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Sears Company Logo

Working At Sears

Zippia Score 4.8


Sears Jobs


Aw snap, no jobs found.

Sears Overview



Organization Type



1,000 - 10,000


Hoffman Estates, IL



Founded in



> $1B

Key People

Tom Aiello (Media Contacts),
Chris Brathwaite (Vice President, Media Relations & Corporate Communications),
Howard Riefs (Director, Corporate Communications),
Jim Riccardi (Manager),
Cleat Crocker (Manager)

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About Sears

Sears, Roebuck and Company, colloquially known as Sears, is an American chain of department stores founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892, reincorporated by Richard Sears and new partner Julius Rosenwald in 1906.

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Sears, Roebuck and Company, colloquially known as Sears, is an American chain of department stores founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892, reincorporated by Richard Sears and new partner Julius Rosenwald in 1906.

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Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At Sears?

What is it like to work at Sears


August 1, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

It was a great job to learn about customer service and to connect with many people you may never have talked to before. It was a rewarding job, it helped me handle my future career... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I didn't like that the managers had a select few of people that they favored over their other employees. If something was wrong and it was their favorite employee who caused it, they would cover for them... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

I liked that we were rewarded with gift cards, or treats if a customer gave a positive review about an employee who helped them... Show More

I worked at Sears years and years ago. It was such a joke working there. It was horribly outdated. Our auto center, which I moved to from electronics, was hidden in the back of the store. Half our customers didn't even know it was there until they came looking for a TV. I will say this though. I met some of my best friends there. Some of the stories we have are lifelong stories. One time we closed the garage doors and created a game where you took a water bottle, had one offensive player and one goalie, and threw the bottle trying to hit the other garage door 60 yards away. What's sad is we'd play the game for hours and never have a customer come through. *** sears.

Oh my god, I made so many friends working there. My best friend and me ended up becoming friends at Sears. One time me and a coworker took the giant rubber bands off the new tractors and created a slingshot that stretched probably about 12 feet total.
June 2, 2014 on Reddit

How was the pay?

I worked there all through high school, and the pay was the only thing that kept me coming into work. Christmas, and the start of summer were awesome. I could regularly break 1000 dollars on a paycheck after taxes. Which was *** awesome as an 18 year old. During off seasons, I would probably average 9-10 dollars an hour, which wasn't bad either.
June 2, 2014 on Reddit

Place is a cluster ***. You gotta use the computer AND the iPad and nothing is ever done quickly. And that's when you can find somebody to help you out. So... what else is lame about sears?

Pretty much everything you have described and then some. Managers like to pretend they give a *** about customers, when all it comes down to is money, and pushing whichever *** metric the company feels like doing this week. It's a complete *** show of people who have no idea what exactly they're doing. The manager at our store had no idea how to work a cash register. "Oh, you just sold 4,000 dollars worth of lawn equipment? I hope you signed them up for Shop Your Way, got them a sears credit card, an attachment, and the Protection Agreement" ", I just sold th-" "See you at the morning meeting on Sunday"

I used to work in data entry, then, then quality management at a Sear Holdings telecenter. We used POS machines on the floor to process RMAs and refunds ... some of us senior agents were able to go in and see the markup on some appliances .... maaannnnnn is there a crazy markup on dishwashers and other appliances. I was there during the K-Mart takeover and people were saying "we are done and going under." 7 years later, people are still saying that, but Sears still seems to be alive. Honestly, though, every time I go to Sears (twice a year on average), I feel like I have the store to myself. I was part of an online mattress sale initiative; that really taught me a lot about mattresses and has helped me negotiate when buying from salesmen. The markup on those is also silly, and you can haggle.

Actually every person with a SNC is able to look up what the markup is on products. After reading what a bad Q1 sears had, I wouldn't be surprised if this year is the year. $278 million net loss for the quarter. Only around $477 million cash reserves. $3.1 billion debt. They are now considering selling their protection agreement and service department to have more cash reserves to stay afloat a little longer. Not good news.

Does Sears put returns back on the shelf for sale without inspecting them? Wal Mart does this and it's one of the reasons I rarely go in there. They will take a return and staple or tape the package shut and put it right back on the shelf. If you buy one of these items it will likely be broken or missing pieces. When I do buy something in Wal Mart I always look at the package to make sure it is still truly new and unopened.

