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Become A School Director

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Working As A School Director

  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Developing and Building Teams
  • Guiding, Directing, and Motivating Subordinates
  • Deal with People

  • Unpleasant/Angry People

  • Make Decisions

  • $107,150

    Average Salary

What Does A School Director Do At Bright Water Elementary Schools

* The Director will be responsible for showing accountability and compliance in each of these areas: Academics In the area of Academics, the Director will: Oversee, evaluate, and support Bright Water Elementarys Director of Montessori Education, whose responsibility it will be to develop and implement an excellent Montessori education program for Bright Waters elementary charter school.
* Oversee assessment and reporting of student progress.
* Ensure compliance with all state reporting in the area of academics Ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws and mandates, including those pertaining to Special Education and students with IEPs or 504 plans.
* Governance In the area of Governance, the Director will: Be responsible to and report to the Board of Directors of Bright Water Elementary.
* Be responsible for the institutions consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives.
* Attend all Board meetings and serve as Ex Officio officer to the Board of Directors With the chair of the board, develop agendas for meetings, so that the board can fulfill all its responsibilities effectively.
* See that the board and the chair are kept fully informed of the condition of the school institution on all important factors influencing it.
* Ensure that all policies set by the Board are implemented and recorded for public notice.
* Support the development and growth of the Board.
* Work in partnership with Board in the reviewing and developing of school policy.
* Coordinate and lead the school community in a Strategic Planning process.
* Finance In the area of Finance, the Director will: Ensure the flow of funds permits the institution to make steady progress towards the achievement of its mission and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect present needs and future potential.
* Oversee, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, Bright Waters budget and tracking of the budget.
* Work with Bright Waters accounting firm in timely and accurate recordkeeping and financial reporting to the board, the state and our authorizer.
* Work with Bright Waters financial consultants to prepare for its financial audit.
* Work with the Finance Committee to research, develop and implement sound fiscal policies and procedures.
* Ensure all expenditures adhere to board policy and comply with any applicable state or federal law.
* Oversee, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, and coordinate the financing of and expenditures related to our current facilities and/or the purchase of a new building.
* Fundraising In the area of Fundraising, the Director will: Identify the fundraising and financial development needs of Bright Water Elementary.
* Develop and implement a fundraising plan that supports the growth and development of Bright Water Elementary.
* Operations In the area of Operations, the Director will: Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps and motivates top quality people"professional and volunteer.
* Supervise, evaluate and support the Director of Montessori Education, the Office Manager, the Food Service staff, the Receptionist, and other support staff.
* Contract with any outside personnel needed for general operations and technical support.
* Ensure the development and implementation of personnel training and development plans and programs that will provide the human resources necessary for the achievement of the institutions mission.
* Oversee and coordinate operations and upkeep of the physical plant.
* Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with our landlord, Our Lady of Victory.
* Oversee and coordinate the general organization of the school, in regards to the schools office, the way the school tracks information, etc.
* Oversee data reporting to the state and to the federal government.
* Work closely with the Preschool Director to streamline operations between the two schools in order to increase elementary efficiencies and create cost-savings for or provide an added value to the elementary school.
* Work closely with the Preschool Director to maintain the contractual integrity of staff who may serve both institutions, such as the Director of Montessori Education, the Office Manager, and the Receptionist.
* Work closely with the Preschool Director to maintain the schools shared vision and mission, while ensuring the operational and fiscal integrity of the charter school as defined by state law, the Minnesota Department of Education, and our Authorizer.
* Authorizer Relationship In the area of Authorizer Relationship, the Director will: Annually review and understand our charter contract with ACNW.
* Ensure all aspects of our Charter agreement are met.
* Assist with and/or lead in future charter contracts.
* Ensure accurate and timely reporting or providing of requested and/or required documentation (epicenter) Communications In the area of Communications, the Director will: Facilitate a safe and welcoming environment for all parents and families, keeping lines of communication open and encouraging parents to participate in the life of the school, while also clarifying lines of communication for families whose children attend one or both schools.
* Work with the Preschool Director to organize weekly communications to our school communities.
* Community Building In the area of Community Building, the Director will Work with the Preschool Director to increase our presence and visibility in the broader Northside community.
* Represent Bright Water Elementary in the North Minneapolis Community and serve as a liaison with the charter school sponsoring organization.
* Equity In the area of Equity, the Director will Be a champion for racial, social, economic and gender equity at Bright Water Elementary Foster regular discussions about equity with staff, teachers, parents, and the Achievement Leap Committee.

