Research Summary. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a project manager. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of project manager resumes they appeared on. For example, 22.5% of project manager resumes contained project management as a skill. Let's find out what skills a project manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

  • The most common hard skill for a project manager is project management. 22.5% project managers have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for a project manager is project scope appearing on 6.4% of resumes. The third most common is customer service on 5.6% of resumes.
  • Three common soft skills for a project manager are analytical skills, business skills and customer-service skills.

Project managers must possess a mix of both hard and soft skills, with the specifics of these skills coming down to the industry and position itself. The following skills, however, will increase your chances across the board.

The most highly sought-after hard skill for a project manager is, unsurprisingly, project management and all of the skills that fall under that umbrella. Project managers should use their resumes to demonstrate a strong command of project planning, project initiation, and project control. Project managers must also demonstrate the hard skill of customer service, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Some of the most important soft skills for a project manager include leadership and critical thinking abilities. Leadership abilities can be demonstrated through skills such as ensuring compliance and managing risk, while critical thinking may involve skills such as ensuring quality standards and improving business processes.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a project manager. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of project manager resumes they appeared on. For example, 22.5% of project manager resumes contained project management as a skill. Let's find out what skills a project manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Project Manager Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Project Management

Here's how project management is used on project manager resumes:
  • Provided project management on browser project to use vendor's database to provide customers with cardholder information when evaluating cardholder applications.
  • Implemented project management methodologies to effectively deliver new pathogen inactivation integrated system for donated fresh frozen plasma for European market.
  • Developed test scripts against requirements and established, refined and implemented project management processes and methodologies for the department/organization.
  • Design and deployed project management templates in support of predictable and repeatable successful life cycle development processes and methodologies.
  • Provided software engineering/Project Management consultation and services to Verizon on their Electronic Bonding Trouble Administration (EBTA) programs.

2. Project Scope

Here's how project scope is used on project manager resumes:
  • Managed project scope and creation of product requirements and their conversion into specifications amended to the corporate development agreement.
  • Negotiated regularly across technical domains to successfully work across teams to mitigate risks and deliver within approved project scope.
  • Created and maintained project scope documents, project plans and project management documentation to support proposals and contracted engagements.
  • Performed a detailed review of all customer requirements and specifications to ensure an accurate project scope was properly defined.
  • Established initial ICD10 project plan supporting overall organization project scope to execute new CMS mandated diagnosis coding structure.

3. Customer Service

Here's how customer service is used on project manager resumes:
  • Provided various business operations and helped the organization to achieve cost-effective production with increased quality, efficiency and satisfied customer service.
  • Coordinated and provided technical assistance to IBM Customer Service Engineers servicing the State Farm Agency Computer Systems and data communications.
  • Authored knowledge documents on optimal inventory and demand threading to institutionalize key supply chain best practices and improve customer service.
  • Managed implementation of automated communications solutions for a range of applications; collections, surveys, customer service etc.
  • Provided exceptional customer service throughout the construction phase, resulting in existing renters' purchasing newly renovated condo units.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Microsoft Jobs (544)
  2. Cisco Jobs (743)
  3. Citi Jobs (504)
  4. Cognizant Jobs (1,011)
  5. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Jobs (598)

4. Infrastructure

Here's how infrastructure is used on project manager resumes:
  • Project Manager supporting quality management project efforts for infrastructure, application integration, and software deployments at the Transportation Security Administration.
  • Consulted with customer security and IT departments on implementing new technology into existing infrastructure and hosted training programs for screening teams.
  • Project Manager Project management and customer relationship responsibilities for assessment, infrastructure, and application upgrade projects throughout the US.
  • Negotiated methodology with public agencies, resulting in solutions that contributed to the public infrastructure without additional cost to clients.
  • Engaged in a contractor role, job responsibilities involved Project Management activities supporting infrastructure related services on multiple concurrent projects.

5. Status Reports

Here's how status reports is used on project manager resumes:
  • Prepared regular status reports and facilitating status meetings and other communication with internal customers, Business clients and steering committee.
  • Conducted portfolio analysis and created, updated and maintained the overall technology portfolio dashboard and project status reports.
  • Tracked/monitored project performance, developed status reports and ensured projects were completed on time and within budget.
  • Provide weekly detailed status reports and often project communications for all involved stakeholders to ensure project awareness.
  • Maintained open communication with product development/business units throughout the permissions process and provided weekly status reports.