Short answer: yes. Long answer: if it doesn't look like it's open, yes. I tried not to put stuff that was clearly opened back. But there were people who did, including managers. Worst thing in my department was garage door opener remotes. Those were easy to tell if opened though. Boxes that are normally just taped closed when brand new were a little harder.
May 27, 2013 on Reddit

from a scale from 10 to ***, how would you rate your old boss?

As a person? A six. Quiet guy, didn't talk about himself much or ask about your personal life. As a manager? A three. Wasn't that he was mean or anything. He just didn't have people skills. Whenever he had to criticize you, it was almost painful to watch. District manager on the other hand? Straight ***.

Last time I went to Sears was to buy a vacuum. They still had that fairly ridiculous setup where you had to speak to a saleperson to have them get the item for you, then go to a place to load it, etc. I just wanna grab it myself and leave without talking to anybody. What other extremely inefficient practices does the company have?

Using registers that are ancient. I was told we got them secondhand from JC Penney. Having a store policy that sales associates explain is the reason why we can't do a certain thing (like a return outside of return policy) only to have a manager come up and do it anyway.

As someone who worked for Sears for 4 years, 2 as a cashier and 2 as a Lawn and Garden associate with a brief foray into Hardware (tools), congrats on escaping the soul-sucking hell hole. I've never worked somewhere that I've felt as undervalued as I did than when I worked at Sears.

Thank you. So happy to be out.

I am currently a tools sales associate, and I am very interested to hear your most ridiculous story regarding a customer issue.

Wasn't really an issue. I had an older man probably in his 90s come in to see a multimeter. He asked about discounts so I told him about the $15 off for credit card. He told me it was hard for him to get credit cards because he is Al Capone's son. I didn't want to contradict him so I went along with it, even though I wasn't sure if Capone had any sons or how old they'd be now. He then proceeded to lecture me about how the real bible was the Greek bible (Septuagint) and god didn't hate gays. In retrospect I'm pretty sure he had Alzheimers, which made the whole situation more sad than funny. Edit: Forgot to include, Al Capone did have one son, who died in 2004. This was 2010.

Hey. Can you tell me anything about the decline in sears tool quality? For instance, your radial arm saws used to be extremely good, and extremely accurate. Now, your tools are primarily plastic, and I go through a lot of them. Was it just profit margins? Do you think it's something Sears could have focused on and spun off into something more quality driven?

I'd blame it on the Kmart merger. That's when profits fell substantially. To make up for lost profits they start making a lesser product, or use cheaper materials to reduce bottom line. Cheaper products turns off customers, leading to more losses. Rinse and repeat.
May 27, 2013 on Reddit

Is Sears going to make it?

Profits just aren't there. I was at my particular store for 3 years, and there would be less foot traffic year after year. The clientele is old and dying and they're not picking up new young customers to replace them. It'll be one hell of a comeback if it makes it though.

I just started working in the back room at Sears last week. Anything I should know that I wouldn't have learned in orientation or training?

Actually the backroom guys generally had the least complaints it seemed like. Things got really crazy around the holidays, but it does for almost everyone in the store. Occasionally a manager would make the backroom guys clear out product and send it out. It really annoyed us cause it was usually stuff we didn't need so we'd send it right back and then the backroom guys would get annoyed. Stupid things like that.

I was a cashier there for about a month. Awful, awful place. About a year later I walked into my old store and did not recognize anyone. Very high turnover.

All the people you knew probably left 1-3 months after you.

My mom worked there for 25 years. She started as the Tailor for many years, then they stop doing suit alterations, etc. They moved her to lingerie. After more years of that they started to harass employees to retire. Quite a few took the early payouts because the GM was getting nasty. She knew her time left and dealt with it. They then moved her to jewelry to be on commission because they knew it was harder and would likely pay less. Luckily my father was USAF for 28 years as Senior Master Sergeant so his benefits were good and money wasn't a problem. She did her time on commission and got out. Does Sears still harass people who try to stay around until retirement? Or does nobody stay that long anymore?

