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Top Repair Technician Skills

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a repair technician. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of repair technician resumes they appeared on. For example, 19.2% of repair technician resumes contained customer service as a skill. Let's find out what skills a repair technician actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

The six most common skills found onRepair Technician resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list.

1. Customer Service

high Demand
Here's how Customer Service is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Piloted troubleshooting, repairs and tests on a variety of microprocessor-controlled microwave TWT transmitters amplifier in the Customer Service Department.
  • Traveled through assigned territory servicing customer base; provided excellent customer service; explained service options and resolve problems.
  • Provide excellent customer service including written and verbal communication with customers, internal departments and external parties.
  • Performed quality assurance and inspections; maintained customer service and customer relations with many business accounts.
  • Provide superior customer service through timely and effective technological assistance in computer set-ups and repairs.
  • Develop and maintain a customer service relationship established through communication, satisfaction and trust.
  • Worked closely with the service management to ensure excellent customer service and quality workmanship.
  • Received and recorded incoming customer inquiries and exceeded expectations for excellent customer service.
  • Provided exceptional customer service, and resolved customer concerns regarding their computers.
  • Checked oxygen equipment in customers' homes and provided on-site customer service
  • Provide excellent customer service to all customers to ensure total satisfaction.
  • Provided superior customer service and served as an excellent company representative.
  • Provided customer service and built customer relationships in a retail environment.
  • Demonstrate exceptional customer service skills tin order to exceed customer expectation.
  • Utilize exemplary customer service skills during all interactions with customers.
  • Provided superior customer service skills by assisting with consumer decisions.
  • Provided excellent customer service for customers and evaluated vendor products.
  • Provide excellent customer service while offering proper diagnosis of malfunction.
  • Received several customer accommodation awards for providing excellent customer service.
  • Provided stellar customer service to multiple agency representatives across ranks.

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2. Hand Tools

high Demand
Here's how Hand Tools is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Repair aircraft components utilizing various air tools and hand tools according to component maintenance manuals and blueprint specifications.
  • Adjusted and replaced defective or improperly functioning circuitry/electronics components, using hand tools or soldering iron.
  • Repair fiberglass repair boats according to manufacturing specifications using hand tools and power tools.
  • Experience using a variety of hand tools, impact gun (pneumatic and hydraulic), buffer, and grinding tools.
  • Filled depressions with body filler and filed, ground, and sanded repaired surfaces, using power tools and hand tools.
  • Tune to meet product specifications, manufacturing processes, work instructions and engineering diagrams, using test equipment and Hand Tools.
  • Repaired and rebuilt defective mechanical parts in electric motors, generators and related equipment, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Visit members within route assigned, maintain an inventory of serviceable parts and hand tools as well as replenish when needed.
  • Experienced with numerous repair/replacement tools such as masonry saw, grinder, power drills, jack-hammer, hand tools, etc.
  • Repair and refurbish various models of pagers, inventory control, operate various monitoring equipment, hand tools, soldering equipment.
  • Assembled and positioned support brackets in place, using screws, clamps, braces, power tools, and hand tools.
  • Used test equipment, schematics, flow diagrams, specification data, and hand tools to isolate malfunctions in equipment.
  • Tested, troubleshot, calibrated, and repaired digital cameras using computer database, small hand tools and soldering techniques.
  • Used a variety of common hand tools and measuring devices, including test and diagnostic equipment related to specific aircraft.
  • Repair circuits, wiring, and soldering, using soldering irons and hand tools to install parts and adjust connections.
  • Use of sanders, blasters, hand tools, grinding wheels to ensure boat hull is ready to receive paint.
  • Packed, sealed, labeled, and prepared materials for shipping using such devices as hand tools and power tools.
  • Used a large variety of hand tools, air tools, bonding agents, metal working, and blasting booths/rooms.
  • Use of all hand tools, expert soldering ability, customer relations expert, inventory control policies and procedure's.
  • Use basic hand tools, precision equipment, welding equipment and power tools to service and repair farm machinery.

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3. Defective Parts

high Demand
Here's how Defective Parts is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Disabled and reassembled components and replaced defective parts.
  • Replaced defective parts and answered complex questions from customer related to vehicle parts, fees and potential for additional work.
  • Remove and cut defective parts and drain holes to gain access to the internal damage using punch and drill.
  • Dismantled devices to gain access to and remove defective parts, using hoists, cranes, and hand/power tools.
  • Repair and replace the defective parts in the systems and refurbished those consoles as per the standard of company.
  • Replaced worn and defective parts such as wiring, gears and screen of cellular phone which no longer function.
  • Repaired or replaced defective parts, checked frequency, aligned crystals, reassembled, and thoroughly tested each unit.
  • Removed and replaced worn or defective parts of drive mechanisms, and hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems.
  • Take unit apart and replace defective parts with new parts and reassemble unit to customer and apple satisfaction.
  • Replace worn and defective parts such as switches, bearings, transmissions, belts, gears etc.
  • Repair Printed Circuit Boards, disassembled malfunctioning equipment and removed, repaired / replaced defective parts.
  • Removed defective parts by dismantling devices, using hoists, cranes, hand and power tools.
  • Repaired units that were covered under warranty, scrap defective parts, and release for shipping.
  • Evaluate and repair or replace all defective parts including the tube, lenses and spacers.
  • Repaired and replaced defective parts, using hand tools, milling and woodworking machines.
  • Assess condition of defective parts and determine whether to repair or replace.
  • Scheduled appointments and drove to client sites to replace defective parts.
  • Maintain records of tests, repairs, and defective parts.
  • Disassemble copiers and replace defective parts, including circuit boards
  • Replaced defective parts, Tested unit to ensure functionality.

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4. Preventive Maintenance

high Demand
Here's how Preventive Maintenance is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Learned proper sterilization and preventive maintenance of flexible endoscopy scopes - Developed high standard of quality with patient safety being first priority
  • Shaped strategy to create a comprehensive preventive maintenance and calibration system that increased instrument availability and significantly reduced system downtime.
  • Conducted preventive maintenance and ensured compliance with existing standards and regulations, used manufactures technical procedures and engineering specifications.
  • Maintained company-required performance and maintenance records for identified equipment; Performed preventive maintenance functions as directed.
  • Preformed hydraulic and cylinder repairs including preventive maintenance and monitored equipment performance to insure necessary production
  • Repaired and performed preventive maintenance on customer-returned scanners, specializing in the medium product family.
  • Perform preventive maintenance on all manufacturing equipment to ensure proper operation for future operations.
  • Perform on-site repair and preventive maintenance on personal computers and related peripherals.
  • Provide preventive maintenance by inspecting electrical system to locate and correct problems.
  • Worked independently and performed repairs and preventive maintenance on beverage recycling machines.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance on gas powered and electric tools.
  • Maintained truck by completing preventive maintenance requirements and arranging for repairs.
  • Perform scheduled preventive maintenance, ensuring equipment is within production specifications.
  • Performed preventive maintenance in accordance with the standard operating procedures.
  • Performed preventive maintenance by diagnosing customer and store owned equipment.
  • Performed corrective and preventive maintenance procedures on weapons and optics.
  • Prevent equipment downtime by performing preventive maintenance on equipment.
  • Performed preventive maintenance and calibration of equipment and systems.
  • Perform preventive maintenance on forklifts and all warehouse equipment
  • Repaired and did preventive maintenance on pneumatic characters

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5. Company Vehicle

high Demand
Here's how Company Vehicle is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Maintained company vehicles and performed general building maintenance and repairs.
  • Maintained company vehicle with inventory.
  • Maintained inventory on company vehicle.
  • Performed maintenance on company vehicle.
  • Light maintenance repairs to the facility and company vehicles to include, minor plumbing, drywall, and electrical repairs.
  • Ordered parts/tools needed for repair on service calls, inventoried all self stocked parts/tools carried in company vehicle monthly.
  • Maintained company vehicle, stock, tools, and parts supply orders pertaining to each job assigned.
  • Maintain personal company vehicle, oil changes, brake jobs and other minor repairs as needed.
  • Work from home with company vehicle and responsible for scheduling regular maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Operate company vehicle, repair customer windshields, explain repair process to each customer.
  • Manage company vehicle inventory and service for effective customer service for the consumer.
  • Operate company vehicle, maintain strict clock adherence while in the field.
  • Created and monitored company vehicle maintenance logs and performed DOT compliance tasks.
  • Lead technician responsible for diagnosis and repair of customer and company vehicles.
  • Clean and maintain all equipment as well as maintain a company vehicle.
  • Maintain company vehicle as well as company property and truck stock.
  • Maintain the company vehicle properly and ensure it is well stocked.
  • Maintained company vehicle to best of ability with zero incidents.
  • Drive company vehicle to customers home, apartment/condos and business.
  • Operated a company vehicle on a daily basis in approx.

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6. Hvac

high Demand
Here's how Hvac is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Replaced or put in electrical/plumbing/HVAC/appliances/electronics.
  • Performed Troubleshooting and installation of HVAC systems in addition to appliance repair responsibilities
  • Repaired plumbing and fixtures, electrical, carpentry, HVAC units, trailer axles, wheel bearings and tires.
  • Hired on as a Home Repair Appliance Technician servicing HVAC, furnaces, AC, refrigeration and all appliances.
  • Service heaters, ventilation or air-conditioning (HVAC) systems or components as well as install HVAC equipment.
  • State of Michigan certification in Brakes, HVAC, Engine Repair, Suspensions, Engine Electrical.
  • Provided cleaning services to client's air ducts, HVAC, carper/ upholstery and drapes/ blinds.
  • Work independently from equipment van to repair commercial kitchen equipment, refrigeration and HVAC systems.
  • Completed Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Appliance repairs within the residential and commercial environment.
  • Service, install, and repair HVAC equipment in a residential and light commercial setting
  • Repair electrical, plumbing, pneumatic, HVAC, structural and mechanical systems.
  • Experienced in installing and maintaining HVAC, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration systems.
  • Deal with residential clients, providing them with solutions to their HVAC problems.
  • Utilized skills in soldering techniques, CFC handling with commercial appliances and HVAC.
  • Maintained all building systems fire command station, HVAC and all security systems.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on HVAC systems to ensure proper function and reliability.
  • Repair Restaurant Equipment, HVAC's, Walk-In Coolers, Freezers, etc
  • Repaired lawn and garden equipment, repaired and installed HVAC units.
  • Collaborated with different types of appliance and HVAC specialists when necessary.
  • Worked on electrical, natural gas, and HVAC/R equipment.

