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Working At PetSmart

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PetSmart Jobs


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PetSmart Overview



Organization Type





Phoenix, AZ



Founded in




Key People

Joshua Kanter (Chief Marketing Officer),
Erin Gray (Senior Corporate Communications Manager),
Joice Wirkus (VP, Marketing),
Michelle Friedman (Vice President Of Corporate Communications),
Brittany Ehrenfreund (Manager, Digital Marketing)

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About PetSmart

PetSmart, Inc. is a specialty pet retailer that provides complete pet care solutions at reasonable rates. They also offer other services such as dog boarding, pet grooming, and dog training. The company employs approximately 55,000 associates and operate more than 1,500 pet stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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PetSmart, Inc. is a specialty pet retailer that provides complete pet care solutions at reasonable rates. They also offer other services such as dog boarding, pet grooming, and dog training. The company employs approximately 55,000 associates and operate more than 1,500 pet stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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What Is

PetSmart's Mission Statement

We love pets and we believe pets make us better people. PetSmart will be the trusted partner to pet parents and pets in every moment of their lives.

What PetSmart's Employees Say

Apart from working with cute animals, employees also enjoy good compensation package here.

Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At PetSmart?

What is it like to work at PetSmart


October 31, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I like working there because of the dogs and cats. The animals are the best part!.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I don't like that some of the employees talk badly about the customers and some don't like the pets... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

I like that employees have a 15% discount for anything in the store and the dogs are so friendly and sweet!.. Show More


October 29, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I love animals, especially dogs. I think the dogs that I get to play with all morning and afternoon are the greatest!.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

That some of the employees talk about the customers in a rude way and some don't like the pets that come in... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

I think it's that employees have a 15% off discount and I think working with animals is very beneficial for your health... Show More


October 10, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Easy and fun work environment. Love working with animals... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

As with all retail environments sometimes short staffed during busy hours... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discounts on products, especially food for pets... Show More


August 3, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Animals and a great atmosphere in my salon.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Management and corporate policies... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Easy work life balance and accommodate my school schedule with me being management as well... Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

OK pay, flexibility.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Management, inconsistent hours, favoritism were all huge factors. I am a certified pet care associate. They have several cashiers. My managers don't like me for whatever reason although I follow rules, policies, I communicate well, and other factors. I'm pretty sure they have gossiped about me before. Anyway. I also work at a different location in Banfield as a VA- Vet Assistant. I'm being certified there, so I don't understand why my managers throw me on register. I ask my co workers if I can do pet care and almost always it's a n o. Mind you, they don't really care about our animals. The managers. My CEL is awful, he lets anyone take home anything and doesn't care if it dies. Although the policy says otherwise for certain pets. I'm one of the few 3 people that actually care about our animals and imo I think that's why I'm never scheduled. Banfield has complained so many times about how terribly PetSmart looks after their animals, and after working there, I cannot disagree. I wouldn't recommend working there if your job is just to mistreat the animals and get bad Management to tell you it's fine. Just saying... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

15 percent off of items.. Show More


June 8, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I liked the hiring manager, and some co-workers... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

False promises, inconsistent hours, lack of communication between managers, poor treatment of animals, messy environment, gossiping employees, being taken advantage of, the list is endless..... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Getting to see all the dogs that came in... Show More


April 24, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The higher managers were great... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

