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In 1928, Selected Risks became a stock company under the name Selected Risks Indemnity Company.


In June 1959, Selective acquired and installed an IBM 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control).


In 1962, the huge and bulky IBM RAMAC 1401 replaced the company’s first mainframe, processing policies at the blinding rate of 13 per minute.

Also in 1962, Frank P. Weiler succeeded Mr.


A recession in the early 1980’s was followed by a rebound that ushered in a period of economic growth in the United States.


Gregory E. Murphy was named president and chief operating officer, becoming president and chief executive officer in 1999 upon Mr.


Gregory E. Murphy was named chairman, president and chief executive officer in 2000 and has played a key role in Selective’s growth to a super-regional property casualty company.


Customers began to benefit directly from our user-friendly “high-tech” approach in 2006 as Selective launched its online customer portal -- eSelect® Online Services.


Selective employees and NASDAQ official join chairman, president and CEO, Greg Murphy, in ringing the bell to signal the close of the NASDAQ trading day on July 14, 2008.

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