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7. Trouble Shooting

high Demand
Here's how Trouble Shooting is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Trouble Shooting systems and Component level repair of electronics also installation of telecommunications systems and upkeep.
  • Repair units if possible, inventory, communication with customers, trouble shooting, training new staff, packaging and distribution.
  • Job Duties Responsible for delivering coffee machines and installing New machines, service and repairs and trouble shooting on site.
  • Specialized in pole climbing, data entry, installation of jacks and wires, and trouble shooting customer problems.
  • Trouble shooting to detect the problem for customer and sent information to the proper department for further review.
  • Trouble shooting problems to components level using DMM, Oscilloscope, Function generator Offered technical support to customers.
  • Position involves diagnosing, trouble shooting and repairing hardware from incoming Return Material Authorizations (RMA).
  • Supported customers with superior customer service, good public relations and performed trouble shooting on water systems.
  • Trouble shooting on small and large medical tools for; delivery, setup, and calibration.
  • Started as an Electrician's helper, developed trouble shooting skills and became a repair technician.
  • Repair; rebuild injection molding and auxiliary machines; trouble shooting of electrical and hydraulic failures.
  • Performed maintenance on a number of weapons simulators that involved trouble shooting computer hardware and software.
  • Trouble shooting for problems regarding routers, switches, printers and various Windows based computers.
  • Test and Trouble shooting of circuits in Fuel automation using standard and custom test equipment.
  • Trouble shooting, repair at component level, and reverse engineering on SMPS schematics.$15/hour
  • Trouble Shooting * Data Entry * Payments * Dispatching Techs * Incoming Calls * Customer Service
  • Conduct on site computer system and network trouble shooting in both personal and business settings.
  • Performed trouble shooting threw manufacture service manuals and test units with volt meters and oscilloscopes.
  • Use trouble shooting skills and equipment to diagnose copier problems to a component level.
  • Adjust and repair tools by trouble shooting and then disassemble and reassemble for repair.

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8. Test Equipment

high Demand
Here's how Test Equipment is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Calibrated and repaired commercial test equipment including signal generators, meters, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, and various calibration standards.
  • Lead Issue/Receive Clerk who managed asset management system to ensure scheduling and prioritization of test equipment recall to minimize down-time.
  • Experience: Repair, testing and calibration of communications test equipment by several manufacturers for various telephone companies nationwide.
  • Tested operating systems with diagnostic programs and built-in test equipment to determine operational condition and identify and faulty components.
  • Utilized various test equipment and wireless communication test equipment to ensure optimum performance on every cell phone serviced.
  • Assisted Test Engineering personal in debugging semi automated test equipment and software during their new product certification/qualification phase.
  • Repaired and calibrated test equipment such as oscilloscopes signal generators, and radio frequency power meters.
  • Use mechanical, optical and electrical standards to document accuracy of measurement and automatic test equipment.
  • Used various electronic test equipment and software to properly calibrate systems and maintain functional integrity.
  • Restored inoperative test equipment to working condition for resale to customers with minimal repair costs.
  • Tested, maintained, repaired and calibrated aviation precision measurement and automatic test equipment.
  • Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot unit failures and test equipment failures to determine cause.
  • Use electronic and mechanical documentation to determine precision and sensitivity of test equipment.
  • Disassembled and used schematic diagrams and electronic test equipment to isolate faults.
  • Planed or devised maintenance and calibration schedules for all electronic test equipment.
  • Discovered and assisted in resolving design flaws in test equipment and documentation.
  • Calibrated, repaired and restored electronics test equipment to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Analyzed malfunctions via electronic test equipment, schematics, and technical publications.
  • Ensured precision and sensitivity of test equipment and adherence to established tolerances.
  • Installed, repaired and troubleshot test equipment to manufacturer's specifications.

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9. Electrical Systems

high Demand
Here's how Electrical Systems is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Performed basic functionality checks in order to avoid user error and assisted senior electrical technicians in installing electrical systems and equipment.
  • Performed basic troubleshooting on complex pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems to isolate mechanical or electrical faults and perform repairs.
  • Inspected, troubleshot, disassembled, repaired or replaced and reassembled composite and metal structures along with hydraulic/pneumatic and electrical systems.
  • Diagnosed electrical systems and electrically and mechanically converted European cars to comply with California emission standards.
  • Developed and implemented changes to existing electrical systems to achieve Customers Requests.
  • Performed troubleshooting diagnostic and repair on electrical systems on water treatment facilities.
  • Diagnosed and repaired mechanical and electrical systems on designated parking meters.
  • Implemented changes to existing electrical systems to integrate new equipment.
  • Skilled in troubleshooting of mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Performed Micro-Miniature repair on Avionics/Electrical systems.
  • Assembled electronic and electrical systems.
  • Maintained C-17 aircraft electrical systems, working from engineering orders and wiring diagrams to ensure the safe flight of the aircraft.
  • Serviced and installed engines, transmissions, suspensions, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, AC, tracks, etc.
  • Perform services and repairs of major systems such as hydraulics, fuel, lubrication, brakes and electrical systems.
  • Repair and maintain hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems on coiled tubing units as well as plant operations.
  • Job duties as a repair technician included maintaining and repairing mechanical and electrical systems of street legal vehicles.
  • Disassemble and assemble all motors, electrical systems and drive trains in all brands of washers and dryers.
  • Installed components of high voltage and low voltage electrical systems in high-end, new construction residences.
  • Diagnosed and repaired (to the board level) any problems with electrical systems.
  • Preformed Maintenance on Engine, Transmission, Turret, Hydraulic, and Electrical systems.

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10. Technical Support

high Demand
Here's how Technical Support is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Provided technical support for application engineers, maintained equipment, inventory and working environment of the electrical engineering lab.
  • Coordinated projects with network administrators to effectively provide technical support services to over 40 parish school and support locations.
  • Provided technical support and customer service in a professional environment.
  • Provided technical support to various customers to provide appropriate solutions.
  • Provided technical support and service-related issues with the customers.
  • Provided technical support for hardware software and applications.
  • Provided customer technical support and troubleshooting.
  • Provided technical support to subordinate personnel.
  • Provided technical support and analysis.
  • Provided technical support and repair to smart phones, tablets and other related devices in a retail store front setting.
  • Provided technical support with Field technicians to Troubleshoot & test DSL circuits from local central offices to business customer locations.
  • Provided IT technical support on DOD-approved government computers and network systems per military, company, and industry standards.
  • Provide necessary technical support to internal and external customers, deliver products based on different models and brands.
  • Provided technical support to field service engineers on any system that was supported by the quality assurance program.
  • Coordinated scheduling, phone and email technical support, filed warranty claims and accurately handled cash transactions.
  • Provided high level and in depth technical support in a manner and time frame consistent with deployment.
  • Assist with scheduling appointments for service department, purchase parts and provide technical support for technicians.
  • Provide technical support to field representatives and other team members throughout the repair and troubleshooting process.
  • Provided technical support to customers through software installations and phone support for both Mac and PC.
  • Controlled field service inventory, and helped with technical support with upgrades and new features.

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Jobs With Trending Skills

11. Diagnosis

high Demand
Here's how Diagnosis is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Specialize in the diagnosis of vehicle electronic systems using ford integrated diagnostic system software and specialized automated test equipment.
  • Perform board level diagnosis of digital units and assesses cost effectiveness to repair units based upon parameters/numerical data.
  • Conducted technical diagnosis and performs specialized repairs on a variety of commercial electronics and appliances.
  • Certified by Whirlpool in refrigeration diagnosis and repair to included sealed refrigeration systems.
  • Verified information on recommended repairs or diagnosis with Company Owner before performing repairs.
  • Demonstrated effective skills in explaining technical diagnosis and needed repairs to non-technical individuals.
  • Performed vehicle diagnostics using specialized computer scanning machines and interpreted diagnosis.
  • Performed diagnosis, repair and customized installations of commercial garage doors.
  • Completed electrical diagnosis of appliances needing repair.
  • Performed diagnosis and troubleshooting of aircraft subsystems.
  • Performed engine and electrical diagnosis.
  • Executed wheel alignment, tire mounting and balancing, wheel speed sensor diagnosis and repair, and door lock actuator analysis.
  • Conducted technical diagnosis and repair of Compaq, Dell, HP, and Packard Bell as well as Apple Macintosh computers.
  • Provided diagnosis and repair for manufactured and residential homes in the areas of plumbing, HVAC, electrical and structural.
  • Trouble shoot and repaired drive ability, air-condition repair, light transmission repair, engine diagnosis, advanced electrical diagnosis.
  • Maintained and repaired SCUBA equipment, including testing, diagnosis, and repair of regulators and buoyancy compensating devices.
  • Involved with the research, diagnosis, documentation, and resolution of technical issues using fault diagnosis software.
  • Performed diagnosis, routine repairs and maintenance on equipment of various types while paying attention to detail.
  • Shop based diagnosis and repair of company products using a variety of tools and test bed.
  • Communicated diagnosis and needed repairs of products to the customer in a knowledgeable and courteous way.

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12. Dexterity

high Demand
Here's how Dexterity is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Developed acute attention to detail and high level of dexterity required for repair of intricate mechanisms common in photographic equipment.
  • Used dexterity using small tools and parts.
  • Repair specialists require strength and manual dexterity to remove, lift, repair and install tires.
  • Received an award for my dexterity, for noticing the foam in a cell group was missing at ICB inspection.
  • Use of excellent hand eye dexterity and excellent depth perception.
  • Gained very high level of ability to work with my hands and have great dexterity/mechanical aptitude.

