Average Salary In Roseville, MN

$53,000 yearly

$25.48 hourly
Updated August 22, 2022

Average Salary in Roseville, MN

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$106,000$8,833$51
75th Percentile$76,000$6,333$37
25th Percentile$36,000$3,000$17
10th Percentile$26,000$2,167$13

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What Is The Average Salary In Roseville, MN?

  • The average salary in Roseville, MN is $53,000
  • The average hourly pay is $25.0 in Roseville, MN
  • Highest paying jobs in Roseville, MN are Nephrologist, Optometrist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • Roseville, MN minimum wage rate is $10.08 per hour

Highest Paying Jobs In Roseville, MN

Highest Paying Cities In Minnesota

CityAvg. SalaryHourly RateJob Opening
Eden Prairie, MN$77,000$36.462,255
Minnetonka, MN$77,000$36.461,637
Edina, MN$75,000$35.511,247
Saint Louis Park, MN$75,000$35.51830
Plymouth, MN$71,000$33.621,798
Oakdale, MN$66,000$31.25414
Cottage Grove, MN$63,000$29.83526
Woodbury, MN$63,000$29.831,292
Eagan, MN$61,000$28.881,508
Inver Grove Heights, MN$61,000$28.88667

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2021 Hourly Minimum Wage in Roseville, MN

Minimum Wage


Roseville, MN minimum wage rate is $10.08 per hour. This is greater than the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25. You are entitled to be paid the higher state minimum wage.

Minnesota Minimum Wage History

YearMin Wage In Minnesota

Recently Added Salaries for People Working in Roseville, MN

Job TitleCompanyLocationStart DateSalary
Nursing Home AdministratorOption CareRoseville, MNMay 4, 2023$85,567
Registered NurseOption CareRoseville, MNMay 4, 2023$87,654
Parts-Counter SalesExpress Employment ProfessionalsRoseville, MNMay 3, 2023$52,175
Office SpecialistState of MinnesotaRoseville, MNMay 2, 2023$34,707
PickerWarehouse Position In St. PaulRoseville, MNMay 2, 2023$45,914
Registered Health NurseTotalmedRoseville, MNMay 2, 2023$95,250
Light TechnicianRoseville Midway FordRoseville, MNMay 2, 2023$37,566
Cleanroom TechnicianAerotekRoseville, MNMay 1, 2023$48,001
Machine OperatorExpress Employment ProfessionalsRoseville, MNMay 1, 2023$37,566
CleanerMarsden Building MaintenanceRoseville, MNMay 1, 2023$38,860

Full Time Jobs In Roseville, MN