6. Risk Management

Here's how risk management is used on project manager resumes:
  • Project Management -Scope Management -Schedule Management -Budget Management -Risk Management -Communication -Customer Relationship Management -Process Management
  • Maintained Risk Management/Change Management Repository.
  • Design project scorecards/worksheets that are currently used for project tracking, risk management and escalations, provides transparency to executive leadership.
  • Represented OMS at Continuity of Business test as part of Risk Management initiative and prepared Business Disaster Recovery Document.
  • Key activities included: Organizational planning, staff acquisitions, extensive internal and external communications and ongoing risk management.

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7. Construction Management

Here's how construction management is used on project manager resumes:
  • Project engineering/management and/or construction management experience.
  • Direct involvement with risk assessments, engineering development, construction management, budget oversight, project status reporting and procurement.
  • Created a project management system in absence of construction management software utilized by all other project managers and accounting department.
  • Provide construction management expertise through responsibility and accountability for the overall project success by collaborating efforts derived from all stakeholders.
  • Completed training rotation with firm upon graduation, which included construction management/inspection, scheduling, estimating/financing and roadway design.

8. Customer Satisfaction

Here's how customer satisfaction is used on project manager resumes:
  • Conflict Resolution Responsible for handling customer account inquiries, accurately providing information to ensure resolution of product/service complaints and customer satisfaction.
  • Customized projects with integrity to fit unique customer needs, while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, delivering on-time and accurate solutions.
  • Maximized productivity and customer satisfaction by setting clear expectations and proactively communicating project status, issues and risks to all stakeholders.
  • Prepared project operating budgets and tracked expenditures to ensure that the work was within budgetary limits while meeting customer satisfaction.
  • Led project team with matrix responsibility across multiple locations ensuring customer satisfaction and the successful implementation of products and services.

9. Project Documentation

Here's how project documentation is used on project manager resumes:
  • Maintained project documentation, coordinated internal resources and external vendors, and provided customer service support to district and school personnel.
  • Managed project documentation and website content on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and provided expertise in consolidating and migrating information.
  • Directed the implementation of project plans to meet objectives, and established project documentation requirements and procedures.
  • Coordinated with team members in the creation of project documentation including software definition documents and technical specs.
  • Executed formal project hand-off to local division and regional owners including comprehensive project documentation and lessons learned.

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10. Quality Standards

Here's how quality standards is used on project manager resumes:
  • Worked with supervisors and upper level management in India and Laos to improve operational efficiency and ensure adherence to quality standards.
  • Adopted quality control measures and continuous monitoring at all program stages to ensure achievement of overall quality standards and design expectations.
  • Performed on-site quality inspections for multiple neighborhoods assuring quality standards were consistently met for materials, workmanship and final product delivery.
  • Assist in optimizing manufacturing efficiency and quality standards through the implementation of improved processes, materials, methods and facilities.
  • Maintained aggressive delivery schedules, quality standards, and customer satisfaction while ensuring budget and profit margins were realized.

11. Construction Projects

Here's how construction projects is used on project manager resumes:
  • Key Responsibilities: Provided senior level guidance and technical assistance on private and municipal construction projects within Miami-Dade County.
  • Managed administrative and support functions for assigned construction projects to include: scheduling meetings and maintaining calendars and contacts.
  • Managed and delivered successful construction projects involving major renovations, alterations, repairs, upgrades and new vertical construction.
  • Coordinated construction projects in a team environment and led each department towards timely yet quality focused project completions.
  • Managed overall project coordination efforts and construction administration, specification development and shop drawing review for construction projects.

12. Process Improvement

Here's how process improvement is used on project manager resumes:
  • Boosted user performance, reduced illegal server configurations, and improved order shipping times, further illustrating exceptional process improvement talents.
  • Created and implemented process improvement in the way projects were tracked internally, dramatically helping project managers handle increasing workload.
  • Developed Change Management strategy and advised business managers on the application of Project Management and Process Improvement tools and techniques.
  • Collaborated with Business Department to identify cost saving measures and build initial recommendations for process improvement and increased productivity.
  • Implemented process improvement by better defining the sprint management and milestone management process for both internal and external milestones.

13. Business Development

Here's how business development is used on project manager resumes:
  • Managed the business development process by working with organizational staff to identify and respond to bidding opportunities for professional consulting services.
  • Support initiative delivery through a developed streamline process by working extensively with marketing, operations, business development and account management.
  • Delivered projects nationwide and globally at high profitability for the firm while working closely with managing partners on business development activities.
  • Assisted business development personnel by providing consultation regarding performance scoring products and services, preparing and conducting customer presentations as required.
  • Established and maintained partnerships with different governmental and private organizations in the course of doing business development projects in developing countries.