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13. Parts Inventory

high Demand
Here's how Parts Inventory is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Monitor parts inventory, perform audits and inventories when applicable, parts ordering/receiving/transfers.
  • Managed repair parts inventory database in adherence to Asset Management policies and procedures.
  • Maintain extensive parts inventory of portable and pager component replacement parts.
  • Prepared fixed units for shipping *Maintained parts inventory
  • Maintained parts inventory to support preventive maintenance and repair needs for over 2200 individual audio/visual pieces within the District.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance, update logs, monitor and control parts inventory to current and anticipated levels.
  • Maintained spare parts inventory for the facility systems with the goal of limiting system down time.
  • Initiated a parts inventory control system using Microsoft Excel, which resulted in proper inventory levels.
  • Performed check in procedures, casualty analysis, repairs, shipping, and parts inventory.
  • Managed the schedule, billing, parts inventory and ordering of all supplied needed.
  • Maintain parts inventory log, ordering parts, parts used, and parts returned.
  • Maintain records of parts inventory and order any additional parts needed for repairs.
  • Maintain repair schedules, ATF monitored databases, and parts inventory.
  • Maintained a clean work station and helped maintain parts inventory.
  • Maintained repair records of all units repaired and parts inventory.
  • Keep track of parts inventory and order as necessary.
  • Organize and maintain incoming workload and repair parts inventory.
  • Update repair parts inventory and request required parts.
  • Organized and recorded parts inventory pertaining to truck.
  • Organized the shop for better parts inventory control.

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14. FAA

high Demand
Here's how FAA is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Repaired components based on FAA regulations and client specifications.
  • Maintained FAA regulated records documenting equipment maintenance and upgrades
  • Followed technical manuals, FAA, and engineering instructions through all phases of the overhaul process to ensure low quality-control rejections.
  • Implemented inspection findings of structural damage that was generated into repair plans in accordance with OEM specifications and FAA standards.
  • Repair of commercial aircraft components such as faucets, window shades, radios and galley equipment to FAA standards.
  • Supervised employees responsible for the repair and refurbishment of aircraft seating in a certified FAA repair facility.
  • Repair, and test variety of electronics while incorporating FAA standards and referencing component maintenance manuals.
  • Certified to meet FAA & TSA requirements for aircraft access and meet quality control standards.
  • Perform Statement of Conformity FAA 8130-9 form for required Fire Property Test Plans.
  • Reviewed and made corrections to schematics and blueprints by submitting changes to FAA.
  • Prepare reports, and repair electronic components for a 145 FAA Repair Station.
  • Handled disgruntled customers, improved processes, and avoided FAA fines.
  • Recorded all information and test results as required by the FAA.
  • Repair in-flight systems using Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.
  • Perform FAA Repairmen inspection prior to customer source inspection and shipping.
  • Followed work instructions as outlined in FAA approved maintenance manuals.
  • Perform overhauls repair due to with FAA repair station requirements.
  • Identified and help rewrite test documentation for FAA certification.
  • Repair in-flight entertainment systems in a FAA repair station.
  • Assemble units to FAA repair station requirements.

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15. Electronic Devices

average Demand
Here's how Electronic Devices is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Perform high quality repairs and refurbishment of electronic devices: phones/tablets/laptops/game systems etc.
  • Repair Power amplifier and tuned repeater Repaired other electronic devices if needed
  • Repair and Diagnose multitude of electronic devices- Attained Apple Repair Certification
  • Repaired and confirmed defective electronic devices, shipping and receiving.
  • Disassembled and reassembled hundreds of electronic devices.
  • Diagnosed and repaired electronic devices.
  • Refurbished and/or repaired alternators, generators, monitors, power supplies, and mine detectors and various other military electronic devices.
  • Experience replacing components in other electronic devices including televisions, POS systems, video game consoles, and networking hardware.
  • Performed discreet component level repairs on: Main boards, monitors, projectors, TVs, & other electronic devices.
  • Diagnosed issues with electronic devices and assisted clients to get back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Search for minor defects or broken parts on motherboards, cards, chassis and other electronic devices.
  • Perform high quality repairs and refurbishment of electronic devices: phones, tablets, and laptops etc.
  • Test and repair electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, mp3 players, watches and computers.
  • Repaired electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, digital cameras and game systems.
  • Check in Devices such as PCs, Tablets, Phones, and Various Electronic devices.
  • Diagnose and perform repairs on electronic devices, primarily smart phones, tablets and computers.
  • Call the manufacture for additional tech support on the customer repairs in their electronic devices.
  • Repaired and serviced portable electronic devices, including hardware repair and software issues.
  • Repair of small electronic devices, night vision goggles, computers and printers.
  • Repaired electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and personal computers.

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16. Setup

average Demand
Here's how Setup is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Developed superior knowledge of Work Zone Setup and Design and Professional Flagging responsibilities.
  • Provided on-site electronic and mechanical setup, repair and calibration of copying machines.
  • Performed setup and maintenance of auto assembly line machinery.
  • Answered customer questions about device operation and setup.
  • Provided setup of home networking equipment
  • Routed and delivered/setup home furnishings.
  • Provided on-site support for network/server administration, setup, and maintenance, provided assistance and support for company store wide network.
  • Resolve technical issues and advise on setup, applications, and issues related to compatibility, site prep, etc.
  • Performed all guitar repairs including: structural and finish repairs, Troubleshooting and modifying electronics, and basic setup.
  • Install home and commercial security cameras, setup home media centers, along with solder rework and repair.
  • Worked mainly with laptop repair* Printers (legacy printer setup and basic repair)* Hardware/software issues* Networking
  • Repaired Mac and PC computers, I also imaged and setup new computers and removed corrupt data.
  • Key Accomplishments: Identified four areas for improvement in the Center's tools and bench setup.
  • Assemble and build electrical components, inspect, scan, setup, prep and process orders.
  • Support customers with new computer setups, consisting of data migration from old to new computer.
  • Diagnose, repair, upgrade and build old and new systems, clientele training and system setup
  • Perform PC, laptop, and mobile device hardware/software install, setup, and repair services.
  • Assist with the setup and repair of concession stands and equipment at the Newark Prudential Center.
  • Provided Desk-side, network support, configuration, and printer setup/configuration for HP Business Products.
  • Aided Building crew in setup and layout of assembly, test and repair areas.

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17. PLC

average Demand
Here's how PLC is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Performed maintenance and repair of semi-automated equipment, PLC-controlled assembly lines, and performed unsupervised answering to plant coordinator.
  • Coordinated inventory control and purchasing of spare parts, ranging from custom machined components to PLC processors.
  • Jet bridges systems, Electro-Mechanical, Relays, Automatic doors, PLC, AC motors.
  • Use airflow, EDM and CMM and other testing/measuring equipment and ND testing and PLC.
  • Install PLC equipment to check volts for electrical jet way malfunctions.
  • Developed on PLC hardware Program PLC-5 model using basic relay logic.
  • Work directly with PLC programs.
  • Perform troubleshooting on analog and digital circuits, electrical power circuits, PLC circuits utilizing oscilloscopes and voltmeters.
  • Maintained and programmed PLC operated equipment according to manufactures specifications.
  • Install, Maintain, Troubleshoot and Program Allen Bradley PLC 5, Control Logix and PLC 2 Equipment.
  • Repair of all instruments' pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics and PLC systems and PLC programming.
  • CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Certificate of Achievement in Troubleshooting and Performance Maintenance of Waters HPLC systems.
  • Performed troubleshooting on Pnuematic, hydraulic, PLC, electrical & mechanical machine faults.
  • Tested, upgraded memory, reflashed and calibrated PLC modules for the automation industry
  • Programmed plc's for food packing and handling facility.
  • Build logic gates to control access barriers Assembly of Smarts Relays and PLC logics for multifunctioning controlled access.
  • Repair of all types of automated packaging equipment, stretch wrappers, auto baggers, etc PLCtrained, numerous factory trainings/certifications.

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18. Quality Standards

average Demand
Here's how Quality Standards is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Performed quality control procedure on cellular devices to ensure compliance to quality standards.
  • Utilized various measuring instruments to return units to specified quality standards.
  • Trained and certified to rebuild units to reconditioned quality standards.
  • Certified quality standards by performing in depth analysis.
  • Enforced company policy and procedures to quality standards.
  • Maintain high quality standards and customer satisfaction.
  • Meet productivity metrics and quality standards.
  • Maintained client relations, demonstrated solid time management, & met quality standards while achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Run diagnostic testing on Apple Laptop computers to ensure units meet quality standards for hardware and software issues.
  • Ensured contractual and quality standards were met for all power generation services.
  • Perform assigned work while maintaining efficiency, yield, and quality standards.
  • Guided other repair technicians on LM repair methods and Quality standards.
  • Performed safety check of vehicles to meet company quality standards.
  • Follow strict technical procedures and satisfy high quality standards.
  • Performed repairs while maintaining LM Quality standards.
  • Ensured work met established quality standards.
  • Meet all department productivity and quality standards.
  • Performed repairs in accordance with strict quality standards and measuremenst with the use of micrometers, dial indicators and dial calipers.
  • Use of hypot machine to test electrical current to make sure cable holds up to quality standards.
  • Complete to the highest quality standards and in a timely manner.

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19. Drywall Repair

average Demand
Here's how Drywall Repair is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Executed repairs with said malfunctioning systems, in addition to drywall repairs.

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20. POS

average Demand
Here's how POS is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Interpreted schematics (electronic and pressure systems) for troubleshooting and repair purposes to comply with manufacturer specifications.
  • Serviced remotely controlled camera positioning motors, video camera systems at industrial site and mobile mass transit.
  • Facilitated the necessary maintenance and upkeep of an apartment complex to provide a positive living experience for tenants
  • Document scripted repair procedure to repair and functionally test repaired part or product and posted documented procedures.
  • Create accurate case creation and documentation on all trouble requests using appropriate industry terminology and disposition codes.
  • Work with fellow technicians to maintain a productive environment and positive morale in otherwise overwhelming conditions.
  • Assembled garden automation equipment composed of high amperage relays, atmospheric sensors and digital/mechanical timers.
  • Placed parts orders, established minimum/maximum inventory requirements, maintained positive relationships with suppliers.
  • Provided reliable maintenance and professional services for Postage refilling by following regulated Federal laws.
  • Maintain professional composure when working with customers and colleagues on Repair tickets/calls and escalations.
  • Demonstrated the ability to interact effectively as a team member and possess communication.
  • Repaired battery chargers and battery charger systems including micro possessor based controllers.
  • Accomplished Post-wave inspection/repair/assembly, as well as Final inspection/test and packaging functions.
  • Performed metal and advanced composite structures repair at the intermediate maintenance level.
  • Offered additional service agreement options and maintained positive rapport with customer base.
  • Monitored personnel to determine the amounts and intensities of emissions exposure.
  • Performed sheet metal and composite structural modifications to various aircraft platforms.
  • Used advanced computer software to formulate proposals and estimates for customers/businesses.
  • Disposed of faulty systems in accordance with military guidelines and requirements.
  • Provided technical expertise with the repairs outlined in engineering dispositions.

