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Scanner Operator

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Top 50 Scanner Operator Skills

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Scanner Operator. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Scanner Operator resumes they appeared on. For example, 12.1% of Scanner Operator resumes contained Drum Scanner as a skill. Let's find out what skills a Scanner Operator actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

These are the most important skills for a Scanner Operator:

1. Drum Scanner

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Drum Scanner is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned reflective art, chromes and b/w reversal film to digital files using Flatbed and Jazz drum scanners.
  • Operated and maintained various flatbed and drum scanners and cameras to convert artistic media to digital format.
  • Clean, convert, and color correct scans from a flatbed and drum scanner.
  • Operated and maintained drum scanners, flatbed scanners, film and offset plate processors.
  • Maintained and calibrated two drum scanners, film duplicating frames and darkroom film processors.
  • Produced digital images via high-end drum scanner: SCREEN ISC 2010.
  • Mounted chromes in oil for transfer to Jazz Drum Scanner.
  • Scanned images for digital creative library using Heidelberg drum scanner.
  • Produced digital images via high-end drum scanner: Heidelberg TANGO.
  • Calibrate Drum Scanners and system clean Film processors.
  • Applied color knowledge to drum scanner use.
  • Operated drum scanner Performed image cleanup and color correction
  • Scanned client artwork using Linotype Hell/Crossfiled drum scanners and color correct to match original.
  • Color separation using AGFA AVANTRA Imagesetter and HELL 340/345 Drum Scanners.
  • Operated ICG HI Rez Drum Scanner.
  • Scanned on a crossfield drum scanner.
  • Operated a Crossfield drum scanner.
  • Scanned on a Crosfield drum scanner for photographers, pre-press, and artist.
  • Learned all aspects of using and maintaining an Agfa image setter, multiple color proofers and a Screen 1015 drum scanner.
  • Mounted and scanned transparencies & reflective artwork on high-end Crosfield drum scanner Color corrected and manipulated images through Adobe Photoshop 6.0

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2. Data Entry

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Data Entry is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Validated auto-recognized data, manual data entry verification Blind data entry, independent verification if required.
  • Facilitate data entry and management through use of computerized system.
  • Perform data entry-alpha and numeric data entry to add new records, verify, correct, edit, and change.
  • Performed data entry on the computer to record all merchandise scanned to get the merchandise data ready for shipment.
  • Operate office machines such as; Photocopiers, facsimile machines, computer use, data entry, and emails.
  • Job responsibilities: Prepare and scan documents, image quality control, data entry
  • Performed on-line coding and data entry into the document database.
  • Applied data entry duties, double checking for detailed accuracy.
  • Maintained data entry of 98% accuracy
  • File, Sort, Data Entry.
  • Transferred scanned material to designated network drive for processing Created indexing for data entry into software system.
  • Provide data entry, typing, clerical, receptionist services and perform other related duties as required.
  • Maintained credit files, filing and data entry, scanning documents into in-house database, mailroom.
  • Operated data entry device, such as keyboard or photo composing perforator.
  • Perform data entry of material from source documents to a computer database.
  • Scanned and Filed Return Mail Handled and processed bulk return mail Office/Clerical/Data Entry
  • experience working in a data entry/imaging, enviroment.
  • Scanned / indexed a high-volume of documents on a daily basis Performed heavy Data Entry Utilized Excel on a daily basis
  • Scanned documents into the computer Data entry using Microsoft excel keeping track of scanned documents Quick scan pro software
  • Scan barcodes Data entry if product do not scan Separate products onto the conveyor belt Sweep and clean work area

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3. Adobe Photoshop

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Adobe Photoshop is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Analyzed electronic image and utilized Adobe Photoshop to remove any dust, smudges, or imperfections.
  • Used a Mac with Adobe Photoshop scanning artwork and logos for production.
  • Color corrected and edited images using Adobe Photoshop software.
  • Cleaned and processed photos using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and 5.0.
  • Worked with Adobe Photoshop for desktop color Corrections and retouching.

