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  • Server

    JOIN TEAM TRILOGY: We are seeking enthusiastic Dietary Aides who are passionate and eager to grow alongside an outstanding team! The Fast Track Apprenticeship Program - Culinary Track gives employees an opportunity to grow within the position, and with each step, you'll gain more expertise, more earning potential, and college credit toward an Associate Degree! The end goal is for you to become a Certified Lead Cook! If you qualify, Trilogy will pay for your certification. What's in it for you: Free Apprenticeship program allowing Dietary Aides to advance their career with training and earn more money along the way Quarterly wage increases; receive an increase in pay every 90 days! Weekly Pay Student loan repayment, scholarships & tuition reimbursement to help you reach your career goals through continued education Bonuses for referrals, attendance, gas and more! Monthly Employee Celebrations Innovative Training Programs to advance your career What you'll be doing: Growing your career through our Culinary Apprenticeship Program Serving meals to the residents of our health care campus Assisting in daily and/or scheduled cleaning duties (to include work tables, meat blocks, refrigerators/freezers, sweeping and mopping floors as directed, performing dishwashing/cleaning procedures) Setting up the dining room, as well as meal trays, food carts, etc. as instructed Assisting our Cooks in preparing meals Join our growing company that has been recognizes as a Best Places to Work throughout our four states! We would love to welcome you to the Trilogy family! WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: High School Diploma or equivalent preferred Experience working in a restaurant setting is a plus Ability to serve food and beverage in a fine dining setting WHERE YOU'LL WORK : Location:US-IN-PrincetonGET IN TOUCH:Shane (812)-494-7876LIFE AT TRILOGY: Careers close to home and your heart Since our founding in 1997, we've been making long-term care better for our residents and more rewarding for our team members. We're a Fortune Best Places to Work in Aging Services, a certified Great Place to Work, and one of Glassdoor's Top 100 Best Companies to Work. If you're looking for a place that embraces you for who you are, helps you achieve your full potential, and makes working hard feel less like hard work, then look no further than Trilogy. APPLY NOW: As one of Fortune's Best Places to Work in Aging Services, a certified Great Place to Work, and one of Glassdoor's Top 100 Best Companies to Work, Trilogy is proud to be an equal opportunity employer committed to helping you reach your full potential and to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.
    $26k-41k yearly est.13d ago

    Monday-Friday Varying shifts 7:30a-4:30p, 8a-5p, 11:30a-8p Must have phleb experience BLS required As an EOE/AA employer, Union Hospital, Inc. will not discriminate in its employment practices due to an applicant's age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran or disability status. #CA
    $26k-29k yearly est.7d ago
  • Administration Officer

    As a highly motivated Administration Officer, you are a master at working in a team environment as well as on your own. We are seeking an experienced Administration Officer to join our Administration team at St Vincent's Private Community Hospital Griffith (SVPCHG).
    $15.9k yearly7d ago
  • Registered Nurse

    For more information about Byron Health Center, please visit us at: byronhealth.org Such supervision must be in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern our facility, and as may be required by the Director of Nursing Services or Nurse Supervisor to ensure that the highest degree of quality care is maintained at all times.
    $52k-64k yearly est.8d ago
  • Launch Program Internship