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21. Component Level

average Demand
Here's how Component Level is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Recruited to provide high-level electronic/mechanical technical expertise in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining IT/electronic systems at the component level.
  • Performed troubleshooting, repair and operational checkout, resolving component level-problems including broken wires, terminals and electronic components.
  • Perform functional testing and component level troubleshooting and repair to cable television set top boxes following established/documented procedures.
  • Developed custom troubleshooting techniques and procedures for component level repair which increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Repaired portable VHF/UHF communications equipment for avionics and marine applications to the component level.
  • Performed troubleshooting of analog and microprocessor-based process controllers to the component level.
  • Perform component level troubleshooting and repair of various radios and electronic equipment.
  • Complete component level examination, troubleshooting and restoration to original factory specifications.
  • Diagnosed failures and repaired to component level of device programmers returned by customers
  • Maintained production equipment by analyzing, diagnosing and component level repair.
  • Repaired HP/Compaq Laptop computers to component level using advanced technologies.
  • Performed component level repair of customer and company owned products.
  • Repair electronic and mechanical equipment and tooling at component level.
  • Conducted component level troubleshooting through electronic theory and reading schematics.
  • Adjusted component level values and settings to equipment specifications.
  • Conducted component level troubleshooting and repair of customer equipment.
  • Performed component level repair of Motorola two-way portable radios.
  • Repaired surface mount microprocessor boars to component level.
  • Repaired analog/digital equipment down to the component level.
  • Repaired failures to component level and documented repair.

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22. Order Parts

average Demand
Here's how Order Parts is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Manage a truck full of parts, making sure to order parts when used and keep it clean and orderly.
  • Order parts and supplies when necessary, Handle the shipping/receiving of parts and electronics getting sent out and received.
  • Order parts test computers run diagnostic tests troubleshoot repair computers verify quality, run test using different cords after repair
  • Inspect and repair commercial cooking equipment- Maintain inventory of parts in van- Fill out work orders and order parts
  • Research and order parts, maintain truck stock inventory and document all parts and repair in computer system.
  • Repair and order parts for all arcade games, bumper cars and other mechanical and electronic equipment.
  • Work with vendor customer service reps for various machines, to order parts or get repair/warranty info.
  • Repair appliance if damaged and order parts as needed, log info into system for inventory purposes.
  • Diagnose and repair Apple/IBM laptops Order parts needed for repair case by case Log all repairs in system
  • Used SAP system to order parts, open and close work orders and check parts inventory.
  • Order parts and lubricants, cleaning solvents and safety gear and maintain proper inventory levels.
  • Diagnose and repair broken appliances/ inventory and order parts needed for stock/shipping and receiving.
  • Repair and order parts of all damaged small arms that were returned ineffective.
  • Analyze technical problems; produce estimates, invoice repairs and, order parts.
  • Test defective equipment, order parts, and make repairs at the shop.
  • Fill out repair orders, order parts & charge to the appropriate accounts.
  • Repair technician, diagnosed, troubleshoot, order parts, and repaired.
  • Used proprietary SAP software to order parts and manage parts inventory.
  • Order parts for the customers, create estimates and invoice repairs.
  • Log all repair data into computer network software and order parts.

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23. Repair Equipment

average Demand
Here's how Repair Equipment is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Diagnose and repair automotive tune-up and repair equipment.
  • Conducted maintenance on vital collision repair equipment.
  • Repair equipment and maintenance throughout the facility
  • Diagnose and Isolated failures, repair equipment, and components for multiple platforms, and technologies.
  • Assisted technicians with Frame Relay Work (via HP OpenView) to replace and repair equipment.
  • Diagnose and repair equipment sent from the field -Upgrade equipment to current specs of the company
  • Searched through repair parts database in order to obtain correct repair equipment and parts.
  • Repair equipment such as pumps, motors, bearings, pulleys and drive belts.
  • Maintain and repair equipment related to a fast paced circuit board manufacturing process.
  • Inspect and repair equipment daily to ensure soldier's weapons are operational.
  • Used company proprietary ERP system to track and repair equipment rental assets.
  • Provide a daily log of all tested and repair equipment.
  • Test, trouble shoot, and repair equipment as needed.
  • Maintained and repair equipment in and around the facility.
  • Worked with a multitude of repair equipment and parts.
  • Participated in repair equipment forums [in-company].
  • Helped repair equipment, manage accounts.
  • Repair equipment to factory specs.
  • Required traveling to customer locations to repair equipment and solve customer concerns.
  • Key Achievements: * Recommended purchase of cleaning and repair equipment, which ultimately reduced waste and costs for the company.

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24. Windows

average Demand
Here's how Windows is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Calibrated units to engineering specifications and tested performance of scanner through utilization of custom Windows-based programs.
  • Assist in end-user training of Microsoft Windows operating system environments.
  • Diagnose and repair corrupt system partitions using Windows Recovery Console.
  • Fabricated customer ordered windows, and repaired defective windows.
  • Replaced various sized windows on multiple automobiles.
  • Installed and activated fresh windows operating systems.
  • Learned configurations of Windows based tablets.
  • Tested, debugged, and provided custom configuration of VAX and UNIX systems, as well as Windows 95/NT-based PC systems.
  • Utilized Unix-based and Windows-based test software to ensure the quality of the repair and inventory control of the repaired circuit boards.
  • Consisted mostly of Windows based systems, a few Apple systems, and various other high value small form factor systems.
  • Perform hardware and software troubleshooting and repairs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS based computers.
  • Provided additional support for Windows based software issues, Blackberry sync setup and deployment, and Microsoft Office triage and repair.
  • Performed troubleshooting on various operating systems include Mac OS, Windows XP, 7 and 8, and some Linux distributions.
  • Performed 100% visual inspection and functional test of circuit boards, using DOS and Windows-based testing methods and fixtures.
  • Paint and repair roofs, windows, doors, floors, woodwork, and other parts of building structures.
  • Migrated clients from Windows 3.11 & 95 to Windows NT 4.0 upgraded certain software & hardware for Y2 compliance.
  • Install Operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux.
  • Check Motorola cellular handsets for programming failures and reprogram to factory settings through USB ports using Windows XP based software
  • Obtained windshields and windows for specific automobile makes and models from stock and examined them for defects prior to installation
  • Performed and coordinated base-lining for Windows desktop set-up, added to appropriate domain, and assigned PC name change.

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25. Hardware

average Demand
Here's how Hardware is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Served as Facility Security Coordinator including access control, issuing ID media and tracking security system software and hardware performance.
  • Developed safety and efficiency hardware product for telecommunications industry, with provisional patent (presently pending).
  • Identified and resolved technical issues associated with production defects, product field failures and hardware/software malfunctions.
  • Reported technical information to manufacturers to help fix observed hardware and firmware issues.
  • Document upgrades, hardware replacement and software configuration into company's database.
  • Repaired cellular phone hardware technology across all android platforms and service providers
  • Repaired notebooks in a warehouse environment replacing failed hardware components.
  • Determine if hardware/software upgrades are needed then make recommendations.
  • Evaluated incoming hardware to determine the correct manufacturer specifications.
  • Diagnosed and repaired technical computer hardware and software problems.
  • Install cable/new hardware for any relocation/expansion for corporate offices.
  • Recommend hardware and software changes to improve customer site-reliability.
  • Repair Personal Computers, Install hardware and Troubleshooting
  • Perform hardware/software repairs on various laptop models.
  • Diagnosed computer hardware malfunctions and failures.
  • Performed technical support with computer hardware/software.
  • Performed virus removals and hardware replacements.
  • Replaced hardware in malfunctioning computers.
  • Performed hardware troubleshooting and repair.
  • Completed quality inspection of labels, hardware checks, and complete point-to-point wire check on final product prior to electrical testing.

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26. Medical Equipment

average Demand
Here's how Medical Equipment is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Conducted acceptance on new incoming medical equipment including installation, electrical safety check, and training at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.
  • Maintain patient's respiratory care equipment and durable medical equipment including delivery, set-up/follow up and patient education.
  • Repair and preventive maintenance of medical equipment such as defibrillators, patient monitors and sterilization equipment.
  • Repair, calibration and maintenance of approximately 32 dialysis machines and related dialysis medical equipment.
  • Delivered and repaired medical equipment to various hospitals and clinics in Atlanta and surrounding areas.
  • Coordinate medical equipment safety programs with local safety officers and render technical advice.
  • Deployed to Uzbekistan to install medical equipment in 3 civilian hospitals
  • Managed and coordinated the disposal of outdated medical equipment.
  • Repair and Maintenance of customer owned medical equipment.
  • Explained and demonstrated how to operate medical equipment.
  • Prepare Medical equipment and appropriate documentation for repair.
  • Contract position repairing medical equipment for Doctors and Hospitals
  • Delivered and repaired medical equipment throughout central Florida
  • Maintain an automated Medical Equipment Maintenance program.
  • Repair medical and non-medical equipment.
  • Enhanced productivity and safety through repair, installation, maintenance, calibration, and inspection of intricate medical equipment and systems.
  • Worked hand in hand with case managers regarding items ordered for their clients and answer any questions regarding medical equipment.
  • Inspect and test malfunctioning medical equipment by using troubleshoot techniques and data manuals as well as calibrated o2 oxygen gauges.
  • Experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, and the Defense Medical Standard Support (DMLSS) medical equipment database.
  • Managed inspection of over 4,400 pieces of medical equipment to ensure Y2K compliant and replace those out of compliance.

