Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Rapid City Area Schools Pay?
The national average salary for an employee at Rapid City Area Schools is $38,663 per year, or $18.0 an hour. However, there's a significant range between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent of earners. While the highest-paid employees at Rapid City Area Schools can earn over $63,000 a year, the lowest-paid employees earn less than $23,000. Show More

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Rapid City Area Schools Salaries By Department

Workers at Rapid City Area Schools earn different salaries depending on the department or organizational function that they work in. Employees who work in the engineering organizational function tend to get paid the most at at Rapid City Area Schools, earning an average yearly salary of $64,022. The it organizational function also pays relatively high compared to other departments, where employees earn $60,375. Departments that don't pay as well at Rapid City Area Schools include the facilities and hospitality/service organizational functions, with employees earning $26,597 and $28,140, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range51k - 79k$64k$64,022


Salary Range50k - 72k$60k$60,375


Salary Range38k - 61k$49k$48,719

Human Resources

Salary Range36k - 57k$46k$46,018


Salary Range33k - 52k$42k$42,312

Non Profit/Government

Salary Range23k - 42k$31k$31,451


Salary Range26k - 36k$31k$30,921


Salary Range24k - 32k$28k$28,140


Salary Range21k - 32k$27k$26,597

Rapid City Area Schools Salaries By Job Title

While the average employee salary at Rapid City Area Schools is $38,663, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. The higher paying positions at Rapid City Area Schools include computer programmer, special education teacher, speech language pathologist, and special educator. A typical computer programmer salary at Rapid City Area Schools is $68,662 per year. To get a better sense of the salaries at Rapid City Area Schools, other roles such as cleaning team member and cafeteria worker can be considered as well. For comparison, the title cleaning team member at Rapid City Area Schools earns $21,248 per year.
Job Title
Average Salary

Computer Programmer Jobs

Salary Range57k - 81k$69k$68,662

Special Education Teacher Jobs

Salary Range53k - 80k$66k$65,808

Speech Language Pathologist Jobs

Salary Range57k - 68k$63k$62,610

Special Educator Jobs

Salary Range57k - 60k$59k$59,049

Registered Nurse Jobs

Salary Range49k - 67k$58k$58,045

Oven Equipment Repairer Jobs

Salary Range42k - 78k$58k$57,888

Applications Trainer Jobs

Salary Range53k - 61k$58k$57,715

Librarian Jobs

Salary Range52k - 63k$58k$57,642

Construction Coordinator Jobs

Salary Range48k - 58k$53k$53,258

Art Educator Jobs

Salary Range48k - 54k$51k$51,391

Rapid City Area Schools Jobs You Might Like

Rapid City Area Schools Education Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Special Education Teacher
Salary Range53k - 80k$66k$65,808
Special Educator
Salary Range57k - 60k$59k$59,049

Applications Trainer

Salary Range53k - 61k$58k$57,715
Salary Range52k - 63k$58k$57,642

Art Educator

Salary Range48k - 54k$51k$51,391
Director Of Instruction
Salary Range44k - 54k$49k$49,405
Instructional Technology Specialist
Salary Range40k - 48k$44k$44,123
Middle School Coach
Salary Range35k - 51k$42k$42,489
Substitute Teacher
Salary Range38k - 45k$42k$41,914
Student Dean
Salary Range36k - 46k$41k$41,293

Rapid City Area Schools Hospitality/Service Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
School Bus Driver
Salary Range34k - 36k$36k$35,704
Kitchen Manager
Salary Range28k - 31k$30k$30,228
Camp Counselor
Salary Range24k - 28k$26k$26,274
Daycare Provider Assistant
Salary Range24k - 25k$25k$25,334
Food Service Worker
Salary Range22k - 25k$24k$24,211
Bus Aide
Salary Range21k - 24k$23k$22,946
Food Prep
Salary Range21k - 24k$23k$22,935
Cafeteria Worker
Salary Range20k - 22k$21k$21,475

Rapid City Area Schools Facilities Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Manager, Facilities Services
Salary Range38k - 48k$43k$43,431
Salary Range27k - 34k$31k$30,842
Salary Range26k - 35k$31k$30,735
Salary Range22k - 28k$25k$25,490
Salary Range21k - 29k$25k$25,439
Salary Range20k - 26k$23k$23,349
Cleaning Team Member
Salary Range20k - 22k$21k$21,248

Rapid City Area Schools Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Rapid City Area Schools are D-E Public Schools, Santa Rosa County Public Schools, and Flour Bluff Independent School District. The average salaries at D-E Public Schools rank the highest, with their employees earning an average salary of $42,200 per year. The salaries at Santa Rosa County Public Schools average $40,552 per year, and the salaries at Flour Bluff Independent School District come in at $40,517 per year.
Average Salary

D-E Public Schools

Salary Range31k - 55k$42k$42,200

Santa Rosa County Public Schools

Salary Range33k - 49k$41k$40,552

Flour Bluff Independent School District

Salary Range30k - 53k$41k$40,517

Katy ISD

Salary Range33k - 49k$40k$40,494
Liberty County School District
Salary Range32k - 49k$40k$40,428

South Panola School District

Salary Range31k - 51k$40k$40,420

Fallsburg Central School District

Salary Range30k - 52k$40k$40,155
Loudoun County Public Schools
Salary Range32k - 49k$40k$40,051

McCreary Co. School District

Salary Range32k - 49k$40k$40,039
Starkville School District
Salary Range30k - 52k$40k$39,874

Rapid City Area Schools Jobs