Concept Of Management Is Absolutely Foreign - West Liberty Foods Review



What Do You Like About Working There?

It is close to home with no commute. The post is better than most jobs in the area.

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Everything else, I am a current employee, but for no longer then is absolutely necessary. The concept of management is absolutely foreign here, and the idea of mandatory overtime is their favorite thing. They can't provide meat to process, have no ability to forecast and this are constantly struggling to manage the workflow, have no respect for employees lives outside work, and will punish you on a technicality because management can't communicate properly and steps on each other's toe frequently. The equipment is choosing to be ” state of the art” but only if you are looking at 20 years ago, and is barely kept running at best. The majority of the employees are ” not emotionally vested” because they are burned out and can't care. The environment is suited for a dock or ship (bring in basic training i didn't hear the f-bomb as frequently add i do here on the floor or in the break room) and hr doesn't care. Your training is frequently and often ” here is s device. Go to work” and then try are surprised when you get injured or damage something. The only good thing about this job is the employee market, being able to buy 40 lbs of meat at $30. I don't recommend anybody apply here.

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Meat market

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