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27. Samsung

average Demand
Here's how Samsung is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Screen repair of Apple and Samsung wireless devices, ensuring device functions properly upon completion of repair.
  • Focused on a variety of repairs for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC and Droid.
  • Completed a 3 day training in Arizona become certified to work on Samsung and apple products.
  • Sell phones and products and provide customer service * Repair Samsung and apple phones and tablets
  • Repair and diagnostics of popular Apple and Android-Powered (Samsung mostly) mobile devices.
  • Installed various repair parts in Apple, Samsung, and Nokia products.
  • Certified in HTC, Apple and Samsung devices.
  • Gained knowledge on servicing Samsung televisions and appliances.
  • Repair and replace lcd screens Load software on various phone models including Samsung, Nokia and Apple phones and apple iPad.
  • Repair of smartphones and tablets including Apple iPhone, SamsungGalaxy series and other mobile devices.
  • Major companies such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Google, Nexus etc.
  • Replace and fix cracked mobile screens and defective batteries for IPhone and Samsung devices.
  • Repair of Apple and Samsung smartphone products.
  • Repaired Samsung and Apple smartphone hardware.
  • Fixed IPhone and Samsung galaxies.
  • Repaired devices ranging from iPhones and iPads to Macs and various Samsung devices.
  • Repair phones and tablets (iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy 3,4,5,6.)
  • Tested and repaired Samsung watches, IPods, and IPads.
  • Repair Apple iPads, iPods and Samsung Tablets.
  • Repaired Ipads, Iphones, Samsung Galaxy Phones.

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28. Repair Tech

average Demand
Here's how Repair Tech is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Employed an extensive understanding of consumer-grade software and services to repair technology and provide a coherent consumer experience.
  • Worked as a packaging operator and repair technician and supervised the potato chip packaging department.
  • Counter repair technician; hardware repair/replacement, virus remediation, software installs and configurations.
  • Promoted to Repair Technician after showing an aptitude for electronics repair.
  • Repaired woodwind and brass instruments in collaboration with supervising repair technician
  • Repair technician for DataMars low frequency pet identification scanners.
  • Field repair technician for various computer/word processing/new wire services.
  • Service and Repair Technician Repair of cellular devices Customer Support
  • Distinguished Honor Graduate in Communication Repair technical School.
  • Repaired hardware/software malfunctions as compute repair technician.
  • Certified as a chemical equipment repair technician.
  • Performed supervisory duties over repair technicians.
  • Qualified as Miniature Electronic Repair Technician.
  • Certified Repair Technician, Photo Lab Technician
  • Certified Instrument Repair Tech- Colorado Institute of Music Technology, in Woodwinds, Brass, Flute, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone
  • Repair technician for office based processing systems such as computers, copiers, printers, calculators, and electronic typewriters.
  • Created MS Excel spreadsheets to document dates, times, failure codes, and repair technician initials of outgoing scopes.
  • Worked 12 hours shift 6 days a week splitting Repair tech for 6 hours and coordinating for the reminder 6.
  • Hired as a Repair Technician was responsible for proper customer estimates on all scheduled jobs assigned for the day.
  • Team Captain to lead and assist a team of 12 repair technicians to keep up with production repair quotes.

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29. Internet

average Demand
Here's how Internet is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Authored technical directives for Digital and Network Video Recorders, utilized analog and Internet protocol cameras.
  • Identified, analyzed and resolved network related internet and telephone issues.
  • Repaired phone/internet/video issues pertaining to commercial business customers.
  • Repair aerial and underground cables for telephone/internet.
  • Provided Level 1 & 2 phone support to advise customers on Internet Explorer, operating systems, software and hardware solutions.
  • Developed a software tool for optimizing the stocking location and orientation of product for delivery through retail and internet channels.
  • Install, repair, maintenance, of new and existing arcade video games, internet jukeboxes and various customer equipment.
  • Provided technical support for telephone, high-speed internet, and cable services to an average of 60 customers daily.
  • Served at a Repair Answer Technician in an incoming call center that provided phone and internet service to businesses.
  • Provided troubleshooting support for external customers to resolve complex problems with cable, internet, and phone services.
  • Completed field service and in-home cable service calls for television, broadband, and high-speed Internet communication systems.
  • Instruct clients with software use, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and Internet browsers.
  • Provide telephone support of residential services for internet connectivity including dial-up, DSL and cable modem connections.
  • Install and repair all facets of cable television, high speed internet, and telephone services.
  • Initiate and Implement appropriate changes within internet and phone switch were made to resolve customer complaints.
  • Answered any billing or general questions customers inquired about regarding cable, internet or phone services.
  • Connected people with the internet, mobile telephones, satellite systems and surround sound systems.
  • Install and repair cable, internet and phone services to both residential and business customers.
  • Answered incoming calls to assist customers with troubleshooting and repairing their telephone and internet service.
  • Restored services for TV, home and cell phones, internet, and U-Verse accounts.

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30. Electronic Equipment

low Demand
Here's how Electronic Equipment is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Implemented new test procedures and troubleshooting methods for new and existing electronic equipment increasing reliability by 80%
  • Repair and Calibrate New Automated electronic equipment operating on proprietary automation software performed by Single board computers.
  • Analyzed, interpreted and recorded test data for engineering prototypes and/or first article electronic equipment.
  • Repair and calibrate electronic equipment used to manufacture sensitive military and civilian electronic products.
  • Established preventative maintenance schedules for communications and electronic equipment (Nurse Call System).
  • Repair test and document electronic equipment for locomotive brake systems.
  • Test and certify repaired electronic equipment returned from vendors.
  • Refurbished electronic equipment for future use by new consumers.
  • Performed needed repairs on television & other electronic equipment.
  • Test and repair of communication and other electronic equipment.
  • Overhauled electronic equipment in aerospace and robotics field.
  • Service and repair consumer audio electronic equipment.
  • Operated various programs for troubleshooting electronic equipment.
  • Repaired diverse range of electronic equipment.
  • Diagnose problems on different electronic equipment.
  • Experience working with computers, peripheral and other various electronic equipment, plus solid PC skills utilizing Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Conducted preventative maintenance on electronic equipment and tools used to repair and test Military Aircraft instruments and cables; daily.
  • Repaired several makes/models of electronic equipment including but not limited to copiers, scanners, faxes, microfilm and printers.
  • Install and repair electronic equipment following manuals, schematics, diagrams, and blueprints to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Disassembled, repaired, and re-assembled electrical and electronic equipment in the wet etch and dry etch department.

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31. Routine Maintenance

low Demand
Here's how Routine Maintenance is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Provided excellent customer service in performing routine maintenance and cleaning services for residential swimming pools.
  • Performed preventative and routine maintenance repairs on food processing and packaging equipment.
  • Perform routine maintenance and calibrations on hydraulic power heads and accompanying systems.
  • Performed routine maintenance for several properties including landscaping and simple building repairs.
  • Performed preventive and routine maintenance and provided value added maintenance.
  • Performed customer service follow-up checks and routine maintenance.
  • Performed routine maintenance in commercial applications.
  • Performed numerous routine maintenance task.
  • Worked on two cycles, and four, Routine Maintenance on any type of small engine.1984-1986-- Air Florida commuter.
  • Perform routine maintenance, cleaning and lubricating shafts, bearings, gears and other movable parts.
  • Repaired various engine related problems and performed routine maintenance on new and used vehicles.
  • Perform routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations, and diagnostic testing.
  • Repair of any damaged equipment and routine maintenance that need to be preformed.
  • Repair and provide routine maintenance for video game consoles, arcade games.
  • Performed routine maintenance as well as specialized repairs to war damaged weaponry.
  • Perform routine maintenance on equipment and schedule when maintenance is required.
  • Changed fluids, test drove, and scheduled routine maintenance.
  • Know how to operate complex equipment and perform routine maintenance.
  • Perform routine maintenance and configure copiers and printers.
  • Performed routine maintenance of IT equipment.

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32. Repair Process

low Demand
Here's how Repair Process is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Analyzed failure modes and determined repair process routing utilizing a variety of customized and proprietary test and manufacturing process/inventory management systems.
  • Develop calibration/repair processes and document all changes appropriately.
  • Verified and updated network switch translations and configurations, followed the repair process of a trouble report from open to close.
  • Designed/constructed a test fixture to assist in the repair process thereby reducing setup time between models by 70%.
  • Maintained continuing education for service training to remain up to date on new and improved product repair processes.
  • Run test to make sure problems where fixed and no other problems have occurred during the repair process.
  • Developed and maintained testing and repair processes and documentation including the file servers that housed the information.
  • Streamlined Repair processes to exceed company targets for product output while keeping expenditures at the company standard.
  • Explained the repair process to the customer while providing professional, timely and courteous customer service.
  • Read blueprints for repair process pointing out exactly what needed to be repaired and where.
  • Interfaced with the public daily- educating and consulting on repair processes and procedures.
  • Developed and implement processes that would enhance and speed up the repair process.
  • Provided world class customer service and customer education through whole repair process.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with customers during the diagnostic and repair process.
  • Assist other team members in other areas of the repair process.
  • Completed hardware repairs on device's using documented repair process daily.
  • Escalated the repair process to Repair Technician II as needed.
  • Assist in training of operators for testing and repair processes.
  • Evaluate and determine level 1 & 2 repair process.
  • Trained other technicians on the repair processes and policies.

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33. Necessary Repairs

low Demand
Here's how Necessary Repairs is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Delivered excellent customer service while explaining any necessary repairs or recommendations to the customer.
  • Informed and advised customers of vehicle condition and explained necessary repairs.
  • Operated mechanical equipment in order to make any necessary repairs.
  • Determine and gather required components for necessary repairs.
  • Performed diagnostics of defective equipment and made necessary repairs
  • Perform diagnostics and necessary repairs.
  • Analyzed AT&T DVR equipment, made necessary repairs to covers, front bezels and feet to the DVR receivers.
  • Complete the necessary repairs to all styles of Maui Jim sunglasses which are sent in while maintain a consistent daily quota.
  • Malfunction and establish the necessary repairs utilizing visual inspection, test procedures and appropriate test.
  • Operated a box truck outfitted with the tools required to perform necessary repairs.
  • Make necessary repairs at the customers place of business or in our shop.
  • Make necessary repairs assume working criteria, within a required turnaround time structure.
  • Perform diagnostics to determine the necessary repairs to customer and company vehicles.
  • Inspect and make necessary repairs on tires for the tractors & trailers.
  • Perform periodic preventive maintenance and make necessary repairs on test fixtures.
  • Educated customers on necessary repairs and needed parts.
  • Diagnosed problems with equipment and made necessary repairs.
  • Inspect fiberglass boats and make necessary repairs.
  • Order appropriate parts for the necessary repairs.
  • Inspect merchandise for damage and necessary repairs.

