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    Average Salary For a Security Agent

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Security Agent is $35,179 per year or $17 per hour. The highest paying Security Agent jobs have a salary over $52,000 per year while the lowest paying Security Agent jobs pay $23,000 per year

    Updated January 26, 2023
    Average Security Agent Salary
    $35,179 yearly
    $17 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Security Agent


    Drivers are responsible for safely transporting people, packages, or goods from one destination to another. They should be familiar with the different routes that may be taken to reach the desired goal. They should be expert navigators and may use navigation apps to help them along the way. They should also be familiar with the basic mechanics of the vehicle they are using and the proper maintenance and cleaning needed to ensure that the car is running well. Drivers are expected to have excellent customer relation skills, a strong sense of direction, and superb organizations.

    Security Specialist

    A security specialist is responsible for maintaining the security of an organization's database, ensuring that it's free from cyber threats and unusual activities. Security specialists' duties include upgrading hardware and software applications, configuring networks to improve optimization, addressing any unauthorized access on the database, troubleshooting system discrepancies, conducting security audits on the system, and improving automated processes. A security specialist must have a strong command of programming languages and system codes, as well as broad experience with technical expertise.

    Loss Prevention Agent

    A loss prevention agent is responsible for averting theft and securing a retail store or similar establishment. They are primarily in charge of monitoring surveillance cameras and roaming around the premises while dressed in civilian clothing, all to observe the surroundings and spot any suspicious behavior. Furthermore, a loss prevention agent must adhere to the policies and standards of the establishment, implement safety and security measures, and coordinate with the police should there be any person caught stealing.


    An Executive's responsibilities vary depending on an organization or company. However, most of the time, it involves a great deal of leadership and communication. An Executive must oversee and direct employees towards particular sets of goals and vision, create strategies and plans that will benefit the company's financial gains and workforce, and as well as evaluate and analyze the progress of various company departments. Moreover, an Executive holds the power of decision-making, such as in the aspects of budget, promotions, and policies.

    Delivery Driver

    A delivery driver's general responsibility is to ensure that the packages are being delivered to the destination safely and timely. Delivery drivers must be able to communicate well with the delivery team for the most convenient routes and assigned schedule. A delivery driver also has to check with the customer should there be any concerns regarding the items delivered to guarantee satisfaction and accurate service. Delivery drivers should also have basic knowledge of engines in case of any system malfunctions on the road.

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