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Working At Regal Cinemas

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Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas Overview


Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure

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Knoxville, TN



Founded in




Key People

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About Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas, formerly known as Regal Entertainment Group, is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Regal Cinemas, formerly known as Regal Entertainment Group, is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Do You Work At Regal Cinemas?

What is it like to work at Regal Cinemas


September 15, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Being next to the the projectors and tweaking with it.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Customers can be rude and disrespectful but I can mange anyone or anything.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free movies every week is the best perk by far.. Show More


August 28, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The people and environment is the best thing about working at Regal!.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I don't like the fact of how the air only works sometimes.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The 2 free tickets a week and half of concessions is the best benefit for a high school senior... Show More


April 10, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The people were nice... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

It was all manual labor... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free movies were nice, but was always working so I wasn't able to take advantage of it.. Show More


March 4, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

People/Co-Workers, Free Movies.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Unrealistic Expectations, No Work life balance, New administration has really ruined the company.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free Movies (2 a week).. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

The people are nice. Making people happy is enjoyable... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

New company ownership is changing expectations to unreasonable... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Retirement savings... Show More
April 11, 2018 on Reddit

Hi I just found this thread and yes I have TONS of questions I hope that can get answered based on my experience dealing with my local theater and it's GM. -My local Regal IMAX theater began having a lot of issues in the IMAX Auditorium. I first noticed it during that preview IMAX showing of Inhumans IMAX. The rear right speaker would distort often throughout the film and the same issue occurred with other films including "IT". Each time it happened I reported it and management of duty said that probably "Dunkirk damaged the speaker as it was a loud movie..." and they would give me an IMAX readmit pass. I got so fed up that (because that wasn't the only issue with that IMAX) I actually reported it to IMAX HQ and IMAX HQ responded quickly to the QA issue. By the time Justice League came around the issue was fixed and I was happy...however.. The issues I have encountered last year with that IMAX pushed me to the point that I actually had to report it directly to IMAX after dealing with the theater. These issues include: Kong Skull island IMAX 3d: someone forgot to activate the 3d projector (according to management's explanation) so the first 10 mins no one's 3d glasses worked..a bunch of us had to run out and report it or thought our 3d glasses were defective. Some guests were so angry they got refunds. GotGv2: They played Fate of the Furious instead of the movie.. man people got up quick for that one to report it to the employees. How do you mess that one up? Justice League IMAX to any film currently playing in that theater in IMAX: Although they fixed the audio issue, guess what the GM did? She instituted a policy to keep the house lights up during the entire movie. I reported it and guess what her response was over email? It was to check to see if guests are drinking alcohol!?!?!!?! No other auditorium in that location has the lights up. How can I verify this policy or report this to Regal HQ. The lights have been lowered a bit since my reporting but they are still kinda distracts from the visual presentation of the screen. -Is it true that if Concession stand employees get penalized if they don't get every customer to upsize their drinks/soda? Meaning they get their hours cut similar to Retail if customers don't sign up for the store credit cards. I just feel that when I politely say no the look I get from them indicates that I just sentenced them to death. I only upsize for big movies like Pacific Rim, RP1, Avengers...not for smaller movies. -If I see someone actually recording a movie on their cell can I report it to the theater employees discretely? I saw this happen during "Unsane"... ugh. -Why doesn't management help out concessions staff when there is a big rush? I rarely see any manager actually helping my theater there is only one or two people behind the counter when it gets busy. -According to one of the managers I spoke to, she says that some managers stay as late as 2:30am while the rest of the employee's go home....what causes managers to stay late? -In auditorium 3 of that theater, every movie played on that screen is presented in pillbox mode. I reached out to management about this and various managers gave various answers ranging from, "I don't know", to "That's how the movie is presented", to the "the movie is presented FLAT"..yet I can never get a straight answer.. It only happens in that particular screen. What can I do to get that screen issue resolved if the GM isn't doing anything about it? -In the last few weeks I have been noticing certain managers just hanging out in plain clothes just staring at people.. What are they looking for? They are sure acting like security yet they have one guy for security in the theater. -Does Regal HQ ever look into those survey's that are on the receipts and ever get on the case of the GM if there is repeated issues? Sorry for the long questions, but any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!

