Reading Specialist Job Openings - 7 Jobs

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    Floral Specialist
    A.C. Moore

    Ashburn, VA

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    Activities Specialist
    A.C. Moore

    Ashburn, VA

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    Sales Specialist
    The Home Depot

    Ashburn, VA

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    Custom Framing Specialist
    A.C. Moore

    Ashburn, VA

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    Home Depot

    Ashburn, VA

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    Guest Experience Specialist (Sales Associate)

    Ashburn, VA

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    Reading Specialist
    Friendship Public Charter School

    Washington, DC

Reading Specialist Jobs



  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Evaluating Information to Determine Compliance with Standards
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
  • Documenting/Recording Information
  • Unpleasant/Angry People

What does a Reading Specialist do at St. Ann's Home&School

* Review test scores and teacher referral forms to determine eligibility for reading services Group and schedule students according to needs, performance levels, informal assessment and other available student achievement information Provide instruction to individual or small groups of students using phonics-based, language-based or specially designed reading programs, depending on the needs of the students Complete necessary paperwork including case conferences, class lists, schedules, individual student files, assist with IEP goal development, etc.
* Keep lines of communication open with classroom teachers, administration, parents and personnel Reading SpecialistThe Reading Specialist should have a minimum of a Bachelors in Education and certified by MA as a Teacher of Reading Benefits:St.
* Ann's Home offers competitive salary and benefits, tuition reimbursement, on-site trainings, a supportive working environment and potential for career advancement.
* No phone calls please.
* Bilingual/Bicultural encouraged to apply.
* St.
* Ann's Home is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws.
* St.
* Ann s Home&School 100A Haverhill St.
* Methuen, MA 01844 Associated topics: 6th 8th, biology, ela e, math, middle, preparatory, school, speech, studies

What does a Reading Specialist do at Pearson

* Plan scoring sessions, including selecting sample responses to be used to orient scorers, estimating session length, and calculating scoring pool size.
* Manage scoring sessions, including training scorers, monitoring their performance, and counseling scorers and Assistant Chief Readers.
* Understand and consistently apply project standards (e.g., rubrics).
* Analyze performance statistics during and after each scoring session.
* Maintain test security and project confidentiality.
* Facilitate client meetings.
* Collaborate with other Chief Readers and Scoring Facilitators

What does a Reading Specialist do at Stratford Board of Education

* Plan and implement instruction from the Reading Curriculum of Stratford Public Schools
* Provide ongoing support to teachers by modeling, observing, co-planning, and co-teaching literacy lessons
* Facilitate conversations with individual teachers, grade-level teams, and PLCs
* Plan and facilitate literacy-focused grade level meetings
* Develop and support school-based literacy nights
* Conference with parents regarding students'progress
* Provide on-going assessment of students
* Collaborate with data teams to use assessment results to plan instruction
* Plan and facilitate literacy-focused professional development sessions based on student data
* Participate in ongoing personal professional development
* Collaboratively research, identify, and prepare resources for use by the district, teams, schools, and teachers
* Collaborate with other coaches and literacy coordinator on a regular basis to ensure coherence throughout district
* Collaborate with classroom teachers to provide intervention to students identified through the SRBI process
* Collaborate with classroom teachers to provide enrichment opportunities for students

What does a Reading Specialist do at Wilton School District

* 1. Plan, organize, and implement individual and group instructional activities for students that aimto develop social, emotional, intellectual, and physical skills
* Provide nurturing, supportive, and inclusive approach to all students
* Insure student safety and uphold safety standards for the program
* Provide structure and routine in daily program
* Provide positive approach and behavior redirection, as appropriate
* Assist students with homework and provide instructional guidance
* Communicate with and provide excellent customer service to students and families
* Maintain appropriate communication with Program Manager and Supervisor regarding parent,student, or teacher concerns
* Provide direction and supervision to childcare instructors and high school aides working in theprogram(s)
* Maintain accurate daily notes related to incidents, payments, registrations, scheduling, planning,etc
* Maintain accurate reports related to attendance, signout sheets, drop -in registrations andpayments
* Maintain accurate reports related to activity planning, scheduling and Edline calendar
* Maintain inventory log for games and sports equipment
* Maintain inventory of supplies
* Maintain high level of professionalism and confidentiality
* Performs other related duties as required or requested by Program Manager and Supervisor

What does a Reading Specialist do at ESF Summer Camps

* Group supervision of campers with attention to: behavior and group management, health and safety, security, and personal and skill development
* Organize and prepare daily lesson plans in a fun and creative manner
* Implement ESF curriculum; bring lesson plans to life for campers through your participation, support and guidance
* Motivate campers by creating fun for them in your activity (i.e. - songs, games, cheers, etc.)
* Encourage creativity and critical thinking while making a positive impact on each of your campers
* Use effective classroom management skills to lead the activity and effectively create an inclusive, fun environment
* Promote and actively participate in all camper activities
* Work effectively with fellow Activity Specialist and collaborate on daily responsibilities
* Complete assigned paperwork
* Serve as a positive role model to campers
* Follow the ESF Code and maintain the ESF Look at all times
* Employee is expected to exhibit ESF Core Values at all times and to adhere to all company policies
* Have fun
* Other responsibilities as assigned (such as PM OT Sign in and Transition)Position Competencies for Success:
* Understand and support the mission of the organization
* The ability to work effectively with others in all levels of the organization in a professional manner
* Positive attitude
* Commitment to the growth and development of youth
* Commitment to producing consistent, high-quality work
* Excellent judgment, ability to identify problems and works quickly to find solutions
* Patient, caring and creative
* Flexible, adaptive and a Team player

