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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Staff Psychiatrist Montgomery County Emergency Service Inc. Norristown, PA Aug 15, 2017 $174,494 -
Software Developer MRO Corporation Norristown, PA Apr 12, 2017 $128,000
IT Project Manager 3 Virtusa Corporation Norristown, PA May 01, 2017 $118,000
Regional Physician Liaison Prime Healthcare Services-Suburban Hospital LLC Norristown, PA May 05, 2017 $114,806
Senior Software Developer Randstad Technologies, LP Norristown, PA May 02, 2017 $110,000
Software Developer Software Merchant, Inc. Norristown, PA Aug 24, 2017 $95,000
.NET Developer Isoftech Inc. Norristown, PA Jul 14, 2017 $92,100
Software Engineer II Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Norristown, PA Dec 01, 2017 $88,900 -
Project Manager-III HCL America, Inc. Norristown, PA Jan 08, 2017 $88,088
SR. Software Engineer Red Salsa Technologies, Inc. Norristown, PA Jan 28, 2018 $87,693

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Infosys Limited, Wipro Technologies, PJM Interconnection, USM, Quest Diagnostics, HCL Technologies, Mercy Suburban Hospital, Vinculum Ltd, Procura Management, Wal-Mart

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