Yeah they still do that. One person in lower management was offered a buyout to leave because they were eliminating her position. She refused, and was promptly put on the signing team for Home Fashions for like six months. It all worked out for her in the end though because she eventually got promoted to a management position higher than what she previously was. I can only speak to my store, but cashiers tend to not stick around long because they only get paid minimum wage. Sales associates maybe a little longer than that since the pay is a little better with commission. And managers generally didn't shift much. The only people in my store that had been there more than 10 years were some management, a few of the signing team, some of the appliance sales associates, and some of the backroom team. You ran into new cashiers monthly though it seemed. Sometimes even more frequently.

Sears Employees

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    Diversity Score
We calculated the diversity score of companies by measuring multiple factors, including the ethnic background, gender identity, and language skills of their workforce.

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Hispanic or Latino






Black or African American

Languages Spoken









































Do you work at Sears?

Anonymously rate Sears as an employer

Sears Careers

Average Length of Employment
Costco Wholesale 3.1 years
Sears Holdings 3.0 years
JCPenney 2.5 years
The Home Depot 2.4 years
Kmart 2.3 years
Lowe's Companies 2.3 years
Walmart 2.2 years


2.2 years
Overstock 2.0 years
Target 2.0 years
Kohl's 1.3 years
Top Employers Before Sears
Walmart 20.3%
McDonald's 12.1%
Target 6.6%
Macy's 5.6%
JCPenney 4.7%
Best Buy 4.5%
U.S. Navy 3.5%
Kmart 3.5%
Wendy's 3.1%
UPS 2.9%
Subway 2.8%
Walgreens 2.8%
Taco Bell 2.5%
Pizza Hut 2.5%
Top Employers After Sears
Walmart 18.1%
Target 6.6%
Macy's 5.8%
Best Buy 5.6%
JCPenney 4.6%
AT&T 4.2%
Amazon 4.1%
McDonald's 3.8%
FedEx 3.7%
UPS 3.7%
Walgreens 3.7%
Verizon 3.4%
Kohl's 3.3%

Sears Employees Education


University of Phoenix


Liberty University


Universal Technical Institute


Kaplan University


Ashford University


University of Central Florida


Southern New Hampshire University


Northern Virginia Community College


Northern Illinois University


Miami Dade College


American InterContinental University


Anne Arundel Community College


University of North Texas


University of Southern Mississippi


Pima Community College


Grand Canyon University


Strayer University


University of South Florida


University of Memphis


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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Criminal Justice






General Studies


Automotive Technology




Computer Science


Health Care Administration


Medical Assisting Services








Liberal Arts






Graphic Design


Electrical Engineering


Information Technology


Computer Information Systems

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Sears Pictures

Sears Picture
Sears Picture
Sears Picture
Sears Picture
Sears Picture
Sears Picture