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4. Color Correction

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Color Correction is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Color correction and photo manipulation.
  • Set highlight, mid-tone, shadow aim points on each scan while also applying necessary color correction.
  • Checked quality of documents for any missing image, color correction and cut of information.
  • Key responsibilities: Scanning, Color mark-up, Color correction, Retouching, Page assembly.
  • Operated a Cezanne scanner and was also responsible for color correction and digital proofing.
  • Advanced understanding of color theory as needed for color correction of slides and artwork.
  • Produced extensive photo-retouching, color correction and output of CMYK film separations.
  • Color corrections, silos, outlines and drop shadows.
  • Color correction, RGB/CMYK color space and conversions.
  • Applied color correction to high resolution images.
  • Color corrections and retouching using Adobe PhotoShop.
  • Job duties included scanning images, page assembly, color corrections, image retouching and data management.
  • Performed prepress color correction under tight press driven deadlines for all graphic elements of the daily newspaper.
  • Operated Cezanne and Nexscan scanners, performed color correction, created digital proofs.
  • Key responsibilities: Photoshop, color correction, retouching.
  • Directed color correction to pre-press standards.
  • Performed color corrections on all jpegs.
  • Provided prepress and color correction.
  • Used Hell Scanner to perform color reproduction output and input to Studio System for color correction and image maniplation.
  • Scanned 4 color separations on Crossfeild 645 Executed color correction of 4 color seperations thru dot etching.

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5. Deliver Packages

demand arrow
high Demand
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Full Time
Part Time

6. Medical Records

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Medical Records is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned paper medical records into an electronic medical record
  • Scan documents for Psychology Team and Medical Records Department
  • Scan various types of documents including but not limited to medical records, legal documents.
  • Assisted staff with organizing and filing medical records in the computer database
  • Collect and count medical records from emergency admits and hospital transfers.
  • Performed scanning of medical records and forms.
  • Batch and scan medical records and process credit cards .
  • Chart Scanner - Scanned patient medical records to HER
  • Scan medical records onto cd's for hospitals and doctor's officesType in patient names and medical numbers onto XraysClerical duties
  • Mail Scanner - Scanner Verifier Insurance Policies, Death Claims, Medical Records, Checks.
  • Scan medical records into computer,pay close attention to detail,multitask

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7. Customer Service

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Customer Service is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Cross-trained customer service representatives, which lead to gained responsibility as project manager.
  • Provided superior customer service in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Handle customer service both internally and externally.
  • Developed and maintained Customer Service Standards.
  • Provided customer service working directly hands on with personal in order to receive accurate information to process into TC-AIMS system.
  • Enter the Company's order numbers for Customer Service to look up for future reference.
  • Scan out rental cars, customer service, sell attachments, train new associates
  • Consulted with customer service reps/clients for color and layout specs.
  • Provided customer service for customers with product inquiries.
  • Count drawer and maintain good customer service.
  • Process, scan and ship passengers I-94 documents Maintain quality control/satisfaction records, constantly seeking new ways to improve customer service.
  • Provided subscribers with exemplary customer service while addressing their incoming calls to the member services hotline.
  • Update inventory counts via computer ,advise customer service of these changes.
  • scan dvds,cds,open boxes,seal boxes,computer operator,customer service,answering phone calls.

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8. Kodak

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Kodak is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Output adjusted artwork on various customer-requested paper stocks with a Kodak Approval Digital Imaging System for press proofs and customer approval.
  • General upkeep and calibrations as well as matching spot colors to output as recipe colors on the Kodak.
  • Prepped and scanned various claims, documents and attachments using Kodak i1800 or i1610 scanners or equivalent.
  • Scan Project, Scan documents using Kodak Scanner i3200 whit Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Scanned Fed Ex Airway bills using a Kodak Imaging Work Station.
  • Processed health insurance claim forms using a Kodak document scanner.
  • Do scanning jobs as needed on i660 Kodak scanners.
  • Operated and ran a Kodak 9500S high speed scanner.
  • Used Kodak I620,3950, 3500 and 7500 Scanners.
  • promoted to and certified as operator of a Kodak High-Speed 9500 digital scanner processing multiple form types.
  • Operated a kodak scanner to scan mail, documents, bank checks, and w-9 forms.
  • Open envelopes using a high speed Omation envelope opener Operate Kodak i5800 scanner.
  • Scanned in census form using Kodak 9500 scanner.
  • Corporated documents using Kodak 9500D scanner and Kofax ascent imagining.
  • Color Proofer: Duties Included Preparing Color Proofs for Customers, Mixing PMS colors, and Working the Kodak Approval System.
  • Experienced with following high speed duplicators and copiers: KODAK 2000 Scanner KODAK IMAGESOURCE 110 Copier

