Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does S & W Management Pay?
S & W Management employees earn an average of $42,954 per year, which is $20.0 an hour. The lowest earners at S & W Management make under $21,000 a year, while the top 10 percent earn over $85,000. Show More

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S & W Management Salaries By Department

How much you earn at S & W Management depends on your role, and the organizational function that you work in. Employees in corporate management roles earn the highest wages at S & W Management, with an average salary of $149,110. Employees working in the finance organizational function also get paid well, with an average yearly pay of $85,693. The lowest paying organizational functions at S & W Management are hospitality/service and warehouse, where employees earn $26,829 and $27,091, respectively.
Average Salary

Corporate Management

Salary Range122k - 181k$149k$149,110


Salary Range67k - 108k$86k$85,693


Salary Range60k - 80k$70k$69,528


Salary Range46k - 73k$58k$58,400

Human Resources

Salary Range42k - 75k$57k$57,049


Salary Range41k - 72k$55k$54,786


Salary Range40k - 62k$50k$50,464


Salary Range37k - 50k$43k$43,408

Real Estate

Salary Range29k - 52k$39k$39,005


Salary Range26k - 48k$36k$36,174

S & W Management Salaries By Job Title

While the average employee salary at S & W Management is $42,954, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the positions that earn high wages at S & W Management include finance analyst, real estate sales associate, operations engineer, and regional marketing director. A worker with the title finance analyst salary at S & W Management can earn an average yearly salary of $116,446. Some of the other roles at S & W Management are cashier and server. A worker with the title cashier at S & W Management earns an average salary of $22,383 per year.
Job Title
Average Salary

Finance Analyst Jobs

Salary Range91k - 148k$116k$116,446

Real Estate Sales Associate Jobs

Salary Range79k - 131k$102k$102,139

Operations Engineer Jobs

Salary Range88k - 111k$100k$99,648

Regional Marketing Director Jobs

Salary Range80k - 101k$90k$90,370

Finance Officer Jobs

Salary Range75k - 105k$90k$89,677

Nursing Home Administrator Jobs

Salary Range76k - 86k$81k$81,259

Unit Manager Jobs

Salary Range63k - 79k$71k$71,163

Food Service Director Jobs

Salary Range60k - 78k$68k$68,477

Cost Analyst Jobs

Salary Range60k - 74k$67k$66,991

Building Superintendent Jobs

Salary Range54k - 64k$59k$59,351

S & W Management Jobs You Might Like

S & W Management Real Estate Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Lease Administrator
Salary Range52k - 60k$56k$56,368
Property Manager
Salary Range39k - 51k$45k$45,416
Leasing Agent
Salary Range27k - 31k$29k$29,424
Leasing Associate
Salary Range28k - 30k$29k$29,356

Real Estate Internship

Salary Range27k - 30k$29k$28,826

S & W Management Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range32k - 37k$35k$34,860
Office Administrator
Salary Range30k - 33k$32k$32,183
Office Assistant
Salary Range29k - 31k$30k$30,303
Salary Range27k - 30k$29k$28,983
File Clerk
Salary Range26k - 29k$28k$28,056

S & W Management Hospitality/Service Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Front Office Supervisor
Salary Range32k - 36k$34k$34,200
Salary Range26k - 29k$28k$28,148
Salary Range24k - 28k$27k$26,626


Salary Range24k - 27k$26k$26,211
Salary Range24k - 26k$26k$25,655
Salary Range21k - 26k$24k$23,901

S & W Management Competitor Salaries

Based on our research, similar companies to S & W Management are Pacifica Companies, LBA Realty, and Lawler. The average salaries at Pacifica Companies rank the highest, with their employees earning an average salary of $50,724 per year. The employees at LBA Realty earn an average yearly salary of $50,167 per year, and the salaries at Lawler average $48,303 per year.
Average Salary
Pacifica Companies
Salary Range35k - 73k$51k$50,724

LBA Realty

Salary Range35k - 71k$50k$50,167


Salary Range33k - 69k$48k$48,303

Corporate Personnel Network

Salary Range34k - 64k$47k$46,971


Salary Range29k - 66k$44k$44,331
Salary Range31k - 63k$44k$44,331

American Properties Realty

Salary Range29k - 66k$44k$44,257
Complete Management
Salary Range29k - 65k$44k$44,151
Bergman Dacey Goldsmith
Salary Range30k - 62k$44k$43,817


Salary Range31k - 60k$44k$43,600

S & W Management Jobs