I'm glad to help! With the IMAX issue, I can only assume they had some trouble with repairing and installing a speaker. It does take a long time and a lot of equipment to take down those speakers, and reconnect them. Not to mention expensive. I mean, the cardboard standee for the 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' took about ten hours to make, so you can imagine how difficult it could be to do that. The fact that it took them so long is a little outrageous, and I definitely would have gotten on management too. For GotGv2, it happens. When black panther came out, we accidentally played it instead of Hostiles... a day before it came out. It was a simple resolution, the projector just sometimes gets mixed up. We have it all automated, and we set the schedule. Sometimes the projector will mix a few up by accident, but we still will always get you the movie you pay for. To report anything to Regal HQ, you can always call 1-877-TELL-REGAL. You may also go to if you prefer email discussion. It's true that we get penalized for not offering, but as long as we offer, we'll be okay. Decline away my friend! Most of us don't really care if you buy the large or not, we just don't want to be overheard by a manager (Or sometimes corporate) and get chewed out for not doing it. Recording is a crime, and the last person at my theater was arrested on the spot. If you can find security, you should immediately tell them, and they will be escorted out of the building. Otherwise, find the Usher (They'll have a cleaning cart or an orange light) and tell them who it is, the seat number if you have it, and a description of the person. Sometimes managers will help but most often they are helping guests or preparing the food in the kitchen. When they aren't doing either of those things, they might be on break or might even be on the phone. When they have downtime, they usually help concessions as that is the busiest, or floor staff (Ushers) as it is the most continuous. Yes, some managers do stay as late as 2:30. At my theater, we do have some employees stay that late as well. It isn't uncommon for the last movie to get out at 12:00 AM or even 1:00 AM. Even so, we need to ensure that concessions is absolutely perfectly clean, everything is stocked up, and everyone is done with their work. Most often the theater will fully close (All employees gone) at about 1-2:30 AM. If it is only in auditorium 3, then you should be sure they know that you have visited several times with the issue. You can ask box office to tell you what theater it is in beforehand, and then choose another movie until a different time. If that movie stays in three, the best option might be just to buy it or settle. Now I hadn't heard about that. Most managers do get free movie tickets, so maybe they're there to see a movie and are just ensuring everything is okay. I've never heard of managers sitting and staring at people, that sounds... odd, must be a new situation for your theater. I'm not 100% sure if Regal HQ does that, but sometimes out of nowhere my GM will be extremely strict with certain rules seemingly out of nowhere, so I can only assume corporate contacted her for one reason or another, those receipts might be to blame. I'm glad to answer any questions you have! Let me know if you have any more, and I would try my best to answer you

How about people that drink or smoke in the theatre ? I remember way back as a teenager going to the classic 18 plus comedy movies just getting trashed in the theatre Proceeding to destroy the bathrooms , at one point the employee simply asked us are you guys done yet . At this point we were and said yes and just walked out ... The theatre and manager was so gutless

There are quite a few people who drink for sure, but not many smokers. While some people do smoke, I find chewing tobacco more often than cigarettes.
December 1, 2017 on Reddit

Do theaters actually care if people smuggle in their own food?

If a manager sees you do it, then yes, but it's not really a big deal. We make all of our money from concessions, which is why managers panic, but we're the little guys on the totem pole. Hell, I still sneak food into the theater. I suppose the biggest thing is it really depends on the person. With me, if you're holding starbucks in front of me, I'll tell you to throw it out. But (I have to do bag checks, it's unavoidable) if I check a bag or a purse and see five boxes of milk duds, I don't really care. Just don't make it obvious.
December 1, 2017 on Reddit

I'm 18 and looking for a job so a movie theater gig doesn't sound bad. 1. Which do you prefer: Regal or AMC (for movie watching) 2. Free food or movies on the job? 3. Have you made friends with your coworkers? 4. Was the interview tough or easy? 5. Do you enjoy the job?

