Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a senior operations manager. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of senior operations manager resumes they appeared on. For example, 14.3% of senior operations manager resumes contained procedures as a skill. Let's find out what skills a senior operations manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

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The six most common skills found on Senior Operations Manager resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list.

15 Essential Senior Operations Manager Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Procedures

Procedures are the established ways to perform a certain task. It is like an action plan for a team to perform their duties. It's like a map that can save one from being confused or roaming about while attempting to achieve a goal. When an organization uses procedures, it promotes positive practices and sets a good precedent

Here's how procedures is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Conducted quality improvement training for management and implemented productivity models and operating procedures and policies to ensure effective departmental performance monitoring.
  • Translated into Spanish site specific Disaster Recovery Configuration procedures to enable and to leverage Non-English speaking community during potential recovery efforts.
  • Coordinated with managers and individual contributors; implemented lean operating procedures to exceed goals for process improvements and cost reductions.
  • Created, revised, and consolidated company procedures to meet contract and federal government guidelines/DCAA procedures for overseas company locations.
  • Managed evaluation and testing procedures and maintained training and performance records for evaluating instructor effectiveness, provided recommendations for improvement.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

Here's how customer service is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Provided strategic direction in managing bank operations focused on delivering outstanding customer service and profit-driven sales with exemplary retail product cross-selling.
  • Earned multiple promotions from initial accountability for Sales Planning department to later assume responsibility for Credit Services and Customer Service teams.
  • Managed nine direct reports in the strategic planning and implementation of warehouse initiatives focused on competitive advantage through superior customer service.
  • Provided direct supervision to 5 departmental managers accountable for optimal performance of over 70 sales, warehousing and customer service associates.
  • Recruited, trained and supervised 25+ associates including customer service representatives, claims processors, quality analysts, business support associates.

3. Project Management

Here's how project management is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Oversee all aspects of project management for Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company including development, staffing, financial performance and daily operations.
  • Project management: Program management of marketing campaigns related to vendor or policy modifications as well as technology tools and websites/databases.
  • Provide high-level executive, project management, administrative and event management support to the Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer.
  • Directed planning, project management and development for new service launches and life-cycle enhancements which included training development and delivery.
  • Project Management including automation upgrades, garage redesign, safety systems and increasing customer satisfaction and experience while maximizing revenues.

4. Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is an ongoing process of improvement of products, services, and processes with the help of innovative ideas. It is an organized approach that helps an organization to find its weaknesses and improve them.

Here's how continuous improvement is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Develop, recommend and implement manufacturing procedures that result in continuous improvement in competitive positioning, profitability, and customer satisfaction.
  • Prepared and applied new ideas, procedures and processes to improve productivity, quality management for continuous improvement of the organization.
  • Directed Voice of the Customer initiative, establishing strategic connection with users enterprise-wide to inform continuous improvements that drove customer satisfaction.
  • Managed overall team and pursued continuous improvement opportunities resulting in improved customer service experience and reduction in operating expenses.
  • Implemented daily performance centers and weekly continuous improvement centers to drive transparency of manufacturing KPI s and improvement projects.

5. Facility

A facility is a location where different operations take place. For example, military and athletic events take place in military and sports facilities. In a nuclear test facility, physicists focus on nuclear research. We can use the word to refer to structures, buildings, and resources that individuals offer for a specific function. Shopping facilities, for instance, are locations where we can purchase goods. Medical facilities may refer to either medical devices or a physical structure. A facility can be used to describe an installation or any other building which is a location where something can be done. It can also be an example of a commercial or administrative building such as a resort, school, office facility, sports stadium, or convention center.

Here's how facility is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Collaborated as part of operations team to develop and implement training and transition plans for packaging department in new production facility.
  • Assure efficient operations by working jointly with Field operations to develop economical expense and ordinary capital budgets for each terminal facility.
  • Promoted to direct overall capital equipment and business operations of an electronics manufacturing facility reporting directly to the VP of Operations.
  • Provided leadership and strategic direction to ensure the facility met operational and financial objectives, and operated at maximum efficiency.
  • Managed profit/loss, contract implementation/renewal, performance standards, customer retention, AR, facility management and staffing of personnel.

6. Oversight

Having oversight of someone means to monitor a process or a situation. If someone has oversight of something, they are responsible for the completion of the project. Oversight is usually given to experts as they monitor their juniors or newbies as they go through a project.

Here's how oversight is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Provide oversight to the Centers and Clinical operations to coordinate staffing and administrative responsiveness relative to the responsibilities and mission.
  • Evaluated areas of operational concern and developed resolutions to same;provided support and oversight during the implementation of solutions.
  • Implement established budgets while demonstrating cost control by effective expense oversight ensuring quarterly and annual budgetary objectives are met.
  • Collaborate with vendors/consultants on outsourced solutions providing technical / architectural oversight and development and implementation of integration plans.
  • Establish operational objectives/goals and work plans and delegate assignments to the department managers for implementation and oversight.

7. Logistics

Logistics is a complete organization and implementation of a problem. Logistics are often considered in a complex business operation, as some works need detailed plannings. Logistics are also used in military action.

Here's how logistics is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Developed cross-training program for operations managers to broaden knowledge across interrelated functions, leading to smoother logistics operations and increased productivity.
  • Provided leadership to logistics department as they oversaw all Information Technology Services ensuring quality service provision to all bass.
  • Developed Six Sigma Lean national best practices for logistics and new communication; successfully implemented in traffic centers nationally.
  • Synchronized and streamlined the organization's operations, logistics and training activities to meet divisional strategic goals and objectives.
  • Maintained the units Government Purchase Credit Card for facilitating emergency and non-traditional purchases for two logistics teams in Germany.