So I had an extremely toxic manager (floor lead). I actually had two in a row that were AWFUL. The first got fired for stealing thousands of dollars from them and trying to blame it on the associates. He may be facing charges. The second manager was worse though. She was making comments about me being too skinny. I got a drink out of the vending machine, watched it come out, used the bathroom and it was gone when I got out. She would ignore me if I asked for help or she would give me the wrong info on purpose. Like if I asked where something was, she wouldn't tell me straight where it was. I would have to search multiple places and she used that to say I was wasting time. She was always looking for something that I did wrong. It was busy at work on Saturday and I was busy going through a puppy guide with someone and I got yelled at for it, even though I was working and she wasn't doing anything. She also yelled at the higher manager over the walkie (ear radio). She didn't schedule my lunch one shift. If the higher managers weren't there, she put me on register just to spite me quite a few times.even after I had done my register time. She told me to do something and I got in trouble for it from the big guy and she didn't tell him that she told me to do it. She wouldn't give me breaks (we have breaks by policy) or it was hard to get them. I think she did all these on purpose. The day I quit, she had already been making work hell. I had done my register time (almost 5 hours). The highest manager said I was supposed to switch off. So I got swapped out, but when he left, she was the only one there and she tried to make me get on register. I started to head that way, but my awesome coworker who knew about the whole situation, told me to stay in Pet Care and offered to do it. She called the other manager while he was on vacation and said that I was refusing to get on register and I had been “out of sight” the whole day. Both were complete lies. I was working. Well, I got told that he told me I had to go on register because she told him all these lies. I was upset and pissed off. Well it turns out that not only did she not tell him about the register time I had done earlier, but he didn't actually tell me to get on. She MADE that up. But I was so furious, I quit... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Working with dogs.. Show More


March 20, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The relationships with customers and their pets, strong team mentality, good benefits, good opportunities for advancement.

What Do You Like About Working There?

The animals and learning about animal health. I learned a lot about the different types of pet foods... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The managers held a sense of entitlement and the pay was very low... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

My favorite benefit was being able to have an employee discount for my animals at home. I was allowed to shop during work hours and recommend products I found useful... Show More


July 24, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I made one good friend and rescued a few animals that corporate was going to have put down because they were "sick.".. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Quite simply, an awful company full of awful people. Raises for pet care associates are in the ball park of $0.10-$0.15, while exposing you to things like Ringworm. Of course, you don't gloves to handle diseased animals when you must care for them. My manager actually gave me a hard time and wouldn't let up until I told him off when I had a doctor's note forbidding me from cleaning the fish tanks- my arms were COVERED in eczema. This place does not care about the employees, the animals in its care, the customers' pets, and least of all, the customers. They only care about their bottom line and beating out the other stores in their district... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Nothing- the employee discount was an insult and I bought all of my pet food online at way better rates... Show More

Why did you leave?

Im graduating with an engineering degree in the fall and I finally got a paid full time internship. I wanted to leave sooner because my store and upper management is incredibly toxic but I could make my own hours essentially and was guaranteed a set amount of hours each week so I stayed longer than I wanted.

Have you seen any bad behaviors when it comes to the groomers or pet hotel? What about else where? Best dog food to buy? Any hot chicks where you work at? *** department in your store?

I work as a Petcare employee so I mainly focus on the aquatics, reptiles, small animals, and birds so I couldn't tell you much about the pet hotel or grooming department. As for bad behaviors, all my coworkers are all normal but there is a lot of gossip and bad mouthing coming from certain coworkers. It's pretty funny but I don't spread anything. Once I was called to to get a bird for a customer and I started walking towards the bird section. That's when my coworker comes up to me saying "She's hot, I'm an old guy but she is beautiful." He then leaves me and goes back to stocking the isles. As I approach her I realize how hot she is and that my coworker wasn't lying. She was a women in her 20s with long black hair, a leather jacket, fishnet leggings, and with heels on. I literally almost turned into a tomato. Other than that, there is one cute girl I saw today that works in another department. As for *** department, I would say mine when I don't know the answer to certain questions which sucks cause I feel that I might make the problem worse. Generally I have good understanding of my department so it doesn't happen too often. Edit: Grammar

I worked at PetSmart for a while (same position as you) and I have a question. While I was working there was a room where we kept sick animals we were treating. Mostly there were hamsters with wet tail but there was a hamster there for over 7 days (without treatment) with a rectal prolapse. No one gave a *** about this little hamster and it infuriated me. When I would bring it up to managers they'd *** off. I quit because of that and other similar reasons. Have you encountered anything like this at your store?

Nope! Our pet care lead is an ex zookeeper and has a degree from university in biology. Everyone at our store cares a lot about our little guys
March 1, 2016 on Reddit

Do you hire 16-year-olds? I need a job!

18+ only :/

How did you acquire that position & what previous experience was required?

