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RadioShack Company Logo

Working At RadioShack

Zippia Score 4.9

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RadioShack Overview



Organization Type





Fort Worth, TX



Founded in




Key People

Billiejo Scott (Manager),
Joan Caggiano (Director Of Employee Relations)

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About RadioShack

RadioShack, formerly RadioShack Corporation, is the trade name of an American retailer founded in 1921. Since 2017, General Wireless Operations, Inc. has leased the name from Kensington Capital Holdings and operates primarily as an e-commerce website, a network of approximately 425 independently-owned authorized dealer stores, and as a supplier of parts for HobbyTown.

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RadioShack, formerly RadioShack Corporation, is the trade name of an American retailer founded in 1921. Since 2017, General Wireless Operations, Inc. has leased the name from Kensington Capital Holdings and operates primarily as an e-commerce website, a network of approximately 425 independently-owned authorized dealer stores, and as a supplier of parts for HobbyTown.

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What RadioShack's Employees Say

The common theme you'll hear from people that work there is the competitive salary and benefits package plus commissions that this company provides.

Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At RadioShack?

What is it like to work at RadioShack


October 3, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Constantly doing something, or helping someone , I like to stay busy... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Pushing things ppl dont want to buy... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Being able to choose hours and work around other things.. Show More

So, while you worked there, did you still have to ask for customer contact details? I used to give the name of an old co-worker, and various addresses and fake phone numbers I memorized.... Oh, and is my battery club card still good somewhere?

Yup. But I only did it when big bosses were around. My manager gave 0 ***. All he asked is I mention the damn RadioShack card. Everything else was BS in his mind (and mine). Funny you mention the club card. I found this a few days back, one of the comments is from 2016. Original post is from 1993(!!!)!topic/misc.consumers/wMqakfqZvO8
July 22, 2017 on Reddit

What transferable skills did you get from working there?

How to not take *** from customers. No, really. Prior to working there, I had a really large amount of patience. People had cussed at me, called me every name in the book, just downright said some of the worst things to me and I'd smile and apologize. Many times it wasn't even my fault, but rather their own misstep. RadioShack taught me to be patient, but not take any ***. The customer is not ALWAYS right.
July 22, 2017 on Reddit

What was fun about working there?

Some of the employees. I still talk to 4 of my co-workers and consider them lifelong friends. I met a lot of great people there. The job was also fair lax, so there were many times where we had our fun with all the stuff that was in stock. I honestly only miss that bit about the job.
July 20, 2017 on Reddit

Did employees receive any training? No matter what I went there for all that happened is the staff tried to interest me in a cell phone plan.

They did. It was pretty lax, though. The MiT training was a lot more intensive, but still pretty meh. Towards the end of my time there, cell phone's were their main focus. That, and the credit cards. Had to offer the phone's, plans, and the BS insurance plans. I hated it. It was all a scam.

Did you remember to ask your customer's if they needed any batteries? I suspect it's the employees that forgot to sell batteries that caused them to go out of business.

They had us ask customers a ton of ***. It got to a point where it went from one question to a damn statement. We had to ask about batteries, parts, the phones, and plans, and don't forget the credit card. It was obnoxious and I only did it when I suspected it was a mystery shop or possibly a higher-up I didn't recognize.
July 20, 2017 on Reddit

What was your ending salary? How did the commission structure work?

Man, I don't really remember the structure. I do recall that when I left it was worlds away from what it was when I initially started. It was definitely benefiting the company and screwing us, that's for sure. They also cut the hourly pay of a lot of employees and demoted a *** ton of people or just fired them. I was on hourly, making $14.81 by the time I left.

Why was I ignored every time I walked through one of the stores? One time I even walked around with a $20 bill in my hand.

In the latter years, employees just didn't care. That played a role in the demise as well. When I was there, employee morale was already going down the tank. They were changing the pay and bonus structure to benefit them, starting pay got lower, raises got sparser, the list goes on and on. Not only that, stores weren't doing great, so it got very boring. Honestly, even I had my fair share of moments like these, more so when I realized the end was near.

How great did it feel to see a former colleague completely melt down on a Facebook page?

