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    Average Salary For a Roof Bolter

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Roof Bolter is $47,967 per year or $23 per hour. The highest paying Roof Bolter jobs have a salary over $89,000 per year while the lowest paying Roof Bolter jobs pay $25,000 per year

    Updated April 1, 2023
    Average Roof Bolter Salary
    $52,894 yearly
    $23 hourly

    1 Common Career Paths For a Roof Bolter


    A foreman is a skilled worker in the construction industry, usually a tenured or experienced construction worker. The construction site's foremen act as the bridge between construction supervisors and construction workers. The foreman is responsible for communicating instructions from supervisors, ensuring that all workers on site are assigned tasks, and ensuring that tasks are completed within the timeline. The foreman is also responsible for checking the quality of the work the workers are doing on-site, managing workers' schedules, and budgeting for needed materials. It is important that a foreman is responsible, trustworthy, and personable.

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