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Republic Steel traces its roots back to 1886, with the establishment of Berger Manufacturing Co. in Canton, Ohio.


The Lorain facility, located along the Black River, has a rich history dating back to 1895, when Thomas Johnson constructed the Johnson Steel Street Rail Company mill in just 10 months.


The Republic Steel Company was founded in 1899 in Youngstown, Ohio.


In 1927, Cyrus Eaton purchased a majority of the stock in the Republic Steel Company.


Berger later became part of Republic Steel Corp., the sprawling steelmaker organized by financier Cyrus Eaton in 1930.

1930 by CYRUS EATON and WM. G. MATHER through an amalgamation of several steel companies.


Collectively these steel companies were known as “Little Steel.” The strikers belonged to the Congress of Industrial Organizations, a union established in 1935.

By 1935 its president, TOM GIRDLER, stabilized the company by acquiring 2 major steel firms, Truscan of Youngstown and Cleveland-based Corrigan-McKinney.


In 1937, workers at the Republic Steel Company, the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, and several other steel companies went on strike over low wages and poor working conditions.

While Republic Steel proved successful in the “Little Steel Strike of 1937,” with the outbreak of World War II, the firm quickly permitted unions in its mills so that the firm could acquire lucrative government contracts.

Republic was established on 8 Apr. It was plagued with labor problems, however, and hundreds of workers were injured attempting to unionize Republic facilities during the LITTLE STEEL STRIKE of 1937.


World's Largest Continuous Strip Mill (1939).


When Republic finally recognized the CIO in 1942, it was one of the largest employers in Cleveland, with 9,000 workers.


A Trip through the Cleveland District Plant of Republic Steel Corp. (1949).


By 1965 the Cleveland works was the largest of Republic's 8 steel plants.


Republic's steelmaking operations began to suffer from increased competition from foreign producers, however, as its share of the United States steel market slipped to 7% by 1982.


In 1984, Republic Steel merged with LTV Corp.'s Jones & Laughlin division to form LTV Steel.

The REPUBLIC STEEL CORP., headquartered in Cleveland, was the 5th-largest steel producer in the United States at the time of its merger into LTV Steel in 1984.

In 1984 it was merged with neighboring JONES & LAUGHLIN STEEL to form the LTV Steel division of LTV CORP.


In 1989, an employee stock ownership plan bought LTV's steel bar division and renamed it Republic Engineered Steels, marking one of the largest employee ownership transactions in industrial history.

Throughout its history, the plant has operated under several names, including Johnson Steel, Lorain Steel, National Tube Company of United States Steel and Lorain Cuyahoga Works of United States Steel, before becoming USS/KOBE in 1989.


In 1998, RES and Bar Technologies combined to form Republic Technologies International, which approximately one year later acquired the steel bar business of USS/KOBE Steel in Lorain, Ohio.


Republic Steel was established in September 2011.

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