Product Director Jobs Near Me

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San Francisco, CA
Director of Product
Skills: Software Development, Press Releases, Product Requirements, Retention Strategies, Successful Delivery, R, Product Strategy, Resource Planning

2d agonew

$189,609 yearly est.

San Francisco, CA
Director of Product - Messaging
Skills: R

3h agonew

$186,654 yearly est.

New York Times
New York, NY
Product Director, Audience
Skills: Software Development, Product Requirements, Internal Tools, R, Health Risks, Customer Research

2d agonew

$199,772 yearly est.

New York, NY
Director of Product
Skills: Business Leaders, R, Product Roadmap

3d agonew

$158,616 yearly est.

Los Angeles, CA
Director of Product, Creator Services
Skills: R

1d agonew

$151,434 yearly est.

Menlo Park, CA
Product Director, Video Presence Platform
Skills: R, Product Strategy, Innovative Products, Multiple Platforms

3d agonew

$198,054 yearly est.

Northrop Grumman
Roy, UT
Director, ICBM Launch Equipment Integrated Product Team
Skills: R, Program Activities, Product Requirements, Project Management, Customer Requirements

3d agonew

$108,492 yearly est.

Johnson & Johnson
Horsham, PA
Product Director, Professional Promotion, Multiple Myeloma
Skills: Professional Education, R, Budget Management

3d agonew

$179,599 yearly est.

McLean, VA
Director, SAP Consulting- Product Costing
Skills: Advisory Services, Risk Management, R, Business Development, Resource Allocation, Career Development

8d ago

$163,873 yearly est.

Raleigh, NC
Data Governance Product Director
Skills: Quality Program, Master Data, Business Owners, R, Data Management, Multiple Departments, Project Management

11d ago

$149,124 yearly est.

Discovery Communications, Inc.
Bellevue, WA
Director - Product Security
Skills: Information Security Department, Data Services, Active Directory, Multiple Platforms, R, Design Development, Business Requirements, Application Engineering

13d ago

$172,226 yearly est.

Weight Watchers
San Francisco, CA
Director, Product
Skills: R, Weight Loss, Product Requirements

11d ago

$171,026 yearly est.

Atlanta, GA
Architect/Director, Product Security
Skills: Risk Management, R, Product Release

9d ago

$134,473 yearly est.

Docusign, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Product Legal Director
Skills: R, Law Firm, Intellectual Property, Data Privacy, Regulatory Affairs, Business Partners

7d agonew

$184,898 yearly est.

Care ATC Inc.
Tulsa, OK
Director of Client Solutions and Product
Skills: Quality Operations, Patient Access, Business Administration, Product Offerings, Key Performance Indicators, Health Care, R, Project Management

7d agonew

$97,846 yearly est.

Verizon Media (Former Oath)
Los Angeles, CA
Director of Product - Live Streaming
Skills: Software Development, R, Design Development, Project Management, Product Requirements Documents, Business Development, Product Roadmap

12d ago

$180,479 yearly est.

Moderna Theraputics
Cambridge, MA
Director, Drug Product International MST
Skills: R, Technical Support, International Operations, New Processes, Research Projects

5d agonew

$130,888 yearly est.

Unitedhealth Group Inc.
Minnetonka, MN
Digital Product Director - Minnetonka, MN
Skills: Consumer Insights, User Research, Business Leaders, Health Care, R, Product Strategy, Financial Services, Digital Products

10d ago

$178,779 yearly est.

WuXi Apptec
Philadelphia, PA
Product Director - Client Delivery Team
Skills: Client Objectives, Life Cycle Management, Supply Chain, R, Product Strategy, New Processes

7d agonew

$136,408 yearly est.

Foster City, CA
Director, US Consumer Credit Product Delivery
Skills: Value Proposition, External Clients, Sales Organization, R, Digital Sales, Customer Acquisition, Business Development

5d agonew

$173,300 yearly est.

Jones Lange Lasalle Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Global Product Performance Director (Facilities Management)
Skills: Appropriate Level, Large Groups, Facilities Management, R, Personal Information, Real Estate, Product Performance, Data Management

13d ago

$184,086 yearly est.

San Ramon, CA
Sales Operations Productivity Director
Skills: Budget Planning, Internal Resources, Strategic Plan, Sales Operations, R, New Processes, Business Operations

3d agonew

$180,454 yearly est.

Maxim Integrated Products
San Jose, CA
Director, Power Products Definition
Skills: Lab Equipment, Data Centers, R, Resource Planning, Hardware Development, Business Development, Innovative Products

4d agonew

$188,538 yearly est.

Austin, TX
Product Director
Skills: R, Product Strategy, World Class, Project Management

23d ago

$144,578 yearly est.

Metlife, Inc.
Cleveland, OH
Product Director - MetLife Legal
Skills: Product Strategy, Value Proposition, Customer Service, Development Process, New Services

18d ago

$133,344 yearly est.

Proto Labs
Morrisville, NC
Global Product Director - 3D Printing
Skills: Software Development, International Customers, Value Proposition, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Product Knowledge, R, Revenue Growth

14d ago

$132,142 yearly est.

Dish Network Corporation
Englewood, CO
Director of Product, Sling TV
Skills: R, Product Vision, Digital Products, User Research, Multiple Offices

11d ago

$165,722 yearly est.

Nike, Inc.
Beaverton, OR
Product Director, Consumer Data
Skills: Key Partners

8d ago

$139,651 yearly est.

Los Angeles, CA
Director of Product Security
Skills: Global Regulatory, Research Community, R

16d ago

$212,215 yearly est.

Vmware, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Director of Product Security
Skills: Software Development, Global Regulatory, R, Research Community

17d ago

$212,215 yearly est.

Commerce IQ
Mountain View, CA
Director of Product
Skills: Customer Base, Product Requirements, Supply Chain, Demand Generation, R, Revenue Growth

25d ago

$171,054 yearly est.

Matrix Medical Network
Scottsdale, AZ
Product Director
Skills: Direct Reports, Value Proposition, Product Requirements, R, Business Development, Project Management

28d ago

$113,720 yearly est.

Minneapolis, MN
Director Product Innovation, CPI
Skills: R

17d ago

$141,635 yearly est.

New York, NY
Director of Product
Skills: R, Product Roadmap

18d ago

$165,046 yearly est.

Lincoln, NE
Product Director
Skills: R, Product Vision

29d ago

$102,053 yearly est.

Management Decisions, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA
Product Director / B2C / Web / REMOTE
Skills: R

25d ago

$175,000 yearly

Robert Half
Jersey City, NJ
Digital Product Director
Skills: Job Search, Multiple Platforms, Company Website, R, Financial Services, Business Requirements, Project Management

14d ago

$145,000 yearly

Ralph Lauren
Nutley, NJ
Director - Product Transformation
Skills: Product Data, R, Master Data

28d ago

$170,842 yearly est.

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San Francisco, CA
Director of Product
Skills: Software Development, Press Releases, General Contractors, Retention Strategies, Product Requirements, Successful Delivery, R, Product Strategy

2d agonew

$189,609 yearly est.

Franklin, TN
Data Governance Product Director
Skills: Quality Program, Master Data, Business Owners, R, Data Management, Multiple Departments, Project Management

11d ago

$119,872 yearly est.