Updated August 18, 2021
Average Phlebotomist Salary
$16.70 hourly
$34,000 yearly

Entry level Salary
$32,000 yearly
10 %
90 %
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PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$37,000$3,083$18
75th Percentile$36,000$3,000$17
25th Percentile$33,000$2,750$16
10th Percentile$32,000$2,667$15

Average Phlebotomist Salary By State

The darker areas on the map show where phlebotomists earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

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Average Salary:

Phlebotomist average salary by State

StateAvg. salaryHourly rateJob Count
District of Columbia$39,593$19.04123
New Hampshire$40,841$19.64635
New Jersey$30,678$14.751,726
New Mexico$35,004$16.83326
New York$40,422$19.432,452
North Carolina$32,157$15.462,159
North Dakota$50,912$24.48148
Rhode Island$41,146$19.78328
South Carolina$30,190$14.51797
South Dakota$29,745$14.30154
West Virginia$34,706$16.69447

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Highest Paying Cities For Phlebotomist

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CityAvg. salaryHourly rate
Fargo, ND$50,875$24.46
Eureka, CA$42,298$20.34
Hartford, CT$41,126$19.77
Carmel, NY$40,422$19.43
Portland, OR$39,113$18.80
Saint Paul, MN$38,422$18.47

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How much does a Phlebotomist make?

The average Phlebotomist salary is $34,744 per year, or $16.7 per hour, in the United States. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $32,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $37,000. As most things go, location can be critical. North Dakota, California, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire provide the highest Phlebotomist salaries.

Average Phlebotomist Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    YearAvg. salaryHourly rate% Change

    Average JOB Salary by Field


    Avg. salary: $51,848

    A PRN or a "pro re nata" employee is responsible for covering a shift or a specific situation, especially during short-staffing or the need to complete a particular task. The PRNs often work for a medical industry without a regular or full-time commitment, having the freedom to manage their time and take multiple assignments from different organizations. A PRN must have excellent communication and organization skills, providing quality healthcare services to the patients and the organization.
    72,934 PRN Jobs
    Nurse Technician

    Avg. salary: $31,056

    Nurse technicians, also known as nursing aides, assistants, or attendants, usually work in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Primarily, they help a registered nurse by providing essential mobility, care, and support to patients. Everyday routine duties include maintaining patients' hygiene and moving them using wheelchairs or stretchers around the facility for their meals, treatment, events, and other activities. They do tasks that help improve a patient's comfort level and become their caregivers in the long run. This job requires a high school diploma along with the completed certified nursing assistant (CNA) program.
    194,458 Nurse Technician Jobs
    Medical Scribe

    Avg. salary: $30,931

    As a medical scribe, their main responsibility is to follow a physician's daily work and do charting of patient encounters in real-time by accessing their medical electronic health record (EHR). It is their duty to make sure the patient schedules are followed, generate referral letters for physicians and manage and sort medical documents within the EHR. Medical scribes can be held as data custodians, medical assistants, and nurses to focus on patient in-take and care throughout clinic hours. In addition, they manage patient flow through the clinic and increase productivity to cater to more patients.
    85,671 Medical Scribe Jobs
    Nurses' Aide

    Avg. salary: $27,847

    A nurses' aide is responsible for providing healthcare and welfare assistance to patients in long-term care facilities while under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed colleague with extensive expertise. A nurses' aide is mostly involved in basic hygienic tasks, such as helping a patient in bathing and dressing, using the toilet, preparing meals, feeding, and performing basic chores. It is also vital for a nurses' aide to coordinate with supervisors, reporting any changes in a patients' condition or behavior.
    132,354 Nurses' Aide Jobs
    Collections Technician

    Avg. salary: $30,773

    Generally, collections technicians take responsibility for collecting and managing outstanding accounts receivables from customers and clients. The technicians may work as health his/her torians for blood donations. They train other collection technicians on the procedures and protocols of the company. Part of their job is to demonstrate excellent customer service skills associated with external and internal customers. They take part in team-building or programs in different work environments and also data entry.
    30,178 Collections Technician Jobs
    Medical Transcriptionist

    Avg. salary: $36,608

    A Medical Transcriptionist is responsible for accurately transcribing audio records from Physicians and other health workers as part of a patient's medical history or other necessary documentation. Most of the time, a Medical Transcriptionist must sign non-disclosure agreements as the majority of the information relayed are personal and confidential. Furthermore, they must be meticulous in detecting inconsistencies and errors, translating or converting the information gathered into various medical documents, performing edits and revision, and following up any missing detail.
    68,395 Medical Transcriptionist Jobs
    Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
    Nurse Technician$31,056$2,588$14.93194,458
    Medical Scribe$30,931$2,578$14.8785,671
    Nurses' Aide$27,848$2,321$13.39132,354
    Collections Technician$30,774$2,564$14.8030,178
    Medical Transcriptionist$36,609$3,051$17.6068,395
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    Which Companies Pay Phlebotomists The Most?

    If you insist on knowing when your check is going to come and for how much, then you'd be better off working for companies like Ascension Schools and Partners Healthcare Solutions as they offer the highest salaries for Phlebotomists.