Can't speak for OP but I also hold the position at my store. Pet Care Specialist is just a normal position in the store. I applied for the job on the website, got trained as a cashier and told the store I was interested. I was then trained in Pet Care. I just graduated college and this is my first "real" job outside of student teaching and work study. PetSmart requires you to be 18 to apply but other than that, there wasn't much required.

As someone who also works in Pet Care, how do you deal with individuals who claim that goldfish and tropical fish can go together? It is one of our biggest problems currently and its frustrating. The most our managers will currently let us do is to deny the return policy.

Weird, we here are allowed to deny a sale on any pet in our department. I had a woman the other day that wanted 2 of the 20 cent feeder goldfish in a fish bowl. I told her they would be dead within a month or so. She came back with a 1.5 gallon betta tank, I said the same thing but said it would be fairly perfect for a betta. She bought the goldfish anyways, came back from cash and said I told her that the 1.5 gallon was "too big" for a betta. Too big, the *** does that mean!? Me and my manager made fun of her after she left and she told me that. She ended up not buying the goldfish, thankfully. Best you can do is try and educate customers. Some of them are so *** stubborn. Same day as the story above I had a university-freshman aged girl almost cry in front of me because I said she couldn't get a goldfish. I referred her to get a sunburst wag platty and 3 Dwarf Gourami. She was much happier with that choice anyways. Goldfish are overrated man.

How often do animals get sick or die in the store? What is the procedure in either case?

Fish die quite a bit, usually more fragile fish like Guppies/Platties, and mostly the feeder tanks (200+ goldfish in one tank, bound to get some deads). One of my jobs every morning is to clear out the dead fish from the tanks, but there usually aren't too many unless something is terribly wrong. Fish that are sick (ich, swim bladder) are put into the back isolation tank and get taken out when they are 100% better. As far as things like reptiles/birds/small pets, we isolate them into their own tanks/cages out back in the quiet room and monitor them closely, logging in their problems and if they are improving or regressing. They are full cleaned once a week (same as every other habitat in the store) and are given food/water and medicine (if needed) twice a day. Time is the best medicine, and most animals are fine in a few weeks. The ones that are fine but end up with permanent disabilities get adopted out, meaning we give them away for free. Disabilities such as blindness, an eye that is damaged and won't open etc. Thing like this don't happen too often. I've seen things before of like, PETA going into the dumpster and PetSmart and finding live hampsters and stuff. I gotta say that is most likely 100% Grade A ***. 150 billion percent would never happen at our store, but with over 1300 PetSmart locations you never know if one of 'em could have just done something stupid at some point. I mean us Pet Care people aren't here to hurt/kill animals or anything, we have the job because we love pets more than we like people, lol.

Why must you keep Betta fish in 8 ounces of water? Why not dedicate 3-4 at least 5g tanks for just 3-4 bettas so they actually develop colors and look great?

We get roughly 20-25 Bettas every week on shipment days. Bettas are not like regular fish, and they can be sold without my permission, you just take the cup and go. For the week or so that each Betta is with us they are okay in those cups. We change their water every two days so it is not dirty. I love Bettas, and they are getting trendy recently. PetSmart has a lot of those .5-1 gallon tanks on clearance because I'm fairly sure we are getting rid of them completely. Most of the new Betta tanks I see are 2.5 gallon+ and come with a filter, a heater, a LED hood etc. I personally avoid selling the smaller gallon tanks to customers for bettas and suggest the larger ones, just a moral kind of thing I guess. Wife used to have the Betta Falls thing... what a piece of *** that is. Fact of the matter is that PetSmart is a business and most of our animals are not kept in adequate terrarium/aquarium enclosures because 1: they sell quickly and 2: floor space. If we had proper tanks for everything it would take up the whole store. For example, you need at least a 30 gallon tank for a single goldfish, yet we will keep 5 or more of them in a 10 gallon cold water system. Our local competitor tells customers that whole "Anything over 1 gallon will stress the betta out" myth to sell their tiny-*** Betta bowl things, and I would suspect so that the Betta dies quick and they come back for a new one. At our store we actually have morals and will definitely not do that to customers.

For dogs, do they have scheduled bedtimes? Do they sleep all in one common room or are they put in solitary compartments? And is there always someone up with them, even at night?