    LAUNCH Learn. Aspire. Understand. Navigate. Coordinate. Heart. Tracks: Laundry/Housekeeping/Maintenance * Laundry: 128 hours * Sorting and wash cycles 32hrs * Folding and inspections 32hrs * Linen count and par levels 32hrs * Cleaning and PMs 32hrs * Housekeeping: 104 hours * PPE/Chemical training 8hrs * Cleaning procedures 96hrs * Bathroom * Resident Room * Dining Room * High Contact Areas * Trash Removal * Maintenance: 200 hours * Tools & Safety 8hrs * Basic Electrical 16hrs * LOTO Program 16hrs * PPE 4hrs * Troubleshooting 4hrs * Life Safety Program 40hrs * PM Programs 80hrs * Wall Repair 16hrs * Lawn Care 16hrs Dietary Aide/Cook- * Aide 1: 120 hours * Education/Training: 32 Hours * Temp Logs * Daily Task sheets * Serve on neighborhoods * Portion control/scoop size * Hot cart training/ setting up * Cleaning up neighborhoods * Temp Logs * Dish machine * Cleaning assignment * stocking * Tray cards * Temp Logs * Working neighborhood 88 hours * Aide 2: 120 hours * Education/ Training 32 Hours * Temp Logs * Daily Task Sheets * Tray Cards * Service window set up * Scoop sizes/ portion controls * Temp Logs * Dish machine training * stocking * Putting away dishes * Cleaning up Shirley's Café/ Kay's Café * Temp Logs * Traying up desserts/salads * Working in kitchen 88 hours Morning Cook: 184 hours * Education/Training for Morning cook 64 hours * Temp Logs * Menu/recipe training * Kitchen set up * Making Breakfast * Mechanically Altered Diet training * Spreadsheets/portion sizes * Temp Logs * stocking * Tray Cards * Dislikes for residents * Clean up/cleaning lists * Making lunch * Meal prep * Special orders * Morning Cook 120 Hours * Night Cook: 200 Hours * Education/training for Night cook 80 hours * Temp Logs * Menu/recipe training * Special orders/ grill cook * Tray cards * Dislikes * Mechanically Altered Diet Training * Spreadsheets/ portion sizes * Temp logs * Cooking dinner * Daily task sheets * Cleaning * stocking * Serving in kitchen * Dish machine training * Cleaning list/ close down kitchen * Set up for neighborhoods * Warming unit training * Serving on neighborhoods * Prep * Cleaning neighborhoods * Working Night cook 120 Hours RES/LES * RES: 200 hours * 20 Hours - - - Education * Developing In-Services - 2 hours * Creating presentation (power point use) - 4 hours * Special Populations (dementia, IDD, MI, HD, TBI) -10 hours * Abuse/Neglect - 2 hours * Resident Rights - 2 hours * 60 Hours - - - Documentation (Plus 8 hours practical application & review) * Care Plan goals and interventions - 12 hours * Assessments (PCC) - 12 hours * MDS (level 2 reviews) - 16 hours * Excel Documentation - 2 hours * Progress Notes - 4 hours * Medical Terminology and Medication Review - 4 hours * Incident Reporting and Investigations - 8 hours * Guardianship and POA and HCR paperwork - 1 hour * Policies - 1 hour * 40 Hours - - - Resources & Referrals (Plus 4 hours practical application & review) * Interdisciplinary team coordination (IDT) - 8 hours * Identifying root causes and eliminate obstacles - 2 hours * QAPI - observing trends and evaluating processes - 2 hours * Hospital return coordination - 2 hours * Discharge planning - 10 hours * Counseling referrals - 2 hours * Psych placement referrals - 4 hours * Therapy services - 1 hour * Advance Care Planning - 8 hours * Intra-Interfacility Transfer - 1 hour * 60 Hours - - - Psychosocial Wellbeing (Plus 8 hours practical application & review) * Care Plan meetings (strong face-to-face communication) - 8 hours * Culturally Informed Care - 4 hours * Trauma Informed Care - 4 hours * Honor Agreements - 2 hours * Creating Relationship & Cognitive Mediation - 2 hours * Additional Assessments (Mini-Mental, Columbia-Suicide, Etc.) - 8 hours * Outings and Transportation - 4 hours * Resident shopping and budgeting - 4 hours * Programming - 8 hours * Inventories and ensuring home-like environment - 8 hours * Social History # welcoming new residents - 8 hours * LES: 180 hours Introduction and Guidelines=10 hrs * Introduce to Life Enrichment Team * Reviewing the meaning about Life Enrichment how does it benefit our resident's life * Review the Byron Culture * Introducing this is the resident's home we knock before we enter ask the residents do, they have a moment * Tour the building and neighborhoods * Meet and Greet residents and team members * Byron's Culture Job Functions and Responsibilities =170hrs * Engaging residents in meaningful activities * Event planning events related resident's monthly birthday parties, picnics, carnival, special events, holiday celebrations, etc. * Monthly Calendar for Activities * Resident Council Importance * Making progress notes * Completing Assessments (New Admit, Quarterly, Annual, and Significant Changes) * One-On-One Visits and Individual Visits * Charting Daily (Point Click Care) * Reviewing residents care plans * Knowing residents diet types (Snacks that they can and can't have) * Outings Procedure and Transportation Protocol * Resident's shopping \Resident's Budget * Activity Supplies purchases/Activities Budget * Talking with residents, families and