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Become A Perfusionist

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Working As A Perfusionist

  • $40,800

    Average Salary

What Does A Perfusionist Do At Tufts Medical Center

* Operates heart-lung machine and its ancillary equipment under supervision of the professional staff, at all times monitoring and maintaining continuous blood flow and respiration to the patient.
* Alters the system to adapt to changes in the patient condition or operative technique.
* Maintains thorough perfusion records before, during and after pump run, recording pump data, laboratory values and activated clotting times.
* Monitors and records patients vital signs such as blood flow rates, blood volume, gas flow rates, oxygenation, EKG and temperature during bypass.
* Completes safety checklists and records other data forms when relevant.
* Provides for maximization of blood conservation techniques.
* Assembles and operates Cell Saver and other intraoperative blood salvage systems, including hemoconcentrators.
* Assesses patients eligibility for autologous pre-bypass blood donation and if eligible performs collection for post bypass re-transfusion.
* May add human blood or blood products to the bypass system when necessary.
* Determines heparin/protamine dosages for anticoagulation and reversal.
* Monitors patients coagulation status through use of activated clotting times and if necessary, other laboratory tests.
* Adjusts systems so that patient's respiratory and/or circulatory systems gradually performs independently of the pump.
* Continues to monitor physiological parameters until patient is independent of mechanical assistance.
* Disassembles equipment, inspects, cleans and reassembles equipment and insures that it is properly stored.
* Prepares appropriate equipment for sterilization.
* Reviews patients records and consults with surgeon, anesthesiologist and/or nursing staff to ascertain physical parameters of patient for appropriate selection of perfusion equipment.
* Prepares appropriate equipment for each case using accepted sterile techniques.
* Assembles solutions and drugs to be used during bypass.
* Performs, or arranges for, preventative maintenance of perfusion equipment.
* Maintains log of PM scheduling and documents to verify compliance.
* Orders, inventories and stores standard supplies and equipment through Pyxis.
* Assists in the training of new perfusion personnel.
* Maintains certification with the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion by yearly fulfilling appropriate continuing education and case reporting.
* Participates in continuing education of group by preparing discussions and talks as assigned.
* Performs quality assurance tests as indicted by hospital and JCAHO protocol, and records such data for review and audit.
* Supplies yearly verification of completion of OSHA mandated safety modules.
* Responsible for out of house coverage (on call) as dictated by monthly call schedule.
* Response time must be within 45 minutes from time paged.
* Also responsible for in house coverage as deemed by the call schedule and necessity.
* Provides coverage to adult/pediatric cardiac catherization laboratory during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedures, stent and device placements or other emergency procedures.
* Assists with the set-up/placement of intra-aortic balloon catheter in the operating room.
* Operates/monitors timing of IABP console during operative procedure and transport if necessary.
* Serves as hospital resource group for technical issues including all assist devices ( Heart –Mate, Abio
* Med, Tandem Heart,Thoratec,and Heart
* Mate 2).
* Provides 24-hour coverage to liver transport service.
* Sets up and runs veno-veno bypass circuit to shunt liver during transplant procedures.
* Also provide veno-veno bypass for hepatic resections.
* Provides technical support and assistance to neuro-surgery during procedures which require periods of deep hypothermic arrest and cessation of blood flow.
* Also provide coverage to emergency room/surgery for the re-warming/resuscitation of hypothermic victims using cardiopulmonary bypass as well as HIPEC Hyperthermia Intraperitoneal extracorporeal Chemotherapy
* Sets up and assists with the cannulation of patients requiring ventricular assists devices in the operating room.
* Provides daily assistance/support and education to the nursing and house staff in caring for these patients.
* Maintains collaborative, team relationships with peers and colleagues in order to effectively contribute to the working groups achievement of goals, and to help foster a positive work environment
* Performs other similar job related duties as required or directed

