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America in 1876 was still recovering from the Civil War.

1876: William N. Sauer establishes a plumbing business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sauer’s beginnings date to 1876 when America was still recovering from the Civil War.

Sauer’s beginnings date to 1876, when America was still recovering from the Civil War.

On his 18th birthday in 1876, Bill received a gift of $50 from his mother, and he used this money to start a small plumbing business.


1901: First Plumbing Code was established in Pittsburgh


1906: John G. Steitz, a pump salesman joins the W. N. Steitz Company

In 1906 Bill Sauer met John G. Steitz, a young pump salesman from New York.

In 1906, Bill Sauer met John G. Steitz, a young pump salesman from New York.


1910: Sanitation features begin to appear in Homes, Offices, Public Buildings and Industrial Plants.


Jack Ruthrauff founded Ruthrauff in 1934 when he opened a refrigeration equipment distribution & service company.


1937: The grandson, William N. Steitz assumes control of the company.


1943: Sauer received the coveted ARMY-NAVY “E” Award for the Highest Achievement in War Construction for work on the Fletcher Military General Hospital, a contract value that exceeded One Million Dollars.

Sauer was incorporated in 1943.

Sauer incorporated in 1943 and today provides services in General Construction, Mechanical Construction, and Aerospace Construction, and often self-performs Process Piping, Controls & Instrumentation, HVAC Services, Equipment Erection & Rigging, Plumbing, Metal Fabrication, and ASME Code work.


Ruthrauff purchased Coleman-Good, Inc, a well-established plumbing firm in 1969.


Coleman-Good merged into Ruthrauff Incorporated at the end of 1985 and Ruthrauff Inc. was established.


Beginning in 1989, a group of key employees, led by David & Nora Faller, acquired ownership of Ruthrauff Inc. as Mr.


1990’s: Grown from a plumbing contractor to provide Design/Build, HVAC, Process Piping, Controls and Instrumentation, Equipment Erection, Plumbing and Fabrication.


2000’s: Celebrated 130 Years of providing Contracting Services that Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations.


In 2006, Sauer Holdings, still owned by the Steitz family, acquired Ruthrauff Inc., creating two new companies: Ruthrauff Service, LLC and Ruthrauff | Sauer, LLC.

Ruthrauff | Sauer, LLC and Ruthrauff Services, LLC, both located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resulted from Sauer’s acquisition of Ruthrauff Inc. in 2006.


Sauer reorganized its business structure in 2009 to meet the changing dynamics of the marketplace, to enhance our customer focus and to position the Sauer Holdings Companies for growth in the future.

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