visitors (Building relationships) * Morning meeting daily with Life Enrichment (Brief morning meeting to inform everyone what is going on for that day) * Life Enrichment Huddle Meeting is weekly * Individual Life Enrichment weekly meeting Admin/BO/HR * Admin in LTC: 96 hours * Budgeting Review- 8 hours * Financial Review - 8 hours * Reporting incidents/Investigations- 4 hours * Contracts and vendor relationships- 4 hours * Leadership and Decision making- 16 hours * Community Impact/Social Accountability- 8 hours * Survey Prep and Regulations- 16 hours * Quality Measures- 16 hours * Rounding - 16 hours * Marketing: 40 hours * Move-In Process- 8 hours * Event Planning- 32 hours * Spring: Easter Egg * Winter: Christmas * Fall: Trunk O Treat * Summer: Backpack * Sponsorships * Advertising * Day Of * Follow-up * Payroll: 80 hours * Reviewing timecards - 12 hours * Confirm vacation/wellness time is approved for pay period - 2 hours * Pull Payroll over - 2 hours * Payroll Deductions - 4 hours * Process Retro's - 20 hours * Salary Payroll - 8 hours * Adjustments from Department Heads - 4 hours * Holiday Pay - 16 hours * Staffing Bonus - 2 hours * Print register to review and make corrections - 6 hours * CFO approves and submits payroll - 1 hour * Prepare payroll entry to enter in the general ledger - 8 hours * 403B preparation to send to CFO - 2 hours * AR: 58 hours * Monthly Medicaid billing process - 15 hours * Monthly Medicare billing process - 20 hours * Private billing process - 5 hours * Pull AR Reports to make sure everything was paid and if not correct claims and resubmit. - 5 hours * RCAP billing process - 5 hours * Private Assisted Living process - 3 hours * Medicaid Waiver billing process - 5 hours * AP/RTF: 80 hours * AP - Approval of invoices by Director, Executive Director, Assistant Administrator and CFO * HR: 80 hours * Recruitment - 44 hours total * Review of recruiting process - 1 hour * Indeed applicant review - 5 hours * Interview preparation (what you can and cannot ask) - 1 hour * Interviewing - 10 hours * Pre-employment tasks (TB, Physical, Drug Screen, paperwork) - 10 hours * Byron Connection planning - 1 hour * Byron Connection 2-day orientation - 16 hours Operations - 16 hours total * Employment laws, brief review - 2 hours * Paylocity HRMS system navigation (entering employees, time & labor, reports)- 8 hours * Employee file law regulations - 2 hours * Annual reports (OSHA, EEO-1) - 1 hour * Benefits Administration - 2 hours * Unemployment filing - 1 hour Relations - 20 hours total * Employee engagement activity - 10 hours * Conflict resolution - 2 hours * Performance evaluations (360 review) - 2 hours * Byron Events (when applicable: picnic, bazaar, etc.) - 3 hours * HR-on-the-go (learning on the fly) - 3 hours * IT: 40 hours * System * PointClickCare Admin Admin-Clinical * Staffing: 60 hours * Daily staffing sheets -16 hours * How to schedule Nurses vs QMAs -6 hours * Beekeeper- 4 hours * Contacting staff for pick-ups- 4 hours * Posting on-call schedule- 2 hours * Call-ins- 2 hours * Daily Schedules- 20 hours * Paylocity time entry- 4 hours * Paylocity wellness/vacation entry- 4 hours * Resident Scheduling/Med Rec: 44 hours * Scanning medical information into PCC -8 hours * Scheduling appointments- 8 hours * Medical records documentation requirements for admission/discharge- 8 hours * Transportation- 8 hours * Making follow up appointments for referrals- 8 hours * PCC calendar scheduling- 4 hours * Education: 48 hours * Educational requirements for CNAs (12 hours)- 8 hours * Educational requirements for QMAs (6 hours)- 8 hours * Mandatory education for all staff- 18 hours * POC training- 8 hours * ADL training- 6 hours * PCC/Documentation/Assessment: 80 hours * POC documentation- 12 hours * PCC Nurse/QMA documentation- 4 hours * Behavior documentation- 4 hours * Nurse notification- 4 hours * Non-direct Res Care: 80 hours * Lifts * Passing Ice Water- 8 hours * Making Beds * Organizing resident dressers/closets * Assisting with meals Requirements Program Process: A newly hired employee is presented all 5 tracks and picks a track that interests them. We will have no more than five LAUNCHers in a certain track at one time. After the track is chosen, the Director meets with the LAUNCHer and fills out a schedule so they are aware of their sequence. The LAUNCHer works the same hours during each track as those who normally work in the track. At the end of each week during their sequence, the LAUNCHers will meet as a group with a Director, which will rotate, and discuss new processes learned, any concerns and discuss their current sequence in general, pros and cons. At the end of each sequence, the Director will fill out paperwork regarding the LAUNCHer and their progress through the program. One time per month, the LAUNCH program will have a graduation ceremony, where the LAUNCHer will present their final narrative via presentation to the Directors and Leadership team. The LAUNCHers, who are graduating will be presented with a certificate of completion. Salary Description $12.00
    $25k-31k yearly est.12d ago