There are not scheduled bed times. There are people in the back room win the dogs 24 hours a day. They all go to their separate rooms once doggy day camp and walks are done for the night.

So do you enjoy your job because it has a nice pay, or purely for satisfaction, or both?

Both. It pays a little more than minimum wage (I'm only a seasonal worker though) and it's fun to see and pet and play with all of the doggies :)

What was your most memorable experience during your work at PetSmart?

Overall it was a fun job for pretty good money. Almost everyone was cool and liked dogs a lot, I also got along great with the hotel manager so that helped.

I'm very very late. But if an your fish tanks get an Ich infestation how do you deal wit it and what do you do if a customer gets mad because all their fish died due to the ich?

I also work at PSmart. Raising the temp of the tank and using aquarium salt also helps, but ich is a tricky parasite.

Do you understand why veterinarians dread taking in clients who have recently purchased an animal from a Petsmart store, listen to the customer's quotes from a sales there, and then wanting to shoot themself in the head, after screaming, "I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE!!!" ?

Yes, I do understand this. Honestly I have become more and more jaded towards PetSmart because of the increasing number of sick animals that we get in from Rainbow World Exotics. They don't take care of their animals very well before they get to us. We take them to the vet when we notice their sicknesses, but sometimes it's already too late when we notice. This is one of the reasons why I am leaving within the next few months. When I started working for this company, I felt like this was such a great retail environment, until I realized how bad some situations are and it makes me even more stressed out than I would be just dealing with regular clothes retail. I love animals a lot more than a lot of the higher ups at my store, so it bothers me more.
September 28, 2012 on Reddit

Do you get pissed when people want to hold animals daily?

If I have nothing to do and it's not busy, I don't mind too much. But most of the time, I have things to do, so it definitely gets really annoying. I've had people come in and want to hold every single hamster, and then not even buy one. People treat the store like a free zoo basically. Sometimes I make up that we can only let them hold so many animals so that I can help other customers. Gotta do what you gotta do.
September 21, 2012 on Reddit

Petsmart sucks!! My story: I worked at Petsmart as a dog trainer for about 9 months. The other trainer at my store would violently "train" the dogs (completely against policy, choke chains, yelling, etc) go behind my back and call my clients convincing them to switch to her classes instead, and she would change our logs the night before the end of the pay period and put commission I was supposed to get into her name.. I got proof of this along with letters from unsatisfied clients, and Petsmart didn't fire her because she'd been there for seven years. Needless to say, I quit and started my own dog training business. Glad you got out too :)

Sounds like a problem we had with 2 of our trainers, but she had only been there for about 2 years.

I worked for petsmart about six years ago. During that big hamster "related" disease scare that happened i remember every single small animal we had was quarantined while the issue was investigated. this was also due to the public freaking out. all our animals tested healthy but of course we still had to follow a lengthy quarantine period. the company decided at this point it would be faster and more cost affective to euthanize all the animals so we could get new ones in sooner. about twenty animals were put done for no reason, this included not only hamsters, but guinea pigs, chinchillas.... and everything we had at the time. has something like this ever happened during your time with the company where you worked? if not.. what if it did, would that change your views on the company?

Nothing like that happened when I was there, but if something like that did happen it wouldnt have stopped me from working there. My job was more on the merchandise side, so as long as there was merchandise to sell I could get along just fine.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

How exactly did they do you wrong? How was your overall experience working there?

They fired me without knowing all the details of what happened. The job was stressful, but I thrive in that kind of environment. At K-mart managers dont do much physical labor if they dont want to, at Dollar General the managers do all the physical labor. So I had to find a happy median between the two and divide my time between administrative work and physical labor, which could be difficult at times.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

Does PetSmart have a rivalry with Petco?

There wasnt a PetCo in my area so no, but as managers we were expected to visit one of the local petstores at least once a week to check pricing and report it to our DM.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

What is the strangest animal anyone has ever brought in?

Even though it is against policy we had a customer bring in a spider monkey, all of the managers were so amazed that we didn't even ask the customer to leave like we were supposed to.

