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  • Spec, Lab Animal Research

    $23k-38k yearly est.5d ago
  • Autonomous Systems Research Scientist

    $53k-80k yearly est.30d ago
  • KippsDeSanto Associate - Capital Markets Advisory

    $74k-95k yearly est.3d ago
  • Signal and Information Processing Research Scientist

    $57k-86k yearly est.57d ago
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory Intern

    $31k-38k yearly est.5d ago
  • Data Analyst Intern 2023

    $15 hourly15d ago
  • Data Science Intern (Remote)

    $39k-71k yearly est.9d ago
  • Internship - Data Analyst Intern

    $25k-31k yearly est.28d ago
  • Senior Researcher (with Expertise in Data Science, Analysis, and Storage of Large Data Sets)

    $85k-134k yearly est.9d ago
  • Data Science and Software Engineering Summer Internship

    $51k-90k yearly est.1d ago
  • Research Scientist - Arbovirologist

    $83k-109k yearly est.5d ago
  • UX Research Intern

    $36k-48k yearly est.5d ago
  • Post-Doctoral Research Engineer - Cybersecurity of Embedded Systems

    $98k-140k yearly est.4d ago
  • Stephen O. Murray Scholar in Residence

    $49k-62k yearly est.Easy Apply12d ago
  • Research Associate II, CLIA Next Gen Sequencing

    $46k-70k yearly est.9d ago
  • Research Associate - Health Care Research- Bethesda

    $46k-75k yearly est.4d ago
  • Part-Time Music Researcher

    $40k-90k yearly est.1d ago
  • Research and Development Data Analyst

    $53k-77k yearly est.9d ago
  • Research Assoc I

    $50k-99k yearly est.7d ago
  • R&D Analyst (On-Site)

    $68k-97k yearly est.6d ago

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Average Salary For a Research Internship

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Research Internship is $39,573 per year or $19 per hour. The highest paying Research Internship jobs have a salary over $59,000 per year while the lowest paying Research Internship jobs pay $26,000 per year

Updated February 8, 2023
Average Research Internship Salary
$48,645 yearly
$19 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For a Research Internship


Tutors are individual contributors who make sure that students assigned to them can understand classroom lessons. They are often full-time educators themselves, but they may also be working in other fields and are only passionate about teaching. Tutors usually meet students after school to go over any lesson that the students find challenging. They assist students with their homework or other schoolwork that the students may need help in. At times, tutors are tapped to help students study for future lessons, meaning that they go through classroom lessons in advance.

Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory assistants work for researchers, scientists, or professors in the laboratory setting. They are expected to have a solid background in the field of study of the laboratory they are assigned to. They do a variety of tasks in the laboratory, such as setting up equipment, observing experiments, analyzing results, creating reports, and recommending improvements to the testing. They may also be assigned to clean and sanitize laboratory equipment as needed. Laboratory assistants should have good research skills, analytical skills, and organizational skills.

Office Assistant

Office assistants perform various tasks to ensure that the business runs organized and efficient. An office assistant must possess excellent communication and multi-tasking skills to handle essential duties such as scheduling meetings, monitoring office supplies, storing documents and necessary paperwork, handling customer inquiries and appointments, coordinating in company events, and accomplishing other clerical tasks and administrative support. Office assistants are also required to communicate any observation that would possibly make an impact on the company's performance.


A researcher is responsible for collating, organizing, and verifying necessary information for a specific subject. Researchers' duties include analyzing data, gathering and comparing resources, ensuring facts, sharing findings with the whole research team, adhering to required methodologies, performing fieldwork as needed, and keeping critical information confidential. Researchers must be knowledgeable about the current market trends and align findings with the research goals. A researcher must show strong communication skills, as well as strong attention to detail and time-management skills to meet deadlines under minimal supervision.


An assistant intern is responsible for facilitating administrative and clerical tasks as assigned by the management. Assistant interns' duties include keeping records of meetings, receiving calls and handling customer inquiries, assisting on writing reports and data entry processing, cooperating and providing support for business events, and adhering to company policies and regulatory procedures. Successful assistant interns must have excellent time-management, multi-tasking, and communication skills. They must be a team player and fast-learner to handle various tasks in the corporate industry.

Illustrated Career Paths For a Research Internship

Research Internship Jobs FAQs

Can A Research Internship Make 100k?

Yes, you can make $100,000 per year as a research internship. While possible, it is unlikely to earn over $100k as a research internship because even higher-paid positions do not typically earn more than $65,000 per year. The average annual salary for a research internship is $34,445.

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