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Become A Senior Research Coordinator

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Working As A Senior Research Coordinator

  • Getting Information
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
  • Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge
  • Mostly Sitting

  • $70,000

    Average Salary

What Does A Senior Research Coordinator Do At Electronic Arts, Inc.

* Work closely with game teams to understand franchise goals and strategies
* Plan and conduct user research activities for EA’s products
* Gather and analyze actionable data from a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods (interview, lab studies, heuristics, surveys, telemetry, etc.)
* Effectively communicate research results to game teams (verbal and written reports), provide recommendations and ongoing feedback to design
* Develop long-term user research plans and testing schedules for EA’s products
* Identify research opportunities that will impact users understanding, product design and quality
* Apply and tailor methods for assessing user engagement, user behavior, meaningful social interactions, and consumption of entertainment products, particularly in the console and PC space
* Generate new methodologies that will pertain to each product’s unique gameplay and sensibility
* Contribute to the development and refinement of departmental research processes
* Partner across organizational with a variety of disciplines (researchers, designers, product planners, market researchers, producers, etc.) to generate insights which deeply impact the trajectory of their product work

What Does A Senior Research Coordinator Do At University of Pennsylvania

* The responsibilities of the Senior Research Coordinator include but are not limited to:
* Qualitative data collection (primarily interviewing patients who have psoriasis but potential for group moderation, note taking, and conduction of participant observations), data management (including cleaning, formatting, preparing transcripts and other data for coding and analysis), and coding and analysis using NVivo
* Quantitative data collection (e.g., survey administration), data management (including entering survey and screening data into Microsoft Access and REDCap databases), and basic descriptive summary using Microsoft Excel or other quantitative software
* Preparation and submission of Institutional Review Board (IRB) documentation including initial submissions, continuing reviews, amendments, deviations, exceptions, and adverse event reporting
* Developing and implementing innovative strategies to ensure successful patient recruitment and enrollment goals are met within specified timelines
* Recruiting, screening, and enrolling potential study patients as specified per protocol and scheduling and implementing all study visits and related activities
* Managing financial aspects of study patient participation including distribution of compensation and review of bills and queries for accuracy.
* Performing additional duties as assigned
* Adhering to all University of Pennsylvania, GCP and FDA guidelines.
* Qualifications
* The qualifications required for the Senior Research Coordinator position include:
* A BS/BA and 3
* years experience in clinical research or the equivalent combination of education and experience are required
* Background in qualitative research and data management is strongly preferred
* Knowledge of IRB and Human Research Protection Regulations
* Experience working directly with patients
* Ability to follow detailed clinical research protocols
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
* Excellent organization skills and demonstrated attention-to-detail
* Ability to work independently with minimal to moderate supervision
* Ability to multi-task and be flexible in both task and schedule including possibilities of night/weekend work
* Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and electronic database management
* Affirmative Action Statement
* Penn adheres to a policy that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected class

What Does A Senior Research Coordinator Do At Albert Einstein College

* The senior research coordinator will work at the nexus of this vibrant environment to advance a multi-faceted clinical, behavioral, epidemiological, community, and/or public policy and research agenda.
* The Senior Research Coordinator will participate in all phases of this research from: study design; solicitation of funding; grant preparation; recruitment of staff and subjects; data collection; compliance with human subjects and other administrative requirements; data analysis and dissemination of findings.
* The Senior Research Coordinator will report to the RFK CERC Director, RFK UCEDD Director and RFK UCEDD Co
* Director, the RFK CERC Senior Research Coordinator responsible for the implementation of all research activities related to the RFK UCEDD, RFK LEND and RFK CERC. :
* Identify, review, and disseminate funding opportunities to RFK CERC faculty and staff.
* Assist RFK CERC faculty and staff to design, develop, and prepare research and evaluation grant applications for external funding.
* Assist RFK CERC faculty and staff to design, develop, and implement internal analyses of CERC data for approved research and evaluation studies
* Assist RFK CERC faculty and staff to prepare, monitor, and update appropriate patient registration (e.g., EPIC), clinical trials (e.g., Velos), and human subjects (e.g., Iris) registrations for
* Coordinate, distribute & monitor work.
* Perform various management duties as assigned by RFK CERC Director, RFK UCEDD Director and RFK UCEDD Co
* Director.
* These duties include managing staff and personnel who implement work flows, patient contacts, data collection and analysis writing reports/manuscripts;
* Implement research studies across RFK CERC including the design of research studies, recruitment of personnel and subjects, data collection, data analysis, and summary of findings;
* Administer research studies across RFK CERC including participation in the solicitation of funding through grant preparation and submission, coordination with Cayuse, IRB approval, and other administrative tasks
* Disseminate research findings through conferences, professional presentations, journals and print and video media, internet, webinars, social media and other modes of communication;
* Involve people with developmental disabilities and families, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, in the development of research products and resources that are disseminated;
* Coordinate with the Montefiore and Einstein research offices;
* Will be responsible for creating and managing project budgets with the assistance of the PI;
* Will be responsible for developing study protocols with the assistance of the PI;
* Will directly supervise an administrative support staff member

