Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a sales account manager. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of sales account manager resumes they appeared on. For example, 16.3% of sales account manager resumes contained customer service as a skill. Let's find out what skills a sales account manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

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The six most common skills found on Sales Account Manager resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list.

15 Essential Sales Account Manager Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Customer Service

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

Here's how customer service is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Provided exceptional customer service and sales support to clientele while continuously working to achieve a surpassing level of customer satisfaction.
  • Developed existing customer base through strong customer service relationship oriented selling by up selling existing customers and adding new customers.
  • Provide customer service oriented engagements in order to minimize advertiser dissatisfaction and enhance the sales experience through all processes.
  • Strengthened customer relations through trust, dependability, consulting/selling skills, knowledge of products and providing superior customer service.
  • Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to customer service, building new customers while exceeding premium service levels with existing accounts.

2. CRM

CRM stands for Customer relationship management and it is a complete process through which a business or organization monitors and administers its interactions with the customers. A process in which large amounts of data are collected through marketing via a company's website, polls, surveys, and other social media applications. The basic goal of CRM is to target the right audience for their product, and then fulfill their needs, to increase the sales and revenue of the company.

Here's how crm is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Managed a five state field territory selling Agency Management CRM Software and Document Imaging Solutions in an extremely competitive marketplace.
  • Developed assigned territory through cold calling, CRM analysis and relationships with outside, industry professionals.
  • Utilized CRM systems to capture and exploit customer intelligence, used online communication tools
  • Contract Negotiation and supplier/customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Facilitated complete implementation of SalesForce CRM System.

3. Sales Goals

Sales goals are a set of objectives and goals to achieve which are set for the sales team to encourage them and to make profits for the company. Sales goals that can be achieved are bound to time and are relevant to the company, help majorly in motivating the workers to achieve them, and are amazing for the company revenue as well.

Here's how sales goals is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Account Manager responsible for achieving quarterly sales goals, implementing marketing strategies, building business plans specific to assigned territory.
  • Full customer engagement paired with product demonstrations, and relationship management practices designed to achieve sales goals and corporate metrics.
  • Exceeded sales goals in an uncertain selling climate through thorough secondary research to proactively identify risk management/insurance placement deficiencies.
  • Worked closely with Corporate Management using customer forecasts to assist with budget preparation to ensure sales goals are attainable.
  • Coordinated and advanced marketing strategy to achieve sales goals and closing ratios through identification of key producing brokers.

4. Sales Process

Here's how sales process is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Conducted business-to-business sales of video-based training titles to domestic and international clients in banking, insurance and transportation industries.
  • Created and implemented complete sales process including development of sales materials and electronic account management system.
  • Managed business-to-business sales nationwide to commercial sub-contractors, general contractors, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Increased product portfolio by leveraging inter-company relationships, business to business sales development.
  • Engaged in consultative and relational business to business sales within an assigned territory.

5. New Customers

New customers are the people or an entity that has just purchased goods or services from a company. New customers are the ones who help in generating revenue for the company and a business is always trying to attract new customers through advertising and marketing. Anyone who has not yet made a transaction from the company is potential new customers and they can be converted into new customers ensuring that they would make transactions in the future and help generate revenue.

Here's how new customers is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Facilitated new business development, orchestrated logistical functions and seamlessly coordinate data for new customers.
  • Solicited new accounts and maintained existing accounts through constant review of sales and profitability information.
  • Acquired and developed new business successfully by attaining new accounts and securing new business.
  • Conducted web based market research to determine the availability of potentially new customers.
  • Traveled throughout assigned territory calling on current customer base and prospective new customers.

6. Account Management

The process of strengthening the relationship between a company and client is called account management. Effective account management has two key objectives, one is to retain loyal customers and the second one is to help the company grow by creating connections with new customers.

Here's how account management is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Provided infusion equipment, and related disposables, account management and clinical support for new drug delivery mechanisms and disposable products.
  • Perform business to business outside sales, successfully developing and maintaining a defined sales territory while identifying target and key accounts.
  • Develop and manage technical support partnerships to collaborate with end-users ensuring a complete and satisfying account management and service experience.
  • Maintained complete account management on multiple simultaneous ad campaigns including conceptualization and creation of advertising campaigns and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Identify customer requirements, uncover roadblocks, and demonstrate strong account management capabilities to drive renewal to on-time closure.

7. Business Development

Business development is the ideas or initiatives that work to make business work better. Selling, advertising, product development, supply chain management, and vendor management are only a few of the divisions involved with it. There is still a lot of networking, negotiating, forming alliances, and trying to save money. The goals set for business development guide and coordinate with all of these various operations and sectors.

Here's how business development is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Conducted extensive cold calling and business development as a primary contract negotiator with business operators, engineers, and production representatives.
  • Devise and implement business development strategies to identify business opportunities and establish tactical goals that comply with overall corporate objectives.
  • Established client relations for a large consumer lending corporation that involved extensive new business development through a consultative selling approach.
  • Conducted market research campaigns in order to conduct focused prospecting and specifically target individual customer needs for new business development.
  • Develop and implement business plans to achieve monthly budgeted membership growth through relationship development, outreach events and promotions.

8. Revenue Growth

Here's how revenue growth is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Developed sales plans for assigned territory and implemented promotional marketing programs to maximize corporate and leisure revenue growth goals.
  • Audited agent/retailer sales results and key performance indicators to identify areas of opportunity to improve results on revenue growth.
  • Drive revenue growth through value-based discussions with key decision makers and by effectively articulating the company value proposition.
  • Represented company professionally, managing customer relationships and interacting with key clients and vendors to ensure revenue growth.
  • Generated opportunities for revenue growth within assigned existing global accounts consistent with SGS strategic key account initiatives.

9. Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is the skill of having better information and knowledge about the product you are selling. Product knowledge is essential for the employees of the companies so they can communicate and inform the customers about the product. Having great product knowledge is essential for a better sales pitch and to give the customer a better and complete idea of the product that will influence him to buy the product eventually.

Here's how product knowledge is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Demonstrate in-depth product knowledge by regularly scheduling and facilitating meetings as well as creating presentations.
  • Maintain excellent product knowledge and attend industry conferences to network and develop industry expertise.
  • Resolved customer complaints and shared product knowledge with customer s while making personal recommendations.
  • Maintained an in-depth technical product knowledge of numerous and wide-ranging products to sell effectively.
  • Conducted professional sales presentations, utilizing product knowledge and problem solving scenarios.

10. New Clients

New clients are identified as a person or entity that has not yet availed of the goods or services of your company. A person who is not an existing client of your company falls under the definition of a new client. A company survives and thrives because of new clients, and there are several jobs designated in a company to find new clients. Marketing or advertisement may be the best ways to target and influence new clients to the company.

Here's how new clients is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Consult with internal and external client base to establish and define design/feature characteristics for new software/web development applications.
  • Fostered business expansion by aggressively pursuing new clients, delivering dynamic presentations, and negotiating win-win contracts.
  • Lead innovative and successful marketing initiatives, effectively promoting new products to an ever-widening client base.
  • Full responsibility for maintaining existing client base and integrating new clients
  • Developed strategic business relationships with existing and new clients.

11. Powerpoint

Powerpoint is an application developed by Microsoft which allows users to create slides of important information to present. It is used mainly for school presentations and businesses. It is commonly used and regarded as the "gold standard" in the field of presentation applications.

Here's how powerpoint is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Created and prepared all organizational marketing materials including company press kits, PowerPoint presentations, and Multimedia.
  • Designed and delivered PowerPoint presentations and sales quotations to customers on new and current technology.
  • Generated PowerPoint presentations for all new business proposals for potential and existing accounts.
  • Generated Sales reports, proposals and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Presented presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint software.

12. Customer Base

Customer base refers to that group of consumers who are habitual customers of a business. These customers are the target market for any business and a primary source of revenue. This target market is won over by companies through arduous market research but it is not recommendable to rely on this specific demographic solely for a company's profit. Growth, expansion, and incorporation of innovative ideas should be focused upon instead.

Here's how customer base is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Managed Account Module effectively by capitalizing on new account acquisitions and developing existing customer based sales opportunities Consistently exceeded monthly quotas.
  • Consulted with clients and recommended appropriate technological solutions that resulted in an increased residential customer base and sales projections.
  • Conducted daily needs assessments to assigned customer base, prepared presentations, and developed revenue-generating solutions for McLeod USA.
  • Cultivated strong relationships across a dynamic customer base to help obtain incremental space and leverage different company promotions.
  • Implemented effective marketing strategy to capture market share and maintain existing customer base within sales territory.

13. Business Relationships

Here's how business relationships is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Identify new business relationships and ability to close major accounts Developed a $1Million account with Westinghouse-Emerson (Process Control Division)
  • Develop contacts and business relationships among medium to high net worth individuals seeking an alternative to standard institutional investment vehicles.
  • Worked in conjunction with small, medium and large businesses/companies overcoming objections and solidifying business relationships in all markets.
  • Managed overall business relationships between Digital and United Technologies Corporate Offices, Otis Elevator Company, and Hamilton Standard.
  • Practiced highly innovative prospecting methods to identify clients needs, created trust through competency and built lasting business relationships.

14. Territory

Here's how territory is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Implemented territory sales strategies, devised and delivered effective high-impact sales presentations and proposals (utilizing marketing data analysis).
  • Manage all inside sales account activity, providing overall direction for territory strategy and insuring key performance indicators are achieved.
  • Provided assigned territories sales forecasts and rationalized assigned territory sales forecast with business plan goals and objectives.
  • Managed and serviced a $12 million retail territory through independent appliance dealers and authorized builder distributors.
  • Developed merchandising, trade marketing and sales incentives activities resulting in territory sales growth and brand/product awareness.

15. Technical Support

Technical support or tech support are the services provided by any hardware or software company to users. They help in solving the technical difficulties the customers face with their products or services. Moreover, the tech support employees maintain, manage, and repair the IT faults. They are also responsible for resolving the network problems, installing and configuring hardware and software.

Here's how technical support is used on sales account manager resumes:
  • Directed product development activities specific to principal accounts; provided Sales and Technical support for joint end-customer presentations with key customers.
  • Design and implement account specific device in-service training and provide immediate product and technical support for customer accounts.
  • Provided tier one technical support for all mid-Atlantic clients after verifying equipment warranty status and caller identification.
  • Assist in designing customer network solutions and choreographing conference calls with technical support personnel as needed.
  • Provide technical support to customers; identifying and resolving customer complaints, escalating as required.

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Most Common Skills For Sales Account Managers

RankascdescSales Account Manager SkillascdescPercentageascdesc
Customer Service
Sales Goals
Sales Process
New Customers
Account Management
Business Development
Revenue Growth
Product Knowledge
New Clients
Customer Base
Business Relationships
Technical Support
Current Customers
Customer Accounts
Key Decision Makers
Sales Activities
Trade Shows
Project Management
Customer Retention
Potential Customers
Client Relationships
Prospective Customers
Cold Calls
Product Development
Market Research
Relationship Building
Product Line
Sales Support
Sales Reports
Customer Complaints
Client Service
Annual Sales
Outbound Calls
Customer Relations
Sales Efforts
Loyalty Programs
Business Owners
Develop Long Term

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