I recently graduated from college with a business management degree with very little management experience.. what are my chances of scoring a management job with PetSmart? Would you recommend it (even though you were fired)? Any advice?

In most of the retail world experience will trump a degree at the store level. I think the reason I did well at PetSmart and enjoyed it was because I had worked in Big Box Retail (K-mart) and Small Box (Dollar General) beforehand. Petsmart is not an easy company to jump into if you do not have a lot of management or specialty retail experience. They almost expect you to know everything before you get into the job. In all honesty your degree would go to waste in anything but store manager or DM, which are really hard jobs to grab due to those position having low turn over and Petsmart's tradition of promoting within.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

I've worked at two different PetSmarts. One was in The Chicago Loop and the managers made the job worth having; only got in trouble once and that was for calling off work for a hangover (oops) After 1+ years of working there I transferred to The Chicago suburbs and worked at Deer Park PetSmart. The management sucked; forced you to work past your scheduled time with scheduling threats. I quit after 2 months. Managers like you make the place worth working at if, like myself, you don't do it because you have a love for animals.

The management staff is key to the success of the associates. Anytime an associate made a mistake or their performance was dropping, the first question I would ask myself is "what am I doing wrong". Unfortunately I was probably one of the few managers in the company that had that outlook.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

How did you become a manager? Did you have previous management experience? Do you have a degree in business? Was your salary $35k to start or did you recieve regular raises to that point? The reason I ask is that I'm currently in college and I'm a business major. I use to work in retail as an assistant manager and made about $30k a year but I decided to go back to school because I figured I wouldn't be happy with anything less than $100k a year. I'm starting to realize there is a strong possibility I'll end up right where I left off in retail management after spending 5 years in college.

I started working at K-mart when I was 15 and worked my way up to management over about 5 years. I basically started out at that rate of pay due to Petsmart using an experience scale to determine starting pay. I think I did receive one 10 cent raise which put me at the salary cap for that position. Honestly though there is no real money to be made at the store level. A high volume Super Walmart Store manager might make 100k+ with a MBA and years of experience, but your best bet would be to try for Field Management such as DM or a corporate job.

Were you required by the supervisors to memorize the names of all 100+ breeds of dogs and at least 2 facts relating to each breed? I'm only asking because when I worked for PetSmart (granted this was like 15 years ago...) that was one of the requirements set by our supervisors along with studying for these really stupid tests which would earn us special stickers (or they might have been pins, I don't remember) for our name badge.

No they didnt have those requirements when I worked there. They didnt have stickers for your name badge, but managers had the option of wearing pins on our shirt collars that had different meanings.

Let's get weird. What's the creepiest/weirdest thing that ever happened at your store? Can you think of any hilarious reasons why other employees were fired while you were there? Did you do the hiring? If so, did any employees ever do something that made you question your sanity when you hired them? (If you didn't do the hiring, same question, but that made you question the person who did the hiring's sanity)

We had a snake that escaped from its cage, we looked everywhere with no luck. A year later the snake had made its way back to the grooming salon living off of loose bugs, I assume, and scared the *** out of one of the female groomers. She came running out of there screaming like a crazy was hilarious. Most of the termination of employees was due to incompetence and a lack of willingness to improve. I assisted in the hiring usually screened applications and did the first interview. The only person that ever let me down was this one guy that seemed perfect for the job(morning stocker), he was enthusiastic, and energetic. Halfway through a shift about 2 months in he just walks up to me and says "I quit". Was really random but oh well.

When you came home after a days' work, do you smell like animals? Kinda like when fast-food workers come home, they smell like fries...

Depends on what I did for the day. If I had to help out in the grooming salon I might smell like wet dog, because the groomers get nice waterproof smocks but not the managers that are giving them a hand. I am sure there were some smells that followed me home. A broken bag of dog food will follow you around all day. My dog used to meet me at the door where I would have to stand still for about 10 minutes while he smelled ever inch of my pant legs and licked off anything he found interesting.

Do you guys actually have training about all the animals in the store? I've been in a couple times with questions about my birds, and even the "avian specialists" couldn't help me with some very simple issues. In all the Petsmarts I've been to, I've found your bird section to be pretty minimal and unimpressive. I get the feeling that Petsmart is really more of a cat/dog place, and that you only carry small animals because you have to.

