A software design engineer or SDE is part of a software development enterprise. Software design engineers determine the problems or issues and figure out how to establish programs to ease and automate the situations. They fabricate style sheets for the management of the individual aspects of huge engineering projects. It is their job to develop strategies for hardware architecture and software engineering. They also handle and mentor engineering interns for professional guidance.

Software Design Engineer Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real software design engineer resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Used knowledge of TCP/IP over ATM and ATM switches and Ethernet switches to accomplish demonstration.
  • Fabricate style sheets to manage the look-and-feel of the site using CSS, bootstrap and XML.
  • Work on HMI (including both GUI and SUI) apps for shell menu and device manage app.
  • Contribute to implementing microservices used to manage entities and maintain a synchronize state between supplier and distributor.
  • Code are developed under Linux using C++.
  • Work with front end UX developer for CSS and JavaScript changes.
  • Develop and invent a tool to auto-generate HTML for hypertext navigation of the XML source code for ADT.
  • Implement complex logic and write complicated SQL queries, perform unit tests, and assist in documenting the API.
  • Develop strategies for software engineering and hardware architecture.
  • Test Wi-Fi device utilizing Linux platform.
Software Design Engineer Traits
Analytical skills have to do with gathering information from various sources and then interpreting the data in order to reach a logical conclusion that benefits the business.
Communication skills shows that you are able to relay your thoughts, opinions and ideas clearly to those around you.
Creativity involves thinking about a task or problem in an entirely new or different light.

Software Design Engineer Job Description

Between the years 2018 and 2028, software design engineer jobs are expected to undergo a growth rate described as "much faster than average" at 21%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So if the thought "should I become a software design engineer?" Has crossed your mind, maybe you should take the growth rate into account. In addition, the number of software design engineer opportunities that are projected to become available by 2028 is 284,100.

A software design engineer annual salary averages $93,182, which breaks down to $44.8 an hour. However, software design engineers can earn anywhere from upwards of $72,000 to $120,000 a year. This means that the top-earning software design engineers make $48,000 more than the lowest-earning ones.

It's hard work to become a software design engineer, but even the most dedicated employees consider switching careers from time to time. Whether you're interested in a more challenging position or just looking for a fresh start, we've compiled extensive information on becoming a software analyst, computer engineer, senior systems software engineer, and software engineer-consultant.

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Software Design Engineer Resume Examples

Software Design Engineer Skills and Personality Traits

We calculated that 17% of Software Design Engineers are proficient in Software Development, Python, and Test Scripts. They’re also known for soft skills such as Analytical skills, Communication skills, and Creativity.

We break down the percentage of Software Design Engineers that have these skills listed on their resume here:

  • Software Development, 17%

    Implemented a software-testing infrastructure with third party applications to support cross-site, cross-continent software development.

  • Python, 8%

    Developed a Test Generator framework and Automation Scripts in Python.

  • Test Scripts, 6%

    Developed test scripts based on functional /technical specifications.

  • Hardware, 5%

    Created detailed Verification and Validation project plans and reports for all required hardware and software verification testing of product development projects.

  • Linux, 5%

    Design and develop software applications, system solutions, under Linux, Windows, WinXP embedded, and PocketPC Environments.

  • GIT, 4%

    Maintain Configuration Management (CM) git repositories for internal/external developed software and resolve subsystem to subsystem daily merge/integration issues.

Some of the skills we found on software design engineer resumes included "software development," "python," and "test scripts." We have detailed the most important software design engineer responsibilities below.