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how to become a Reading Specialist

Special education teachers in public schools are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree and a state-issued certification or license. Private schools typically require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree, but teachers are not required to be licensed or certified. For information about teacher preparation programs and certification requirements, visit or contact your state’s board of education.


All states require special education teachers in public schools to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Some earn a degree specifically in special education. Others major in elementary education or a content area, such as math or science, with a minor in special education.

In a program leading to a bachelor’s degree in special education, prospective teachers learn about the different types of disabilities and how to present information so that students will understand. These programs typically include fieldwork, such as student teaching. To become fully certified, some states require special education teachers to complete a master’s degree in special education.

Teachers in private schools do not need to meet state requirements. However, private schools may prefer to hire teachers who have at least a bachelor’s degree in special education.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

All states require teachers in public schools to be licensed. A license is frequently referred to as a certification. Those who teach in private schools are not required to be licensed. Most states require teachers to pass a background check.

Requirements for certification vary by state. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, states also require teachers to complete a teacher preparation program and supervised experience in teaching. Some states require a minimum grade point average. Teachers may be required to complete annual professional development classes or a master’s degree program to maintain their license.

Many states offer general licenses in special education that allow teachers to work with students with a variety of disabilities. Others offer licenses or endorsements based on a disability-specific category, such as autism or behavior disorders.

Some states allow special education teachers to transfer their licenses from another state. Other states require even an experienced teacher to pass their state’s licensing requirements.

All states offer an alternative route to certification for people who already have a bachelor’s degree. Some alternative certification programs allow candidates to begin teaching immediately, under the close supervision of an experienced teacher. These alternative programs cover teaching methods and child development. Candidates are awarded full certification after they complete the program. Other programs require prospective teachers to take classes in education before they can start to teach. They may be awarded a master’s degree after completing either type of program.


Some special education teachers need to complete a period of fieldwork, commonly referred to as student teaching, before they can work as a teacher. In some states, this program is a prerequisite for a license to teach in public schools. During student teaching, they gain experience in preparing lesson plans and teaching students in a classroom setting, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor teacher. The amount of time required for these programs varies by state, but may last from 1 to 2 years. Many universities offer student teaching programs as part of a degree in special education.


Experienced teachers can advance to become mentor or lead teachers who help less experienced teachers improve their teaching skills.

Teachers may become school counselors, instructional coordinators, assistant principals, or principals. These positions generally require additional education, an advanced degree, or certification. An advanced degree in education administration or leadership may be helpful.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Special education teachers discuss students’ needs and performances with general education teachers, parents, and administrators. They also explain difficult concepts in terms that students with learning disabilities can understand.

Critical-thinking skills. Special education teachers assess students’ progress and use that information to adapt lessons to help them learn.

Interpersonal skills. Special education teachers regularly work with general education teachers, school counselors, administrators, and parents to develop Individualized Education Programs. As a result, they need to be able to build positive working relationships.

Patience. Working with students with special needs and different abilities can be difficult. Special education teachers should be patient with each student, as some may need the instruction given aloud, at a slower pace, or in writing.  

Resourcefulness. Special education teachers must develop different ways to present information in a manner that meets the needs of their students. They also help general education teachers adapt their lessons to the needs of students with disabilities.

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Real Reading Specialist Salaries

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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Elementary Reading Specialist Teacher Eagle Academy Public Charter School Washington, DC Jun 29, 2016 $72,000
Reading Specialist The Children's Village Academy Kinston, NC Feb 29, 2016 $57,093
Elementary Reading Specialist Teacher Eagle Academy Public Charter School Washington, DC Sep 09, 2015 $56,640
Primary School Teacher-French Reading Specialist Lycee International de Boston/International School Cambridge, MA Sep 01, 2014 $48,300 -
Educator, Reading Specialist St. Thomas More Parish School Houston, TX Jul 31, 2016 $47,886
Educator, Reading Specialist St. Theresa Catholic School Houston, TX Jul 31, 2016 $47,424
Lower School Teacher Reading Specialist Windermere Preparatory School Windermere, FL Jul 09, 2010 $41,547

Top Skills for a Reading Specialist

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Top Reading Specialist Skills

Language Arts, Readers, Dibels, Professional Development, Mathematics, Lesson Plans, Intervention Program, RTI, Special Needs, Pinnell, Child, Special Education Teachers, Fountas, Small Group Instruction, IEP, Benchmark Assessments, Grade Level Teachers, ESL, Literacy Instruction, Student Achievement

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