What Does A Senior Research Coordinator Do At S&P Global

* Collect and process energy asset data in a timely manner
* Respond to Client inquiries about various data sets
* Build new processes and update existing processes to improve the accuracy and collection speed
* Monitor EIA and FERC regulatory changes
* Help design and implement new database structures and processes
* Act as a contact person for the energy development teams and provide user acceptance testing for new applications
* WhatWe reLookingFor

What Does A Senior Research Coordinator Do At NYU Medical Center

* Recruitment & Research Activities: Respond to in-person, e-mail and phone inquiries from research patients, research investigators and health care providers regarding Dr.
* Chakravartis laboratory genetic study of Hirschsprung disease that aims to identify the constituent genes and understand the molecular basis of multifactorial inheritance.
* The needs are to explain the research study, obtain informed consent and medical information in a confidential manner, and, coordinate collection of blood and tissue samples.
* Maintain and update database and files organizing this information.
* Update study website and publish periodic newsletter for families.
* Act as liaison to professional organizations and patient support groups.
* Provide genetic information (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) to families regarding Hirschsprung disease, answer questions regarding Hirschsprung disease clinical research study, and refer research study patients/families to other health care personnel as needed upon request.
* In addition, facilitate confirmation of incidental findings in genetic studies and refer participants to appropriate health care providers as needed.
* Project Management: Coordinate a multi-site collaborative biorepository for Hirschsprung disease research.
* Serve on the Steering Committee for the biorepository and act as a liaison to other study sites.
* Facilitate completion of IRB applications, continuing review, and other compliance documents at actively enrolling collaborative sites.
* Plan quarterly conference calls for all collaborative sites and Steering Committee calls as needed.
* Manage shipment of study materials and receipt, processing, and database entry for all samples and data received for the biorepository.
* Obtain informed consent and coordinate collection of data and blood samples for NYULH and other referral center patients.
* Recruit new collaborative sites through management of the biorepository website and coordinating activities with appropriate professional societies.
* Human Subjects Research As applicable, updates and submits necessary documents required by the NYU Institutional Board (IRB), NYU Office of Clinical Trials and any other appropriate parties in order to obtain approval to conduct human subjects research.
* Secures accurate signatures and forwards documents and/or forms to appropriate destination.
* Might prepare and submit monthly enrollment statistics to the Office of Clinical Trials and provide other information in timely manner, as necessary.
* Clinical Competency may require competency in performing EKG, phlebotomy technique, centrifuge, handling, storing and shipping of specimens.
* Clinical training and didactic competency tests may be required to perform basic procedures as part of position expectations.
* In house training and certification will be provided.
* Other trainings and competencies may be included as required.
* Study Regulations Maintains awareness of federal/state/local study regulatory status and keeps an up to date copy of regulatory documents.
* Assists with the informed consent process and ensure that the patient/subject fully understands what is required of them throughout the study.
* Obtains and documents informed consent.
* Follows through regularly with the patient/subjects and reminds them of visits and compliance.
* NYU Office of Clinical Trials/IRB Oversee all human subjects research regulatory processes for all ongoing and new projects in the laboratory, including writing IRB protocols, consent forms, Change in Research applications, and continuing reviews.
* Write progress reports for grants.
* Correspond with NYU Institutional Board (IRB), NYU Office of Clinical Trials and any other appropriate parties in order to obtain approval to conduct human subjects research and human subjects research activities.
* Ensure timely and accurate completion and submission of protocol and compliance requirements.
* Maintain record of all consent forms for all participants.
* Reporting and Data Analysis
* Perform analysis of genotypic and phenotypic data across the Hirschsprung disease genetic study.
* Prepares progress reports to funding agencies and presentations to sponsoring and regulatory agencies.
* Prepares and provides reports to all necessary parties (e.g., the principal investigator, sponsoring agency, etc.) on the progress of studies as needed.
* Recommends changes/additions to established data fields.
* Analyses other data collected, formulates, prepares database and generates a complete measurement report for review by the director.
* May oversee staff assigned to this responsibility.
* Continuous Learning: Position requires ongoing continuing education in all areas of research development (training programs are provided through the SOM).
* Promotes own professional growth and development in research role and maintains current expertise in area of practice.
* Maintains annual requirement of 10 CEUs in continuing research education; employee must demonstrate proof of ongoing research education.
* Serves as a resource to peers and works collaboratively with other disciplines within the area of expertise.
* There is a possibility to interact with nearly 30 genetic research teams across NYULH and external research sites through peer supervision and collaborative research
* Decision Making and Problem Solving Combines and evaluates information and data to make decisions about relative importance of information and choosing the best solution to solve problems.
* Resolves complex situations based on established policies and procedures and refers non solved issues and questions to the supervisor.
* Financial/Protocol Development Develops draft budget, monitors budget throughout trial and recommends staffing levels based on reviewed protocol as needed.
* Reviews sponsor-proposed budget for adequate coverage and recommends changes as appropriate.
* Develops draft and final budgets together with study/project leader as needed.
* Preparation of funding reports to funding agencies as needed.
* Might identify new potential sponsors/agents for trials and researches and participate in the development of protocols as assigned.
* Grants
* Follow up and coordinates resolution of all issues progress reports to the sponsors to fund medical research in the division as needed.
* Oversees the preparation of grant applications and other grants related activities such as developing grants applications/proposals and fund raising activities if applicable.
* Collects and organizes required paperwork for submission if required for the grant.
* Provides guidance, training and leadership to less experienced staff and trainees.
* May have input into staff evaluations.
* Participates in special projects and performs other duties as required.
* Demonstrates knowledge of the organizations Core Values and incorporates them into the performance of duties

