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Become An Operator

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Working As An Operator

  • Controlling Machines and Processes
  • Handling and Moving Objects
  • Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material
  • Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings
  • Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events
  • $31,305

    Average Salary

What Does An Operator Do

An Operator manipulates machinery in a variety of fields. Their primary duties include setting up machines at the beginning of the shift, performing testing procedures to ensure that machines work optimally, and cleaning machines after each shift.

Operator jobs


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Operator Career Paths

Foreman Technician Specialist
Account Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Specialist Operations Manager General Manager
Area Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Maintenance Technician Engineering Technician Engineer
Chief Engineer
10 Yearsyrs
Service Technician Service Manager General Manager
Chief Executive Officer
8 Yearsyrs
Service Technician Maintenance Supervisor Operations Manager
Chief Operating Officer
11 Yearsyrs
Truck Driver Operations Manager Project Manager
Construction Manager
10 Yearsyrs
Specialist Account Manager Sales Manager
District Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Order Selector Forklift Operator Carpenter
General Contractor
6 Yearsyrs
Technician Service Technician Service Manager
General Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Driver Dispatcher Operations Manager
Human Resources Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Production Operator Production Supervisor Warehouse Manager
Logistics Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Foreman Project Manager Program Manager
Operations Director
9 Yearsyrs
Technician Field Service Technician Service Manager
Operations Manager
7 Yearsyrs
Maintenance Technician Maintenance Manager Operations Manager
Plant Manager
11 Yearsyrs
Delivery Driver Maintenance Technician Production Supervisor
Production Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Driver Delivery Driver Maintenance Technician
Production Supervisor
7 Yearsyrs
Delivery Driver Service Technician Operations Manager
Property Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Equipment Operator Technician Operations Manager
Purchasing Manager
9 Yearsyrs
Production Supervisor Warehouse Supervisor Shipping Supervisor
Shipping Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Equipment Operator Maintenance Technician Production Supervisor
Warehouse Manager
5 Yearsyrs
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Average Length of Employment
Lithopress Operator 21.9 years
Bonderizer Operator 16.8 years
Nitrator Operator 11.0 years
Pulp Operator 8.7 years
Comber Operator 8.6 years
Pocket Operator 8.1 years
Condenser Operator 8.0 years
Tuber Operator 7.5 years
Apparatus Operator 6.9 years
Multilith Operator 6.6 years
Dragline Operator 6.4 years
Cascade Operator 6.3 years
Clipper Operator 6.1 years
Conche Operator 6.1 years
Tenon Operator 6.1 years
Upset Operator 6.0 years
Vibrator Operator 6.0 years
DTP Operator 5.9 years
Cupola Operator 5.9 years
Layout Operator 5.9 years
Motel Operator 5.9 years
Shovel Operator 5.8 years
Calender Operator 5.8 years
Anodic Operator 5.7 years
Refiner Operator 5.7 years
