Personal Trainer Job Openings In Germantown, TN - 8 Jobs

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    PA in TN (Germantown,TN)

    Provide Locum Tenens
    Germantown, TN
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    Get Paid To Train! Swift CDL-A Training & Job Placement

    Swift Transportation
    Germantown, TN
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    Get Paid To Train! Swift CDL-A Training & Job Placement

    Swift Transportation
    Germantown, TN
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    Automotive Tool Sales

    Mac Tools
    Germantown, TN
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    CDL Truck Driver Training

    Roehl Transport
    Germantown, TN
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    Entry Level - Student Truck Driver. We Train You, MentorYou, & Hire You

    Swift Transportation
    Germantown, TN
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    Personal Training Onboarding Specialist

    Life Time Fitness, Inc.
    Collierville, TN
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    Personal Trainer

    Life Time Fitness, Inc.
    Collierville, TN

Personal Trainer Jobs



  • Performing General Physical Activities
  • Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
  • Performing for or Working Directly with the Public
  • Handling and Moving Objects
  • Outdoors/walking/standing
  • Make Decisions

What does a Personal Trainer do

A Personal Trainer helps clients achieve their personal fitness and weight goals. They are responsible for developing and implementing a specialized exercise regimen for a client.

how to become a Personal Trainer

The education and training required for fitness trainers and instructors varies by type of specialty, and employers often hire those with certification. Personal fitness trainers, group fitness instructors, and specialized fitness instructors each need different preparation. Requirements also vary by facility.


Almost all trainers and instructors have at least a high school diploma before entering the occupation. An increasing number of employers are requiring fitness workers, particularly personal trainers, to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree related to a health or fitness field, such as exercise science, kinesiology, or physical education. Programs often include courses in nutrition, exercise techniques, biology, anatomy, and group fitness. Personal trainers also learn how to develop fitness programs for clients of all ages.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

Employers prefer to hire fitness trainers and instructors who are certified. Many personal trainers must be certified before they begin working with clients or with members of a gym or other type of health club. Group fitness instructors can begin work without certification, but employers often encourage or require them to become certified. Most specialized fitness instructors receive certification for their preferred type of training, such as yoga or Pilates.

Many organizations offer certification. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), part of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, lists certifying organizations that are accredited.

All certification exams have a written part, and some also have a practical part. The exams measure the candidate’s knowledge of human physiology, understanding of proper exercise techniques, and ability to assess clients’ fitness levels and develop appropriate exercise programs. Many certifying organizations offer study materials to prepare for the exam, including books, webinars, other audio and visual materials, and exam preparation workshops and seminars.

Advanced certification requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in an exercise-related subject that includes more-specialized instruction, such as training athletes, working with people who are injured or ill, or advising clients on general health. For more information, see the profiles on athletic trainers and exercise physiologists.

Most trainers or instructors need certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillators before applying for certification in physical fitness.


After becoming a certified personal trainer, new trainers typically work alongside an experienced trainer before they are allowed to train clients alone.

Training for specialized fitness instructors can vary greatly. For example, the duration of programs for yoga instructors can range from a few days to more than 2 years. The Yoga Alliance offers several credentials that require a minimum of between 200 and 500 hours, with a specified number of hours in techniques, teaching methods, anatomy, physiology, philosophy, and other areas.

Important Qualities

Customer-service skills. Many fitness trainers and instructors must sell their services, motivating clients to hire them as personal trainers or to sign up for the classes they lead. Fitness trainers and instructors must therefore be polite, friendly, and encouraging, to maintain relationships with their clients.

Communication skills. Fitness trainers and instructors must be able to clearly explain or demonstrate exercises to clients.

Listening skills. Fitness trainers and instructors must be able to listen carefully to what clients tell them in order to determine the clients’ fitness levels and desired fitness goals.

Motivational skills. Getting fit and staying fit takes a lot of work for many clients. To keep clients coming back for more classes or to continue personal training, fitness trainers and instructors must keep their clients motivated.

Physical fitness. Fitness trainers and instructors need to be physically fit because their job requires a considerable amount of exercise. Group instructors often participate in classes, and personal trainers often need to demonstrate exercises to their clients.

Problem-solving skills. Fitness trainers and instructors must evaluate each client’s level of fitness and create an appropriate fitness plan to meet the client’s individual needs.


Fitness trainers and instructors who are interested in management positions should get a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, physical education, kinesiology, or a related subject. Experience often is required in order for a trainer or instructor to advance to a management position in a health club or fitness center. Many organizations prefer a master’s degree for certain positions.

Personal trainers may eventually advance to a head trainer position and become responsible for hiring and overseeing the personal training staff or for bringing in new personal training clients. Head trainers also are responsible for procuring athletic equipment, such as weights or fitness machines. Some fitness trainers and instructors go into business for themselves and open their own fitness centers.

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Real Personal Trainer Salaries

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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Personal Trainer Lifetime Fitness, Inc. New York, NY Aug 15, 2016 $84,000
Personal Trainer Crunch, LLC Daly City, CA Oct 01, 2012 $75,132
Personal Trainer/Boxingtrainer Fitforlife, Inc. Boston, MA Nov 21, 2011 $73,045
Personal Trainer Highland Fitness Lafayette, LA Jan 01, 2014 $73,045
Personal Trainer Lakeview Fitness Investors, LLC Chicago, IL Aug 01, 2012 $66,784 -
Personal Trainer Golds Gym Holding Corp CA Mar 19, 2013 $62,088
Lead Staff Personal Trainer Premier Fitness LLC Tyler, TX Sep 10, 2012 $55,292
Personal Trainer Diverge, Inc. Columbus, GA Sep 16, 2012 $54,366
Personal Trainer David Barton Gym New York, NY Dec 13, 2010 $54,262
Personal Training Coach Recon 2013 LLC Germantown, TN Jan 10, 2015 $52,175 -

Top Skills for a Personal Trainer

Know what it takes to get the job done


Top Personal Trainer Skills

Right now, these skills will help you look good when applying for personal trainer jobs:
  1. Weight Loss Goals
  2. GYM Equipment
  3. Strength Training
Here are examples of how personal trainers have used the most in demand skills on their resumes:
  • Educate clients about how to use the machines safely and how exercise benefits their health and weight loss goals.
  • Demonstrate the proper way to use gym equipment long with making small talk in order to gain new clients.
  • Monitor and instruct new clients regarding safe and effective use of cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training equipment.
  • Designed and prescribed fitness programs for various client types including youth, geriatric, pregnancy and post rehabilitative populations.
  • -Conducted fitness assessments for members and clients -Performed equipment orientations -Developed individualized workout programs

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Top Personal Trainer Employers

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Top 10 Personal Trainer Employers

If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer job, you should start with La Fitness which has hired heavily for the position.

Overall, 10 firms have active listings for Personal Trainer.

La Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym, YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, Snap Fitness, Life Time Fitness, Xsport Fitness

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