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How To Become A Senior Research Coordinator

Natural sciences managers usually advance to management positions after years of employment as scientists. Natural sciences managers typically have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. in a scientific discipline or a related field, such as engineering. Some managers may find it helpful to have an advanced management degree—for example, a Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), or a Master of Public Administration (MPA).


Natural sciences managers typically begin their careers as scientists; therefore, most have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. in a scientific discipline or a closely related field, such as engineering. Scientific and technical knowledge is essential for managers because they must be able to understand the work of their subordinates and provide technical assistance when needed. 

Natural sciences managers who are interested in acquiring postsecondary education in management should be able to find master’s degree or Ph.D. programs in a natural science that incorporate business management courses. A relatively new type of degree, called the Professional Science Master’s (PSM), blends advanced training in a particular science field with business skills, such as communications and program management, and policy. Those interested in acquiring general management skills may pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Public Administration (MPA). Some natural sciences managers will have studied psychology or some other management-related field to enter this occupation.

Sciences managers must continually upgrade their knowledge because of the rapid growth of scientific developments.

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

Natural sciences managers usually advance to management positions after years of employment as scientists. While employed as scientists, they typically are given more responsibility and independence in their work as they gain experience. Eventually, they may lead research teams and have control over the direction and content of projects before being promoted to an administrative position.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

Although certification is not typically required to become a natural sciences manager, many relevant certifications are available. These certifications range from those related to specific scientific areas of study or practice, such as laboratory animal management, to general management topics, such as project management, and are useful to natural sciences managers regardless of the organization being managed.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Natural sciences managers must be able to communicate clearly to a variety of audiences, such as scientists, policymakers, and the public. Both written and oral communication are important.

Critical-thinking skills. Natural sciences managers must carefully evaluate the work of others. They must determine if their staff’s methods and results are based on sound science.

