Research Summary. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a pallet jack operator. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of pallet jack operator resumes they appeared on. For example, 32.7% of pallet jack operator resumes contained pallets as a skill. Let's find out what skills a pallet jack operator actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

  • The most common hard skill for a pallet jack operator is pallets. 32.7% pallet jack operators have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for a pallet jack operator is electric pallet jack appearing on 23.3% of resumes. The third most common is safety regulations on 5.9% of resumes.
  • Three common soft skills for a pallet jack operator are alertness, communication skills and coordination.

Warehouse environment means the overall working conditions of a warehouse. The warehouse environment is often noisy and loud. It is a busy place and with hundreds of people working in the same place, alongside several trucks and loaders being operational to load and unload stuff, the place becomes messy and noisy.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a pallet jack operator. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of pallet jack operator resumes they appeared on. For example, 32.7% of pallet jack operator resumes contained pallets as a skill. Let's find out what skills a pallet jack operator actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Pallet Jack Operator Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Pallets

Here's how pallets is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Operated Forklift and Pallet machines with accurate and dependable visibility and followed safety and warehouse procedures.
  • Operated pallet jack moved material through facility and performed routine maintenance on equipment
  • Certified forklift operator Certified pallet jack operator No accidents
  • Promoted to pallet jack operator for re-hang area
  • Scan incoming auto parts, put away auto parts on a fork lift or with a pallet jack or hi low.

2. Electric Pallet Jack

Here's how electric pallet jack is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Operated an electric pallet jack*Selected and stacked products quickly and effectively*Maintained production in a timely and professional manner
  • Position responsibilities included electric pallet jack operator loading and unloading merchandise from trucks.
  • Operated Electric Pallet Jacks, gain exceptional experience in organizing storerooms and warehouses.
  • Operated electric pallet jack around a refrigerated warehouse.
  • Operated electric pallet jack to relocate materials.

3. Safety Regulations

Here's how safety regulations is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • train Staff on product knowledge, pool water testing, customer service, safety Regulations.
  • Abided by safety regulations for product shipping.
  • Water Safety Inspection - Performed courtesy inspections of customer equipment and watercraft, making suggestions for requirements to meet safety regulations.
  • Created and maintained safe working environment by maintaining work area and upholding safety regulations.
  • Insure proper personal protective equipment and followed all company policies and safety regulations for machine operations.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. US Foods Jobs (23)
  2. The Home Depot Jobs (53)
  3. Tyson Foods Jobs (82)
  4. The Coca-Cola Company Jobs (44)
  5. Koch Foods Jobs (28)

4. RF Scanner

Here's how rf scanner is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Picked orders for shipment using RF scanner and operating electric ride on pallet Jack.
  • Pick customers' orders with RF Scanner and stage on shipping dock
  • Use Rf scanner Locate product on skids unload product onto drop locations
  • Recorded numbers of units handled or moved, via RF scanner.
  • Provided inventory control, auditing and usage of RF scanner.

5. Basic Math

Here's how basic math is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and knowledge of weights and measures.
  • Performed basic math skills, lifted dock plates weighing at least 80 pounds, safely handle hazardous materials.
  • Used basic math skills for yearly inventories and, when reviewing and picking orders.
  • Apply basic mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Use basic math to ensure correct number of parts are delivered to our customers.

6. Warehouse Environment

Here's how warehouse environment is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • operated machinery and practiced safety precautions in a warehouse environment.
  • Sustained zero safety hazards by proactively maintaining clean and organized warehouse environment.
  • Sustained zero safety hazards by proactively maintaining clean and organized warehouse environment.
  • Performed inventory counts and operated warehouse machinery in a warehouse environment.
  • Perform order fulfillment duties in a medical supply warehouse environment

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7. Selector

Here's how selector is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Top 150 selector Nationwide for PFS Safety-Oriented Excellent communicator Trained employees at other Op-Co's Determined and Dependable Adaptable to all environments
  • Order Selector* Drove and operated pallet jack and cherry picker* Load and unload truck shipments
  • Worked in an assembly line Order selector and packer
  • Order selector, replenished, loader
  • Order selector for major companies.

