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    Average Salary For a Non-Commissioned Officer

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Non-Commissioned Officer is $104,839 per year or $50 per hour. The highest paying Non-Commissioned Officer jobs have a salary over $142,000 per year while the lowest paying Non-Commissioned Officer jobs pay $77,000 per year

    Updated February 5, 2023
    Average Non-Commissioned Officer Salary
    $104,839 yearly
    $50 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Non-Commissioned Officer

    Team Leader

    Team leaders are responsible for managing a team for a specific project or work component. They primarily guide the team members and ensure that they are still working towards the set goals. Team leaders create strategies to reach goals, cascade the goals and strategies to team members, assign tasks, conduct periodic check-ups on the roadmap towards the goals, foster an engaging work environment, motivate and coach team members, monitor team performance, evaluate the strategies and come up with mitigating plans as needed. They are also responsible for reporting the team's progress to higher management.

    Squad Leader

    A squad leader is responsible for managing the troop's mission objectives, ensuring that each squad member carries out the role and duties efficiently, following the standard protocols and safety procedures strictly. Squad leaders report mission updates to the patrol superiors, inspect unit vehicles and equipment, delegate patrol areas for the troops, provide training support, and give proper commands from the superior's orders. A squad leader must have excellent leadership and organizational skills, especially on working with high-level operations to keep the squad safe.

    Section Chief

    A section chief's job varies with the type of organization. In most cases, a section chief is the head of a given section in an organization that is tasked with performing certain duties. A section chief is the head of a unit and provides leadership, motivation, and management of a section of employees. Their duties and responsibilities include reviewing and overseeing budgets, expenditure, and section activities.

    Platoon Sergeant

    A platoon sergeant is responsible for monitoring the platoon on its daily operations, including their training and activities, evaluating their performance, and enforcing disciplinary actions to maintain the order of the group. Platoon sergeants work closely with a platoon commander, advising high-end strategic procedures to support the troops, including defense training and weapon tactics. They also coordinate with different units, especially on deploying the platoon for assignments and security duties to maintain the peace of the vicinity.


    Instructors are responsible for imparting knowledge to students. They are well-versed in different topics related to their area of teaching. They prepare lessons, create presentation materials and other collaterals, and present these to the students. They manage the classroom and ensure that students are attentive. Instructors are also responsible for creating ways to check the students' knowledge retention through schoolwork and examinations. They also evaluate their teaching style as well to further improve their skills for the next batch of students. Instructors should be patient, creative, and well-versed in classroom management.

    Illustrated Career Paths For a Non-Commissioned Officer