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9. Document Preparation

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Document Preparation is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Developed document Preparation Manual and Training Protocol.
  • General Office Duties Retrieval of loan documents, Document Management, Document preparation, Quality control, Machine maintenance, Data entry
  • Document Preparation Specialist-- classified, sorted, and prepared Title 13 census documents for processing.
  • Document preparation - Scanning mortgage documents into computer database
  • Provided workflow analysis, document preparation, indexing, scanning, OCR, image imports and bar coding.

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10. Quality Checks

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Quality Checks is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Conducted quality checks by verifying electronic images on the screen and correcting any scanning malfunctions.
  • Performed random post scan quality checks on documents (e.g.
  • Perform quality checks on products Scan in good and bad items Dispose bad items and package and label good items

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11. Unload Trucks

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Unload Trucks is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scan documents, route electronically to correct files, prepare documents for scanning Unload trucks using pallet jack and hand truck
  • Load and unload trucks using a stand up forklift.
  • Scan and load pallets,unload trucks, sort packages,using rf scanner..

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12. Temp

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Temp is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned large volumes of insurance policies (12,000 to 8,000 documents) for a temporary agency daily.
  • Verified job templates using preps software- making sure that the correct impositions were being used on reprints.
  • Started out as a temp ended up as a permanent associate.
  • Developed templates for catalogs, magazines, and TV guides.
  • worked second shift temporary team lead
  • Scanned student test to insure prpoer scoring on SAT and Stanford.This was a temporary assignment for 3 weeks.

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13. Hell

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how Hell is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scan Transparencies on Hell 350, 340, 341 Scanners adjust color to customer requests
  • Operated HELL 3000 Scanning system and spin unit
  • Operated Hell 300B Screen scanner.
  • Supervised employees in color separation department on Linotype-Hell's3000 series Chromograph high-end PMT scanner.
  • Scanned color mainly for Lord & Taylor and Amway catalogs using a Hell 341 Scanner.

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14. PDF

demand arrow
high Demand
Here's how PDF is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Managed Digital Duplication of PDF files, TTF files, PowerPoint documents, Proposals, Presentations, Binding and Padding.
  • Scanned film flats to create PDF files to be downloaded to computer program for the plate department.
  • Produced Adobe PDF images Release Format the images and associated indexing data into the required output format.
  • Scanned in Invoices and linked them through certain files or an Adobe PDF.
  • Scan all government documents to computer database in PDF or JPEG format.
  • Index and edit any PDF or JPEG that may be unreadable.
  • Create PDF proofs using Adobe Acrobat to email customers.
  • Scanned black and white files and uploaded Tiff, PDF, JPG, or as required by client.
  • Converted IMG files to PDF.
  • Designed, created, and scanned hard copies and .PDF files of tabbed bindery for attorneys.
  • Scan and save documents in various file formats including Tiff, PDF, Jpeg formats.
  • Created PDF files from scanned images and replicated reprographic files.
  • Scan documents and save it to pdf files.

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15. Computer System

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Computer System is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Clean out file cabinets of old documents that have yet to be entered into the computer system.
  • Organize confidential documents and files, preparing and scanning all files not in the computer system.
  • Monitor computer systems to ensure that typeset pages successfully processed and were free of obvious errors.
  • Input ad copy from handwritten sources into computer system.
  • Operate ScanOptics300 to scan paperwork into computer systems.
  • Filed and archived customer data on computer systems.
  • Scan boxes into computer system.
  • Scanned documents from confidential company archival files into computer system using Intrafed software.
  • Document Scanner Prep employee files for Human Resources by organizing documents and scanning them into a company computer system.
  • Pick and pack products for daily shipments Inducted packages into the computer system for shipping purposes.
  • Verified that information in the computer system was up-to-date and accurate.Compiled statistical information for special reports.
  • Scan Right-hand Armrest Barcodes into computer system Print labels Fill- Up 50 totes a day standing 12-hour shifts

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16. Digital Images

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Digital Images is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Performed extensive color work on digital images from various clients and supplied 4-color digital image scans to our customers.
  • Color correction and retouching of digital images.
  • Color corrected and edited customer furnished digital images in photoshop to optimize print quality for commercial printer.