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34. New Equipment

low Demand
Here's how New Equipment is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Utilized mechanically inclined and general repair skills by repairing water treatment equipment, educating customers and recommending new equipment and appliances.
  • Install and configure new equipment, including operating software and peripheral equipment.
  • Worked directly with customer engineers to implement new equipment into facility.
  • Assemble and modify new equipment according to manufacturers specifications.
  • Develop in-house electrical and pneumatic schematics for new equipment.
  • Establish working standard operating procedures for any new equipment.
  • Developed and implement specific calibrations for new equipment.
  • Repair minor electrical malfunctions and install new equipment.
  • Performed Quality Control inspection, Power-up Test, and repairs on new equipment received from a subcontract vendor to streamline production.
  • Communicate with R & D department and Engineering department on new equipment failures to improve product quality.
  • Issued 4.2 million dollars in new equipment, and turned in all of their old equipment.
  • Handle customer complaints and or service failures in person, and provide sales for new equipment.
  • Talk to customers about the advantage of purchasing new equipment over their old and dated equipment.
  • Assist software and hardware engineers with testing new equipment and software before being released for use.
  • Researched and developed plans to purchase millions of dollars of new equipment to replace outdated ones.
  • Assisted in the planning and installation of new equipment and the creation of ITV Classrooms.
  • Repair, upgrade, and install new equipment used in pipeline inspection and rehabilitation.
  • Cut and shaped, welded metal for brackets and stands to hold new equipment.
  • Disassemble machines, shelves, catwalks, conveyor systems and installation of new equipment.
  • Programmed and trained new users at these sites on using the new equipment.

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35. Circuit Boards

low Demand
Here's how Circuit Boards is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Assembled, tested, and repaired printed circuit boards for contract electronics manufacturer specializing in digital measuring equipment for petrochemical applications.
  • Manufacture of vehicle power amplifiers and radio/stereo systems - Support production by analyzing and repairing circuit boards and assembled units.
  • Achieved timely, effective component-level repairs on infusion pump circuit boards and metering mechanisms.
  • Repair and recondition electrical switches and electronic circuit boards for use on locomotives
  • Performed repairs on damaged/defective printed circuit boards and Defibrillators.
  • Soldered microscopic components on circuit boards.
  • Diagnose circuit boards, pool boilers/heaters (Gas, electric and propane) Install new electrical for new hot tubs.
  • Performed testing and repair of electronic printed circuit boards, replacing faulty components with high temperature solder and soldering iron.
  • Assembled, tested, and repaired circuit boards according to strict schematics and guidelines for multinational circuit board manufacturing company.
  • Installed and repair circuit boards Trouble shoot signal issues on circuit boards Proposed process improvements to increase quality and efficiency.
  • Removed and replaced defective and worn out parts from electronic circuit boards as per specifications of technical manuals and bulletins.
  • Worked in Test Engineering in the Repair Depot repairing printed circuit boards and other equipment used in the banking industry.
  • Build and test radio front panel assemblies, quality inspection of printed circuit boards prior to and after assembly.
  • Operated processing equipment used to prepare and apply solder to copper circuit areas of printed circuit boards and panels.
  • Solder electronic parts to circuit boards using surface mount, through hold and fine pitch technologies and techniques.
  • Perform test procedures on complex circuit boards including CPU's, digital Signal Processors, transmitters and receivers.
  • Detail job Description: Assembled and repaired circuit boards, as well as prepping parts and installing wires.
  • Utilized soldering skills to do through hole, surface mount, and run repairs on printed circuit boards.
  • Test various circuit boards, Set-up and tear down test fixture according to product to be tested.
  • Job duties included the testing and repair of circuit boards for audio amplifiers for the OE market.

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36. Ac

low Demand
Here's how Ac is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Served as battalion armorer, daily duties included accountability of weapons and optics stored in battalion armory.
  • Provided on-site repair and maintenance of Minolta and Konica-Minolta analog and digital copiers and fax machines.
  • Assessed various problems concerning electronics and appliances and made determination if appliances were repairable or required replacement
  • Performed custom applications to manual and power mobility equipment to accommodate non ambulatory customers.
  • Handled incoming returns and filed paperwork necessary to return the items to original manufacturer.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on car wash equipment and related machinery and accessories.
  • Worked face-to-face with customers and recommended electronics based on their specific needs.
  • Loaded and verified correct operation of software packages, including operating systems.
  • Monitored users for security policy adherence and IA violations via Active Directory.
  • Offer timely technical support and teach users how to utilize computers correctly
  • Picked up broken equipment, and delivered replacement or repaired endoscopes.
  • Manage inventory levels and Responsible for appropriate document keeping and accountability.
  • Replaced old computers and cash registers with newer updated models
  • Ensured full accountability of personnel and equipment within facility.
  • Maintained Video equipment allowances for department and contractors.
  • Overhaul units in accordance with approved reference materials.
  • Interacted with business for performing User Acceptance Testing
  • Performed preventive machine maintenance to minimize downtime.
  • Computerized acquisition and implementation of daily routes.
  • Completed and processed all maintenance records accordingly.

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37. ISO

low Demand
Here's how ISO is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Functioned as a Technical Supervisor ensuring client satisfaction and enforcing company/client policy and procedures in a productive and safe environment.
  • Collaborated with production assembly workers and supervisors to foster consistent adherence to uniform quality standards and preservation of raw materials.
  • Provided intermediate leadership of shop operations involving supervisory knowledge/execution of administrative procedures used to run a productive Cal Lab.
  • Worked with Bus Garage Supervisor to establish an effective and efficient system of routine automotive maintenance and preventative care.
  • Recorded production information for quality control department, work and report any problems to supervisor.
  • Maintain regular communication with the service office and Service Supervisor, in accordance with established practices
  • Perform incoming inspection/testing for the ultrasound system when required and submit defect reports to supervisor.
  • Promoted to Technical Services supervisor following successful tenures as a Sales Associate and Repair Technician.
  • Followed Allison factory trouble-shooting procedures and performed maintenance on all models of Allison transmissions.
  • Communicate with Shop Supervisor, Engineering and Quality departments to facilitate solving technical problems.
  • Communicate operational issues to supervisor and adhere to strict guidelines in meeting company deadlines.
  • Diagnosed and isolated malfunctions down to component level using schematics and troubleshooting guides.
  • Answered questions about computer configurations and assist with product and price comparisons.
  • Exceeded expectations of manager and supervisors in repairing devices quickly and efficiently.
  • Performed troubleshooting, fault isolation, faulty component removal and replacement.
  • Minimize rework and re-repair by thoroughly and accurately isolating instrument failures.
  • Trained all of my team members to hold quality assurance/supervisory positions.
  • Logged job data in computer and reported to foreman/supervisor daily.
  • Prioritized equipment repair and maintenance in conjunction to pool supervisor.
  • Enabled company to expand business to customers requiring ISO Certification.

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38. Cell Phones

low Demand
Here's how Cell Phones is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Tested and repaired/refurbished cell phones that were returned under warranty.
  • Designed/customized jewelry and fixed cell phones.
  • Repair Technician Data entry, Scanning, Repairing Cell Phones, Working with small parts Programs Used: ICE, Microsoft Excel
  • Repaired video game systems, hand-held consoles, cell phones and other electronics to make them eligible for re-sale.
  • Tested all cell phones/devices to ensure all functions are in working order before sending them out to the customer.
  • Repaired numerous devices including, but not limited to; cell phones, computers, game systems, and tablets
  • Performed tech work, such as device repair (tablets and cell phones) and custom battery pack builds.
  • Resolved equipment related problems, including but not limited to operational, maintenance and repair of cell phones.
  • Replaced, hand & hot air soldered small electrical components on cell phones restoring them to good working condition
  • Repair cell phones, tablets, media players, and computers, for both hardware and software issues.
  • Repair and programming of cell phones, assisting sales people, Sales of cell phones and accessories.
  • Diagnosed and repaired cell phones to manufacturer warranty, extending the life of the phone.
  • Repaired cell phones and other mobile devices, spoke to customers over the phone 1.
  • Worked at Gamer World as technician for repair on cell phones, tablets, computers.
  • Learn new cell phones and train associates to disassemble, assemble and repair new phones.
  • Repair Technician Level 2: Repaired cell phones that were either damaged or not functioning.
  • Trained multiple employees on best practices and company standards for repairing and troubleshooting cell phones.
  • Diagnose and Repair Cell Phones, Complete Development Training for associates across multiple departments.
  • Performed software upgrades on legacy cell phones to provide more updated cell phone technology.
  • Solder and troubleshoot circuits on motherboards to repair problems with cell phones and motherboards.