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    Recently Added Phlebotomist Salaries

    CompanyJobLocationDate AddedSalary
    Freeman Health SystemPhlebotomistJoplin, MO12/30/2021$31,305
    American Red CrossPhlebotomistMankato, MN12/30/2021$35,082
    Careerstaff UnlimitedPhlebotomist-LTCGrand Rapids, MI12/30/2021$37,566
    Embry HealthPhlebotomistYuma, AZ12/29/2021$35,479
    LabcorpPhlebotomistDenver, CO12/29/2021$34,936
    Us Oncology, Inc.PhlebotomistLakewood, CO12/29/2021$37,566
    Oklahoma Blood InstituteSystem Traveling PhlebotomistOklahoma City, OK12/29/2021$28,175
    American Red CrossPhlebotomistChicago, IL12/28/2021$33,705
    SclhsPhlebotomistDenver, CO12/28/2021$31,305
    Yalwa GmbHPhlebotomist CoordinatorBoston, MA12/28/2021$52,175

    Average Phlebotomist Salary by Demographic

    Phlebotomist Gender Pay Gap

    Male Income
    Female Income
    Median Phlebotomist Income by Race
    Asian Phlebotomists have the highest average salary compared to other ethnicities. White Phlebotomists have the lowest average salary at $34,674.
    Black or African American
    Hispanic or Latino
    Black or African American$34,936
    Hispanic or Latino$34,939
    Average Phlebotomist Salary by Education Level
    Phlebotomists with a Bachelors degree earn more than those without, at $35,047 annually. With a Associate degree, Phlebotomists earn a median annual income of $34,946 compared to $34,744 for Phlebotomists with an High School Diploma degree.
    High School Diploma or Less
    Some College/ Associate Degree
    Bachelor's Degree
    High School Diploma or Less$34,744
    Some College/ Associate Degree$34,946
    Bachelor's Degree$35,047

    Phlebotomist Salaries FAQs

    Do phlebotomists get paid well?

    No, phlebotomists do not get paid well. A full-time phlebotomist earns around $31,425 a year. This salary can range from as low as $27,000 to $58,000 a year.

    Factors such as the number of years of experience impact earning potential for a phlebotomist. For example, a phlebotomist just starting earns around $31,424, but after ten years of experience average around $36,200 a year.

    Other factors that determine how much a phlebotomist can make include the location of the job and the type of company. For example, a phlebotomist working in Chicago, IL, or New York, NY, can expect to earn over $50,000 a year. Whereas, if you work in Miami, FL, or Atlanta, GA, you can expect to reach closer to $40,000 a year.

    Phlebotomists working at Kaiser Permanente, EMSI, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Quest Diagnostics, and APPS Paramedical can earn between $45,000 to $50,000 a year.

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    How much does a phlebotomist get paid an hour?

    A phlebotomist gets paid $17 an hour. However, this can range from as low as $11 an hour to as high as $22 an hour. Factors such as years of experience, location, and company type impact a phlebotomist's earning potential.

    Salaries By Years Of Experience As A Phlebotomist:

    • An entry-level (less than one year of experience) averages $14.08 an hour

    • An early career (1 to 2 years of experience) averages $15.00 an hour

    • A mid-career (3 to 5 years of experience) averages $16.50 an hour

    • A late-career (6 to 9 years of experience) averages $17.50 an hour

    • Experienced (More than ten years of experience) earns $18.92 an hour

    Top Companies For Phlebotomists In The United States:

    • Kaiser Permanente - $18.79 per hour

    • EMSI - $18.66 per hour

    • NorthShore University HealthSystem - $17.83 an hour

    • Quest Diagnostics - $17.60 per hour

    • APPS Paramedical - $17.56 per hour

    Highest Paying Cities In The United States For Phlebotomists:

    • Chicago, IL - $20.71 per hour

    • New York, NY - $20.57 per hour

    • San Antonio, TX - $18.10 per hour

    • Charlotte, NC - $17.54 per hour

    • Las Vegas, NV - $17.31 per hour

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    How much does a phlebotomist make starting out?

    A starting phlebotomist makes between $10.46 and $12.27 hourly, or $21,760 and $25,510 annually. However, this can range from $21,000 a year to $51,000 a year. Factors such as training credentials, location, and type of phlebotomist all impact how much you can earn in an entry-level position.

    Top Cities In Pay For Entry-Level Phlebotomists:

    • San Mateo, CA - $43,744 a year ($21.03 an hour)

    • Berkeley, CA - $42,261 a year ($20.32 an hour)

    • Daly City, CA - $42,143 a year ($20.26 an hour)

    • Richmond, CA - $41,039 a year ($19.73 an hour)

    • Stamford, CT - $39,961 a year ($19.21 an hour)

    • Bellevue, WA - $39,853 a year ($19.16 an hour)

    • San Francisco, CA - $39,509 a year ($18.99 an hour)

    • Brooklyn, NY - $39,237 a year ($18.86 an hour)

    • Lakes, AK - $39,075 a year ($18.79 an hour)

    • Knik-Fairview, AK - $39,025 a year ($18.76 an hour)

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    What is the highest-paid phlebotomist?

    The highest-paid phlebotomist are those who work at insurance carriers. Phlebotomists working at insurance carriers earn an average of $41,350 a year, which is $5,000 more than the national average ($36,320 a year). The type of company and the phlebotomist position also impacts earning potential.

    The Top Companies For Phlebotomists In The United States:

    • Kaiser Permanente - $48,863 per year

    • EMSI - $48,534 per year

    • NorthShore University HealthSystem - $46,355 per year

    • Quest Diagnostics - $45,774 per year

    • APPS Paramedical - $45,654 per year

    The Highest-Paid Types Of Phlebotomist Positions:

    • Head of hospital phlebotomist - $88,455 a year ($42.53 an hour)

    • Contract traveling phlebotomist - $87,774 a year ($42.20 an hour)

    • Home based hospital phlebotomist - $85,357 a year ($41.04 an hour)

    • Director hospital phlebotomist - $76,243 a year ($36.66 an hour)

    • Work from home office phlebotomist - $72,745 a year ($34.97 an hour)

    • Outpatient care centers - $42,310 per year

    • Medical and diagnostic laboratories - $38,170 per year

    • All other ambulatory healthcare services - $34,790 per year

    • Offices of physicians - $35,530 per year

    • Hospitals; state, local, and private - $34,880 per year

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