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17. Scitex

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Scitex is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned images were inputted into Scitex page-assembly systems.
  • Operated Scitex EverSmart Supreme scanner for the production of color separations.
  • Operated Hell 345 Laser Scanner (scanning into Scitex system).
  • Scanned all types of images using Hell Scanner, and retouched and color corrected them using Scitex Prisma.
  • Operated Scitex Imager III, performed airbrushing, merging, cloning, combining two separations into one.
  • Page layout done in Preps for computer-to-plate on the Scitex Lotem.
  • Work environment consisted of Scitex/Creo workflow.
  • Provided drum scans to a Scitex pre-press system, also Photoshop retouching and color correction.
  • Utilized QuarkXpress to output client-supplied files to a Scitex Dolev 800 imagesetter.
  • Output film on Scitex Raystar and creating excurves for film output.
  • Color corrections in Adobe Photoshop, and Scitex Prisma Page Assemble on Mac and scitex Prisma.

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18. Paper Clips

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Paper Clips is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Prepare documents, the pages must be clean of paper clips, staples and rubber ban to go through the scanner.
  • Removed Staples, paper clips from documents unfold paper corner prepare documents to be scanned Run Bell & Howell scanner

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19. Crosfield

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Crosfield is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Specialized computer based color work on a Crosfield Color Scanner.
  • Scanned on a Crosfield 646IM for commercial printer.
  • Scanned transparencies and artwork using Screen and Crosfield Magnascan Color Scanners.
  • Operated a Crosfield 646IE/M Scanner/Crosfield Studiolink 800 System to color correct, drop backgrounds, and created local masks.

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20. Digital Files

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Digital Files is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Followed established scanning and quality control procedures in producing digital files in specified format for further processing.
  • Converted original photographs and art to digital files for reproduction.
  • Converted hard-copy media, 8x10 to 35mm color and b/w chromes to digital files using Heidelberg Drum and Heidelberg Flatbed Scanner.
  • Performed conventional aspects of plating and proofing to insure quality film and/or digital files have meet customer specifications and needs.
  • Managed the use of Digital Rapids encoders, encoding analog video sources into digital files.
  • Operated drum and flatbed scanners produced digital files from scans of photographs and artwork.
  • Adjust color and image quality of digital files to match client provided samples.
  • Scanned pictures to make digital files to be inserted by desktop.
  • Provided digital files of scanned original art and transparencies.
  • Upload digital files into company network for further processing.
  • Prepared digital files for production.
  • Created and implementedprocedures in scanning area to convert film and printed books to digital files.

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1 Digital Files Jobs

No jobs at selected location

21. RAN

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how RAN is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Guaranteed positive customer experiences and resolved all customer complaints.
  • Communicated quality assurance data to management.
  • Digitized all original copies and transferred them to a Mac server for access for our color technicians for production.
  • Perform other clerical duties such as answering telephone, sorting and distributing mail, running errands or sending faxes.
  • Mounted 2 1/4, 4x5, 8x10 4-color transparencies with mineral oil or anti-newton ring spray mount.
  • Organized and ran practices, recruited musicians and booked the band with multiple club owners.
  • Provided quality assurance, indexing, and data entry to send to numerous databases.
  • Scanned color transparencies and artwork for customer files using then relevant technologies.
  • Scanned high volumes of images and transparencies under tight deadlines.
  • Managed quality assurance issues with Amy Times and Journal newspapers.
  • Scanned all bills received from insurance companies and providers.
  • Provided quality assurance checks throughout the process.
  • Batched health insurance claims for scanning.
  • Color assurance and Calibration of Digital Proofers.
  • Loaded scanned batches into banker boxes; filled out and placed shipping labels on boxes for transport to offsite storage vendor.
  • Scanned and filed customer personal information into the computer for a new filing system for a major insurance company.
  • Resolve truck truck remove issues on scanner by consulting with SGL transportation office and primary hauling company.
  • Scan Insurance forms into company data bank, gen. office duties.
  • Transfer call ,scanning imaging, filling etc.
  • Keyed information into computer system from documents sent to office Verified information for accuracy Ran documents and checks through the scanner

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23. Scanner Machine

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Scanner Machine is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Operate scanner machine to grade I-Step test from many Schools with in the United States.
  • Google Scanner Operated scanner machine to produce quality copies.