Sears Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Libertarian Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Kevin SearsReal Estate Broker $20,500Democratic Party
Lynn SearsContractor $19,850Republican Party
Lowell SearsVenture Capitalist $8,926Democratic Party
Srinivasa KandalaExecutive Director, Information Technology $5,400Democratic Party
David MyrellTechnician $5,100Republican Party
Laura PetnuchManager $4,950Republican Party
Alexander SearsInvestor $4,750Democratic Party
JIM SearsChief Executive Officer $3,000Republican Party
Paul SearsRealtor $2,750Republican Party
Michael AmatoFinance $2,700Democratic Party
James SearsContractor $2,600Republican Party
Man KIMPresident $2,500Democratic Party
Michael DamatoFinance $2,500Republican Party
MacIe ScherickArt Dealer $2,035Democratic Party
Gloria SearsOwner $2,000Republican Party
Ruth EppigPresident $2,000Republican Party
Bill SzlapkaClerk $2,000Democratic Party
Julian SpratlingSales Consultant $1,700Democratic Party
Dean CarterHuman Resources Coordinator $1,500Democratic Party
Michael BergerManager $1,316Democratic Party
Dheeraj BhushanMid Management $1,250Republican Party
Andrew MolloStore Manager $1,100Democratic Party
Gloria NobleRetired Middle Management $1,050Democratic Party
John KeeffeSales $1,040Democratic Party
Alice DawdaLawyer $1,000Republican Party
Manjula IyerProduct Manager $948Democratic Party
Dennis FastnachtAccount Manager $900Republican Party
Matt WhiteManager $750Democratic Party
Monica RogersManager $750Republican Party
Paul BuergerBackroom Associate $672Democratic Party
Julie BlackburnAttorney $600Democratic Party
Berkeley Burch MartinezSales Associate $560Libertarian Party
Albert BartoloSales $500Democratic Party
Lovell WatsonManager $500Democratic Party
Nolan PikeGeneral Manager $500Republican Party
Shannon GamboaGeneral Manager $459Democratic Party
Joseph PinchbeckGeneral Manager $452Republican Party
Godfrey GrantTechinican $432Democratic Party
John MitchellTechnician $400Democratic Party
David WoodVice President $400Republican Party
Jeff BrollSales $400Democratic Party
Kris Shellum AllensonAuditor $375Democratic Party
Daniel DeckertSales Associate $358Democratic Party
Ho NguyenSears Service $330Republican Party
Ernest HarageonesSales Person $305Republican Party
Christina BrandonUser Experience Researcher $280Democratic Party
Edward McKerveyTransportation $275Republican Party
Thaddeus Grimes GruczkaSales $255Democratic Party
Tom HarkinsElectronics Technician $250Republican Party
Robert MinerBroker $250Republican Party
Michael WhitloAttorney $250Democratic Party
Timothy RutledgeManager $250Republican Party
RON LedfordPresident $250Republican Party
Jason WardMarketing $250Democratic Party
Rick ChristensenRepair Technician $250Republican Party
Vincent DeonMarketing Manager $250Republican Party
Shelley ThomClerk $250Democratic Party
Raymond BenoitHuman Resources Coordinator $250Democratic Party
Tom StantonSelf-Employed $250Republican Party
Donald DavidsonAuto Dealer $250Republican Party
Mike WhitbeckManager $250Republican Party
Tyson MaltbySales $225Republican Party
Andrew DanielDVP Creative $210Democratic Party
Tanzina TaniaFilfulment $209Democratic Party
Melissa DurandLicensed Optician $208Democratic Party
Timothy McClintockMechanic $201Republican Party
Jerome GburekSales $200Republican Party
Michael HendersonPharmacist $200Democratic Party
James HaleyTeacher $200Democratic Party
John PaineSales Manager $200Democratic Party
Glenn MooreComputer Programmer $200Republican Party
Laura PelnuchManagement Trainee $200Republican Party
Thomas QuillmanService $181Democratic Party
Marjorie PriesSenior Business Analyst $162Democratic Party
James BroomfieldService Technician $160Republican Party
Jay GittrichTechnical Specialist $156Democratic Party
Francois DestineSales Associate $150Democratic Party
Kerem TomakChief Marketing Officer $150Democratic Party
Maya BowieVice President $130Democratic Party
Lee FuchsSales Manager $125Democratic Party
Ruth MaynardSales $125Democratic Party
John ShepardRetail Sales Lead $100Democratic Party
Kevin FerenchikSales $87Democratic Party
Anne FloydCustomer Assistant $85Democratic Party
Andrew PatryManager $84Republican Party
Barbara HeinMCA $81Democratic Party
Juliet NagleMedical Assistant $80Republican Party
Thomas SearsExecutive $75Republican Party
Lawrence LujanSales $70Democratic Party
Zari SalimnejadDesigner $60Democratic Party
Raymond GwiazdowskiService Technician $60Republican Party
Thaddeus GrimesSales $56Democratic Party
Miguel RuanSales $52Democratic Party
Stephen SartellNetwork Engineer $50Democratic Party
Pedro RiveraSales Consultant $50Democratic Party
Karin FagellaOperations Manager $50Democratic Party
Ilona PiwkoEcommerce $50Democratic Party
Kenneth DimaggioMaintenance $40Republican Party
Berthe PetersenTechnical Specialist $40Democratic Party
James RobinsonManager $37Democratic Party
Dishon JordanBackroom Associate $35Democratic Party
JOE BednarskiCreative Director $32Democratic Party
Craig RoslerTeller $28Democratic Party
Betsy BurdetteSales $27Democratic Party
Michael AndersonMarketing $25Republican Party
Noah ResslerSales Person $20Republican Party
Cristine PannutoCustomer Service Associate $18Democratic Party
Bob MillerSales $15Democratic Party
Thaddeus GruczkaSales $13Democratic Party
Paul StravensSales $5Democratic Party
Clinton StrangeTechnician $5Republican Party
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Sears Salaries

