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Infutor: Chasing Big Goals

Infutor is the go-to expert in Consumer Identity Management. Their award-winning products identify, verify and rate inbound consumers with as little as a single identifier. Infutor provides clients a secure, privacy compliant foundation for improving marketing and customer engagement.

Diving Into The Values At Infutor

Bring more to the table.

Infutor has all of the benefits of your typical tech company, like snacks, fitness, and fun events. But they take it a step further, providing the benefits that really contribute to employees' quality of life. They focus on offering great compensation, industry-leading health benefits, and challenging career opportunities. Infutor gives employees a voice. They empower them to be active participants in the company's culture and business operations. This shared mind-set is reflected in Infutor's values of transparency and ownership. If you just want to be a number, this isn't the company for you. If you just want to punch your time card, this isn't the company for you. VP of Marketing Michelle Tilton says, "We hired you because we think that you can bring something to the table that no one else can. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Infutor is entrepreneurial in that way. Nobody is a number who punches a clock. There is a strong sense of ownership of your own tasks, responsibilities, initiative. You can see that excitement and pride in being given that responsibility."

Setting Big Goals

A growth mindset.

Infutor is funded by private equity, and they have aggressive growth goals. This rapid growth means new departments, new teams, and new product lines, which in turn translates to opportunities for career growth and movement for its employees. Team members get to flex their creativity with every new challenge. The Infutor team is unflagging in their pursuit of more. They want to meet lofty goals. They push their entrepreneurial spirit. They are fueled by a passion to be the best.


Embracing Pura Vida

Work-life balance.

Infutor's team is passionate about work, but they also embrace a healthy work-life balance. Jessica Guffey from Human Resources says, "One of our newer company values is Pura Vida! It's a saying borrowed from our Costa Rica employees that means embracing life in its purest sense. We really encourage people to share our successes together, whether it is work-related or a personal achievement. This week it's been nothing but a flurry of pics of kids going back to school on our slack channel. People are comfortable sharing their personal lives internally. It makes everyone more connected and relatable. We see each other as whole human beings, not just coworkers. Our employees are more than their jobs."

Because Infutor knows that people own and care about their work, they also trust team members to set their own priorities and schedule their own day. Parents don't stress or blink an eye when they leave for school events. Michelle Tilton says, "I've had companies where I've had issues about asking for time off to take my kid to the doctor. There isn't even a second guess when something family-related comes up. We trust each other, and we know how important it is to provide for our families. We also do cool stuff, like bring your kids to work day, where we do fun activities during the course of the day."


Solving Marketplace Problems

Look for the pain points.

When salespeople at Infutor meet with potential customers, they don't go into the meeting ready to pitch a specific product, they start by listening to their customers' problems. Then they look through their toolkit to find the right Infutor product for that customer's issue. Every time Infutor builds a new product, they start with a simple question, "What are the biggest pain points for our customers?" One great example of a product based on marketplace problems is Infutor's ID Max Solution. Whenever a customer calls into a company, the product automatically creates a privacy-compliant profile of the customer's lifestyle preference. It helps customers by routing them to the specialist who is most likely to be able to answer their questions and solve their issues. And it reduces the number of questions customers have to answer before getting connected with a real person. But even more than that, it saves Infutor's clients time and resources, allowing them to give great customer service from the moment they say, "Hello."


Company Values

  • Be Owners
  • Be Transparent
  • Be Data-Driven Experts
  • Be Disruptive Innovators
  • Be Supportive
  • Pura Vida


  • PTO.
  • 100% Employee Health Coverage.
  • 100% Employee Dental Coverage.
  • 100% Employee Vision Coverage.
  • Employer Paid Life & Disability Insurance.
  • 401k Match.
  • Equity.
  • Competitive Bonuses/Commissions.
  • Maternity Leave.
  • Paternity Leave.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts.
  • Identity Theft Protection.
  • Employee Referral Bonuses.
  • Employee Recognition Program.
  • Company Social Events & Holiday Parties.
  • Employee Affinity Groups.