What Does A School Director Do At Jewish Community Center

* The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlantas Sunshine Preschool is seeking a Director to grow its Reggio Inspired program and presence from a respected preschool into a leader in early childhood learning.
* The director will possess vision, creativity, energy and strong management skills to lead and expand the preschool of approximately 75 children.
* The Sunshine School, located in East Cobb, is a 3 star Quality Rated Program which also holds NAEYC accreditation.
* Primary responsibilities include:_
* Development and implementation of a vision for excellence in early childhood education
* Facilitation of classroom oversight and management
* Oversight of program growth
* Enhancing and maintaining strong relationships with teachers and families
* Recruitment, supervision, and evaluation of teachers
* Facilitation of proactive communication with parents
* Develop community partnerships with schools and agencies
* Oversight of budget
* Identification and development of fundraising opportunities to support preschool programming
* Provide strong leadership to school and school leadership team
* The duties of the director will include but not be limited to the following:
* Conducting yearly evaluations of all personnel, including formal classroom observations, and oversight of all teachers
* Developing and maintaining strong relationships with preschool families, including strong communication system
* Providing oversight of professional development for teachers
* Establishing and maintaining a parent education series
* Developing and building relationships with feeder programs
* Serving as resource person for recommendations for expert evaluations of children
* Identifying grant opportunities that support educational expansion of the preschool
* Working as part of the leadership team of the overall agency

What Does A School Director Do At Kaiser Permanente

* LCME program accreditation, expectations and responsibilities include demonstrated abilities to answer questions during Data Collection Instrument (DCI) preparation
* Assign specific questions/sections of the DCI to individuals with the appropriate institutional knowledge
* Ensure factual accuracy and typographical/grammatical clarity in the DCI, Ensure that each aspect of multi-part DCI questions are fully-addressed
* Synthesize all narrative DCI responses into a cohesive, factually and stylistically-consistent document that accurately reflects the institution
* Coordinate the activities of self-study subcommittees
* Staff the planning self-study task force, and Attend meetings of the task force and relevant sub-committees on a regular basis.
* WASC regional accreditation, expectations and responsibilities include demonstrated abilities to: coordinate and oversee preparation of self-evaluation reports (SER's) for each phase of the accreditation process.
* Application for Candidacy through Initial Accreditation
* Work with the WASC Steering Committee in developing appropriate narrative detail responsive to standards and criteria for review, and develop or assess appropriate support materials
* Assign specific sections of the SER to individuals with the appropriate institutional knowledge and assess alignment of information to report expectations
* Ensure factual accuracy and typographical/grammatical clarity in the SERs and reports
* Synthesize all narrative responses into a cohesive, factually and stylistically-consistent document that accurately reflects the institution
* Develop responses to reports and preparation for Letters of Intent
* Work with institutional research and relevant administration to provide annual reports on accomplishment and establish databases of required information
* Participate in WASC-related workshops and conferences, and recommend administrative, faculty, staff participation as appropriate.
* Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) regulatory and compliance expectations and responsibilities, demonstrated abilities to:
* Maintain currency of information relative to regulatory and compliance details and respond with institution-specific data
* File annual reports to include School Performance Report detail and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) information
* Coordinate, host and oversee regulatory site visits as required
* Prepare update reports as necessary for institutional changes in coordination with relevant administrative offices,
* Maintain currency of compliance and regulatory self-evaluation and review documentation
* Participate in appropriate BPPE-workshops and information sessions as required.
* Coordinate the activities of self-study committees and subcommittees
* Staff Self-study Task Force/Steering Committee Teams and subcommittees
* Establish and maintain reports of compliance and accreditation reports and action detail
* Serve as staff visit coordinator
* Establish working schedules and agendas for time on campus
* Make hotel reservations for the site visit team
* Coordinate ground transportation for the visit
* Schedule faculty and staff identified during the team and survey visits
* Manage compilation of WASC
* SER information and Self
* Study, LCME
* DCI information and Self
* Study, and BPPE Reports and on-site visit activity, submitting reports as required.
* Development and tracking of timeline and deliverables for accreditation by LCME, WASC and BPPE for regular self-studies, site visits, annual report preparation and follow-up activities.
* This individual should be a source of information about the institution and interpret Commission, Committee, and Agency accrediting Standards and Education Codes, policies and procedures for proper preparation, and maintain cordial working relationships with all parties
* Collaborate with internal departments within Kaiser Permanente and external bodies for negotiation and management of deliverables.
* This individual will attend all related conferences and workshops to stay current on accrediting requirements and will participate in curriculum development and educational program design to ensure alignment with accreditation requirements.
* Meet regularly with the internal Steering Committee(s) to fulfill the vision of the initiative and to ensure that all activities are in full compliance with accreditation and regulatory requirements.
* Please submit a full CV and a statement of educational and leadership philosophy

