Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Premier Financial Bancorp Pay?
The national average salary for an employee at Premier Financial Bancorp is $55,022 per year or $26.0 per hour. Those in the bottom 10th percentile earn under $26,000 a year, while the high earners in the top 90th percentile can make over $113,000. Show More

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Premier Financial Bancorp Salaries By Department

The salaries that employees earn in Premier Financial Bancorp can be influenced by the department or organization function that they work in. Based on our analysis, the employees in corporate management earn salaries at Premier Financial Bancorp that are well above average, with yearly earnings averaging $98,221. The it department also pays well, with an average salary of $75,412 per year. Departments that don't pay as well at Premier Financial Bancorp include the customer service and administrative organizational functions, with employees earning $33,128 and $35,563, respectively.
Average Salary

Corporate Management

Salary Range74k - 129k$98k$98,221


Salary Range54k - 104k$75k$75,412

Human Resources

Salary Range50k - 101k$72k$71,549


Salary Range47k - 99k$69k$68,990


Salary Range43k - 84k$60k$60,485


Salary Range42k - 80k$59k$58,777


Salary Range41k - 69k$54k$53,591


Salary Range38k - 67k$51k$50,928


Salary Range28k - 45k$36k$35,563

Customer Service

Salary Range28k - 39k$33k$33,128

Premier Financial Bancorp Salaries By Job Title

While the average employee salary at Premier Financial Bancorp is $55,022, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Premier Financial Bancorp are principal, senior associate, estate planner, and systems manager. A typical principal salary at Premier Financial Bancorp is $186,084. To get a better sense of the salaries at Premier Financial Bancorp, other roles such as receptionist and data entry clerk can be considered as well. For comparison, the title receptionist at Premier Financial Bancorp earns $25,652 per year.
Job Title
Average Salary

Principal Jobs

Salary Range161k - 214k$186k$186,084

Senior Associate Jobs

Salary Range121k - 169k$144k$143,803

Estate Planner Jobs

Salary Range103k - 139k$120k$120,372

Systems Manager Jobs

Salary Range79k - 146k$108k$107,961

Finance Supervisor Jobs

Salary Range89k - 98k$94k$93,618

Director Of Sales And Marketing Jobs

Salary Range83k - 104k$93k$93,388

Life Insurance Agent Jobs

Salary Range79k - 102k$90k$90,326

Sales Support Associate Jobs

Salary Range77k - 92k$85k$84,679

Senior Loan Processor Jobs

Salary Range62k - 88k$74k$74,173

Loan Officer Jobs

Salary Range50k - 106k$73k$72,932

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Premier Financial Bancorp Finance Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary

Estate Planner

Salary Range103k - 139k$120k$120,372
Finance Supervisor
Salary Range89k - 98k$94k$93,618

Portfolio Assistant

Salary Range76k - 107k$91k$90,854
Senior Loan Processor
Salary Range62k - 88k$74k$74,173
Loan Officer
Salary Range50k - 106k$73k$72,932
Senior Credit Analyst
Salary Range63k - 76k$70k$69,880
Contracts Specialist
Salary Range60k - 75k$67k$67,313
Investment Consultant
Salary Range47k - 67k$57k$56,757
Registered Representative
Salary Range51k - 61k$56k$56,249
Collections Manager
Salary Range43k - 51k$47k$47,330

Premier Financial Bancorp Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Office Manager
Salary Range35k - 46k$40k$40,344
Administrative Support Associate
Salary Range36k - 42k$39k$39,320
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range32k - 38k$36k$35,737
Office Assistant
Salary Range29k - 33k$31k$31,147
File Clerk
Salary Range25k - 28k$27k$27,084
Data Entry Specialist
Salary Range24k - 27k$26k$26,361
Data Entry Clerk
Salary Range24k - 28k$26k$26,130
Salary Range24k - 27k$26k$25,652

Premier Financial Bancorp Sales Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Director Of Sales And Marketing
Salary Range83k - 104k$93k$93,388
Life Insurance Agent
Salary Range79k - 102k$90k$90,326
Sales Support Associate
Salary Range77k - 92k$85k$84,679
Account Executive
Salary Range44k - 51k$48k$47,912
Licensed Insurance Agent
Salary Range41k - 48k$45k$45,070
Collections Representative
Salary Range30k - 33k$32k$31,662
Account Representative
Salary Range28k - 33k$31k$30,890

Premier Financial Bancorp Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Premier Financial Bancorp are Eaton Vance, Spectrum Financial, and First Business Financial Services. Employees at Eaton Vance earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $79,718. The salaries at Spectrum Financial average $65,056 per year, and the salaries at First Business Financial Services come in at $62,846 per year.
Average Salary
Eaton Vance
Salary Range57k - 109k$80k$79,718

Spectrum Financial

Salary Range43k - 96k$65k$65,056
First Business Financial Services
Salary Range41k - 94k$63k$62,846

Summit Financial Group

Salary Range41k - 90k$61k$61,008


Salary Range39k - 87k$59k$58,541
Heritage Financial
Salary Range39k - 86k$58k$58,016


Salary Range38k - 86k$58k$57,824

Capstone Financial Group

Salary Range36k - 84k$56k$56,000


Salary Range36k - 82k$55k$54,928


Salary Range35k - 82k$54k$53,990

Premier Financial Bancorp Jobs