Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does SGT Pay?
The national average salary for an employee at SGT is $81,319 per year or $39.0 per hour. There is a significant gap between the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent of earners. The lowest-paid workers at SGT make less than $49,000 a year, while the highest-paid workers can earn over $133,000. Show More

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SGT Salaries By Department

Salaries at SGT can vary depending on the department or organizational function. Employees in research & development roles earn the highest wages at SGT, with an average salary of $96,249. The second-highest paying department is engineering, where employees earn an average salary of $95,629 per year. On the lower end of the pay scale, the hospitality/service and facilities functions pay lower wages, with average employee salaries of $26,584, and $40,998, respectively.
Average Salary

Research & Development

Salary Range83k - 110k$96k$96,249


Salary Range80k - 112k$96k$95,629


Salary Range71k - 107k$88k$87,753


Salary Range59k - 94k$75k$74,797

Supply Chain

Salary Range55k - 97k$74k$73,507


Salary Range52k - 99k$72k$72,364


Salary Range53k - 93k$71k$70,870

Non Profit/Government

Salary Range50k - 84k$65k$65,456


Salary Range46k - 88k$64k$64,309


Salary Range53k - 73k$63k$62,659

SGT Salaries By Job Title

While SGT employees earn an average yearly salary of $81,319, different roles can command different wages. Some of the positions that earn high wages at SGT include subject matter expert, subcontracts manager, team leader, and sales associate. A worker with the title subject matter expert salary at SGT can earn an average yearly salary of $148,850. Other roles at SGT include bartender and server. A bartender at SGT earns an average yearly salary of $19,356.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary

Subject Matter Expert Jobs

Salary Range135k - 163k$149k$148,850

Subcontracts Manager Jobs

Salary Range122k - 140k$131k$130,826

Team Leader Jobs

Salary Range108k - 147k$126k$126,434

Sales Associate Jobs

Salary Range86k - 158k$117k$117,227

Computer Scientist Jobs

Salary Range104k - 125k$115k$114,631

Non-Commissioned Officer Jobs

Salary Range100k - 111k$106k$106,113

Contracts Director Jobs

Salary Range93k - 120k$106k$106,103

Owner/Operator Jobs

Salary Range70k - 153k$104k$104,010

Research Engineer Jobs

Salary Range92k - 112k$102k$102,040

Senior Subcontract Administrator Jobs

Salary Range90k - 112k$101k$100,987

SGT Jobs You Might Like

SGT Engineering Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Manager, Configuration Management
Salary Range132k - 152k$143k$142,529
Software Development Manager
Salary Range119k - 150k$134k$134,018
Technical Team Lead
Salary Range109k - 128k$119k$118,704
Computer Scientist
Salary Range104k - 125k$115k$114,631
Senior Leader
Salary Range91k - 114k$103k$102,581
Configuration Management Specialist
Salary Range94k - 108k$102k$101,698
Release Manager
Salary Range89k - 112k$100k$100,178
Salary Range88k - 108k$98k$98,144
Integration Developer
Salary Range84k - 108k$95k$95,277
Optical Scientist
Salary Range85k - 101k$93k$93,116

SGT Research & Development Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Research Engineer
Salary Range92k - 112k$102k$102,040
Salary Range84k - 103k$94k$93,754
Research Scientist
Salary Range76k - 101k$88k$88,332
Senior Scientist
Salary Range72k - 100k$85k$85,162
PHD Researcher
Salary Range48k - 59k$54k$53,732

SGT Finance Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Subcontracts Manager
Salary Range122k - 140k$131k$130,826
Contracts Director
Salary Range93k - 120k$106k$106,103

Senior Subcontract Administrator

Salary Range90k - 112k$101k$100,987
Contracts Manager
Salary Range87k - 112k$99k$98,882
Finance Analyst
Salary Range73k - 120k$94k$94,432

Change Management Coordinator

Salary Range79k - 95k$87k$87,031
Resource Analyst
Salary Range64k - 73k$69k$68,950
Finance Assistant
Salary Range48k - 56k$52k$52,115

SGT Salaries By Location

Cost of living can vary dramatically depending on the part of the country you're in. Employees at SGT earn different salaries depending on their region.
Average Salary

Fieldbrook, CA Jobs

Salary Range71k - 133k$98k$97,781

Greenbelt, MD Jobs

Salary Range59k - 112k$82k$81,632

Cambridge, MA Jobs

Salary Range59k - 110k$81k$81,279

Miami, FL Jobs

Salary Range47k - 97k$68k$68,268

Sioux Falls, SD Jobs

Salary Range42k - 81k$59k$58,651

SGT Competitor Salaries

Competitors of SGT include Palo Alto Networks, Sarnoff, and Incedo. The average salaries at Palo Alto Networks rank the highest, with their employees earning an average salary of $112,907 per year. The employees at Sarnoff earn an average yearly salary of $90,307 per year, and the salaries at Incedo average $83,080 per year.
Average Salary
Palo Alto Networks
Salary Range91k - 138k$113k$112,907
Salary Range70k - 115k$90k$90,307
Salary Range64k - 107k$83k$83,080
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Salary Range63k - 107k$83k$82,662

DRS Technical Services

Salary Range65k - 104k$83k$82,514

Integration Innovation

Salary Range59k - 104k$79k$79,229


Salary Range64k - 95k$78k$78,224
Science Applications International ...
Salary Range62k - 97k$78k$78,095

Modern Technology Solutions

Salary Range61k - 98k$77k$77,365
CSG Systems International
Salary Range56k - 98k$75k$74,824

SGT Jobs