What Does A School Director Do At Executive Excellence

* Oversee the recruitment and selection of all full-time and part-time staff and volunteers at DREAM; Lead director and executive level DREAM Charter School searches from design to hire in partnership with hiring managers and the Chief Talent Officer; Design and implement annual recruitment plans and oversee the recruitment and selection of all full-time, part-time, and volunteer roles; Oversee recruitment and selection of 200+ volunteers for all program roles as well as develop volunteer events for corporate partners; Direct team of Recruitment and Selection staff on meeting aggressive deadlines for all open positions while ensuring top of the line customer service to all potential employees and internal stakeholders; Train and give constant feedback to staff on recruiting and interviewing best practices.
* In collaboration with our communications team, create and lead an omni-channel marketing plan that leverages DREAM's brand and current talent as well as advertising to attract top talent; Identify and attend local and national recruitment events to source candidates and boost the brand of DREAM; Review and analyze post-hire evaluation tools to consistently improve the quality of hires and search processes; Increase our organizational Management team's engagement with recruiting talent by building their professional networks and creating tools to solicit referrals; Ensure the organization has top quality job candidates by building strong referral and partnership networks and cultivating relationships with potential future candidates; Oversee staff and volunteer appreciation initiatives and events; Manage external recruitment partners, as needed; Ensure applicants have interview and onboarding experiences which are high quality and reflective of the organization's culture; Manage and oversee the successful maintenance of the applicant tracking system, and the digital interview platform; Evaluate applicant fit for DREAM by screening resumes, conducting phone screens and reference checks and training the recruitment team in these areas; Provide coaching and support to leaders around hiring and retention initiatives; Provide support to the Chief Talent Officer with the implementation of crucial organizational processes including, but not limited to: performance management, professional development, and workforce planning; Lead all recruitment and selection data reporting and oversee all trackers that track recruitment and selection metrics; Requirements Bachelor's degree, required; Master's degree in a related field, a plus; Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to influence and build strong relationships to enhance work practices and support the achievement of goals; Exhibits a strong ability to build and carry a diversity of relationships over time and motivate a team to achieve its objectives; Previous recruitment and hiring experience for a school or other education focused program preferred; Maintains strong follow-through and persistence in finding the appropriate candidates for roles; High energy individual with strong interpersonal and communication skills; Ability to lead and take initiative, maintain flexibility, and creatively solve problems; Flexible, collaborative, team-player; Experience in schools and youth based organizations, a plus; Deep embodiment of DREAM's organizational values of teamwork, diversity, integrity and fun.
* Benefits Salary is highly competitive and commensurate with experience.
* All full-time employees receive an excellent benefits package including health and dental insurance, a 403(B) retirement account, life insurance, twenty days paid vacation per year and access to a full range of social services through our Employee Assistance

What Does A School Director Do At Jewish Community Center

* The After School Director is responsible for developing, facilitating and overseeing the SJCC after school programming, including the supervision, guidance and stability for program continuity.
* His/Her responsibility is to focus on running a safe, quality and enriching program that meets the needs of both children and the families it serves

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How To Become A School Director

Most schools require elementary, middle, and high school principals to have a master’s degree in education administration or leadership. Most principals also have work experience as teachers.


Principals typically need a master’s degree in education leadership or education administration. These master’s degree programs prepare future principals to manage staff, prepare and manage budgets, set goals, and work with parents and the community. To enter the master’s degree programs, candidates typically need a bachelor’s degree in education, school counseling, or a related field.

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

Principals typically need several years of work experience as a teacher. For more information on how to become a teacher, see the profiles on kindergarten and elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

Most states require public school principals to be licensed as school administrators. Licensure requirements vary by state, but most require a master’s degree. Some states have alternative programs for candidates who do not have a master’s degree in education administration or leadership. Most states also require candidates to pass an exam and a background check.

Principals in private schools are not required to have a state-issued license.


An assistant principal can advance to become a principal. Some principals advance to become superintendents, which may require completion of additional education. Others become instructional coordinators.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Principals must communicate effectively with students, teachers, and parents. For example, when dealing with student disciplinary or academic issues, they consult with and listen to parents and teachers to understand the problem.

Critical-thinking skills. Principals analyze student test results and testing procedures to determine if improvements are needed. They must assess the available options and choose the best means to help students achieve better results.

