Pratt & Whitney Company History Timeline


In April 1925, Frederick Rentschler, an Ohio native and former executive at Wright Aeronautical, was determined to start an aviation-related business of his own.

In 1925 the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Co. was established to manufacture airplane engines.

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft's first engine, the 425 horsepower (317 kW) R-1340 Wasp, was completed on Christmas Eve 1925.


Canadian Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Co., Ltd. was established in 1928.


In 1929 these firms left the Niles-Bement-Pond umbrella but were allowed to retain the Pratt & Whitney name.

In 1929, Rentschler ended his association with Pratt & Whitney Machine Tool and merged Pratt & Whitney Aircraft with Boeing and other companies to form the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation.


The History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines, by Richard A. Leyes and William A. Fleming, 1999, provided information about the establishment of the aircraft engine companies.


In October 2014, Pratt & Whitney was awarded a $592 million contract with US Defense Department to supply 36 F135 engines for the F-35 fighter.

Company Founded
East Hartford, CT
Company Headquarter
Francis Pratt,Frederick Rentschler
Company Founders

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