Man, I have stories about meltdowns for days. The funny part is they were all mostly in-store, with customers around. I can only remember FaceBook post and that was from an old manager. He was a cool guy, reminded me of a cartoon character because of his antics, but god was he useless. He was in his 40s and he knew this may very well be it for him. He was riding that one out until the end. Then the company began going upside down, and he lost it. He knew his run was up...

manager of a Radioshack reporting in. I would like to say store are closing down between now and Christmas its a very sad place to work at now and i dont think it will turn. What do you think(im assuming your a basic employee)?

They'll survive til a month or so after christmas before either liquidating everything, closing ~2k stores and going on from that, or getting a miracle cash infusion(again). I'm definitely not wasting my days off, I have applications out everywhere. This ship aint staying afloat for much longer.

Do you steal ***?

I'm not about that life. People do steal *** working at RS however. Some people are stupid doing so however. Once a guy stole a PS3, LP tracked down the SN and it was registered to some employees Sony account. Same with phones. People have stolen phones and registered them to their own accounts. If you're gonna steal, at least don't be an idiot..
November 11, 2014 on Reddit

How much does it suck?

Retail in general sucks. Long hours and relatively low pay. But if I had work retail somewhere I would work at RadioShack. The environment is pretty chill and the customers are usually not *** (most of the time)

What is the ratio of floor space (customer accessible) to backroom storage space? Is the storage space usually full?

Funny you mention this. The backroom of RadioShacks are usually very small. Unless you're one of the lucky few that have a larger backroom. Usually in those backrooms, district managers/regional managers will set up office. Oh joy! As far as merchandise in the back, they made us get rid of a bunch of stuff from the sales floor lately and move it to the back. So there's a *** ton of stuff sitting back that customers can't see.
November 11, 2014 on Reddit

Do you have an adaptor for this?

HAHA! One of my favorite things in life is having a customer bring in a product they thought was done for and getting it to work again. The smile on their face is all worth it.
March 31, 2014 on Reddit

How old do you have to be to work at RadioShack?

18 Source: I work for RadioShack and am 18

Are you concerned you might be losing your job in the coming months?

For me I am just a Sales Associate working while I got to school full time so there really isn't much concern for me, it may be however a concern for others.

How often to people come in to purchase electrical components, such as capacitors, resistors, and LED's? It seems like radio shack over the years has shifted to become a regular electronics retailer, and less of a hobbyist store. I am wondering how many of your customers are the "hobbyist" type vs someone looking to buy a new phone.

I would say there is a good amount, but not as many as I had always expected, I'll be honest in saying I am not a hobbyist and don't know much about parts so it is hard for me to help people with stuff like that, I try and just lead them in the direction to the correct part drawer, but it always intrigued me on where these people would go for parts if RadioShack wasn't around.

What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened when you were at work

Whenever someone pays with a credit card, our machines ask us to put in the last 4 digits of the card for whatever reason, and we also need to check the back of the card to see if it says anything like "ASK FOR ID". Well one day a foreign man came in and was going to buy something and he payed with a credit card and I asked to see his card, well he asked me why and all these other questions, he finally agreed and he went on his marry way. Well he comes back 10 minutes later and exclaims that I was racially profiling him and he was very upset and wanted to return his product, then asked for the number of my manager to complain.

Position? Future Employment? Compensation?

I am just a regular Sales Associate at the moment and this is just a job I work while going to school. We haven't been formally told that our store will be closing specifically but we never meet our months goals and really don't make much profit.

As a fellow RS employee I agree and disagree with some points. I had thought of doing an AMA but I'll just throw my two cents in. I find it funny that corporate puts so much emphasis on cell phones, but it makes sense. They make a lot more money off of them then capacitors, resistors, and the like. And yes, another huge focus is on attachments, i.e; service plans, cases, car chargers, and what not. The Enercell batteries are made by either Duracell or Energizer (I always forget which) and they are expensive. But we almost always have sales on them that evens it out a bit. The mark-up on almost EVERY cable is pretty ridiculous. The Shack was an idea of a previous CEO that didn't really come to fruition. The idea behind it was to get out of the legacy items and focus on higher end electronics and mostly cell phones. EDIT: Oh and is it so focused on sales where you are that if you have even one bad week you'll get your pink slip?

