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Sewer Repairer Education Requirements And Degrees

What Degree Should I Get to Become a Sewer Repairer ?

The most common degree for Sewer Repairers is High School Diploma 67% of Sewer Repairers earn that degree. A close second is Bachelor's Degree with 7% and rounding it off is Diploma with 7%.

  • High School Diploma, 67%
  • Bachelors, 7%
  • Diploma, 7%
  • Associate, 7%
  • Other Degrees, 12%

Most Common Level Of Education For Sewer Repairers

Sewer Repairer DegreePercentages
High School Diploma66.7%

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High School / GED

Average Sewer Repairer Salary by Education Level

Sewer Repairers with a Bachelors degree earn more than those without, at $48,256 annually. With a Associate degree, Sewer Repairers earn a median annual income of $41,657 compared to $41,537 for Sewer Repairers with an High School Diploma degree.

High School Diploma or Less

No Education

Bachelor's Degree

Some College/ Associate Degree

Salary By Education Level

Sewer Repairer Education LevelSewer Repairer Salary
High School Diploma or Less$41,537
No Education$37,883
Bachelor's Degree$48,256
Some College/ Associate Degree$41,657

20 Best Online Courses for Sewer Repairers

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Biomedical Equipment Technician Training: Maintenance & Repair
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Maintaining and troubleshooting sophisticated medical instruments is not an easy task. In order to deliver effective care, the technician requires the knowledge of different aspects of biology and engineering. The different devices work in so many different ways and the literature about repair and troubleshooting is often hard to come by. It can be quite frustrating to search for solutions every time the operator encounters a problem. There is added pressure because the availability of medical...

Energy Within Environmental Constraints
edX (Global)

Humanity faces an immense challenge: providing abundant energy to everyone without wrecking the planet. If we want a high-energy future while protecting the natural world for our children, we must consider the environmental consequences of energy production and use. But money matters too: energy solutions that ignore economic costs are not realistic, particularly in a world where billions of people currently can’t afford access to basic energy services. How can we proceed? Energy Within...

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system

How to implement an Environmental Management System and obtain ISO 14001:2015 certification...

Women in environmental biology

Have you ever wondered how humans relate to other living beings and what do you need to know to be able to understand current environmental problems? Do you know that many of these researches and knowledge have been described by women? This course gives answers to these questions and it is addressed to anyone interested in the relationship between humans and other living beings, as well as all those concerned about the global change situation that the planet is suffering. We will learn key conce...

Environmental Safety

Energy is an important part of the world today. Without energy production is impossible, development is impossible, life itself is impossible. Any activity is somehow connected to the energy industry. The future development of the world depends on progress in the energy sector. Existing problems in the energy industry are related not only to environmental pollution, but also to the consumption of limited natural resources. This becomes even more important in the future as the population grows. I...

Computer Repair: Fix Your Own Computer At Home

Computer repair secrets exposed! Why pay $100 an hour? You can fix it yourself in an hour for free!...

Environmental Protection and Sustainability
edX (Global)

Do you want to understand more about the environmental problems we currently face? Do you want to learn ways we can reduce the negative effects of these problems, and keep our environment more sustainable? If so, this course is for you. In this multi-disciplinary course, we will discuss major challenges facing environmental protection efforts. In doing so, we'll bring together various aspects from three themes: Biological, Physical, and Human. The Biological theme focuses on the importance of...

Automotive 101: A Beginners Guide To Automotive Repair

A Basic Introduction to The Automotive Repair Industry...

Global Environmental Management

Learn about the best environmental technologies for a sustainable development and how they are managed in various settings around the world. This course gives you an opportunity to learn about global trends that influence our environment and the living conditions and how different management systems and approaches that are used around the world to manage the environment. This includes current environmental technologies built for the environment and technologies for sustainable soil management, g...

Molecular Biology - Part 1: DNA Replication and Repair
edX (Global)

You’re acquainted with your DNA, but did you know that your cells synthesize enough DNA during your lifetime to stretch a lightyear in length? How does the cellular machinery accomplish such a feat without making more mistakes than you can survive? Why isn’t the incidence of cancer even higher than it is? And, if the DNA in each and every cell is two meters long, how is this genetic material compacted to fit inside the cell nucleus without becoming a tangled mess? Are you ready to go beyond the...

Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
edX (Global)

How can we create a sustainable society that protects the environment while maintaining a prosperous society? Why have humans caused environmental degradation on local, regional, and global scales, and what can we do about it? Public officials, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses need professionals who can answer these questions in order to design a new sustainable world. Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources, including how markets function and how incentives...

Credit Repair: The 2021 Total Guide to a Great Credit Score

Credit Repair: A step-by-step 2021 plan to begin improving your credit within one hour of starting! Over 6,300 students!...

Ethical Decision-Making: Cultural and Environmental Impact
edX (Global)

International corporations can trigger significant cultural shifts and environmental impacts. For example, when foreign corporations set up large mineral extraction operations in developing countries, both culture and environment are altered. Ethical concerns arise when manipulative marketing techniques are used to mislead foreign consumers, especially about potentially harmful products. In this course, you will consider the ethics of these types of global influence. When should international...

Environmental Pollution Events and Emergency Response Introduction
edX (Global)

This course uses case studies and seminars to explore the occurrence of and responses to major environmental emergencies both at home and abroad, such as the Rhine River pollution incident, the Songhua River pollution event, the London smog episode, the Beijing haze pollution event and the Tianjin explosion accident. The background, causes, ecological restoration measures, accountability mechanisms, emergency response measures and ecological and environmental impacts of major environmental...

Environmental Management & Ethics

Decision-makers often turn to scientists and engineers to assist them to navigate through complex environmental, health and societal challenges pervaded by systemic uncertainty, ambiguity and ethical implications. This course prepares you to meet the requests and demands of current and future decision-makers and in this course, you will analyze ethical challenges associated with environmental dilemmas and apply different decision making tools relevant to environmental management and regulation...

Computer Repair - A Guide For Beginners

Learn the skills necessary to optimize any PC and never again feel like you can't fix your own computer or others...

Learn Guitar Repair - Module 1, Maintaining Your Guitar

Award Winner - Module 1, learn guitar maintenance from a professional. Includes floating bridge, fret/fingerboard clean...

Innovative Environmental Management Models: Case Studies and Applications
edX (Global)

Case studies are the best means to analyze real world problems and assess viability of proposed solutions. We will explore a variety of ecosystems and determine how effectively they are managed given the specific challenges of each locale. We will be analyzing how monitoring, modeling, research and resource management approaches are scaled across multiple dimensions such as size, population, complexity, and maturity gradients. For instance, Chesapeake Bay, located in the United States largely...

Environmental Gamechanger – Lead the Way to Sustainable Development
edX (Global)

Skill set for sustainability Nowadays there is a lot of talk about environmental sustainability, yet it has come to mean different things in different contexts. Although defining sustainability is complicated, understanding it is crucial in helping us solve urgent global issues. The newly emerging field of ‘sustainability science’ has identified a set of skills, critical to analysing and solving sustainability problems. In the MOOC Becoming an Agent of Sustainable Change, we will introduce you...

The Science Advisory Toolbox for Environmental Management
edX (Global)

There is a broad spectrum of ways that science can be incorporated into environmental management and policy and it all begins with effectively articulating cause and impacts. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and other pressing, global environmental issues are of such a scale that citizens, NGOs, natural resource managers, interest groups, and local governments believe themselves helpless to find solutions. But these are the very groups that need to coalesce around a strong message to effect...

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