8. Load Trucks

Here's how load trucks is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Load trucks with orders for delivery paying close attention to delivery sequence Professional Cutlery Direct
  • Load and unload trucks, inspect product, label product, put product away, rotate stock, pick orders for customers
  • Build and wrapped orders to be shipped out, and helped load trucks up when that task was completed
  • Load and unload trucks with jack, fill out load sheets, and help stack off when necessary.
  • Load and unload trucks within the giving time frame Work as a team player with appropriate interpersonal skills.

9. Hand Trucks

Here's how hand trucks is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Count and load finished news papers on pallets and move to loading dock using forklift and or hand trucks.
  • Unload items for each customer with electrical pallet jack (Crown) and hand truck.
  • Use a pallet jack/hand truck to move product to and from line.
  • Moved materials to designated area, using hand truck or pallet jack.
  • Hand Truck and remote crane operator.

Pallet Jack Operator Jobs

10. Customer Orders

Here's how customer orders is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Fulfilled customer orders using printed tickets with product information and quantity.
  • Retrieved produce for Customer Orders, Maintained Inventory for produce warehouse
  • Load customer orders for delivery of product to customers without damage or error
  • Ship customer orders through the U.S.
  • Pulled customer orders in warehouse.

11. Empty Pallets

Here's how empty pallets is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Consolidated merchandise to consolidate empty pallets as needed.
  • Facilitate packers with empty pallets so they could place upcoming production and get it ready for stock and shipping.
  • Sorted and combined products onto empty pallets then wrapped and labeled them to be sent out for shipping.
  • Picked up and delivered empty pallets and containers to different buildings and designated areas around the plant.
  • Consolidate and remove extra or empty pallets, remove all unnecessary straps, wrap and/or netting.

12. Inventory Control

Here's how inventory control is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Inventory control of supplies: Maintained 98% inventory accuracy of supplies and Finish Goods.
  • Inventory control through an AT400 computer operating system.
  • Used RF-Scanners for inventory control.
  • Inventory control, R-F guns (scanners) Stand-up forklift and pallet jack operator, Janitorial work, Production line
  • Assist in Inventory control Successful complete all jobs by time requested.

13. Quality Standards

Here's how quality standards is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Process control and documentation such as checking/certifying product, following process controls, meeting quality standards with tight deadlines.
  • Perform job specific duties on the production floor, during assigned time frames, to the established quality standards.
  • Follow quality standards and comply with procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Maintained and operated Computer Based Control Systems to ensure quality standards, efficiency and accuracy of warehouse processes.
  • Assembled products accurately while communicating strongly with supervisor and other team members to ensure product meets specifications and quality standards.

14. Assembly Line

Here's how assembly line is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Move all equipment to designated areas to be use by workers before the beginning of assembly line workers shift.
  • Maintained clean and orderly assembly line and complete other general cleaning duties.
  • Assist others on assembly line by expediting or replacing shipments.
  • Work this assembly line in used the pallet jacks
  • Work on an assembly line packaging products.

15. Safety Procedures

Here's how safety procedures is used on pallet jack operator resumes:
  • Followed safety precautions while operating pallet jack in order maintain warehouse safety procedures.
  • Performed all assigned tasks in accordance with company guidelines and safety procedures
  • Followed all quality and safety procedures.
  • Bring merchandise to workers on the line Making sure to follow all safety procedures
  • Followed safety procedures and regulations, including wearing special protective gear and disposed of materials as regulated by law.
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The eight most common skills based on Pallet Jack Operator resumes in 2023.

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Pallet Jack Operator Skills

List Of Skills To Add To Your Pallet Jack Operator Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant pallet jack operator Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Pallets
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • Safety Regulations
  • RF Scanner
  • Basic Math
  • Warehouse Environment
  • Selector
  • Load Trucks
  • Hand Trucks
  • Customer Orders
  • Empty Pallets
  • Inventory Control
  • Quality Standards
  • Assembly Line
  • Safety Procedures
  • Delivery Vehicle
  • Production Floor
  • Industrial Trucks
  • Order Sheets
  • Wrap Pallets
  • Delivery Truck
  • Scan Gun
  • Sit-Down Forklift
  • Minor Troubleshooting
  • Load Pallets
  • Production Lines
  • Food Products
  • Manual Pallet Jack
  • Unload Trailers
  • Store Orders
  • Dollies
  • Storage Locations

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Online Courses For Pallet Jack Operators

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17. Fundamentals of Customer Centricity

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18. Marketing Fundamentals: Who Is Your Customer?

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19. Introduction to Data Structures

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20. Digital Customer Analytics

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