South High School Company History Timeline

South High Theater presented its first play-Cox and Box-in 1892.
The student body kept growing at a fast pace it had grown to between 750 and 800 students by 1909.
That first significant change came in September 1910 when the new manual and training wings were opened.
In January 1911, a new auditorium was opened up to the graduating class, with an initial seating capacity of 1,913.
In 1933, South High School had 2,820 enrolled students, and, despite the misery of the outside world, the school continued to grow and prosper and show students the possibility of a better life away from the Depression.
The Olathe Unified School District 233 was formed in 1965, with the consolidation of five smaller districts Countryside, Meadowlane, Mount Zion, Olathe, and Pleasant View.
Construction for the New South began in 1968, the year when public opinion of the war took a big turn for the worse.
The New South edit The open house for the new South High School was held on October 11, 1970, exactly two years after the groundbreaking ceremony.
In the summer of 2001, the auto shop was turned into a band room to meet the ever-growing need of that department, and the ventilation system was remade to allow for more efficient air conditioning.
In Spring 2007, a project to renovate all of the public high school auditoriums in Minneapolis moved on to the South auditorium.
The renovations, which had finished by the beginning of the 2007-08 school year, include new lighting and sound equipment, an extensive box for lighting and sound control, two sets of double doors at the main auditorium entrance, and a wheelchair-accessible balcony.
Theatrical performances on the stage began in Spring 2007.
27,999 students in 2010, the year the district became the second largest in the state.
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