Honestly, my store is so laid back, as long as you're not a complete waste of space, you won't get fired.

Interview tips? I had an interview there last year but I never got a job offer :c

My interview was easy, because my friend already was working here and said how good I was. If they ask you how you would sell an iPod (a question on my interview) or any other big ticket item, follow this: try to upsell them to the more expensive model, suggest accessories like cases, headphones, screen protectors, and mention a service plan.

I had an interview there and got a job offer but I didn't feel like constantly pushing cell phones on people. Also it baffles me how that company is still in business. How do you feel about cell phones being the main focus and essentially all the managers care about?

It baffles me, too. I didn't even know RadioShack still existed until my friend who got me the job told me he worked there. We get a TON of commission for cell phones. It sucks, because I haven't sold one in weeks. Very few people come here for phones, and we don't even carry all the phones for Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T (our partner carriers). From what I can tell, there is no reason to go to RadioShack to get a cell phone. The only benefit I can see is that our service plan for phones is cheaper than the corporate carrier insurance, and we're in the process of rolling out free live tech support for all the phones we sell.

Just one question: how in the heck does Radio Shack stay in business? It just doesn't seem like there's sufficient demand for odd electronic parts and the big box stores have tons more selection and better prices on more consumer electronics.

Cell phone sales make up a huge portion of radioshack profits. Thats why we are instructed to try and sell one to anyone who walks through the door looking for anything. Additionally, other stuff you might visit a radioshack for, like batteries and adapters of various kinds, have a huge mark up. Also, the last couple of years there's been a huge push to try and sell more service plans, which are practically all profit. Then they pay their sales staff almost nothing in base pay, and give them commission to sell the most profitable items. That way, the only way a sales associate is really going to make more than minimum wage is if she's making the store a profit.
September 30, 2011 on Reddit

STOP TRYING TO SELL ME BATTERIES! But seriously: You guys are (oddly) technical for working in a retail store. Always appreated the help I've gotten.

BUT YOU CAN BUY FOUR PACKS FOR $10! Thanks. There are some employees that really know their ***. Then there are some that clearly have no clue. I'm glad you've gotten more of the former :)

Radioshack sells several wireless brands. How did you decide which to pitch to a customer? Also, probably of broader interest to this audience ... describe your geekiest customer ever.

Depended really on what the customer needed from their phone. Where they going to be out in the middle of nowhere a lot? Then I'd sell them the phone with the best coverage. Did they have a ton of friends on ATT? Then they could go that way and call them for free. Pitted between two equal carrier choices, it comes down to which ever I could sell easiest, and also which would get me the most in commission, which is different across carriers.

RadioShack Employees

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Hispanic or Latino


Black or African American





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Foreign Languages Spoken








































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RadioShack Careers

Average Length of Employment
Bose Corporation 3.9 years
Blockbuster 2.9 years


2.4 years
Dressbarn 2.3 years
Payless ShoeSource 2.3 years
Vans 2.0 years
Pier 1 Imports 2.0 years
Michaels Stores 1.9 years
ANN 1.9 years
Tuesday Morning 1.8 years
Spencer Gifts 1.7 years
Old Navy Inc. 1.6 years
Family Dollar 1.5 years
GUESS 1.5 years
Express Inc. 1.5 years
Aeropostale 1.4 years
Top Employers Before RadioShack
Walmart 15.9%
McDonald's 9.9%
Best Buy 8.1%
US Army 5.7%
Target 5.5%
Sprint 4.2%
GameStop 3.9%
Verizon 3.5%
U.S. Navy 3.4%
AT&T 3.3%
Macy's 3.2%
Wendy's 3.2%
Subway 3.2%
Top Employers After RadioShack
Walmart 10.5%
Sprint 9.9%
Best Buy 8.9%
AT&T 8.7%
Verizon 8.5%
T-Mobile 4.9%
Target 4.4%
Staples 4.2%
Lowe's 3.5%
Comcast 3.3%
GameStop 3.1%
Allegis 3.0%
Macy's 3.0%
US Army 2.7%
Amazon 2.6%