8. KPI

Here's how kpi is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Created KPI metrics, identifying tactical changes to improve team execution and executive visibility.
  • Generated KPI reporting and dashboard communication format and rigor.
  • Developed and implemented supplier scorecard and KPI reporting procedures.
  • Support process efficiency improvement efforts via KPI reporting.
  • Improved customer expectations by 15% through KPI's and the ability to building customer, colleagues, and alliance relationships.

9. Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance means that all the standards that have been set are being maintained. Making sure that all the policies are being followed also assists in ensuring compliance.

Here's how ensure compliance is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Manage the regulatory report process from initial contributions to final report to ensure compliance with local and global regulatory standards.
  • Disseminated orders and information and monitored execution to ensure compliance with the commander's concept and decisions.
  • Work closely with management team to ensure compliance, operational decisions, scheduling requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Recommended solutions to design and construction conflicts to ensure compliance with both project and regulatory requirements.
  • Worked closely with carrier representatives to ensure compliance with company and state and federal regulations.

10. Direct Reports

Here's how direct reports is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Ensured that direct reports and staff had information and knowledge necessary for understanding the organization's strategic business objectives.
  • Career growth and satisfaction of staff/direct reports Effective teaming across sales and corporate organization through partnering and networking.
  • Program Management - Supervised eight direct reports and oversaw 25 subordinates; developed concepts and program administration processes.
  • Monitor and coordinate vendor activity through direct reports to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of services.
  • Conduct workload analysis, establish performance objectives and annual performance reviews for direct reports.

11. Sigma

In Greek alphabets, sigma is the 18th letter that means "to sum up". In statistics, the lower case symbol of sigma is the unit of measurement for standard deviation which is used to assess the variability in a given set of data. While the upper case symbol is for summation notation means to add up all the given numbers in the data set.

Here's how sigma is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Streamlined new employee processing time by leading two Lean Six Sigma process improvement initiatives that eliminated unnecessary steps in process.
  • Maintained warehouse material handling system while implementing Lean and Six Sigma processes to improve employee and supervisor productivity.
  • Completed Six Sigma certification after completing two projects and passing a certification examination.
  • Maintained quality and productivity according to company standards - Six Sigma related.
  • Collaborate with quality team on training and introducing Six Sigma methodologies.

12. Strategic Initiatives

Here's how strategic initiatives is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Developed and implemented compliance strategic initiatives, driving performance metrics and delivering talent development and communication projects across US Compliance organization.
  • Provided financial leadership partnering with corporate functions, divisions and subsidiaries on strategic initiatives balancing internal controls and business needs.
  • Support strategic initiatives and projects within the Sales & Marketing Operations and Infrastructure Business Management function.
  • Lead a team of internal consultants and management analysts focused on supporting corporate strategic initiatives.
  • Develop and support operational and strategic initiatives in support of International Transportation business plans.

13. Business Development

Business development is the ideas or initiatives that work to make business work better. Selling, advertising, product development, supply chain management, and vendor management are only a few of the divisions involved with it. There is still a lot of networking, negotiating, forming alliances, and trying to save money. The goals set for business development guide and coordinate with all of these various operations and sectors.

Here's how business development is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Spearhead the development and implementation of operational business plans to achieve revenue expectations and increase market share growth and customer retention.
  • Subject matter expert when performing logistical developing projects including business plans, strategies and management of costs and resource requirements.
  • Executed detailed business development strategies and comparable financial analysis, prepared recommendations and formal reports for public and/or private companies.
  • Worked closely with president and general manager to architect strategic business plans to capture market share while increasing operational efficiency.
  • Collaborate with business owners to effectively analyze market trends, critical to developing and implementing strategic business plans.

14. Human Resources

Human resources is a set of people in a business or a corporation that are designated to locate, interview, and recruit new employees into the company. They are also responsible to maintain the integrity of the employees and help them sort their problems out. They try to introduce and manage employee-benefit programs.

Here's how human resources is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Exercised human resources support through management of employee performance evaluations, compensation recommendations, training, on-boarding, counseling and discipline.
  • Project included collaboration with executive management human resources, and legal to ensure the conversion met federal guidelines for hourly workers.
  • Led overall business functions by managing human resources activities, maximizing employee performance in service of organization strategic objectives.
  • Identified as the liaison between Human Resources/Legal departments and the National Service Center maintaining current and accurate communications.
  • Partnered with Human Resources in staff development projects which increased communications, retention, promotions and engagement.

15. Financial Performance

Here's how financial performance is used on senior operations manager resumes:
  • Performed technical analysis to determine present and future financial performance, providing relevant fiscal information to executive management team.
  • Negotiated and monitored vendor service contracts, including quarterly review of financial performance with varied suppliers and vendors.
  • Developed key performance indicators and presented client business reviews including balanced scorecards for service and financial performance.
  • Developed processes and metrics to measure financial performance, operational efficiency and effectiveness of contact strategies.
  • Served as a trusted business partner providing perspective and expertise to maximize financial performance.

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Most Common Skills For Senior Operations Managers

RankascdescSenior Operations Manager SkillascdescPercentageascdesc
Customer Service
Project Management
Continuous Improvement
Ensure Compliance
Direct Reports
Strategic Initiatives
Business Development
Human Resources
Financial Performance
Performance Management
Professional Development
Action Plans
Key Performance Indicators
Risk Management
Cost Reduction
Company Policies
Daily Operations
Business Units
Special Projects
Management System
Performance Reviews
Business Process
Training Programs
Service Levels
Strategic Plan
Staff Members
New Processes
Regulatory Agencies
Executive Leadership
Inventory Control
Inventory Levels
Technical Support

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