Turbine Operator 5.7 years
Pulpit Operator 5.7 years
Collator Operator 5.6 years
Slasher Operator 5.5 years
Equalizer Operator 5.5 years
Prepress Operator 5.4 years
Cafeteria Operator 5.4 years
Boiler Operator 5.3 years
Mac Operator 5.3 years
Farm Operator 5.2 years
Cat Wagon Operator 5.2 years
Churn Operator 5.2 years
Lehr Operator 5.2 years
Divider Operator 5.1 years
Caustic Operator 5.1 years
Key Punch Operator 5.0 years
Embosser Operator 5.0 years
Miner Operator 5.0 years
Beater Operator 4.9 years
Chemical Operator 4.9 years
Dam Operator 4.9 years
Cadd Operator 4.9 years
Shotblast Operator 4.9 years
Set-Up Operator 4.9 years
Nuclear Operator 4.8 years
Knitter Operator 4.8 years
Beauty Operator 4.8 years
Still Operator 4.8 years
Reactor Operator 4.7 years
Pot Operator 4.7 years
Mogul Operator 4.7 years
Web Press Operator 4.7 years
Refinery Operator 4.6 years
Directory Operator 4.6 years
Stitcher Operator 4.6 years
Frame Operator 4.6 years
Thickener Operator 4.6 years
Resaw Operator 4.6 years
Spinning Operator 4.6 years
Computer Operator 4.6 years
Digester Operator 4.5 years
Bindery Operator 4.5 years
Repair Operator 4.5 years
Beamer Operator 4.5 years
Screed Operator 4.5 years
Saturator Operator 4.5 years
Cellular Operator 4.5 years
Foreman/Operator 4.4 years
Oxidation Operator 4.4 years
Nickel Operator 4.4 years
Resizer Operator 4.4 years
Unit Operator 4.4 years
Seed Core Operator 4.4 years
Auger Operator 4.3 years
Folder Operator 4.3 years
Burner Operator 4.2 years
Anchor Operator 4.2 years
Spray Operator 4.2 years
Bus Operator 4.2 years
Senior Operator 4.2 years
Denester Operator 4.2 years
Bullard Operator 4.2 years
Tank Farm Operator 4.2 years
Skin Pass Operator 4.2 years
Crane Operator 4.2 years
Cooler Operator 4.2 years
Grid Operator 4.1 years
Spinner Operator 4.1 years
Motor Operator 4.1 years
Sheeter Operator 4.1 years
Electric Operator 4.1 years
Cartoner Operator 4.1 years
Paver Operator 4.1 years
Dye Line Operator 4.1 years
Tube Mill Operator 4.1 years
Dispenser Operator 4.1 years
Autoclave Operator 4.1 years
Rewinder Operator 4.0 years
Utility Operator 4.0 years
Recovery Operator 4.0 years
Derrick Operator 4.0 years
Transit Operator 4.0 years
Diffuser Operator 4.0 years
Debarker Operator 4.0 years
Console Operator 4.0 years
Process Operator 4.0 years
Videotape Operator 4.0 years
Slitter Operator 4.0 years
Prefinish Operator 4.0 years
Relief Operator 3.9 years
Brake Operator 3.9 years
Plant Operator 3.9 years
Control Operator 3.9 years
Braze Operator 3.9 years
Lead Operator 3.9 years
Hot End Operator 3.9 years
Rig Operator 3.9 years
B-Operator 3.8 years
Microfilm Operator 3.8 years
Radar Operator 3.8 years
Winder Operator 3.8 years
Systems Operator 3.8 years
Retort Operator 3.8 years
Station Operator 3.8 years
Coater Operator 3.8 years
Bridge Operator 3.7 years
SMT Operator 3.7 years
Water Operator 3.7 years
Pipeline Operator 3.7 years
Caster Operator 3.7 years
Terminal Operator 3.7 years
Furnace Operator 3.7 years
Chiller Operator 3.7 years
Kettle Operator 3.7 years
Binder Operator 3.7 years
Nibbler Operator 3.7 years
Toll Operator 3.7 years
Auxiliary Operator 3.7 years
Kiln Operator 3.7 years
Banbury Operator 3.7 years
Scalper Operator 3.6 years
Generator Operator 3.6 years
Cable Operator 3.6 years
Separator Operator 3.6 years
Tow Motor Operator 3.6 years
Telecine Operator 3.6 years
Extrusion Operator 3.6 years
Printer Operator 3.6 years
Vehicle Operator 3.6 years
