Updated December 14, 2021
Average Performance Team Salary
$47,000 yearly
$22.60 hourly

Entry level Salary
$30,000 yearly
10 %
90 %

How Much Does Performance Team Pay?

On a national level, workers at Performance Team earn an average salary of $47,393 per year, or $22.79 an hour.

However, there's a significant range between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent of earners. While the highest-paid employees at Performance Team can earn over $72,000 a year, the lowest-paid employees earn less than $30,000.

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Performance Team Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs At Performance Team

While Performance Team employees earn an average yearly salary of $47,393, different roles can command different wages. Some of the positions that earn high wages at Performance Team include Operations Director, Developer, Account Manager, and Business Analyst. A worker with the title Operations Director salary at Performance Team can earn an average yearly salary of $95,739. To get a better sense of the salaries at Performance Team, other roles such as Lumper and Sorter can be considered as well. For comparison, the title Lumper at Performance Team earns $25,569 per year.
Job Title
RankJob TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Operations Director$95,739$46.03
3Account Manager$78,815$37.89
4Business Analyst$77,302$37.16
5Operations Manager$72,549$34.88
7Finance Analyst$66,177$31.82
8Team Leader$66,022$31.74
9Data Entry Associate$65,580$31.53
11Data Entry Specialist$56,546$27.19
12Maintenance Technician$55,490$26.68
14Administrative Assistant$49,801$23.94
15Warehouse Associate$47,844$23.00
16Receiving Lead$47,484$22.83
17Forklift Operator$45,534$21.89
18Logistics Coordinator$41,803$20.10
19Office Assistant$40,680$19.56
20Inventory Control Specialist$40,599$19.52

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Average Performance Team Salaries By Department

Our data shows that different departments at Performance Team pay different salaries. Our data shows that employees in IT roles earn the highest wages at Performance Team, with an average yearly salary of $89,908. Employees working in the Engineering department earn a relatively high salary as well, averaging $80,487 per year. The organizational function at Performance Team where employees earn the lowest salaries is Customer Service with yearly earnings averaging $40,265. Warehouse is the second-lowest paying organizational function at Performance Team, where the workers earn $41,476 per year.
RankDepartmentAverage SalaryHourly Rate
6Supply Chain$65,971$31.72
9Non Profit/Government$57,908$27.84
12Human Resources$53,696$25.82
15Customer Service$40,265$19.36

Best Paying Performance Team Warehouse Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Yard Manager$74,161$35.65
3Inventory Control Supervisor$60,164$28.93
4Truck Loader$54,648$26.27
5Warehouse Associate$47,844$23.00
6Receiving Lead$47,484$22.83
7Scanner Operator$45,712$21.98
8Forklift Operator$45,534$21.89
9Shift Leader$45,310$21.78
10Route Agent$43,743$21.03
11Inventory Control Specialist$40,599$19.52
12Warehouse Worker$39,846$19.16
14Order Selector$34,208$16.45
15Shipping Clerk$33,467$16.09
16Production Worker$33,115$15.92
17Shipping And Receiving Clerk$33,059$15.89
18Order Picker$33,017$15.87
19Picker And Packer$32,414$15.58

Performance Team Warehouse Jobs

Best Paying Performance Team Administrative Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Manager Officer$80,739$38.82
2Data Entry Associate$65,580$31.53
3Administrative Staff$62,834$30.21
4Administrative Assistant$49,801$23.94
5Office Manager$44,033$21.17
6Data Entry Clerk$43,400$20.87
7Office Clerk$38,023$18.28

Performance Team Administrative Jobs

Best Paying Performance Team Plant/Manufacturing Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Senior Operations Manager$96,822$46.55
2Operations Director$95,739$46.03
3Manufacturing Engineer$68,565$32.96
4Lead Operator$64,258$30.89
5Quality Assurance Supervisor$63,066$30.32
6Shift Manager$61,290$29.47
7Line Supervisor$49,785$23.94
8Iron Worker$41,010$19.72
9Handle Machine Operator$39,587$19.03
10Forklift Driver$37,384$17.97
11Quality Inspector$33,487$16.10
12Production Assembler$32,836$15.79

Performance Team Plant/Manufacturing Jobs

Recently Added Performance Team Jobs

Highest Paying Performance Team Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Performance Team are Rhee Bros, MIQ Logistics, and Leicht Transfer & Storage Co. Employees at Rhee Bros earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $60,499. The salaries at MIQ Logistics average $49,647 per year, and the salaries at Leicht Transfer & Storage Co come in at $48,559 per year.
RankCompany NameZippia ScoreAverage Salary
1Rhee Bros4.0$60,499
2MIQ Logistics4.5$49,647
3Leicht Transfer & Storage Co3.5$48,559
4Hall's Warehouse3.8$47,995
5World Warehouse4.0$45,442
6CEVA Logistics4.8$43,704
8Amware Fulfillment4.5$42,799
9Lanter Distributing3.9$42,622
10Saddle Creek4.3$42,089
12Southeastern Paper Group3.9$39,476
13Bentley World Packaging3.9$39,244
14Yusen Logistics4.4$34,024

Competitors Jobs