    + Short order cook experience required
    $26k-30k yearly est.13d ago
  • Environmental Services Worker

    The Environmental Services Worker provides cleaning and laundry services for a safe, sanitary, comfortable, and homelike environment for residents, team members and family members.
    $24k-29k yearly est.14d ago

    + Bachelor's degree in IT or equivalent education/experience + Familiarity with Active Directory preferred. + Self-starter and willing to learn Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) + Flexible in work schedule to meet department needs As an EOE/AA employer, Union Hospital, Inc. will not discriminate in its employment practices due to an applicant's age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran or disability status.. #CA-BK
    $25k-29k yearly est.20d ago

    + Will work in call center taking clinical calls + Previous medical office/clerical experience preferred + Ability to multitask + Computer knowledge + Previous EMR experience preferred + Knowledge of medical terminology helpful As an EOE/AA employer, Union Hospital, Inc. will not discriminate in its employment practices due to an applicant's age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran or disability status.. #CA-BK
    $27k-30k yearly est.13d ago

    + Previous food service experience + Excellent customer service + Flexible schedule to meet the needs of the department As an EOE/AA employer, Union Hospital, Inc. will not discriminate in its employment practices due to an applicant's age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran or disability status.. #CA-BK
    $29k-33k yearly est.13d ago
  • Memory Care Coordinator

    Primary purpose of the Memory Care Coordinator is to coordinate memory care programming and enrichment to our residents as directed/instructed in accordance with established resident engagement policies and procedures governing Byron Wellness communities as well with federal, state and local regulations. Byron's mission, vision, values communicate the things that drive us as an organization.
    $32k-39k yearly est.12d ago
  • Occupational Therapist (OT)

    We are looking for an energetic and results-driven Occupational Therapist to join our team in a clinical setting.
    $70k-84k yearly est.20d ago

    $16k-42k yearly est.28d ago

    Union Health, U Matter and U Belong.
    $80k-131k yearly est.Easy Apply20d ago

    $32k-59k yearly est.28d ago

    Union Health, U Matter and U Belong.
    $33k-38k yearly est.Easy Apply12d ago

    $32k-36k yearly est.20d ago
  • Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

    ***Physical Therapist Assistant, PTA*** Union Hospital Therapy, LLC **Terre Haute, IN** **About ProgressiveHealth and Union Hospital Therapy, LLC:** - Have an Associates Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant
    $44k-57k yearly est.20d ago
  • Athletic Trainer

    We are looking for an energetic and results-driven Athletic Trainer to join our team in a multi-sport setting. **About ProgressiveHealth and Union H
    $37k-44k yearly est.Easy Apply20d ago

    $33k-38k yearly est.20d ago

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