Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does National Services Group Pay?
Employees at National Services Group make, on average, $45,382 a year or $21.0 an hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $23,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $86,000. Show More

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National Services Group Salaries By Department

How much you earn at National Services Group depends on your role, and the organizational function that you work in. Employees in engineering roles earn the highest wages at National Services Group, with an average salary of $81,695. Employees working in the it organizational function also get paid well, with an average yearly pay of $66,835. The organizational functions at National Services Group that pay the least are administrative and customer service. Workers in these departments earn $34,097 and $35,440, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range69k - 96k$82k$81,695


Salary Range52k - 85k$67k$66,835


Salary Range40k - 92k$61k$61,307


Salary Range42k - 76k$57k$56,832


Salary Range39k - 78k$56k$55,693


Salary Range41k - 70k$54k$54,164


Salary Range43k - 65k$53k$53,435


Salary Range41k - 66k$53k$52,621


Salary Range37k - 61k$48k$47,843


Salary Range28k - 52k$39k$38,993

National Services Group Salaries By Job Title

The average employee at National Services Group earns a yearly salary of $45,382 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. Some of the positions that earn high wages at National Services Group include medical officer, senior technologist, project manager, and senior software engineer. A worker with the title medical officer salary at National Services Group can earn an average yearly salary of $174,650. Some of the other roles at National Services Group are cashier and janitor. A worker with the title cashier at National Services Group earns an average salary of $20,222 per year.
Job Title
Average Salary
Medical Officer Jobs
Salary Range133k - 227k$175k$174,650
Senior Technologist Jobs
Salary Range101k - 130k$115k$115,200
Project Manager Jobs
Salary Range92k - 132k$111k$110,614
Senior Software Engineer Jobs
Salary Range97k - 116k$107k$106,999
Student Development Advisor Jobs
Salary Range88k - 104k$96k$96,105
Systems Engineer Jobs
Salary Range81k - 101k$91k$90,740
Business Analyst Jobs
Salary Range62k - 89k$74k$74,428
Field Service Technician Jobs
Salary Range68k - 77k$73k$73,032
Physical Therapist Jobs
Salary Range62k - 73k$68k$67,714
Reimbursement Analyst Jobs
Salary Range59k - 70k$65k$65,129

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National Services Group Customer Service Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Service Manager
Salary Range62k - 76k$69k$68,921
Customer Care Representative
Salary Range33k - 37k$35k$35,448
Debt Collector
Salary Range33k - 37k$35k$35,361

Provider Relations Specialist

Salary Range32k - 36k$34k$34,081
Call Center Specialist
Salary Range32k - 35k$33k$33,489
Field Technician
Salary Range30k - 36k$33k$33,406
Customer Service Representative
Salary Range28k - 31k$30k$29,955

Student Volunteer

Salary Range24k - 30k$27k$27,416

National Services Group Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Administrative Officer
Salary Range57k - 70k$64k$63,754
Data Entry Associate
Salary Range40k - 62k$50k$50,244
Office Manager
Salary Range36k - 42k$39k$39,452
Credentialing Specialist
Salary Range36k - 40k$39k$38,806
Salary Range36k - 40k$39k$38,522

Registration Officer

Salary Range34k - 41k$38k$37,801
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range33k - 38k$36k$36,371
Office Assistant
Salary Range30k - 34k$32k$32,249
File Clerk
Salary Range27k - 29k$28k$28,408

Student Volunteer

Salary Range24k - 30k$27k$27,416

National Services Group Education Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary

General Forecaster

Salary Range80k - 123k$100k$100,030
Student Development Advisor
Salary Range88k - 104k$96k$96,105
Vice Principal
Salary Range88k - 103k$95k$95,437
Program Lead
Salary Range75k - 101k$88k$87,644

Peer Educator

Salary Range64k - 91k$77k$77,115
Teaching Assistant
Salary Range50k - 63k$57k$56,514
Salary Range41k - 66k$53k$52,704
Salary Range43k - 63k$52k$52,129
Salary Range42k - 63k$52k$51,718

Corps Member

Salary Range48k - 54k$51k$51,266

National Services Group Salaries By Location

It's no secret that workers earn different salaries in different parts of the country, since the cost of living can be much higher in certain areas. Employees at National Services Group earn different salaries depending on their region.
Average Salary
Park Ridge, NJ Jobs
Salary Range34k - 76k$51k$51,076
Los Angeles, CA Jobs
Salary Range34k - 73k$50k$50,252
East Syracuse, NY Jobs
Salary Range33k - 74k$50k$50,095
Millington, MD Jobs
Salary Range33k - 72k$49k$49,029
Bothell, WA Jobs
Salary Range33k - 70k$49k$48,701
New Castle, DE Jobs
Salary Range31k - 71k$48k$47,847
Mechanicsburg, PA Jobs
Salary Range30k - 67k$45k$45,328
Eagan, MN Jobs
Salary Range30k - 63k$44k$44,193
Madison Heights, MI Jobs
Salary Range29k - 64k$43k$43,441
Chicago, IL Jobs
Salary Range29k - 63k$43k$43,329

National Services Group Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of National Services Group are Jordan Service, Asset Services, and CBA BANCSHARES. Employees at Jordan Service earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $64,783. Employees at Asset Services earn an average of $64,647 per year, and the employees at CBA BANCSHARES earn an average salary of $60,833 per year.
Average Salary

Jordan Service

Salary Range44k - 95k$65k$64,783

Asset Services

Salary Range44k - 93k$65k$64,647


Salary Range41k - 88k$61k$60,833

Great American Mortgage Co

Salary Range39k - 88k$59k$59,421


Salary Range37k - 91k$59k$58,818
Fulton Co
Salary Range36k - 89k$58k$57,512


Salary Range37k - 84k$56k$56,212


Salary Range37k - 82k$56k$55,694

Staff on Site

Salary Range36k - 83k$55k$55,284


Salary Range37k - 79k$55k$54,844

National Services Group Jobs