14. Scrum

Here's how scrum is used on project manager resumes:
  • Charged with project managing web-based software implementation; additional responsibilities as Product Owner and Scrum Master across multiple projects.
  • Managed multiple custom software development projects from requirement through deployment utilizing Agile methodology including Extreme Programming and Scrum.
  • Introduced Agile Scrum delivery methodologies in a globally distributed delivery model increasing efficiency, quality and client satisfaction.
  • Coordinated efforts of individual technical project managers of different consulting companies and the client, utilizing Scrum methodology.
  • Developed master Project plan consolidating multiple Scrum delivery team schedules and tracking them for successful delivery.

15. Project Budget

Here's how project budget is used on project manager resumes:
  • Project manager-Market segmentation for potential property exposures, project budgeting, furnishings and design, company quotas, and contractor communications.
  • Managed and reconciled completed project budgets, determined final costs, and provided reporting information, ensuring budget compliance.
  • Directed small to medium-sized application development projects, overseeing project budgeting, scheduling, tracking and resource allocation.
  • Determined and monitored initial project budgets, generated and evaluated cost-to-date, and other financial reports.
  • Maintained accurate records and daily project reports including project budgets and change order documentation.
What skills help Project Managers find jobs?
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The eight most common skills based on Project Manager resumes in 2023.

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Project Manager Skills

List Of Skills To Add To Your Project Manager Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant project manager Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Project Management
  • Project Scope
  • Customer Service
  • Infrastructure
  • Status Reports
  • Risk Management
  • Construction Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Project Documentation
  • Quality Standards
  • Construction Projects
  • Process Improvement
  • Business Development
  • Scrum
  • Project Budget
  • Microsoft Project
  • SharePoint
  • PMO
  • General Contractors
  • HR
  • Visio
  • QA
  • Management System
  • Project Completion
  • Windows
  • SDLC
  • Cost Estimates
  • HVAC
  • CAD
  • Client Expectations
  • Sigma
  • R
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Processes
  • SQL
  • ERP
  • Resource Allocation
  • RFP
  • Shop Drawings
  • ISO
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • RFI
  • Smartsheet
  • Executive Management
  • Ms Teams
  • Manage Project Scope
  • ROI
  • Manage Cross
  • Proven Project Management
  • Business Analysts

Real Examples Of Project Manager Resumes That Use These Skills

Most Important Project Manager Skills According To Experts

What Type Of Skills Will Young Project Managers Need?

Robert Mcnab Ph.D.

Professor of Economics, Old Dominion University

Young graduates must be able to effectively communicate as they enter the workforce. Analytical skills are continuing to increase in importance also and graduates who are unable or unwilling to develop these skills will quickly fall behind their peers. If you are unable to work with data and cannot communicate the results of your analysis, then your value to future employers is diminished. Graduates need to realize that they must continue to learn after graduation, not only to improve their existing skills but to adapt to the demands of a changing workplace.

What Soft Skills Should All Project Managers Possess?

Milena Stanislavova Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics and Chair of Economics Department, University of Kansas

Working and collaborating in groups, presenting to different audiences, writing technical reports, grant applications and researching new topics are all essential soft skills. Much of today's world relies on data, so collecting, summarizing, organizing and presenting data is also an important soft skill that is becoming quite fundamental.

What Project Manager Skills Would You Recommend For Someone Trying To Advance Their Career?

Nicole Jones Young Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Franklin and Marshall College

Gap years are interesting to me. There is a difference between someone who has ample monetary resources and voluntarily decides to take a "gap" year to travel the world, as opposed to someone who involuntarily takes a "gap" year because they legitimately cannot find a job.
For students who opt not enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, I would recommend that they utilize this time in a strategic fashion, primarily expanding their network, increasing their skills related to data analytics/analysis, and reading or researching within the broader business field as well as their particular field of interest. Expanding your network is always beneficial because of the value employers place on referrals. If students do not know where to start, I would recommend they join their applicable professional organization and begin attending events (virtual events can still help build relationships).
While specific job duties may differ, the ability to understand and utilize data is in high demand in virtually every job role. Having comfort with data-both quantitative and qualitative--can be a highly beneficial skill that many in the job market may not have to offer.
I also recommend continued reading and researching, as whenever you do enter the workforce you want to know what is going on. I am never surprised, but always disappointed when I ask my students if they heard the latest job numbers or if they saw a recent news article. It is hard to articulate your value to an organization's problems if you are unaware of what they are. Stay current.
Interestingly, I would not recommend that someone enroll in a graduate program simply to take up time. If you just love school, have a clear focus, or had already planned to enroll in graduate school prior to COVID, then proceed. However, if you are unsure about your interests or future career goals, enrolling in a graduate program may be a large investment of time and money that may not result in securing a job of interest upon completion.