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39. CNC

low Demand
Here's how CNC is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Aligned CNC lathes to exact tolerances using gauges and indicators to ensure production of quality products.
  • Implement plans created by a CNC programmer to create large numbers of product.
  • Operate CNC machinery, laser welders as well as custom trademark machines.
  • Machine parts using manual and CNC lathes and end-mills.
  • Enter codes and instructions to program CNC Machinery.
  • Interpret machine diagrams to troubleshoot CNC machine problems.
  • Open welding sleeves using computerized CNC machine.
  • Repaired header, roll threaders, CNC, mills, lathes, building and grounds.
  • Use manual lathe or CNC lathe to OD grind tools to specified size.
  • Trained on the CNC Lathe and Mill to accurately fabricate propeller shafts and other speciality marine equipment as needed by customers.
  • Work with research and development and a local CNC shop to recreate obsolete parts that are still needed.
  • Repaired and maintained various machine tools, mostly manual lathes and mills with occasional cnc repair work.
  • Machine Shop (part-time) Operate CNC machine, roll thread machine, and flange machine.
  • Assisted in operations of multi-station turret punch press and laser CNC press.
  • Maintained and repaired of all plant systems and equipment, primarilly a cnc sheet metal fabrication shop.
  • Machine Repair: Electrical /Hydraulic - Pneumatic troubleshooting Welding (MIG-TIG-ARC) Pipe fitting Maintenance of CNC/ Pressure test machines and conveyors
  • Mold Repair CNC set-up and operate Precision Grinding EDM machining
  • Mold Repair CNC set-up and operate Precision Grinding QC's 1st piece inspection, Also worked in QC Department

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40. Computer System

low Demand
Here's how Computer System is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Implemented computer system and setup program for maintaining equipment service records and inventory and reduced equipment repair costs.
  • Installed, Maintained and Repaired computer systems, wireless communication systems and satellite communication systems.
  • Certified to conduct original manufacturer hardware and software repairs to Apple portable computer systems.
  • Developed practical experience in performing repairs and modifications to electrical and computer systems.
  • Repaired and maintained gambling computer systems in a fast-paced on demand environment.
  • Performed cosmetic re-manufacturing on desktops, tablets and notebook computer systems.
  • Repair of complex mini computer systems manufactured by Computer Automation.
  • Installed and maintained computer systems and troubleshooted mobile devices.
  • Verified customer orders and entered orders into computer system.
  • Experience building/installing/implementing to-spec customized computer systems on budget.
  • Repaired and assembled computer systems.
  • Led in store training seminars; topics including in-store computer system, rental contracts, sales techniques, and many others.
  • Evaluated, purchased, and installed software & hardware to convert business from a paper accounting system to a computer system.
  • Started sole proprietorship to build and maintain computer systems and networks for private users and small businesses throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Repaired production computer system boards You are the best newspaper carrier we have ever had, and I'm talking decades.
  • Repair cracked or broken phone screens, Perform Tune-ups on computer systems, Buy and Sell computers as well as parts.
  • Unload pallets and upload equipment information into the computer system, also I started the repair process on broken units.
  • Maintain and interact with various computer systems and data bases to add, delete and maintain customer features as needed.
  • Utilized the Boeing HMS Shop Floor Management Computer system and maintained shop equipment organization as the Shop 5S focal.
  • Replace or repair various electronic components; repair and rebuild PC based computer systems in residential and commercial environments.

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41. Defective Components

low Demand
Here's how Defective Components is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Replaced defective components and provided preventive maintenance along with system monitoring to ensure peak performance.
  • Repaired and replaced defective components, making adjustments to ensure specified operation.
  • Replaced defective components and tuned radio to operate within specifications.
  • Repaired medical assemblies by replacing faulty or defective components.
  • Evaluated appliances and repaired or replaced any defective components.
  • Ordered hardware components to replace defective components.
  • Replace defective components on printed circuit cards SMT to 0204 and through hole, lap soldering or entire cards.
  • Solder and/or replace defective components such as power supplies, HDMI, RF, RCA, S-Cable ports.
  • Disassembled and inspected equipment to locate defective components, such as motors, valves and electrical controls.
  • Refitted PC repair and adjust equipment, machines, and defective components, replacing worn parts.
  • Replace all defective components and thorough testing is done to confirm the issue has been resolved.
  • Make repairs on circuit boards by diagnosing, testing and replacing defective components.
  • Performed chip replacement on defective components using hot air blower and soldering iron.
  • Replaced defective components using hands tools, soldering iron and heat gun.
  • Diagnosed, repaired and replaced defective components found in appliances.
  • Replaced worn, broken and defective components in mechanical systems.
  • Repaired or replaced any defective components found in appliances.
  • Repair, remove and replace defective components and parts.
  • Repaired defective components found in appliances.
  • Diagnose and replace defective components.

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42. LG

low Demand
Here's how LG is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Repair and diagnose flat screen televisions on Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung models in the Richmond to Arlington areas.
  • Serviced all top manufacturers including but not limited to Bosch, GE, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Subzero-Wolf.
  • Major brands supported Samsung (first 3 years exclusively) and later LG appliances, Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba.
  • Manufactured trained through Mitsubishi, Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC & Philips.
  • Trained and authorized to repair Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, LG, GE, Bosch, and Samsung
  • Performed various screen/battery/button/camera repairs on Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and Motorola cell phones/tablets.
  • Repair Technician - Apple specialization, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry.
  • Repair engine and mechanical equipment such as bilge gauges.
  • Used hammers to correct bulges and metal work pieces.
  • Repaired Apple, Samsung, Motorola and LG phones.
  • Coordinated with Vendors (Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, etc.)
  • Repair or changing bilge water pumps and driveshaft of props and props as well.
  • Traveled to Belgium in 2008 to repair pre-release XR units for sales in Europe.
  • Provided weekly insights , experience and performance of LG products and promotional offers.
  • Repair all brands WPL Family, Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, LG, and Samsung.
  • Repair and diagnose iPhone 4-6s+ , Samsung, LG, and Google phones hardware issues.
  • Repair every device from Samsung, Lg, Htc and Apple.
  • Work with others to diagnose exercise machines Repair and perform regular preventative maintenance on commercialgrade fitness equipment
  • Repaired cell phones for any name brand like Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sanyo, Sony Erickson, LG etc.
  • Repaired most smartphones including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Apple.Kept track and logged inventory using QuickBooks.

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43. Repair Parts

low Demand
Here's how Repair Parts is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Installed modifications and repair parts to various tactical vehicles as directed in order to restore them to combat ready status.
  • Created repair parts for the Boeing 727-300 using pneumatic tools and the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals or Structural Repair Manuals.
  • Ordered, tracked, and inventoried over 1,200 parts crucial to production, as the Repair Parts Petty Officer.
  • Give a written invoice of repair parts needed and estimate of cost to customer and get signatures where needed.
  • Complete required paperwork documenting all repairs, parts used, and time used to repair parts sent in.
  • Managed repair parts inventories including ordering, invoicing, tracking, receiving, and stocking of parts.
  • Request and maintained authorized bench stock, repair parts, supplies, and technical publications.
  • Maintained 100 percent accountability of all repair parts and shop equipment for the entire Brigade.
  • Manage repair parts stock, Train customers on use of color office copying equipment.
  • Procure repair parts and materials through manuals, drawings, and supply catalogs.
  • Maintained all cell phone equipment, repair parts and accessory in-store inventory.
  • Determine root cause of failure and replace and/or repair parts as needed.
  • Fabricate repair parts and send out for heat treat.
  • Maintain inventory of repair parts and order as needed.
  • Maintained stock reports of on hand repair parts.
  • Maintained truck and shop stock of repair parts.
  • Order shop supplies and repair parts as required.
  • Requested orders for repair parts and equipment.
  • Ordered repair parts and kits as needed.
  • Repair parts with defects or leaks.

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44. Repair Procedures

low Demand
Here's how Repair Procedures is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Provided customers with basic training on operation of handsets, manufacturers warranty repair procedures, and process warranty repairs.
  • Disassembled and repaired defective electrical equipment according to electrical, mechanical, safety and repair procedures.
  • Performed preliminary inspection on faulty systems and suggested repair procedures.
  • Maintain certifications and training in repair procedures on supported products.
  • Diagnosed, tested and repaired devices by following electrical repair procedures
  • Contribute valuable information for technical documentation and repair procedures.
  • Performed all repair procedures according to vehicle manufacturer specifications
  • Collaborated with co-workers to develop the repair procedures.
  • Completed multiple advanced diagnostic and repair procedures.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of repair procedures, use of precision hand-tools, use of precision measuring devices, and quality procedures.
  • Maintain current practices of all company directed screening / testing / repair procedures for customer iPhone mobile devices.
  • Performed field work and exhibited proficient performance of all valve repair procedures.
  • Skilled in diagnosing equipment defects and malfunction and in performing repair procedures.
  • Trained new employees on proper repair procedures as well as paperwork procedure.
  • Experienced in ballast system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair procedures.
  • Streamlined many repair procedures to ensure a faster turnaround time.
  • Inspect problem roofs to determine the best repair procedures.
  • Designed repair procedures to reduce repair time and costs.
  • Teach repair procedures to employees at start up locations.
  • Trained employees in effective diagnostic and repair procedures.

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45. ESD

low Demand
Here's how ESD is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Followed ESD protocol to ensure safety and correct work environment was being maintained.
  • Comply with Depot Center policies, ESD requirements, process and workmanship standards.
  • Attended In-House HP digital troubleshooting seminars, QC and ESD awareness programs.
  • Make sure work area is ESD ready before any repair is done.
  • Received ESD, Toshiba Associate Technician, and Toshiba Associate Engineer certificates.
  • Certified in ESD, 5S, Safety Sensitive and Soldering.
  • Followed Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) and Safety standards.
  • Understand ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) requirements and procedures.
  • Passed all ESD safety tests and got Apple certified.
  • Maintain ESD safe environment to prevent damage to components
  • Perform Safety Audits for ESD compliance among associates.
  • Assured ESD protection of sensitive materials.
  • Employed 2nd shift in a Clean Room where ESD was practiced.
  • Make sure all PPE and ESD equipment is up to date.
  • Work on ESD Safe bench and follow 5S principle.
  • Certified IPC -7711/IPC-7721 Specialist Certified ESD-Safe Electronics assembler
  • Disassembled and reassembled computers Managed sensitive damage parts from ESD (Electronic Static Discharge).
  • Performed disassembly of systems to retrieve specific components and follow ESD protocols.

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46. Service Calls

low Demand
Here's how Service Calls is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Filed paperwork and answered telephone service calls when secretary is unavailable.
  • Performed service calls and scheduled maintenance for commercial and residential customers
  • Provided majority of service calls to commercial and residential establishments.
  • Conducted road-service calls during after-hour schedules.
  • Provide advice to customers in proper handling and operating their appliances and complete service calls in a timely and satisfactory manner.
  • Installed Wi-Fi service for residential and business locations and provided on-site service calls for those customers that needed expedited service.
  • Obtained the ability to handle stressful situations and work in a fast-paced environment daily with completing the service calls timely.
  • Service calls to new homes to repair porcelain, fiberglass, and cultured marble vanities damaged during the building process.
  • Completed up to 10 service calls per day, provide excellent customer service and resolve customer issues/complaints, trouble-shooting/problem solving.
  • Responded to Residential and Commercial HVAC Service calls from Home Owners, Property Managers, Tenants and Business owners.
  • Tested and did QC checks on metal detectors * Some field travel to customers, for service calls or training
  • Traveled throughout western New York and to international facilities, responding to field service calls from manufacturing customers.
  • Service calls were made to Doctor's and Nurse's after hand pieces was inspected by a technician.
  • Assisted GE Core Techs on service calls, receiving additional instruction on appliance repair and customer service.
  • Respond to service calls to make less technical repairs or replacements: assist service tech as needed.
  • Organized route and contacted customers to set up service calls and to follow up on repairs.
  • Decreased daily service calls by 67% and implemented routine preventative maintenance programs for all accounts.
  • Coordinated and performed daily in-home or in-business service calls for repairs at customer s request.
  • Handled service calls, plumbing and electrical, insured quality assurance, and safety requirements.
  • Completed service calls and work orders given by investors Completed budgets for company Administered payroll.

