Updated August 18, 2021
Average Professional Technician Salary
$81,000 yearly
$39.10 hourly

Entry level Salary
$65,000 yearly
10 %
90 %
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PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$101,000$8,417$49
75th Percentile$91,000$7,583$44
25th Percentile$72,000$6,000$35
10th Percentile$65,000$5,417$31

Average Professional Technician Salary By State

The darker areas on the map show where professional technicians earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

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Average Salary:

Professional Technician average salary by State

StateAvg. salaryHourly rateJob Count
District of Columbia$91,829$44.15398
New Hampshire$78,301$37.64309
New Jersey$89,299$42.931,614
New Mexico$66,050$31.75322
New York$89,275$42.921,865
North Carolina$75,598$36.351,798
North Dakota$72,965$35.08236
Rhode Island$83,855$40.31269
South Carolina$70,007$33.66887
South Dakota$54,879$26.38175
West Virginia$62,280$29.94305

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Highest Paying Cities For Professional Technician

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CityAvg. salaryHourly rate
San Francisco, CA$102,641$49.35
Seattle, WA$92,261$44.36
New York, NY$89,652$43.10
Jersey City, NJ$89,287$42.93
Hartford, CT$86,022$41.36
Broomfield, CO$83,842$40.31

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How much does a Professional Technician make?

  • The average Professional Technician makes $81,330 in the United States.
  • The average hourly pay for a Professional Technician is $39.1.
  • The average entry-level Professional Technician salary is $65,000.
  • Highest paying states for Professional Technician are California ($98,042), Washington ($91,422), New Jersey ($98,042) and New York ($98,042).
  • Highest paying cities for Professional Technician are San Francisco, CA ($102,641), Seattle, WA, New York, NY, Jersey City, NJ and Hartford, CT.
  • Professional Technicians on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $65,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $101,000.
  • The best-paid 25% made $91,000 that year, while the lowest-paid 25$ made $72,000
  • Industries with the highest Professional Technician salaries are Technology, Energy and Finance.

Average Professional Technician Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    YearAvg. salaryHourly rate% Change

    Average JOB Salary by Field

    Technician Support Tier

    Avg. salary: $41,906

    A technician support tier focuses on providing technical support to clients or employees within a company. Typically working in a team setting, a technician support tier addresses technical problems and troubleshoots to identify the root of the issues and perform necessary corrective measures or repairs. Their responsibilities also revolve around responding to inquiries, answering calls and correspondence, conducting regular maintenance of systems and networks, maintaining records of all transactions, and supporting software and networks. Furthermore, it is essential to coordinate with all team members while adhering to the company's policies and regulations.
    125,045 Technician Support Tier Jobs
    Information Technology/Support Technician

    Avg. salary: $48,753

    An information technology (IT) support technician is a professional who is responsible for providing support and troubleshoots software and hardware problems faced by customers. As for larger organizations that have their own IT department, technicians must work together internally with their IT staff members. IT support technicians are involved in inspecting and resolving minor local area network and wireless network issues, which include TCP/IP, DHCP, and VPN. They are also required to obtain an associate's degree in computer science or related field.
    170,847 Information Technology/Support Technician Jobs
    Customer Support Technician

    Avg. salary: $42,372

    A customer support technician is responsible for resolving customer complaints with their network issues through remote communication, providing the customers with a step-by-step procedure to fix their systems. Customer support technicians assist the customers in setting up their programs and applications, guiding them with the instructional manuals, and responding to the inquiries and concerns they have. They also escalate high-level complaints to the immediate supervisor as needed while monitoring system solutions and creating technical tickets.
    128,758 Customer Support Technician Jobs
    Computer Technician

    Avg. salary: $36,317

    Computer technicians are skilled information technology professionals who handle concerns related to computers. They are responsible for assisting clients in software installations, troubleshooting needs, and repair needs. Computer technicians handle the maintenance and repair of both software and hardware of computers. They should be able to quickly pinpoint the causes of computer problems that the client encounters. They should also be able to answer the clients' computer-related inquiries and provide advice on proper computer handling. Computer technicians should have good analytical skills and decision-making skills.
    120,960 Computer Technician Jobs
    Desktop Support Technician