What Technical Skills For A Program Manager Stand Out To Employers?

Angela Sebby Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

Business, creative, and organizational skills - I would recommend that upcoming graduates are proficient in Word, Excel (highly used), Powerpoint, Outlook (especially how to send meeting requests and calendar organization), TEAMS, Gantt charts for team management, Mindmapping for creativity, and design software. Additionally, I would recommend that they learn how to properly utilize social media for marketing and PR, not just personal posting. Finally, email etiquette would be essential.

What Skills Stand Out On Project Manager Resumes?

Cortnee Young

Lecturer of Marketing and Business Communications, Dalton State

I believe that in addition to education, experiences and skills should stand out the most on a student resume. Students should seek out work opportunities including part-time jobs, internships, or job shadowing opportunities while obtaining a degree. This shows that student put forth effort to educate themselves outside of the classroom. For skills, listing things learned in the classroom and outside of the classroom is important to show.

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Online Courses For Project Managers

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a project manager is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since project managers benefit from having skills like project management, project scope, and customer service, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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1. Mastering Construction/Project Management


Mastering Construction-Project Management in less than 10 Hours...

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2. Project Management Essentials


A crash course in the essentials of project management for new project managers...

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3. The Agile Methodology for Project Risk Managers


The Agile Project Management and Risk Management for Project Professionals Full Course...

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4. Beginning Project Management: Project Management Level One


Project Management: Growing a Successful Career as a Project Manager...

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5. Risk Management for Project Professionals (PMBOK7 Updated)


The Complete Project Management Risk Course. Get certified and develop actionable risk management skills...

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6. Agile Project Management Bootcamp: Agile Project Management


This Agile Project Management Bootcamp course will allow you to learn the Agile Way! Agile Project Management (Scrum)...

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7. Practical Project Management for Management Consultants


How to manage successfully a consulting project - a practical guide for Project Managers...

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8. Project Management: Simple Software Project Management


Project Management for NEW Project Managers - knowledge, tools, techniques, skills, checklists, guidelines, pitfalls...

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9. Project Management Office (PMO) for Management Consultants


A practical guide on how to build and run PMO on the level of top consulting firm McKinsey, BCG, Bain, PwC...

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10. Project Management Office (PMO) Setup Guide


PMO Step-by-Step Implementation Plan...

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11. Project Management Training


Project Management Certification Training with 4 Full Practice Tests from...

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12. Manage Project Risks Impeccably (12 PDUs, PMI PMP Renewal)


Strategic Project Risk Management, Mitigation & Control. Secure success from the very start. Fortune 100 best practice...

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13. Project Management for Beginners: Fundamentals Crash Course


Project Management Training for new Project Managers - Introduction to Project Management Certification - PMP - Agile...

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14. Postgraduate Diploma: Project Management


Introduction to main areas and tools of project management...

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15. Project Risk Management


Practice of identifying, analyzing, prioritizing and mitigating risks...

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16. Project Management Fundamentals


Practical Project Management worked example using Gantt Charts, PMI, PMP, APM...

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17. Project Management Fundamentals: Run projects effectively


Learn how to effectively analyze, plan, execute, and manage projects that consistently accomplish company objectives...

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18. Project Management: Master Project Management - PMP/PMI


Master Project Management using this practical certification course...

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19. Microsoft Project ADVANCED: Project Management Technics 3PDU


MS PROJECT 2016 ADVANCED Project Management Techniques -incl Enterprise level. HANDS-ON from #1 BESTSELLING INSTRUCTOR...

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20. The Project Management Course: Beginner to PROject Manager


The Complete Course for becoming a Successful Project Manager...

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Project Manager Skills FAQs

How To Manage A Project Successfully

The best way to manage a project is to stay organized, prioritize what is urgent, and block your work time. A huge factor in managing projects is managing your work methods to best suit this division of time, labor, and mental load.

How To Manage Multiple Projects

The best way to manage multiple projects is to stay organized, prioritize what is urgent, and block your work time. A huge factor in managing multiple projects is managing your own work methods to best suit this division of time, labor, and mental load. You will want to work seamlessly with your team to complete all projects within their designated time limits.

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