What Does A Perfusionist Do At UPMC

* Perform duties and responsibilities according to the philosophy and standards of UPMC including conveying courtesy, respect, enthusiasm, and positive attitude in work situations with patients, peers, medical staff, and visitors.
* Assists other staff members and hospital personnel in completion of needed tasks; and makes patient care and/or interdepartmental service the number one priority.
* Safely conduct perfusion scope of practice.
* Make appropriate changes in therapy after consultation with the attending physician(s).
* Administer medications, blood components, and anesthetic agents under the supervision by the attending physicians.
* Maintain proficiency with accessory equipment and procedures.
* Maintain equipment and supplies.
* Instruct students, residents and others in new procedures and equipment.
* Provide perfusion support for non-cardiac procedures such as: transplantation, chemoperfusion, ECMO, cardiac support devices, component therapy, and blood recovery.
* Perform responsibilities outside the home-base hospital.
* Perform documentation associated with described responsibilities.
* Perform equipment maintenance checklists as required.
* Support continuing education and research as required by the perfusionist's scope of practice.
* If employed at UPMC facility, serve as instructor/supervisor to UPMC School of Cardiovascular Perfusion
* Assist in the evaluation of new equipment.
* Participate as assigned with the ordering and maintenance of supplies..
* Participate with development and revision of: policy and procedure, performance improvement, quality management, and staff education.
* Participate in on-call schedule per institutional policy.
* If employed at UPMC facility, participate with coverage and call for STAT MedEvac responsibilities.
* Support Procirca contractual obligations.
* Able to travel 25% of the time

What Does A Perfusionist Do At Johns Hopkins Medicine

* Monitors and operates an array of extracorporeal equipment during surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
* Performs as a clinical and/or didactic instructor for the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Perfusion Science (if applicable).
* Full Time (40 hours)
* Rotating 10 hour shifts
* Weekend rotation and on call required
* Successful graduation from an American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion accredited cardiovascular training program.
* No experience is required.
* New grads are encouraged to apply.
* Possible exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous materials with little likelihood of harm if established health precautions are followed
* Johns Hopkins Hospital is a smoke free campus.
* Johns Hopkins Health System and its affiliates are drug-free workplace employers.
* Johns Hopkins Health System and its affiliates are an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employers.
* All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, national origin, mental or physical disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local

What Does A Perfusionist Do At NYU Medical Center

* Information Management.
* Summarizes patients physiological status in the medical record according to departmental policy.
* Records all information pertinent to patient during procedure, ie.
* Time on bypass, cross clamp, ABG, ACT, Temp Maintains security in computer entries.
* Completes order entry as per hospital policy and procedure.
* Environmental Care.
* Assist in the setup of supplies for each cardiac case as per established departmental protocol and type of procedure.
* Organize and maintain inventory at established par levels, and report to manager any needed supplies in order to prevent interruptions in service.
* Organize and maintain daily stock of perfusion supplies in each cardiac operative suite.
* Maintain daily stock of cardioplegia.
* Disposes of contaminated waste in appropriate receptacle.
* Label and date all medications utilized and appropriately discard left over medication.
* Dissembles, cleans and inspects equipment and apparatus immediately following each case.
* Communicates any abnormal findings to perfusion manager.
* Creates and maintains a safe environment for patients, family and coworkers by reporting faulty equipment, clearing access, and maintaining communication.
* Complies with dress/ uniform code of the operating room.
* Infection Control Utilizes appropriate isolation principles and universal standards.
* Adheres to departmental policy and wears appropriate eye protection, gloves ect.
* Throughout the procedure.
* Maintains a work environment free of any blood spills.
* Blood is removed from the work area as soon as possible according to departmental policy and procedure.
* Care of Patients Part 2
* Utilizes safety devices on all procedures according to policy and procedure.
* At all times remains committed to the assigned procedure.
* Maintains awareness of progression of procedure and is readily available to perform bypass and bypass duties.
* Insures adequate coverage by a perfusionist when leaving the immediate area.
* When performing as backup perfusionist, routinely circulates through all active cardiac procedures.
* When performing as backup perfusionist is readily available to assist the primary perfusionist with no reported deviations per year.
* Demonstrates knowledge of pharmacology including classification, action, purpose, and side effects as per established by the standards of practice of the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.
* Verbalizes knowledge of purpose, rationale, policies and procedures for patients treatments.
* Uses appropriate phone techniques to communicate information regarding patient care.
* Care of Patients Part 1
* Prepares the extracorporeal circuit in a timely fashion and is prepared to conduct bypass prior to induction on anesthesia.
* Pre bypass checklist completed prior to bypass and all tasks performed to verify items on the checklist.
* Initiates and operates the heart/lung machine at the direction of the cardiac surgeon in order to achieve extracorporeal perfusion.
* Adjusts and adapts the perfusion system to accommodate changes in surgical technique or patients parameters after communication with the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist.
* Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to provide extracorporeal services to patients per departmental policy and procedure.
* Makes appropriate changes to equipment, supplies and techniques to best meet the needs of the patient including but not limited to: Total Bypass, Off pump procedures, Cardioplegia delivery, MUF, Circulatory arrest, R
* A.P.
* Maintenance of cardiac output, Maintenance of blood volume, Maintenance of CPB gas flow rates, Auto transfusion, Ventricular assist device, Activated clotting time maintained above 480 seconds during CPB.
* Appropriate measures taken to correct low values.
* Patient Assessment
* Monitors physiological parameters for early identification of changes in the patients physiologic status during procedures.
* Recognizes medical emergencies and responds appropriately by expediting treatments.
* Asses patients appropriately based on age, culture, spiritual, educational and healthcare needs.
* Perform blood samples for arterial and venous blood gases, Hematocrit, potassium levels, activated clotting time providing information on patients current status.
* Assesses and communicates the patients need for blood and/or blood products to the surgeon and completes a blood administration record as per hospital policy and procedure.
* Reviews patients medical record prior to each procedure and records all pertinent information on the perfusion record