The initial training an associate receives is more focused on maintaining a healthy environment for the animals. As far as products go we are left to our own devices (reading packages, asking a manager or someone else that knows) to learn. For the most part if you catch an associate in the first six months to one year of their job they are not going to know much because there is so much to know, it can be overwhelming at times. Petsmart does seem to focus on dogs and cats more due to them being the "more common pet" thus being the most profitable. There are some stores that do not sell any live animals except for fish, though they still carry the bird and small animal products.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

have any pets? if so what food do you feed em? if not, what would you feed?

I have a 100 lb American Bulldog (not to be confused with a "pit bull") and I feed him Castor and Pollocks organic dog food. I also have a Red-Footed tortoise that receives leafy greens from the grocery store. Having pets really helped with my job, as people love to hear personal experience about a certain toy or dog food, and having a large dog I could tell you what toys could be destroyed and how fast (I kind of spoil my dog with toys) and the visible benefits of holistic food.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

What's your favorite animal and why? Also, what's the most outrageous customer you have ever had to deal with?

Bernese Mountain Dogs were probably my favorite breed of dog that would come into the store on a regular basis. I guess I find it intriguing that they all have the same markings. As far as pets we sold it would be the chinchilla hands down, and you would know why if you have ever felt how soft they are. No specific customers come to mind as I have dealt with so many, but canned cat food customers seemed to be collectively the craziest. There were customers that would buy 200+ cans at a time and not in cases. They would be in the aisle for 1-2 hours picking each can individually because "their cat only likes these certain flavors" and would make no effort to organize them to make their checkout easier on the cashier or the people behind them.

How is the companies as far as treating the animals kindly? Have you ever witnessed any cruelty or neglect towards the animals in the companies policy? I feel like being a major corporation they want to save money and a way to do that would be to use cheap food to feed the animals. Can you shed any light on this subject?

Petsmart does not condone any intentional abuse or neglect of the animals. As a matter of fact we had a policy of "when in doubt take it to the vet" at great cost to the company. Yes, Petsmart is a business and is attempting to make a profit. They fed the animals the Petsmart proprietary brand of food, which is cheap price wise, but the quality is the same as the name brand. The thing that really makes a difference(at least at my store) is that the pet care associates really cared. They would handle the animals as much as time would allow, and were quick to adopt any that might have a slight deformity or had been in the store for too long.

I'm curious... what specifically happened that made you question your loyalty?

A little back story. When I work for a company I am fiercely loyal. For example when I worked for K-mart I refused to shop at Wal-mart(and still wont to this day). I really dedicate myself to my job. I would constantly come in early, stay late, come in off the clock if anyone needed help(I was hourly btw), and take phone calls day or night. But due to a personal issue that was non work related my employment was terminated. I guess I just learned the hard way that major companies do not care about their employees. The store management team might care...but not the company. Edit: one of the many downfalls of living in an "Employment at will" state.

I am currently a Petco associate, and what I've realized is that your habitats tend to be much better ventilated than ours. Have you ever encountered an issue with the cleanliness of cages? It seems that every time I'm working, the cages at petco are dangerously unsanitary for the small animals, particularly the ferrets.

Petsmart has a very strict regiment as far as cage cleanliness and presentation. Every cage gets completely new bedding and sanitized once a week on alternating days, for example Monday would be small animal day, Tuesday would be Bird day, Wednesday would be Reptile day. Every morning and night spot cleaning is done as needed along with changing food and water. Throughout the day the managers are required to check all habitats for the proper amount of food and water and cleanliness. Edit: Realized I didnt really answer your question. My store did not sell ferrets but our biggest offenders were the guinea pigs. If you look at a guinea pig cage you might notice that there is feces the exact distance from the food bowl as the guinea pig is long, because they will eat and *** at the same time, and they tend to knock their dishes over more than the other animals.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

How many times have you been *** on?

actually never, as a manager my job did not require as much *** as the associates, that is not to say I didnt have my fair share if a dog went on the floor. edit: also I believe the past tense of *** is shat.
September 20, 2012 on Reddit

salary ?

salary for my position was 35k a year plus bonuses and excellent health benefits. I was not the store manager just so you know. Edit: As a single guy in his early 20's it was more than enough to sustain me and my love of technology.