RadioShack Employees Education


University of Phoenix


University of Texas at Arlington


University of North Texas


Ashford University


The Academy


Kaplan University


Miami Dade College


Northern Virginia Community College


Liberty University


Southern New Hampshire University


Full Sail University


American InterContinental University


Strayer University


Pennsylvania State University


Montgomery College


Tarrant County College District


University of Houston


Houston Community College


Texas Christian University


Texas A&M University

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Criminal Justice


Computer Science




General Studies








Information Technology


Medical Assisting Services




Electrical Engineering


Computer Information Systems


Liberal Arts




Health Care Administration


Graphic Design






Computer Networking

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RadioShack Pictures

RadioShack Picture
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RadioShack Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
John ReschSales $1,550Democratic Party
Leonard RobertsChief Executive Officer $1,500Republican Party
LEN RobertsRetired $1,000Republican Party
Evelyn FollitRetired $1,000Republican Party
Joseph CiccorettiSales Person $650Democratic Party
Mike LazaroffStore Manager $605Republican Party
Brian CrouseSales Associate $600Democratic Party
Timothy KennedySales Person $500Republican Party
Jeff WalkerAttorney $500Republican Party
Claudia GerberOwner $500Republican Party
Janet FoxSenior Vice President $375Republican Party
BEN NiedererSales $300Democratic Party
Frank RothsteinStore Manager $300Democratic Party
Barry RinglandVisual Merchandiser $250Democratic Party
William CabralManager $250Democratic Party
Stan MorganManagement $250Republican Party
Morgan StanOwner/Operator $222Democratic Party
Ruby WallerSales Assistant $200Democratic Party
Mark ParkerSales Associate $198Democratic Party
John RobbinsManager $184Republican Party
Farad SahadatManager $47Democratic Party
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RadioShack Salaries

Executive Vice President Of OperationsFort Worth, TX $515,000
Operations Vice PresidentFort Worth, TX $175,000
Planning DirectorFort Worth, TX $100,500
Operations Research AnalystFort Worth, TX $100,500
Operations Research AnalystFort Worth, TX $72,000

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RadioShack Employment Videos

Tour of a Radioshack Store

RADIOSHACK LEOPARD TREK Recons Corsica Tour de France stages

RadioShack Awards

Awards From Zippia
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  • Most Diverse Companies In 2019
  • Best Performing Companies In 2019

RadioShack Stock Performance

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Total Assets


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RadioShack Competitors

Competitors Jobs


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Frequently Asked Questions about RadioShack

When was RadioShack founded?

RadioShack was founded in 1919.

How many Employees does RadioShack have?

RadioShack has 6,930 employees.

How much money does RadioShack make?

RadioShack generates $5.5B in revenue.

What industry is RadioShack in?

RadioShack is in the retailing industry.

What type of company is RadioShack?

RadioShack is a private company.

Who are RadioShack's competitors?

RadioShack competitors include Michaels Stores, Payless ShoeSource, Blockbuster, Aeropostale, General Nutrition Inc., Sally Beauty Holdings Inc., Family Dollar, American Eagle Outfitters, Bose Corporation, Claire's Stores Inc., Express Inc., Old Navy Inc., Pier 1 Imports, Tuesday Morning, Spencer Gifts, ANN, Pacific Sunwear Stores Corp, Dressbarn, GUESS, Vans.

Who works at RadioShack?

Billiejo Scott (Manager),
Joan Caggiano (Director Of Employee Relations)

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Where is RadioShack's headquarters?

RadioShack's headquarters is in Fort Worth, TX.

You can find out what it is like to work at RadioShack, also known as General Wireless Operations Inc., RADIO SHACK INT INC, Radio Shack, Radio Shack Corp, Radio Shack International, Inc. and RadioShack.

Zippia gives an in-depth look into the details of RadioShack, including salaries, political affiliations, employee data, and more, in order to inform job seekers about RadioShack. The employee data is based on information from people who have self-reported their past or current employments at RadioShack. While we have made attempts to ensure that the information displayed are correct, Zippia is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. The data presented on this page does not represent the view of RadioShack and its employees or that of Zippia.