Power Operator 3.6 years
Proof Operator 3.5 years
BI Tri Operator 3.5 years
Freezer Operator 3.5 years
Filter Operator 3.5 years
Extruder Operator 3.5 years
Boat Operator 3.5 years
Press Operator 3.5 years
Dye Range Operator 3.5 years
Sew On Operator 3.5 years
Autocad Operator 3.5 years
Equipment Operator 3.5 years
Lease Operator 3.5 years
Bone Char Operator 3.4 years
Copy Operator 3.4 years
Hammer Operator 3.4 years
Gradall Operator 3.4 years
Larry Operator 3.4 years
Teletype Operator 3.4 years
Tour Operator 3.4 years
Dozer Operator 3.4 years
Shipping Operator 3.4 years
Bulldozer Operator 3.4 years
Melter Operator 3.4 years
Explosive Operator 3.4 years
Multiplex Operator 3.4 years
Rotary Operator 3.3 years
Finisher Operator 3.3 years
Inkjet Operator 3.3 years
Warp Knit Operator 3.3 years
Poly Operator 3.3 years
Issuing Operator 3.3 years
Blade Operator 3.3 years
Wet End Operator 3.3 years
Switch Operator 3.3 years
Crusher Operator 3.3 years
Job Press Operator 3.3 years
Network Operator 3.3 years
Lathe Operator 3.3 years
Receiving Operator 3.3 years
Draw Operator 3.3 years
Mill Operator 3.3 years
Reel Operator 3.3 years
Panel Saw Operator 3.3 years
Back Hoe Operator 3.3 years
Service Operator 3.2 years
Fusion Operator 3.2 years
Wrecker Operator 3.2 years
Ladle Operator 3.2 years
Calciner Operator 3.2 years
Metalizer Operator 3.2 years
Speed Operator 3.2 years
Signal Operator 3.2 years
Probe Operator 3.2 years
Dry End Operator 3.2 years
Barker Operator 3.2 years
Die Press Operator 3.2 years
Die Cut Operator 3.2 years
Field Operator 3.2 years
Coach Operator 3.2 years
Tape Operator 3.2 years
Sorter Operator 3.1 years
Wrapper Operator 3.1 years
Batching Operator 3.1 years
Medart Operator 3.1 years
Creel Operator 3.1 years
Glue Line Operator 3.1 years
Cutter Operator 3.1 years
Float Operator 3.1 years
Dryer Operator 3.1 years
Insert Operator 3.1 years
Smelter Operator 3.1 years
Hot Stamp Operator 3.1 years
Key Operator 3.1 years
Sensor Operator 3.1 years
Machine Operator 3.0 years
Tower Operator 3.0 years
Launch Operator 3.0 years
Logistics Operator 3.0 years
Knife Operator 3.0 years
Projector Operator 3.0 years
Laundry Operator 3.0 years
Vessel Operator 3.0 years
Operator 3.0 years
Drill Operator 3.0 years
Cut Out Operator 3.0 years
Harvester Operator 3.0 years
Screen Operator 3.0 years
Emergency Operator 2.9 years
Facsimile Operator 2.9 years
Dust Operator 2.9 years
Yarder Operator 2.9 years
Pickling Operator 2.9 years
Cell Operator 2.9 years
Traffic Operator 2.9 years
Roaster Operator 2.9 years
Spooling Operator 2.9 years
Scoop Operator 2.9 years
Digitizer Operator 2.9 years
Mixer Operator 2.9 years
Gauge Operator 2.9 years
Telephone Operator 2.9 years
Rail Operator 2.9 years
Seamer Operator 2.9 years
Motorboat Operator 2.9 years
Outside Operator 2.9 years
Grader Operator 2.9 years
Data Operator 2.9 years
Dredge Operator 2.9 years
Charge Operator 2.9 years
Nitrogen Operator 2.9 years
Roll Operator 2.8 years
Regulator Operator 2.8 years
Filler Operator 2.8 years
Hydro Operator 2.8 years
Skidder Operator 2.8 years
Die Cast Operator 2.8 years
Automatic Operator 2.8 years
Backup Operator 2.8 years
Trimming Operator 2.8 years
Case Operator 2.8 years
Jet Operator 2.8 years
Sandblast Operator 2.8 years
Decker Operator 2.8 years
911 Operator 2.8 years
Exchange Operator 2.8 years
Die Operator 2.8 years
Block Operator 2.8 years
Drum Operator 2.8 years
Loom Operator 2.8 years
Assembly Operator 2.8 years