Did you struggle with getting any work done when you started? I know it must be hard not to play with the puppies all day. Takes some discipline.

I can field this question. A lot of PetSmarts don't have dog adoptions everyday, and the ones that do, the dogs are kept in small kennels for most of the day, except for when people from the adoption agency come to spend time with them, or when PetSmart closes, at which point, some employees are to do said tasks as part of closing. No matter what though, when walking by, you can't help but tell the animals hello.

How many times a day do customers paying with a card accidentally press "no" at the end, and stand there and wonder why it's not going through? My guess is about 100,000 for my store.

Like every other customer does that. And it's repeat customers that do it too.

do you feel the need to lecture your customers like everyone at my local store? my dog is not neutered and this has come up and been a problem with employees multiple times.

If it appears that the dog is not in good health, or condition, then I will recommended some changes. However, if the dog seems happy and healthy and isn't aggressive, then I don't see a problem with how the pet parents raises him/her.

PetSmart Employees

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PetSmart Careers

Average Length of Employment
Blockbuster 2.9 years
Circuit City 2.9 years
Office Max Inc. 2.6 years
H-E-B 2.6 years
RadioShack 2.4 years
Payless ShoeSource 2.3 years
Shopko 2.2 years
Menards 2.1 years


2.1 years
Target 1.9 years
Pet Supplies Plus 1.9 years
Marshall's Inc. 1.7 years
Old Navy Inc. 1.6 years
Family Dollar 1.5 years 1.4 years
Aeropostale 1.4 years
Top Employers Before PetSmart
Walmart 17.2%
McDonald's 9.6%
Target 9.1%
Best Buy 4.6%
Lowe's 4.4%
Subway 4.0%
Kohl's 3.9%
Toys R Us 3.8%
US Army 3.4%
Kroger 3.2%
Macy's 3.0%
Pizza Hut 2.7%
Wendy's 2.6%
Top Employers After PetSmart
Walmart 16.4%
Target 7.2%
Lowe's 5.4%
Amazon 3.9%
Best Buy 3.8%
McDonald's 3.5%
Kohl's 3.3%
Macy's 3.1%
Starbucks 2.9%
CVS Health 2.8%
Toys R Us 2.5%
US Army 2.4%

PetSmart Employees Education


University of Phoenix


Arizona State University


The Academy


Northern Virginia Community College


Southern New Hampshire University


University of Arizona


Mesa Community College - Boswell


Kennesaw State University


Georgia State University


Glendale Community College


Grand Canyon University


University of Pennsylvania


Miami Dade College


University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Houston Community College