  • Arguably the most important personality trait for a software design engineer to have happens to be analytical skills. An example from a resume said this about the skill, "developers must analyze users’ needs and then design software to meet those needs." Additionally, other resumes have pointed out that software design engineers can use analytical skills to "developed automation framework both data driven and hybrid using selenium webdriver in java and performing unit testing by using testng. "
  • While it may not be the most important skill, we found that many software design engineer duties rely on communication skills. This example from a software design engineer explains why: "developers must be able to give clear instructions to others working on a project." This resume example is just one of many ways software design engineers are able to utilize communication skills: "implemented java plugins for telecommunications network provisioning software. "
  • Software design engineers are also known for creativity, which can be critical when it comes to performing their duties. An example of why this skill is important is shown by this snippet that we found in a software design engineer resume: "developers are the creative minds behind new computer software." We also found this resume example that details how this skill is put to the test: "created pc inventory application in perl. "
  • A software design engineer responsibilities sometimes require "detail oriented." The responsibilities that rely on this skills are shown by this resume excerpt: "developers often work on many parts of an application or system at the same time and must therefore be able to concentrate and pay attention to detail." This resume example shows how this skill is used by software design engineers: "conducted detailed analysis of requirements and designed 3-tier client/server application in java. "
  • As part of the software design engineer description, you might find that one of the skills that might be helpful to the job is "problem-solving skills." A software design engineer resume included this snippet: "because developers are in charge of software from beginning to end, they must be able to solve problems that arise throughout the design process." This skill could be useful in this scenario: "delivered complete solution, developing custom rules with java to integrate with packaged software. "
  • See the full list of software design engineer skills.

    Before becoming a software design engineer, 71.8% earned their bachelor's degree. When it comes down to graduating with a master's degree, 21.0% software design engineers went for the extra education. If you're wanting to pursue this career, it may be impossible to be successful with a high school degree. In fact, most software design engineers have a college degree. But about one out of every nine software design engineers didn't attend college at all.

    Those software design engineers who do attend college, typically earn either computer science degrees or electrical engineering degrees. Less commonly earned degrees for software design engineers include computer engineering degrees or mathematics degrees.

    Once you've obtained the level of education you're comfortable with, you might start applying to companies to become a software design engineer. We've found that most software design engineer resumes include experience from Google, John Deere, and Moog. Of recent, Google had 4 positions open for software design engineers. Meanwhile, there are 3 job openings at John Deere and 3 at Moog.

    If you're interested in companies where software design engineers make the most money, you'll want to apply for positions at IHS Holding, Nokia, and Agilent Technologies. We found that at IHS Holding, the average software design engineer salary is $130,333. Whereas at Nokia, software design engineers earn roughly $127,748. And at Agilent Technologies, they make an average salary of $125,443.

    View more details on software design engineer salaries across the United States.

    We also looked into companies who hire software design engineers from the top 100 educational institutions in the U.S. The top three companies that hire the most from these institutions include IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Cisco Systems.

    The three companies that hire the most prestigious software design engineers are:

      What Software Analysts Do

      A software analyst is responsible for creating and designing software programs and applications, as well as modifying existing ones for optimization according to business requirements. Software analysts work with the technical team to draw system codes, analyze programming languages, and ensure the stability and efficiency of software navigation by running multiple quality checks to the system. They inspect the application's performance, configure servers, and improve software infrastructure according to quality findings. A software analyst records resolution reports and provides progress updates, ensuring that the project adheres to budget limitations and set timetables.

      In this section, we take a look at the annual salaries of other professions. Take software analyst for example. On average, the software analysts annual salary is $15,049 lower than what software design engineers make on average every year.

      While their salaries may differ, one common ground between software design engineers and software analysts are a few of the skills required in each craft. In both careers, employees bring forth skills like software development, test scripts, and linux.

      As far as similarities go, this is where it ends because a software design engineer responsibility requires skills such as "python," "hardware," "git," and "database." Whereas a software analyst is skilled in "troubleshoot," "software applications," "technical support," and "jira." So if you're looking for what truly separates the two careers, you've found it.

      Software analysts receive the highest salaries in the health care industry coming in with an average yearly salary of $80,944. But software design engineers are paid more in the telecommunication industry with an average salary of $118,143.

      The education levels that software analysts earn is a bit different than that of software design engineers. In particular, software analysts are 14.0% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree than a software design engineer. Additionally, they're 1.2% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

      What Are The Duties Of a Computer Engineer?