Decisionmaking skills. Because principals are responsible for students, staff members, and the overall operation of the school, they consider many factors when making decisions.

Interpersonal skills. Because principals work with teachers, parents, and superintendents, they must be able to develop positive working relationships with them.

Leadership skills. Principals set educational goals and establish policies and procedures for the school. They need to be able to motivate teachers and other staff to achieve set goals.

Problem-solving skills. Teachers, students, and other staff members report problems to the principal. Principals need to be able to analyze problems, and develop and implement appropriate solutions.

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School Director jobs

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School Director Demographics


  • Female

  • Male

  • Unknown



  • White

  • Hispanic or Latino

  • Asian

  • Unknown

  • Black or African American

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Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Italian

  • German

  • Korean

  • Portuguese

  • Chinese

  • Arabic

  • Mandarin

  • Czech

  • Russian

  • Hebrew

  • Dutch

  • Vietnamese

  • Amharic

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  • Dari

  • Hmong

  • Polish

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School Director

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School Director Education

School Director

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Real School Director Salaries

Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Director of School Service International Baccalaureate Organization Bethesda, MD Jun 01, 2015 $143,500
Lower School Director The Latin School of Chicago Chicago, IL Aug 14, 2013 $140,000
School of Architecture, Graduate Director Stephens Institute, DBA Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA Nov 17, 2015 $130,000
School of Architecture, Graduate Director Stephens Institute, DBA Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA Jul 22, 2016 $127,858
Director of Secondary School La Fondation Du Lycee Francais International de Wa Bethesda, MD Oct 01, 2011 $119,000 -
School Director Magnolia Educational & Research Foundation Costa Mesa, CA Sep 12, 2011 $109,803
Director of The Secondary School Lycee Francais de Chicago, Inc. Chicago, IL Oct 01, 2011 $99,000
Secondary School Director/Assistant Head of Scho Lycee Francais de Chicago, Inc. Chicago, IL Sep 23, 2010 $94,000 -
School Director Magnolia Public Schools San Diego, CA Aug 03, 2012 $88,320
Golf School Director Greenville Golf Academy and School Greenville, AL Nov 01, 2009 $86,000
Golf School Director Greenville Golf Academy and School Greenville, AL Dec 01, 2009 $86,000
School Director Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation Carson, CA Jun 22, 2011 $82,510
Director, Secondary School La Fondation Du Lycee Francais International de Wa Bethesda, MD Aug 02, 2010 $80,000
Primary School Director Lycee Francais de Chicago, Inc. Chicago, IL Aug 02, 2010 $78,000
Primary School Director Lycee Francais de Chicago, Inc. Chicago, IL Mar 10, 2011 $78,000
Account Manager/School Director Stoelting, LLC Chesterfield, MO Jul 01, 2012 $77,431
Account Manager/School Director PW Stoelting LLC Chesterfield, MO Jul 17, 2012 $77,431
School Director Pioneer Charter School of Science II Everett, MA Aug 19, 2013 $74,560
School Director Metropolitan Learning Institute Jersey City, NJ Jan 14, 2011 $72,000
School Director Spectrum Center Schools and Programs Pacifica, CA Mar 31, 2014 $71,751 -
Nursery School Director Spanish House Nursery School, LLC Dallas, TX Sep 17, 2016 $65,395
Music School Director Churchofthelord Orangeburg, NY Oct 15, 2014 $61,630
School Director Dance New Amsterdam, Inc. New York, NY Feb 08, 2010 $60,000
School Director Dance New Amsterdam, Inc. New York, NY Feb 08, 2011 $60,000
Dance School Director Jiguang LLC Marietta, GA Sep 09, 2016 $55,159
School Director Dance New Amsterdam New York, NY Dec 08, 2010 $55,000
School Director Metropolitan Learning Institute, Inc. Jersey City, NJ Jan 22, 2010 $55,000
Dance School Director Jiguang LLC Marietta, GA Sep 09, 2014 $52,196
Manhattan Sailing School Director Manhattan Yacht Club Inc. New York, NY Sep 10, 2014 $45,000

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Top Skills for A School Director


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Top School Director Skills

  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Financial Aid
  3. Payroll
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Stretched curriculum development function in all academic subjects to boost the quality of education.
  • Audited student enrollment and financial aid paperwork.
  • Administer program budgets and payroll to maintain fiscal responsibility.
  • Supervised 30 teachers, district supervisors, senior counselors, counselors, and medical personnel.
  • Keep a log and receipt book for all child care payments and balances.

Top School Director Employers

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