Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Shane Co. Pay?
As an employee at Shane Co. in the USA, you can expect to earn an average salary of $38,193 per year, or $18.0 an hour. There is a significant gap between the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent of earners. The lowest-paid workers at Shane Co. make less than $22,000 a year, while the highest-paid workers can earn over $64,000. Show More

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Shane Co. Salaries By Department

Salaries at Shane Co. differ depending on the department or organizational function. Based on our analysis, the employees in engineering earn salaries at Shane Co. that are well above average, with yearly earnings averaging $91,126. The second-highest paying department is corporate management, where employees earn an average salary of $81,917 per year. On the lower end of the pay scale, the hospitality/service and facilities functions pay lower wages, with average employee salaries of $27,714, and $29,734, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range72k - 114k$91k$91,126

Corporate Management

Salary Range63k - 105k$82k$81,917


Salary Range39k - 73k$54k$54,008

Supply Chain

Salary Range38k - 66k$50k$50,401


Salary Range36k - 68k$50k$50,289


Salary Range32k - 76k$50k$49,944


Salary Range29k - 66k$44k$44,347


Salary Range39k - 49k$44k$43,864


Salary Range34k - 55k$43k$43,299


Salary Range27k - 54k$39k$38,767

Shane Co. Salaries By Job Title

While the average employee salary at Shane Co. is $38,193, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Shane Co. are director, owner, consultant, senior accountant, and owner/operator. A typical director salary at Shane Co. is $160,812 per year. Other roles at Shane Co. include landscape technician and housekeeper. A landscape technician at Shane Co. earns an average yearly salary of $21,572.
Job Title
Average Salary
Director Jobs
Salary Range143k - 180k$161k$160,812
Owner, Consultant Jobs
Salary Range116k - 137k$127k$126,643
Senior Accountant Jobs
Salary Range75k - 84k$80k$80,223
Owner/Operator Jobs
Salary Range43k - 98k$66k$65,823
Graphic Designer Jobs
Salary Range57k - 71k$64k$64,285
Business Analyst Jobs
Salary Range54k - 71k$63k$62,867
Sales Consultant Jobs
Salary Range54k - 59k$57k$56,883
Paralegal Jobs
Salary Range48k - 52k$51k$50,639
Supervisor Jobs
Salary Range43k - 53k$48k$48,293
Sales Associate Jobs
Salary Range42k - 43k$43k$42,839

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Shane Co. Sales Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Sales Consultant
Salary Range54k - 59k$57k$56,883
Sales Associate
Salary Range42k - 43k$43k$42,839
Account/Logistics Manager
Salary Range38k - 43k$41k$41,225
Account Representative
Salary Range30k - 32k$31k$31,456

Jewelry Consultant

Salary Range27k - 34k$31k$30,631
Salary Range27k - 30k$29k$28,709

Diamond Expert

Salary Range18k - 20k$19k$19,476

Diamond Grader

Salary Range17k - 20k$19k$18,851

Shane Co. Customer Service Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Customer Service Associate
Salary Range32k - 33k$33k$32,617
Learning Support Aide
Salary Range30k - 33k$32k$32,140
Patient Liaison
Salary Range27k - 31k$29k$29,254

Car Customizer

Salary Range25k - 28k$27k$26,848
Customer Service Representative
Salary Range24k - 26k$25k$25,460

Contact Person

Salary Range23k - 25k$24k$24,479

Diamond Expert

Salary Range18k - 20k$19k$19,476

Shane Co. Retail Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Team Leader
Salary Range51k - 59k$55k$55,202
Merchandise Coordinator
Salary Range38k - 44k$42k$41,615
Merchandise Planner
Salary Range37k - 45k$41k$41,463
Assistant Manager
Salary Range39k - 43k$41k$41,243
Media Buyer
Salary Range38k - 41k$40k$40,030

Jewelry Sales Associate

Salary Range34k - 40k$37k$37,177
Key Holder
Salary Range35k - 37k$36k$36,374
Assistant Store Manager
Salary Range32k - 34k$34k$33,615
Sales And Service Associate
Salary Range30k - 32k$32k$31,879
Retail Consultant
Salary Range25k - 27k$27k$26,664

Shane Co. Salaries By Location

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. Employees at Shane Co. earn different salaries depending on their region.
Average Salary
New York, NY Jobs
Salary Range28k - 65k$43k$42,963
Centennial, CO Jobs
Salary Range26k - 53k$37k$37,280
Broadlands, VA Jobs
Salary Range24k - 55k$37k$36,618
Wheaton, IL Jobs
Salary Range25k - 51k$36k$36,420
Alvarado, TX Jobs
Salary Range24k - 53k$36k$36,220
Fort Lauderdale, FL Jobs
Salary Range22k - 48k$33k$33,119
Mamou, LA Jobs
Salary Range22k - 47k$33k$32,971

Shane Co. Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Shane Co. are Blue Nile, Helzberg Diamonds, and Jared. Employees at Blue Nile earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $46,236. The salaries at Helzberg Diamonds average $43,649 per year, and the salaries at Jared come in at $41,336 per year.
Average Salary
Blue Nile
Salary Range31k - 68k$46k$46,236

Helzberg Diamonds

Salary Range35k - 54k$44k$43,649
Salary Range32k - 52k$41k$41,336
Salary Range30k - 48k$39k$38,528

Haynes Furniture

Salary Range28k - 51k$38k$38,235

City Furniture

Salary Range29k - 44k$36k$36,208

Koopman Lumber & Hardware Co.

Salary Range24k - 51k$36k$35,965
Salary Range26k - 46k$35k$35,076
Kane's Furniture
Salary Range27k - 43k$35k$34,848
Bob's Discount Furniture
Salary Range27k - 41k$34k$34,032

Shane Co. Jobs