Interpersonal skills. Natural sciences managers lead research teams and therefore need to work well with others in order to reach common goals. Managers routinely deal with conflict, which they must be able to turn into positive outcomes for their organization.

Leadership skills. Natural sciences managers must be able to organize, direct, and motivate others. They need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their workers and create an environment in which the workers can succeed.

Problem-solving skills. Natural sciences managers use scientific observation and analysis to find solutions to complex technical questions.

Time-management skills. Natural sciences managers must be able to do multiple administrative, supervisory, and technical tasks while ensuring that projects remain on schedule.

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  • Black or African American

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Senior Research Coordinator

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Senior Research Coordinator Education

Senior Research Coordinator

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Real Senior Research Coordinator Salaries

Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Senior Researcher, Quantitative Analysis Secor Asset Management, LP New York, NY Jul 15, 2011 $250,000
Trader/Senior Quantitative Researcher Latour Trading LLC New York, NY Apr 05, 2012 $200,000
Senior Staff Malware Researcher Fireeye, Inc. Milpitas, CA Sep 03, 2016 $150,370 -
Trader/Senior Quantitative Researcher Latour Trading LLC New York, NY Dec 01, 2009 $150,000
Trader/Senior Quantitative Researcher Latour Trading LLC New York, NY Dec 03, 2009 $150,000
Senior Staff Researcher Futurewei Technologies, Inc. Santa Clara, CA Dec 07, 2009 $140,000
Senior Product Researcher Netflix, Inc. Los Gatos, CA Jun 26, 2016 $138,819
Senior Researcher, Network Division Toyota Infotechnology Center USA, Inc. Mountain View, CA Jan 15, 2015 $125,000
Senior Researcher-Mobile Computer Graphics Hooked Wireless, Inc. Los Altos, CA Oct 09, 2014 $121,950
SR. Staff Researcher Fireeye, Inc. Milpitas, CA Apr 07, 2014 $121,800 -
Senior Staff Malware Researcher Fireeye, Inc. Milpitas, CA May 02, 2014 $121,800 -
SR. Staff Researcher Fireeye, Inc. Milpitas, CA Jul 04, 2014 $121,800 -
Senior Researcher, Data Visualization Nokia USA Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Aug 13, 2014 $120,000
Senior Research Data Coordinator Abbvie Inc. North Chicago, IL Mar 10, 2014 $97,710
Senior Computational Neuroscience Research Enginee Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. San Diego, CA Oct 01, 2012 $96,283 -
Senior Computational Neuroscience Research Enginee Qualcomm Incorporated San Diego, CA Oct 01, 2012 $96,283 -
Senior Research Pharmacist Merck & Co., Inc. Point, PA Jul 15, 2012 $92,955
Senior Research Pharmacist Merck & Co., Inc. Summit, NJ Dec 01, 2011 $92,414
Senior Research Coordinator Neurobehavioral Research Inc. Cedarhurst, NY Oct 15, 2010 $92,186
Senior Research Data Coordinator Abbott Laboratories Parkersburg, IL Oct 16, 2011 $92,100
SR. Research Assoc II, Biology Gilead Sciences, Inc. Foster City, CA Jan 21, 2013 $72,530 -
Economic and Quantitative Research Senior Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. McLean, VA Sep 17, 2012 $71,900 -
Economic and Quantitative Research Senior Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. McLean, VA Oct 03, 2011 $71,100 -
Senior Research Coordinator New York Society for Relief of Ruptured & Crippled New York, NY May 01, 2015 $70,000
Senior Research Application Modeler University of Wyoming Laramie, WY Jul 01, 2012 $70,000

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Top Skills for A Senior Research Coordinator


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Top Senior Research Coordinator Skills

  1. Procedures
  2. Access Database
  3. Research Protocols
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Coordinated study procedures for physicians, subjects, and hospital personnel.
  • Conceptualized and created a Microsoft Access database to streamline data collection and reporting.
  • Interact with study sponsors and data coordinators of industry-sponsored research protocols.
  • Conduct HIV vaccine educational visits for interested vaccine volunteers as per IRB protocol.
  • Completed case report forms and regulatory documents.

Top Senior Research Coordinator Employers

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