* 1: Definitely Regal. The AMC near here has very uncomfortable seating, plus Regal has a much better value when it comes to concessions * 2: While it used to vary, it is now linked into the Regal app (Making me assume it is standard condition for these benefits). Most theaters let you have two free movie tickets per day, as well as free popcorn and drinks (With your own container) and 50% off of all other concessions. * 3: I have made quite a few friends. Most of the people there are very friendly, as it is in the job description. * 4: The interview was very easy. They asked things like 'What movie did you see last?' 'What is your greatest strength?' 'What motivates you every day?'. * 5: It's a lot of cleaning, but at it's core it is very fun. Some of the work they make you do is pretty boring, but it's very enjoyable and the free movies is definitely a good plus

I'm assuming all the projectors are digital now days for a chain like that? What skillset does a modern projectionist need, if any, other than rebooting a PC, loading up the file and hitting Play?

The projectors we have are all digital. A modern projectionist (At our theater, it's handled by the managers, but it's still the same job) would have one large (And long) room that has all of the projectors. Each projector is wired to a computer, and the projectors themselves are nothing more than very large hard drives. The movies first need to be downloaded online, which is done automatically. Then theaters are e-mailed encryption keys, so they may properly play the film with no issues. The computer has an automatic scheduling system, so the movies play automatically. Next to each projector is a sound rack with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. We use these to process the volume of the film and generate the sound properly. We also adjust the volume using these (Whenever a guest asks). For 3D movies, you also need to put a polarizing film onto the projector, and focus it just right, or else it won't work properly and the film will stay blurry. In case you are curious, we use Sony 4K projectors (I'm not exactly sure what model, but I can find that out soon) and every movie downloaded is an uncompressed video file (I am unsure of the container) that is around 200GB+ per movie. EDIT: While I am not 100% certain (I will check when I go to work next, which is on Monday), I believe we use Sony SRX-R815P projectors. Once again, I'll know for certain on Monday.
January 11, 2013 on Reddit

What was your job specifically? Did you ever have to deal with a bootlegger?

I was simply a "floor staff". I took tickets, worked concessions and cleaned up theaters. As an usher, we have to do "theater checks'. During the summer when it was less busy, I was able to watch the majority of a movie while working. We never had to deal with a bootlegger, but our employee handbook promises a cash reward for anyone that catches someone filming the movie.

Regal Cinemas Employees

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Regal Cinemas Careers

Average Length of Employment

Regal Cinemas

2.3 years
Hobby Farms 2.2 years
Kerasotes Theaters 2.2 years
AMC Theatres 2.2 years
Cinemark 2.0 years
7-Eleven 2.0 years
Century Theaters 2.0 years
Marquee Cinemas 2.0 years
Wendy's 1.8 years
Burger King 1.8 years
Harkins Theatres 1.7 years
Potbelly 1.6 years
Jersey Mike's Subs 1.4 years
Five Guys 1.2 years
Top Employers Before Regal Cinemas
McDonald's 20.9%
Walmart 9.7%
Target 6.3%
Macy's 5.3%
Subway 5.0%
Toys R Us 4.6%
Taco Bell 4.6%
Wendy's 4.1%
US Army 3.8%
GameStop 3.5%
Starbucks 3.2%
Kohl's 3.0%
Best Buy 2.8%
Old Navy 2.7%
Pizza Hut 2.7%
Top Employers After Regal Cinemas
Walmart 14.7%
Target 8.6%
Starbucks 7.4%
McDonald's 6.9%
Best Buy 5.5%
Macy's 5.3%
Kohl's 4.5%
Lowe's 4.2%
Amazon 3.9%
Subway 3.3%
US Army 3.2%
Toys R Us 2.9%