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24. Quark

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Quark is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Created Desktop Color Separation (DCS) files and placed them in Quark documents for faster file processing time.
  • Retouched pictures utilizing Photo Shop, Quark, and Illustrator programs.
  • Organized professional photo, Quark and word files for final drafts.
  • Used QuarkXPress for photo layout and output four color separations.
  • Trap Elements in Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress or Taiga system.
  • Use of Quark and Adobe applications.

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25. Macintosh

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Macintosh is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Performed troubleshooting on Macintosh system.
  • Maintained basic operations on a Macintosh server for multiple users.
  • Operated Hell 341 and 350 Laser Scanner and Hell Topez Flat Bed Scanner (All scanning into a Macintosh System).
  • Color Corrections and Retouching on the Macintosh.

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26. Ibml

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Ibml is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned on a daily basis 30,000 confidential forms accurately into the company's system, using an IBML Scanning Machine.
  • Scan all documents received from prepping department according to client specifications using IBML and/ Kodak i600 series scanner.
  • Maintained and Operated IBML scanner to scan documents to database to reach monthly quotas.
  • Operated high speed IBML image scanner to scan corporate and personal tax returns.
  • Experience includes Kodak I660 and Opex DS2200 scanners and others including ScanOps, IBML, Trak2,3,4.
  • Job Duties: Experience in operating IBML scanner to capture images and data.
  • Operated and maintained an IBML Imagetrac IV scanner.

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27. Crossfield

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Crossfield is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Operated Crossfield scanner performing all color quality operations and editing color to customer specifications.

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28. Scan Gun

demand arrow
average Demand
Here's how Scan Gun is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned products with a scan gun Measured, weighed, and counted products and materials.

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29. Hard Copy

demand arrow
average Demand

30. Assembly Line

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Assembly Line is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Set up assembly lines by date and priority, size and contents and destination.
  • Disturbed furniture from assembly line to the correct location in the warehouse.
  • Worked on an assembly line using an electronic scanner Scan and stack packages on a pallet Sort packages in correct area

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31. High Volume

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how High Volume is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Provided a complete operation management and control over several high volume projects.
  • Run high volume document scanning equipment and perform document prep as well as quality assurance on all documentation.

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32. Office Supplies

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Office Supplies is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Help in receiving stock for office supplies in the warehouse and put it in a proper in order.
  • Maintained inventory of office supplies.

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33. Paper Documents

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Paper Documents is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Scanned paper documents and converted documents to digital images.
  • Converted paper documents into electronic files.
  • Convert paper documents to electronic images for storage and retrieval through various processes.
  • Scanned paper documents on Bell & Howell scanner.
  • Scan medical documents from paper documents to digital documents.Correct errors in images.
  • Scanned paper documents including legal documents, car titles, and student records using docTtAR software.

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34. Computer Database

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Computer Database is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Entered information into computer databases.
  • Scanned and uploaded sensitive loan documentation, titles, & insurance information into a computer database.
  • Scanned private medical charts of patients into a main computer database.
  • Used scanner to input files into a computer database to be saved Sorted files by year and production date.

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35. Xerox

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Xerox is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Maintained efficient operation of all Xerox printing equipment.
  • Company was sold to ACS in 2009, and most recently to Xerox.
  • Sorted mail, and, distributed in mailboxes of Xerox employees.
  • Aligned and installed Cannon/HP/Lexmark/Xerox scanner/printer on desktop and laptop computers.
  • Assisted Xerox analysts with vender invoices.

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36. Exposure Adjustments

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Exposure Adjustments is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Set scanners to specific color densities, sizes, screen rulings, and exposure adjustments, using scanner keyboards or computers.
  • Performed test to determine exposure adjustments on the scanner.

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37. Electronic Images

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Electronic Images is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Inspected specified results and quality and saved acceptable electronic images to file.

