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As the name entails, the job of a quality control inspector is to inspect, maintain, and improve the quality and standard of products. They are responsible for ensuring the company's reputation is not damaged due to defective products or inferior manufacturing processes. This can be done by detecting and resolving the problem early on, and returning the product for repair. A quality control inspector should also notify the supervisors immediately when issues arise and coordinate with them to address the problem.

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Quality Control Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real quality control resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Develop procedures for testing equipment for safety and compliance to achieve FDA regulations for safety and manufacturing.
  • Implement ISO standards regarding quality control procedures.
  • Perform wet chemistry testing per ACS, USP, EP and JP compendia.
  • Perform water testing (microbial, conductivity, and endotoxin testing).
  • Analyze endotoxin samples using LAL kinetic reader, PTS and gel clot.
  • Work involve QA testing of self-contain devices (for drug screening) mean for single-use
  • Create weekly PowerPoint data sheets for coaching staff to aid when writing prospective student athletes.
  • Complete lab checks on cook and raw pork products, as well as part of the HACCP team.
  • Maintain regulations and standards to ensure compliance of all personnel as well as the property to company HACCP standards.
  • Reduce setup time and improving efficiency throughout the production department by implementing ideas for reducing waste time and effort.
  • Create new programs and troubleshoot exist programs for optical inspection tools to ensure the quality, and meet customer specifications.
  • Make sure that the windows meet government energy code standards and the windows are made to the consumer's specifications.
  • Work with QA team to troubleshoot any issue in the lab, be it hardware, software or networking issues.
  • Assure that all production personnel follow all safety rules and ISO requirements, and keep their work areas clean and organize.
  • Develop and enhance environmental monitoring and testing procedures to insure ~~~~~~~~~compliance through risk assessment utilizing HAACP, USP and EP guidance.

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