Senior Project Specialist

Senior Project Specialist Salary

Average Yearly Salary
Min 10%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
Inc. Research
Highest Paying City
Lynchburg, VA
Highest Paying State
District of Columbia
Average Experience Level
3.6 years
How much does a senior project specialist make?
The national average salary for a Senior Project Specialist in the U.S. is $86,093 annually or $41.39 hourly. While the top 10 percent make over $116,000 per year, the bottom 10 percent make under $63,000. Internet companies and Professional companies are the best when it comes to the number of employment opportunities. District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Alaska, and Alabama have the highest paying Senior Project Specialist jobs. Most Senior Project Specialists spend 3.6 years in the position.

Average Senior Project Specialist Salary By Location

Across America, Senior Project Specialists make on average $86,093 annually or $41.39 hourly. The top city when it comes to Senior Project Specialist salaries is Lynchburg, VA at $108,103 per year. The average starting salary in Lynchburg, VA for Senior Project Specialists is $66,000. The top 5 states with the highest reported Senior Project Specialist salaries are District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Alaska, and Alabama. On the other hand, Nevada, Idaho, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and North Dakota report the lowest wages for Senior Project Specialists.
RankCityAverage Salary
Lynchburg, VA
Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA
San Francisco, CA
Rahway, NJ

Average Senior Project Specialist Salary By Company

Senior Project Specialists can expect good job security. Some industries pay higher than others. Internet companies and Professional companies tend to have the highest concentration of employment in this field. Inc. Research and Fugro are the highest paying companies. Also, companies like Fluor and MGM Resorts International pay their Senior Project Specialists very well.

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