      A computer engineer is someone who examines, designs, and manages computer hardware and software systems. He/She or she helps in solving issues or any concerns that may occur with the computer's hardware and software as well as assists in the innovation of computer technology. Computer engineers are responsible for computer hardware design, development, research, and test computer systems. They examine components like circuit boards, processors, memory devices, routers, and networks. While, those working with the computer software are in charge of the development, design, and administration of software programs.

      Next up, we have the computer engineer profession to look over. This career brings along a lower average salary when compared to a software design engineer annual salary. In fact, computer engineers salary difference is $3,581 lower than the salary of software design engineers per year.

      A similarity between the two careers of software design engineers and computer engineers are a few of the skills associated with both roles. We used resumes from both professions to find that both use skills like "software development," "python," and "test scripts. "

      But both careers also use different skills, according to real software design engineer resumes. While software design engineer responsibilities can utilize skills like "git," "web services," "api," and "scrum," some computer engineers use skills like "c #," "information technology," "opencv," and "dod."

      On average, computer engineers earn a lower salary than software design engineers. There are industries that support higher salaries in each profession respectively. Interestingly enough, computer engineers earn the most pay in the finance industry with an average salary of $109,996. Whereas, software design engineers have higher paychecks in the telecommunication industry where they earn an average of $118,143.

      When it comes to the differences in education between the two professions, computer engineers tend to reach lower levels of education than software design engineers. In fact, they're 14.5% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 1.2% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

      How a Senior Systems Software Engineer Compares

      A senior systems software engineer is a professional responsible for managing a firm's computer network systems. The professional's roles include resolving complex application and network issues through the development of new solutions, overseeing systems developers and other information technology (IT) personnel, and integrating new technology. The job requires proficiency in the MySQL, Python, and Linux programming languages and excellent skills in organizational and time management and communication. The education requirements for the job include a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, computer science, or a related field.

      Let's now take a look at the senior systems software engineer profession. On average, these workers make higher salaries than software design engineers with a $32,826 difference per year.

      While looking through the resumes of several software design engineers and senior systems software engineers we discovered that both professions have similar skills. These similarities include skills such as "software development," "python," and "test scripts," but they differ when it comes to other required skills.

      There are many key differences between these two careers as shown by resumes from each profession. Some of those differences include the skills required to complete responsibilities within each role. As an example of this, a software design engineer is likely to be skilled in "hardware," "git," "t-sql," and "wpf," while a typical senior systems software engineer is skilled in "architecture," "json," "customer requirements," and "matlab."

      Interestingly enough, senior systems software engineers earn the most pay in the technology industry, where they command an average salary of $126,223. As mentioned previously, software design engineers highest annual salary comes from the telecommunication industry with an average salary of $118,143.

      Senior systems software engineers typically study at lower levels compared with software design engineers. For example, they're 5.5% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.8% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

      Description Of a Software Engineer-Consultant

      A software engineer consultant develops and recommends strategies to optimize a company's software engineering operations. Their responsibilities revolve around conducting extensive research and analysis to find new opportunities, performing software evaluations and risk assessments, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of existing processes, and developing solutions against problem areas. Through the findings of their research, a software engineer consultant draws conclusions and recommendations that will help the company to reach their short and long-term goals and resolve issues or concerns.

      Now, we'll look at software engineers-consultant, who generally average a higher pay when compared to software design engineers annual salary. In fact, the difference is about $20,123 per year.

      While both software design engineers and software engineers-consultant complete day-to-day tasks using similar skills like software development, python, and test scripts, the two careers also vary in other skills.

      Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note. For one, a software design engineer might have more use for skills like "hardware," "r," "t-sql," and "rf." Meanwhile, some software engineers-consultant might include skills like "architecture," "junit," "jira," and "sdlc" on their resume.

      Now, let's take a closer look at the financials in each career. The professional industry tends to pay more for software engineers-consultant with an average of $114,342. While the highest software design engineer annual salary comes from the telecommunication industry.

      The average resume of software engineers-consultant showed that they earn similar levels of education to software design engineers. So much so that the likelihood of them earning a Master's Degree is 4.9% less. Additionally, they're more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree by 1.0%.