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38. Insurance Companies

demand arrow
low Demand

39. Film Negatives

demand arrow
low Demand

40. Digital Format

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Digital Format is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Worked directly with management to convert project documents into a more productive digital format.
  • Worked directly with management to convert entire filing system into digital format.
  • Converted archival documents to digital format using high-speed scanner.
  • Reviewed scanned documents to make sure there were no errors from transferring them from paper onto digital format.
  • Scanned film and paper to digital format
  • Convert documents to a digital format.

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41. Art Direction

demand arrow
low Demand

42. OCR

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how OCR is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Operated digital image scanning equipment to capture images then generate associated OCR text.
  • Created OCR cover sheets for files to be scanned.
  • Scan, OCR, indexing, exporting all documents into Papervision, for Oxy Chemical Offices.

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43. Electronic Scanners

demand arrow
low Demand

44. Digital Copies

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Digital Copies is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Worked 37.5 hours a week scanning physical copies of microfiche to convert them into digital copies.
  • Produce digital copies of documents for retention purpose.

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45. Confidential Documents

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Confidential Documents is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Prepare time Sensitive & Confidential Documents to be scanned.
  • Check confidential documents Scan confidential document Synergy Inspection medical materials Train new employees how to process items Enter Data in the computer

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46. Data Base

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Data Base is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Create network data base folders.

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47. Powerpoint

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Powerpoint is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Created and organized multimedia presentations for the sales force using PowerPoint.
  • Related Skills Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word and Outlook, PowerPoint, SPSS.

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48. CDS

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how CDS is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Indexed files and examined them to make sure the files were assigned properly before being burned to CDs.
  • Placed CDs, forms and documents in folder to be entered into Excel database.
  • Scanned large volume of closed cases for attorneys and burned CDs for file.
  • Burned CDs for folder and Manager.
  • Imported all the patients' files into CDs.
  • Scanned CDs and DVDs Packed in boxes...

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49. Electronic Files

demand arrow
low Demand

50. Quality Images

demand arrow
low Demand
Here's how Quality Images is used in Scanner Operator jobs:
  • Created quality images by properly utilizing scanner software and equipment.

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Scanner Operator Jobs


Aw snap, no jobs found.

20 Most Common Skills For A Scanner Operator

Drum Scanner


Data Entry


Adobe Photoshop


Color Correction


Deliver Packages


Medical Records


Customer Service




Document Preparation


Quality Checks


Unload Trucks








Computer System


Digital Images




Paper Clips




Digital Files

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Typical Skill-Sets Required For A Scanner Operator

Rank Skill
1 Drum Scanner 12.1%
2 Data Entry 6.5%
3 Adobe Photoshop 6.2%
4 Color Correction 6.1%
5 Deliver Packages 5.4%
6 Medical Records 4.2%
7 Customer Service 4.1%
8 Kodak 3.7%
9 Document Preparation 3.5%
10 Quality Checks 3.2%
11 Unload Trucks 3.1%
12 Temp 3.0%
13 Hell 2.2%
14 PDF 2.0%
15 Computer System 2.0%
16 Digital Images 1.9%
17 Scitex 1.8%
18 Paper Clips 1.6%
19 Crosfield 1.5%
20 Digital Files 1.3%
21 RAN 1.2%
22 Legal Documents 1.2%
23 Scanner Machine 1.2%
24 Quark 1.0%
25 Macintosh 1.0%
26 Ibml 1.0%
27 Crossfield 1.0%
28 Scan Gun 1.0%
29 Hard Copy 0.9%
30 Assembly Line 0.9%
31 High Volume 0.9%
32 Office Supplies 0.9%
33 Paper Documents 0.8%
34 Computer Database 0.8%
35 Xerox 0.7%
36 Exposure Adjustments 0.7%
37 Electronic Images 0.7%
38 Insurance Companies 0.7%
39 Film Negatives 0.7%
40 Digital Format 0.7%
41 Art Direction 0.7%
42 OCR 0.7%
43 Electronic Scanners 0.7%
44 Digital Copies 0.7%
45 Confidential Documents 0.7%
46 Data Base 0.7%
47 Powerpoint 0.6%
48 CDS 0.6%
49 Electronic Files 0.6%
50 Quality Images 0.6%
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