    Avg. salary: $40,509

    A desktop support technician is responsible for troubleshooting defective computer systems, affecting its performance and efficiency. Desktop support technicians must be highly familiar with the technology systems and programming codes to navigate system applications and locate the discrepancy of the system. They keep documentation of the ticket issue and the resolution for reference and quality improvement. A desktop support technician also configures and updates computer systems and networks for better optimization, as well as conducting regular inspections and monitoring the efficiency of installed programs and patches.
    131,244 Desktop Support Technician Jobs
    Information Technology Technician

    Avg. salary: $61,287

    An information technology technician, also known as an IT technician, is responsible for ensuring that all computer systems in a company or organization are running smoothly and efficiently. Their duties primarily revolve around installing and maintaining systems, including software and hardware, and resolving any issues. They also provide technical support such as troubleshooting, navigation, and even system upgrades. Furthermore, an information technology technician can choose whether to work for a company or independently.
    120,630 Information Technology Technician Jobs
    Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
    Technician Support Tier$41,907$3,492$20.15125,045
    Information Technology/Support Technician$48,754$4,063$23.44170,847
    Customer Support Technician$42,373$3,531$20.37128,758
    Computer Technician$36,318$3,026$17.46120,960
    Desktop Support Technician$40,510$3,376$19.48131,244
    Information Technology Technician$61,288$5,107$29.47120,630
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    Professional Technician Salaries By Years Of Experience

    The salary for a Professional Technician can vary depending on the years of experience that a person has, from entry level to senior level. Data on how experience level affects total compensation is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as part of their National Compensation Survey, which is based on factors such as knowledge, complexity, contacts, and environment.

    Which Companies Pay Professional Technicians The Most?

    To earn a high income as a Professional Technician, working for Microsoft or MUFG Americas Holdings might be your best bet, as they are the highest paying companies in this field. In addition, companies like Brown Brothers Harriman and Western Digital report highly competitive wages for Professional Technicians.

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    Recently Added Professional Technician Salaries

    CompanyJobLocationDate AddedSalary
    University of CaliforniaClinical Apps Professional 4-IT Applications-Ancillary-DaysIrvine, CA12/30/2021$86,900
    Oklahoma CityProfessional Technician Year-Round)Oklahoma City, OK12/25/2021$32,349
    University of CaliforniaClinical Apps Professional 4-IT Applications-Ancillary-DaysIrvine, CA12/24/2021$86,900
    at&TProfessional-Technical Process/QualityDallas, TX12/16/2021$63,700
    University of Colorado BoulderAcademic Technology ProfessionalBoulder, CO12/15/2021$65,000
    at&TProfessional-Technology Vendor ManagementEnglewood, CO12/15/2021$77,800
    University of Colorado BoulderAcademic Technology ProfessionalBoulder, CO12/15/2021$65,000
    University of ColoradoAcademic Technology ProfessionalBoulder, CO12/13/2021$65,000
    Oklahoma CityProfessional Technician Year-Round)Oklahoma City, OK10/28/2021$32,349
    at&TProfessional-Technical Process/QualityAtlanta, GA10/24/2021$63,700

    Average Professional Technician Salary by Demographic

    Professional Technician Gender Pay Gap

    Male Income
    Female Income
    Median Professional Technician Income by Race
    Asian Professional Technicians have the highest average salary compared to other ethnicities. Asian Professional Technicians have the lowest average salary at $74,782.
    Black or African American
    Hispanic or Latino
    Black or African American$75,872
    Hispanic or Latino$76,182
    Average Professional Technician Salary by Education Level
    Professional Technicians with a Masters degree earn more than those without, at $94,197 annually. With a Bachelors degree, Professional Technicians earn a median annual income of $84,344 compared to $78,675 for Professional Technicians with an Associate degree.
    High School Diploma or Less
    Some College/ Associate Degree
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    High School Diploma or Less$78,051
    Some College/ Associate Degree$78,675
    Bachelor's Degree$84,344
    Master's Degree$94,197