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Rural Alaska Community Action Program Company History Timeline

On August 26, 1965, the first board of directors meeting occurs.
1965 - The Office of Economic Opportunity establishes the Alaska State Community Action Program ASCAP , RurAL CAP s previous name, to coordinate and oversee funding for community action activities throughout the state.
RurAL CAP , founded in 1965, is a private, statewide, nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of life for low-income Alaskans.
1967 - After the discovery of oil in Alaska, the state begins claiming property for oil expansion.
1969 - Our agency works with Senator Gruening to secure funding for and establish the Seward Skills Center, now the Alaska Vocation Technical Center AVTEC , which trains rural Alaskans in equipment operation and maintenance.
1971 - Our Alcohol Prevention Program supports rural communities in defining and addressing alcoholism.
1977 - The board identifies subsistence, the practice of harvesting wild resources for nutrition and cultural practices, as our organization s number one priority.
1979 - Energy Advocacy Workshops result in the development of the Alaska Regional Energy Association AREA that addresses fuel transportation, alternative energy, weatherization needs, and home heating.
1981 - The Community Action Education Project creates the Alaska Village Alcohol Information League AVAIL in order to maintain a network of mutual support for villagers concerned with alcohol and drug abuse.
1987 - Rural Energy Enterprises REE emerges as a profit-making entity that secures Toyostove space heaters and provides rural communities with cost-effective heating.
1989 - The Youth Survivors, a five-year project, commences with a focus on at-risk youth and increasing pride in Alaska Native heritage and reducing risk factors.
1995 - The Child Development Center in Anchorage opens and begins supplying families with high-quality, full-day, and year-round child care for young children.
1997 - Homeward Bound forms to provide individuals experiencing chronic homelessness with the tools needed for moving from homelessness into stable and meaningful communities.
2000 - Our Affordable Housing Program commences with the intent of offering permanent housing to those with limited credit and rental history in Anchorage.
2009 - The Energy Wise Program launches to reduce rural, residential energy costs and provide jobs for locals.
2011 - The Growing Up Tobacco Free Project forms to create a healthier environment for Head Start children by promoting tobacco education.
2013 - 14 rural Head Start sites get enabled with live web streaming from classrooms to the Anchorage central office.
2014 - RurAL CAP s Elder Mentor Program launches to improve children s success through the service of elders in the Foster Grandparent Senior Corps Program.
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Anchorage, AK
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