Ashford University


Colorado State University


Pima Community College


Texas A&M University


College of DuPage

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Health Care Administration


Liberal Arts


Graphic Design


Animal Science




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Fine Arts

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PetSmart Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Green Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Philip FrancisExecutive $18,400Republican Party
Kathy MitchellSenior Director $5,500Republican Party
Silas SignaturBusiness Analyst $5,347Democratic Party
Matt LincolnSenior Technician Specialist $2,700Republican Party
MEL TuckerFinance $2,500Republican Party
Paulette DodsonAttorney $2,350Democratic Party
MEG MurrayAttorney $1,000Democratic Party
Scott CrozierSenior Vice President $1,000Republican Party
Reginald KingAssociate $800Republican Party
Martin EckmanCleaner $755Democratic Party
Bradley KieslingDirector Of Public Affairs $750Republican Party
Jason LendermanCorporate Finance Analyst $750Republican Party
Cynthia CollinsRetail $645Republican Party
Eran CohenCustoms Officer $500Republican Party
Philip VostrejsExecutive Vice President $500Republican Party
Sarah HickertAnalyst $500Democratic Party
Phillip FrancisChairperson $500Republican Party
Steven ZeidmanData Analyst $500Democratic Party
Kaja JezyckiAttorney $500Republican Party
Alexis PheifferAttorney $493Democratic Party
Elise DisbennettGroom $395Green Party
Ralph SternDog Trainer $334Republican Party
Esther MercadoAssociate $310Democratic Party
Daniel ValerioLogistics Specialist $295Democratic Party
Carmela CaldarolaRetail $281Democratic Party
Colleen ConnorStore Leader $259Democratic Party
Donald BoothAssociate $250Republican Party
Andy IzquierdoCorporate Vice President $250Republican Party
Peter TomanyInformation Technology Architect $250Democratic Party
Ilse AllenExecutive Administrator $250Democratic Party
Cathy SigmonProduct Manager $250Democratic Party
Catherine SigmonProduct Manager $250Democratic Party
Charles LucasSystems Analyst $249Republican Party
Corey SmithCompensation Manager $215Democratic Party
Tiffany WoodieAttorney $200Democratic Party
Erin StoloffCompensation Consultant $195Democratic Party
Brooklyn HarrisPetcare $192Democratic Party
Michael CarrollCashier $184Republican Party
Stephen BirchGroom $170Democratic Party
Teri DeweesGroom $163Democratic Party
Deborah EllisPetcare $158Democratic Party
Daniel PatrickCashier $156Democratic Party
Paul MannHuman Resources Consultant $152Democratic Party
Kayla ShannonGroom $135Democratic Party
Alex McDuffyManager $131Democratic Party
Eric SterchiStore Manager $100Republican Party
Elsa AdairManager $75Democratic Party
Rich FoorPet Care Associate $65Democratic Party
Linda MaherCashier $60Republican Party
Brenda DuenasGroom $60Democratic Party
Alisha GrahamRetail $55Democratic Party
Jean PorterDog Groomer $54Democratic Party
Daynie BrownRetail $50Democratic Party
Stephen WhitsellDeveloper $50Republican Party
Carter YoungManager $42Democratic Party
Moya HodekDog Bather $25Democratic Party
Marlena HendryManager $20Democratic Party
Jessica MartinHotel Associate $15Democratic Party
Denise WheatleyTrainer $5Democratic Party
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PetSmart Salaries

Senior Business ManagerPhoenix, AZ $163,000
Solutions ArchitectPhoenix, AZ $143,521
Senior Development ManagerPhoenix, AZ $140,000
Senior Development ManagerPhoenix, AZ $140,000
Architect And DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $140,000
Hris ManagerPhoenix, AZ $140,000
Architect And DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $140,000
Application ManagerPhoenix, AZ $127,366
Data ArchitectPhoenix, AZ $127,000
Data EngineerPhoenix, AZ $125,000
Senior Systems EngineerPhoenix, AZ $123,000
Senior Systems EngineerPhoenix, AZ $122,000
Senior Systems EngineerPhoenix, AZ $122,000
AnalystPhoenix, AZ $120,894
AnalystSan Antonio, TX $120,894
Lead DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $120,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $118,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $118,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $117,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $115,000
Senior Integration EngineerPhoenix, AZ $115,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $115,000
Senior Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $115,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $115,000
SpecialistPhoenix, AZ $115,000
Microstrategy DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $113,000
Lead Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $112,796
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $112,000
Senior Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $110,968
Lead Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $110,968
Quality Assurance EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,968
Lead Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $110,968
Senior EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Senior Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
AnalystPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Quality Assurance EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Senior EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Architect And DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $110,000
Operations AnalystPhoenix, AZ $107,100
Senior Quality Assurance EngineerPhoenix, AZ $105,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $105,000
Lead DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $105,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $105,000
Operations AnalystPhoenix, AZ $105,000
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $104,040
Senior Quality Assurance EngineerPhoenix, AZ $100,000
Senior Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $100,000
Senior Android DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $100,000
Senior Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $100,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $98,941
Senior EngineerPhoenix, AZ $97,850
Senior Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Operations AnalystPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Informatics DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Tibco DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Tibco DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Android DeveloperPhoenix, AZ $95,000
Data EngineerPhoenix, AZ $90,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $90,000
Applications AnalystPhoenix, AZ $90,000
Software EngineerPhoenix, AZ $88,000
Analytical ManagerPhoenix, AZ $86,000
Data EngineerPhoenix, AZ $78,021

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