What Does A Perfusionist Do At Mercy Medical Center Clinton

* Assesses patients before surgery by reviewing patient’s chart, gathering data needed to prepare cardiopulmonary bypass circuit.
* Assembles heart-lung machine and perfusion circuit, adhering to aseptic techniques.
* Conducts all necessary safety checks of perfusion circuit prior to use to ensure safe performance of systems and equipment.
* Connects continuous infusion device to arterial line/pulmonary artery catheter/LAP line, and insures functional accuracy of transducer monitor.
* Connects patient to monitoring equipment before anesthesia is administered.
* Performs thermodilution cardiac output studies when indicated and calculates hemodynamic parameters to evaluate patient’s tolerance to procedures.
* Supervises and evaluates patient’s connection to the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit before the start of extracorporeal circulation.
* Operates, monitors, and maintains pump oxygenator and all adjunctive equipment during surgery; sets up, operates and monitors blood salvaging equipment during noncardiac operating procedures.
* Collaborates with surgeon and anesthesiologist during extracorporeal perfusion phase by monitoring electrocardiograms, arterial blood pressure and other patient vital signs to observe patients tolerance to procedure.
* Reports immediately any major changes in patient tolerance or equipment operation and institutes necessary corrective actions and adjustments to maintain patient’s life.
* Monitors and interprets routine laboratory studies such as blood gases, blood chemistry, coagulation, hemoglobin and hematocrit, enabling operation of extracorporeal equipment in a manner which normalizes these studies for each patient.
* Sets up, operates, monitors, and maintains cardiac assist devices such as intra-aortic balloon pump.
* Left ventricular assist device and makes appropriate connections.
* Charges balloon, calibrates pressure tranducer, and establishes correct timing sequences.
* Monitors and evaluates patient tolerance to device, reports major changes immediately, and institutes necessary lifesaving adjustments.
* Maintains all permanent monitoring and extracorporeal equipment in the Operating Room by cleaning, calibrating, and monitoring for possible equipment malfunction.
* Arranges for preventative maintenance or repair; maintains an adequate inventory of disposable equipment.
* Performs scheduled on-call duty as a standby in case of emergencies and is responsible for providing any perfusion procedures required by emergent patient conditions.
* Performs CPR as necessary.
* Maintains CPR competency as evidenced by BCLS certification.
* Maintains good rapport and cooperative relationships.
* Approaches conflict in a constructive manner.
* Helps to identify problems, offer solutions, and participate in their resolution.
* Maintains the confidentiality of information acquired-pertaining to patients, physicians, employees and visitors to St.
* Joseph Mercy Hospital.
* Discusses patient and hospital information only among appropriate personnel in appropriately private places.
* Behaves in accordance with the Mission, Vision, and Values of St.
* Joseph Mercy Health System Assumes responsibility for performance of job the safest possible manner, to assure personal safety and that of coworkers, patients and report all preventable hazards and unsafe practices immediately to management.
* Provides quality patient care by considering age specific, developmental, and cultural needs through competent clinical practice.
* Demonstrates unit/area competencies.
* Performs other duties as assigned._