Regal Cinemas Employees Education


Miami Dade College


University of Central Florida


University of Tennessee - Knoxville


Virginia Commonwealth University


University of Phoenix


College of Southern Nevada


Georgia State University


Northern Virginia Community College


Broward College


Florida State University


Old Dominion University


Palm Beach State College


Liberty University


University of Nevada - Las Vegas


Monroe College


University of Akron


University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Florida Atlantic University


University of South Florida


Full Sail University

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Graphic Design






Medical Assisting Services


Health Care Administration






Political Science



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Regal Cinemas Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


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Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Greg DunnPresident & Chief Operating Officer $9,000Democratic Party
Michael CampbellChief Executive Officer $7,700Republican Party
TED HatfieldMarketing Director $3,650Republican Party
AMY MilesChief Executive Officer $2,500Democratic Party
Vinod ThomasFloor Staff $2,300Democratic Party
Raymond Smith JrCAO & Counsel $1,000Democratic Party
Raymond SmithSenior Vice President $1,000Democratic Party
Mike CampbellChief Executive Officer $1,000Republican Party
David DoyleInformation Operator $500Democratic Party
Stephen MoehleManager $500Republican Party
John CurrySenior Vice President $250Democratic Party
Michael LewisAttorney $250Republican Party
JON HowardAssociate Manager $250Democratic Party
Forrest LeeManager $230Democratic Party
Joseph AguilarFloor Staff $199Democratic Party
Vern VanceFloor Staff $125Republican Party
Ksenia JeffreyManager $103Democratic Party
Thea RogersFloor Staff $82Democratic Party
Scott DummittInformation Security Analyst $67Republican Party
Taylor WilsonTheatre Manager $42Democratic Party
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Regal Cinemas Salaries

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    Salary Score
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Project ManagerKnoxville, TN $50,000
Coordinator, International MarketingLos Angeles, CA $35,000
Floor StaffGainesville, VA $25,044

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Regal Cinemas Awards

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Regal Cinemas Competitors

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Frequently Asked Questions about Regal Cinemas

When was Regal Cinemas founded?

Regal Cinemas was founded in 1989.

How many Employees does Regal Cinemas have?

Regal Cinemas has 25,359 employees.

How much money does Regal Cinemas make?

Regal Cinemas generates $3.2B in revenue.

What industry is Regal Cinemas in?

Regal Cinemas is in the hotels, restaurants & leisure industry.

What type of company is Regal Cinemas?

Regal Cinemas is a private company.

Who are Regal Cinemas's competitors?

Regal Cinemas competitors include Cinemark, AMC Theatres, National Amusements Inc., Dunkin' Donuts Northeast Distribution Center Inc., Century Theaters, Wendy's, Jamba Juice Company, Little Caesar Enterprises Inc., Burger King, Panera Bread Company, Hobby Farms, Marquee Cinemas, Kerasotes Theaters, Five Guys, Hardee's Restaurants LLC, Harkins Theatres, Jersey Mike's Subs, International Dairy Queen Corp, 7-Eleven, Potbelly.

Where is Regal Cinemas's headquarters?

Regal Cinemas's headquarters is in Knoxville, TN.

What is Regal Cinemas's website?

You can find the Regal Cinemas website at

You can find out what it is like to work at Regal Cinemas, also known as REGAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, Regal Cinemas, Regal Cinemas Inc and Regal Entertainment Group.

Zippia gives an in-depth look into the details of Regal Cinemas, including salaries, political affiliations, employee data, and more, in order to inform job seekers about Regal Cinemas. The employee data is based on information from people who have self-reported their past or current employments at Regal Cinemas. While we have made attempts to ensure that the information displayed are correct, Zippia is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. The data presented on this page does not represent the view of Regal Cinemas and its employees or that of Zippia.