jim Logan, Chevron, "Radial Profiling for Completion Effectiveness with New Sonic Measurement in the Gulf of Thailand", SPE 2008 Formation Damage Conference. (SPE 112385)Specialties: Negotiation, sales, marketing, operations, personnel, finance, and execution in both domestic (US) and international settings.

Marc Edwards is a President/CEO at DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING, INC.; Board Member at DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING, INC.; and VP:Product Enhancement at HALLIBURTON CO and is based in Houston, Texas. He has worked as Lead Board Director & Special Committee Chair at Keane Group, Lead Director at NEXTIER OILFIELD SOLUTIONS INC., and Lead Director at Keane Group. Marc attended Epsom College between 1974 and 1979, University of Bath between 1980 and 1984, and Henley Business School between 1997 and 1999.

Lee Reid are a Chief Executive at HELMERICH & PAYNE, INC. and are based in Boston, Massachusetts. They studied at Hampshire College, Amherst, Ma and Zurich Insurance Group.

Mr. Gary G. Rich is Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer of Parker Drilling Co. An industry veteran with over 30 years of global technical, commercial and operations experience, Mr. Rich comes to the Company after a 25 year career with Baker Hughes Incorporated. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Global Sales for Baker Hughes, and prior to this role, he served as president of that company’s European operations. Previously, Mr. Rich was president of Hughes Christensen Company (HCC), a division of Baker Hughes primarily focused on the production and distribution of drilling bits for the petroleum industry. Mr. Rich holds a B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University and an M.S. in Science and Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas

William Andrew Hendricks Jr
Patterson-UTI Energy

W. Matt Ralls
Rowan Companies

John T. Rynd
Hercules Offshore

Rod Lewis is a CEO/Founder at Lewis Energy Group. He works or has worked at Stampede and Stewart & Stevenson and works or has worked as BOARD MEMBER at National Air and Space Museum. Rod studied at TAMU.

Anthony G. Petrello
Nabors Drilling USA, LP