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47. PCB

low Demand
Here's how PCB is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Diagnose and repairing defective assembly PCB of telemarketing product.
  • Repair PCB products following operating specifications.
  • Read and interpret complex electronic design schematics and PCB layouts to diagnose and locate circuit components and equipment fault.
  • Repair faulty product using wiring diagrams and schematics for PCB's, and Document findings in the database.
  • Assembled Personal Computer Board (PCB) including electrical components before sending the assembled product for quality control.
  • Repair scanners, radios, printers to PCBA level and all electronic devices used in FedEx operational hubs.
  • Perform rework on PCBA down to 0201, wire mod, component and BGA replacement through SRT machine.
  • Repair PCB boards that fail to meet standards also included working with through hole and surface mount parts.
  • Repaired POS Systems- Computer, printer, display, laser scanners and PCB level troubleshoot and repair.
  • Assisted testers in confirming test failures as required by troubleshooting PCB's down to component level.
  • Repaired boards that had missing or bad parts, and had issues with the PCB itself.
  • Repair and rework PCB's by Soldering SMT Components to component level and Programmed IC's
  • Installed PCB's and used Nexus Database software to document parts and repair status.
  • Tested and repaired PCB's to component level, both analog and digital.
  • Identified PCB components or assembly test trends and provided feedback to test manager.
  • Repair and rework PCB's, mechanical and prototype builds per building materials.
  • Full inspection of PCB's and assembly prior to shipment back to customers.
  • Worked in the repairing units to reconfigure failed PCB with new firmware.
  • Tested PCB-printed circuit boards and memory chips, repaired test failure components.
  • Conducted all final testing of PCB (inside of enclosure).

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48. OEM

low Demand
Here's how OEM is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Configured software on minicomputers per OEM customers.
  • Repaired, rebuilt, decontaminated, and refinished a variety of Edwards vacuum equipment to OEM specifications.
  • Hired to repair OEM CNC High Speed Spindles and on their own line of High-speed spindle equipment.
  • Constructed text fixtures for board test and repaired OEM accessories such as chart recorders and cameras.
  • Provided custom metal finishing and body work to OEM specifications.
  • Prioritize day's repairs to ensure OEM Service Level guidelines.
  • Worked with OEM to submit RMA and warranty requests.
  • Maintain and repair gas turbine components to OEM specifications.
  • Maintained and set up OEM testing accessories and equipment.
  • Repaired and maintained weapons in accordance with OEM standards.
  • Repaired Warranty and OEM product from the field.
  • Ensured contract compliance on equipment maintained by OEM.
  • Repaired OEM equipment for major retail chain.
  • Perform coating analysis on OEM turbine blades, metallurgical lab certified.Acting Radiation Safety Officer for our facility.
  • Repair of electronic and electro-mechanical equipment used in the Oil and Gas industry back to OEM specifications.
  • Repair, refit, recalibrate aircraft timers and related circuits to OEM specifications.
  • Provided repairs that major OEMs were unable to publicly provide for most devices.
  • Assigned to Alcatel's OEM, transport and access equipment.
  • Interact with OEM's (Krones, Sidell ) to resolve customer issues.
  • Screen & Clean/Triage.OEM Certified Repair.Cosmetic Refurb.Parts Management.Data Erasure services.Cable Box reprogramming.Quality Control.Data Entry.Warehouse personnel.

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49. Surface Mount

low Demand
Here's how Surface Mount is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Replaced circuit components utilizing surface mount soldering technique.
  • Performed surface mounting of IC chips Computer Experience PC, Laptop, and PC Monitor diagnosing, repairing, and upgrading.
  • Repair and/or replacement of surface mount pads and etches, and surface mount component replacement, both by hand and wave.
  • Remain within maximum of 5 minutes for repair, including troubleshooting (analysis) and actual repair of surface mount boards.
  • Advance Rework through hole and surface mount components including BGA's and fine pitch.
  • Certified Level II soldering, capable removing and replacing damaged surface mount components.
  • Position included schematic reading as well as through-hole and surface mount soldering.
  • Experience with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and through hole soldering.
  • Surface mounting and soldering (leaded and lead free) electronic components.
  • Identified and changed individual components that are faulty on surface mount circuit.
  • Solder fine pitch surface mount and through hole to IPC-610A standards.
  • Use intricate soldering techniques for through-hole and surface mount components.
  • Surface mount and through-hole soldering components as needed.
  • Performed surface mounting, soldering and BGA soldering.
  • Solder and de solder surface mount components.
  • Surface mount and through hole soldering technique.
  • Rework components from through-hole to surface mount.
  • Surface mount and through hole component repair.
  • Surface mount & through hole by blueprint
  • Performed surface mount machine maintenance.

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50. Laptops

low Demand
Here's how Laptops is used in Repair Technician jobs:
  • Completed inventory of IBM laptops and accurately and efficiently input necessary data into designated database before repair.
  • Performed troubleshooting and repaired Gateway laptops to component level.
  • Performed mechanical and software upgrades to Laptops Computers.
  • Disassembled and repaired several series of Dell laptops
  • Repaired laptops to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Performed diagnostics and repair of Dell, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba laptops, rack servers, and desktop computers.
  • Repaired a wide variety of electronics, including laptops, cell phones, tablets, desktop computers, game consoles.
  • Tested a backlog of over 600 laptops that needed to be diagnosed and repaired and replenished our customer's inventory.
  • Tested a variety of HP laptops when finished with repair to make sure all issues were resolved with customer units.
  • Assist customers in the configuration of new hardware and software on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Provide sales floor assistance of answering technical questions relating to laptops, desktops, software, printers and monitors.
  • Diagnose and repair, level 2 board diagnostics on Dell and Toshiba Laptops, desktops, and some printers.
  • Performed repairs including: replacing motherboards, power supplies, hard drives, and RAM on desktops and laptops.
  • Performed hardware and software repairs to mobile devices, laptops, PCs including standard retail customers and business customers.
  • Purpose: Provide customers repair work for laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, and gaming peripherals.
  • Repair hardware and software issues encountered on both laptops and desktops, for both commercial and residential customers.
  • Performed PC upgrades on a wide variety of makes and models of computers including both desktops and laptops.
  • Tested laptops for key functionality and defects including keyboard testing, media drive testing, and LCD testing.
  • Diagnosed and made repairs to client computers and laptops with new hardware installation, operating software repairs \ installations
  • Retained knowledge of working with various models of laptops, desktops, game systems, and mobile devices.

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Online Courses For Repair Technicians

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a repair technician is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since repair technicians benefit from having skills like customer service, hand tools, and hvac, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1)

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1)...

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T8 Preventative Maintenance

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T8 Preventative Maintenance...

ASE Technician Test Preparation H8: Preventive Maintenance

ASE Technician Test Preparation H8: Preventive Maintenance...

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0: Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Electronic Diesel Diagnosis (L2)

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0: Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Electronic Diesel Diagnosis (L2)...

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Engine Repair (A1)

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Engine Repair (A1)...

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician...

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T6 Electrical and Electronic Systems

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T6 Electrical and Electronic Systems...

Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling

The Basics of Laptop Hardware; Upgrading Laptop Storage Devices, Improving Memory Speeds, and Repairing Air Circulation...

ASE Technician Test Preparation H6: Electrical/Electronic Systems

ASE Technician Test Preparation H6: Electrical/Electronic Systems...

Start Your Own Cell Phone Business Today

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Electrical Technician

Electrical Technician...

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Service Consultant (C1)

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Service Consultant (C1)...

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Parts Specialist (P2)

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Parts Specialist (P2)...

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Electrical Electronic Systems (A6)

ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Electrical Electronic Systems (A6)...

Computer Repair: Fix Your Own Computer At Home

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ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T1 Gasoline Engines

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T1 Gasoline Engines...

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T2 Diesel Engines

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T2 Diesel Engines...

ASE Technician Test Preparation H2: Diesel Engines

ASE Technician Test Preparation H2: Diesel Engines...

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T4 Brakes

ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T4 Brakes...

20 Most Common Skill For A Repair Technician

Customer Service23.1%
Hand Tools8.3%
Defective Parts5.2%
Preventive Maintenance5.1%
Company Vehicle4.7%
Trouble Shooting3.2%
Test Equipment2.8%

Typical Skill-Sets Required For A Repair Technician

RankSkillPercentage of ResumesPercentage
Customer Service
Customer Service
Hand Tools
Hand Tools
Defective Parts
Defective Parts
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Company Vehicle
Company Vehicle
Trouble Shooting
Trouble Shooting
Test Equipment
Test Equipment
Electrical Systems
Electrical Systems
Technical Support
Technical Support
Parts Inventory
Parts Inventory
Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices
Quality Standards
Quality Standards
Drywall Repair
Drywall Repair
Component Level
Component Level
Order Parts
Order Parts
Repair Equipment
Repair Equipment
Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment
Repair Tech
Repair Tech
Electronic Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Routine Maintenance
Routine Maintenance
Repair Process
Repair Process
Necessary Repairs
Necessary Repairs
New Equipment
New Equipment
Circuit Boards
Circuit Boards
Cell Phones
Cell Phones
Computer System
Computer System
Defective Components
Defective Components
Repair Parts
Repair Parts
Repair Procedures
Repair Procedures
Service Calls
Service Calls
Surface Mount
Surface Mount

54,007 Repair Technician Jobs

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