  • -
    Salary Score
We calculated the salary score by comparing the salaries of specific positions within a given company against other similar positions at other similar companies.
Senior Technical DirectorHoffman Estates, IL $190,000
Senior Technical DirectorCenterville, OH $190,000
Software EngineerHoffman Estates, IL $112,000
Program ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $110,000
Lead TechnicianRound Rock, TX $107,635
Project ManagerRoyal Oak, MI $107,114
Project ManagerRoyal Oak, MI $107,000
Project ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $107,000
Systems ArchitectHoffman Estates, IL $105,581
Systems ArchitectHoffman Estates, IL $105,581
Business Operations ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $105,000
Senior Product ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $104,000
Data Warehouse SpecialistChicago, IL $102,523
Systems ArchitectHoffman Estates, IL $101,800
Systems ArchitectHoffman Estates, IL $101,800
Systems ArchitectHoffman Estates, IL $101,800
Technology ArchitectChicago, IL $101,800
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $100,000
Service Delivery ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $100,000
Software Engineer/ArchitectHoffman Estates, IL $99,424
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $98,800
Quality Assurance LeadHoffman Estates, IL $98,800
Lead TechnicianChicago, IL $98,800
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $98,800
Project ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $98,634
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $98,400
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $98,400
Lead TechnicianChicago, IL $98,400
Java ConsultantWashington, DC $96,600
Database AdministratorHoffman Estates, IL $94,557
Business AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $92,914
User Experience ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $91,875
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $91,700
Lead TechnicianHoffman Estates, IL $91,700
Database AdministratorHoffman Estates, IL $91,000
Project LeaderHoffman Estates, IL $90,400
Project LeaderHoffman Estates, IL $90,400
Technical ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $90,000
Business AnalystChicago, IL $88,254
Quality Assurance AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $86,000
Database AdministratorHoffman Estates, IL $86,000
Quality Assurance AnalystChicago, IL $86,000
Database AdministratorChicago, IL $85,301
Project ManagerRedwood City, CA $85,000
Quality Assurance EngineerHoffman Estates, IL $85,000
Software EngineerHoffman Estates, IL $83,366
Senior User Experience DesignerHoffman Estates, IL $83,366
Business AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $83,325
Senior Marketing AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $83,325
Senior Marketing AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $83,325
Men's DesignerNew York, NY $80,267
Quality Assurance AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $76,066
Quality Assurance AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $76,000
Web User Experience StrategistHoffman Estates, IL $70,000
Quality Assurance AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $68,900
Quality Assurance AnalystHoffman Estates, IL $68,900
Computer ProgrammerHoffman Estates, IL $67,163
Web Software EngineerChicago, IL $66,331
Web Software EngineerHoffman Estates, IL $66,331
Computer ProgrammerChicago, IL $64,085
Computer ProgrammerHoffman Estates, IL $64,085
Computer ProgrammerChicago, IL $64,085
Associate Marketing ManagerHoffman Estates, IL $63,000
Computer ProgrammerHoffman Estates, IL $62,816
Computer ProgrammerHoffman Estates, IL $62,816
Electrical EngineerAtlanta, GA $62,610
First Line SupervisorMiddle Island, NY $58,436
Market Research AnalystLongwood, FL $55,000
Senior AnalystLongwood, FL $52,697
Architectural DesignerTucson, AZ $37,300
Graphic DesignerAtlanta, GA $32,200

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Sears Awards

Awards From Zippia
  • Sears Zippia Award
  • Sears Zippia Award
  • Sears Zippia Award
  • Sears Zippia Award

Sears Stock Performance

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    Performance Score
We calculated the performance score of companies by measuring multiple factors, including revenue, longevity, and stock market performance.


> $1B

Net Income


Market Cap


Total Equity


Total Assets


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Sears Competitors

Competitors Jobs


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You can find out what it is like to work at Sears, also known as Sears, Sears Auto Ctr and Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Zippia gives an in-depth look into the details of Sears, including salaries, political affiliations, employee data, and more, in order to inform job seekers about Sears. The employee data is based on information from people who have self-reported their past or current employments at Sears. While we have made attempts to ensure that the information displayed are correct, Zippia is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. The data presented on this page does not represent the view of Sears and its employees or that of Zippia.