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Real Perfusionist Salaries

Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Chief Clinical Perfusionist, APH Orlando Health, Inc. Orlando, FL Mar 24, 2014 $145,000
Graduate Perfusionist Vassar Brothers Medical Center Poughkeepsie, NY Aug 20, 2012 $129,279
Staff Perfusionist Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc. Boston, MA Aug 10, 2015 $125,008
Pediatric Perfusionist All Children's Health System, Inc. Saint Petersburg, FL Jan 05, 2016 $125,000
Pediatric Perfusionist All Children's Hospital, Inc. Saint Petersburg, FL Feb 29, 2016 $125,000
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Loma Linda University Health Care Loma Linda, CA Sep 22, 2013 $115,793
CV Perfusionist Cardiovascular Perfusion Specialists, LLC Baton Rouge, LA Jan 12, 2015 $115,000
Staff Pediatirc Perfusionist Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR Apr 02, 2010 $111,490
Staff Pediatric Perfusionist Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR Apr 02, 2010 $111,490
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Loma Linda University Health Care Loma Linda, CA May 31, 2013 $110,219
Perfisionist Mount Sinai Medical Center New York, NY Oct 13, 2015 $110,000
Perfusionist Specialtycare, Inc. Morristown, NJ Sep 13, 2016 $107,466
Graduate Perfusionist Vassar Brothers Medical Center Poughkeepsie, NY Aug 20, 2009 $104,488
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Peacehealth Springfield, OR Oct 01, 2012 $104,350
Staff Cardiovascular Perfusionist General Hospital Corporation Boston, MA Jul 01, 2015 $98,904
Perfusionist University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Oct 19, 2016 $98,743
Perfusionist Loma Linda University Health Care Loma Linda, CA May 31, 2010 $97,406
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Comprehensive Care Services, Inc. Sugar Land, TX Sep 22, 2016 $95,000
Perfusionist University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA Jul 23, 2012 $93,000
Perfusionist University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Jun 09, 2014 $91,000
SR. Perfusionist University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Jul 11, 2011 $90,765
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Comprehensive Care Services, Inc. Royal Oak, MI Jan 03, 2016 $90,000
Perfusionist Mount Sinai Medical Center New York, NY Oct 13, 2012 $90,000
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Evergreen Perfusion, Inc. Tacoma, WA Jun 15, 2012 $89,000
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Comprehensive Care Services, Inc. Dearborn, MI Sep 22, 2016 $85,275
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Newport Coast Cardiovascular Services Inc. Newport Beach, CA Oct 01, 2012 $85,000
Perfusionist Comprehensive Care Services, Inc. Sugar Land, TX Sep 08, 2015 $85,000
Cardio Perfusionist Yale New Haven Hospital New Haven, CT Jun 29, 2012 $82,228

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Top Skills for A Perfusionist


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Top Perfusionist Skills

  1. Heartmate II
  2. Ecmo
  3. Datascope Iabp
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Set up, initiation and monitoring of adult ECMO procedures
  • Operated both Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) and Cell Saver machines during surgical procedures.
  • Transport of patients on IABP and VAD to various Florida health facilities.
  • Operate cardiopulmonary bypass machine and associated devices on exceptionally high risk patients.
  • Operated heart-lung machine to regulate blood circulation, blood gases, and electrolyte composition.

Top Perfusionist Employers