Warehouse environment means the overall working conditions of a warehouse. The warehouse environment is often noisy and loud. It is a busy place and with hundreds of people working in the same place, alongside several trucks and loaders being operational to load and unload stuff, the place becomes messy and noisy.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a sorter. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of sorter resumes they appeared on. For example, 35.0% of sorter resumes contained warehouse environment as a skill. Let's find out what skills a sorter actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Sorter Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Warehouse Environment

Here's how warehouse environment is used on sorter resumes:
  • Warehouse environment, responsible for electronically scanning and loading packages neatly onto boxed trailers after sorting for various destinations.
  • Warehouse Environment ensure products are undamaged pack products for shipping securely skilled in multiple areas of production
  • Fast paced warehouse environment responsible for processing high volume parcel
  • Sorted and recycled documents in warehouse environment.
  • Experience working in warehouse environment.

2. Industrial Trucks

Here's how industrial trucks is used on sorter resumes:
  • Operate industrial trucks, tractors, loaders, and other equipment to transport packages to and from transportation vehicles.
  • Transfer materials and products to and from machinery and equipment, using industrial trucks or hand trucks.

3. Customer Orders

Here's how customer orders is used on sorter resumes:
  • Used computer to access inventory, print correct labels, and prepare customer orders each day.
  • Read customer orders, fill and prepare for shipping; while completing special requests of the customer
  • Wrapped and packed cuts and carcass parts according to weight, grade and customer orders.
  • Relocated inbound items from totes to bins in preparation of delivery to customer orders.
  • Pulled totes, worked a sorting machine, picked merchandise for customer orders.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. UPS Jobs (7,299)
  2. United Service Technologies Jobs (153)
  3. FedEx Jobs (11,982)
  4. Waste Management Jobs (418)
  5. Amazon Jobs (1,738)

4. Recyclable Materials

Here's how recyclable materials is used on sorter resumes:
  • Captured recyclable containers and recyclable material from a moving conveyor belt
  • Collect recyclable materials from curbside for delivery to designated facilities.
  • Performed manual work separating recyclable material.
  • Operated pallet jacks to move boxes of recyclable materials to load on to truck and hall to recycling center.
  • Collect and sort materials recyclable materials such as concrete, wood, caulk, paint into container for recycling.

5. Stand-Up Forklift

Here's how stand-up forklift is used on sorter resumes:
  • Company trained to use a powered pallet jack and stand-up forklifts to unload semi trailers.
  • Drive a stand-up forklift and inserting the bale of cardboards inside a truck for recycling.

6. Aided Design

Here's how aided design is used on sorter resumes:
  • Computer-aided design, photography, and website upload/design.

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7. Safety Procedures

Here's how safety procedures is used on sorter resumes:
  • Identified hazardous materials and carefully handled them, following the proper safety procedures if damaged or mislabeled.
  • Followed daily safety procedures of operating conveyor belt.
  • Followed all safety procedures to limit occupational hazards.
  • Sorted packages and learned necessary safety procedures.
  • Followed all safety procedures of the facility

8. Electric Pallet Jack

Here's how electric pallet jack is used on sorter resumes:
  • Operated manual and electric pallet jacks to transport packages to distribution area
  • Mail sorting, manufactured mail for Capital One, operated the electric pallet jack to move merchandise for shipping.
  • Operated electric conveyor belts and electric pallet jacks to load and unload shipments to and from trucks.
  • Prepared shipment by shrink wrapping the boxes and loaded shipment onto trailers with electric pallet jack.
  • Fast pace, lifting heavy bags full of mail, pallet jack and electric pallet jack.

9. ZIP Codes

Here's how zip codes is used on sorter resumes:
  • Sorted and distributed packages by zip code for international shipping corporation.
  • Maintained Approximately 100 different zip code destination bagging bins.
  • Sorted packages according to zip code -Loaded/unloaded packages
  • Bagged mail *Responsible for the Quality control of the mail, make sure address matches and is bagged by zip code.
  • Receive mail from zip sorter, place mail in correct bins based on zip codes to be shipped, load mail,

10. Delivery Truck

Here's how delivery truck is used on sorter resumes:
  • Facilitated packages into specific delivery trucks consistently exceeding packages delivery frequency in a fast paced team working environment.
  • Optimized all available space in delivery trucks by effectively stacking packages.
  • Assisted delivery trucks in delivering packages to residences and businesses.
  • Arranged packages inside delivery truck according to destination.
  • Perform safety inspection on delivery truck.

11. Groceries

Here's how groceries is used on sorter resumes:
  • Stock groceries in a timely manner.

12. Unload Packages

Here's how unload packages is used on sorter resumes:
  • Load and unload packages while practicing safety precautions
  • Unload packages from trailers; Hazardous material identification
  • Load and unload packages and parcels on trucks and unit loading devises (ULD s) in a fast paced environment.
  • Unload packages by lifting, carrying and pushing on a continuous and repetitive basis for approximate shifts of 8-12 hours.
  • Unload packages off conveyor belt, sort packages into correct boxes, work in a safe and changing work environment

13. Postal Service

Here's how postal service is used on sorter resumes:
  • Executed daily operations of Postal service supervisor as ask.
  • Collected mails to include lifting heavy mails/parcels and sorted them based on the United States Postal Service policies and procedures.
  • Mail Sorter-Sorted mail 'on the fly' and became one of the most skilled workers in the postal service.
  • Coordinate production activities * Utilize efficient method to include zip sorting * Prepared mail for delivery to US postal service
  • Remove sorted pouches, sacks and mail from bins to ship into appropriate handling within the postal service.

14. Assembly Line

Here's how assembly line is used on sorter resumes:
  • Removed defective product from assembly line* Marked and packaged quality fruit* Interpreter for Spanish speaking employees
  • Followed all company safety policies and procedures regarding assembly line operations.
  • Worked assembly line and sorted for various local department/grocery/retail stores.
  • Followed all warehouse/assembly line safety and health standards.
  • Check automotive parts and make sure they are right and if not we fix them Work on assembly line Put together manuals

15. USPS

Here's how usps is used on sorter resumes:
  • Unloaded and scanned packages for everyday delivery Loaded USPS mail into to containers for shipment Sorted next day air package
  • Worked warehouse, sorting mail by area codes for UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, and other mail deliveries
  • Prepare mail and packages for external shipment and coordinate deliveries and pick-ups (may include USPS pickup/delivery).
  • Prepared and sorted packages by weight and priority for shipment through FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.
  • Receive and sort incoming UPS, USPS, FedEx, and any other small trailer loads.
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List Of Skills To Add To Your Sorter Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant sorter Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Warehouse Environment
  • Industrial Trucks
  • Customer Orders
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Stand-Up Forklift
  • Aided Design
  • Safety Procedures
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • ZIP Codes
  • Delivery Truck
  • Groceries
  • Unload Packages
  • Postal Service
  • Assembly Line
  • USPS
  • Load Trucks
  • RF Scanner
  • Fedex Ground
  • Package Handlers
  • Safety Standards
  • Unload Trucks
  • Dollies
  • Sortation
  • Unload Trailers
  • Sales Floor
  • Steel Toe Boots
  • Quality Standards
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Mail Handling
  • Paper Grade
  • DHL
  • Delivery Vehicle
  • Sort Packages
  • Package Handling
  • Scan Packages
  • Sort Boxes

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Online Courses For Sorters

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Most Common Skills For Sorters

RankSorter SkillPercentage of Sorters
1Warehouse Environment35%
2Industrial Trucks21.3%
3Customer Orders5.7%
4Recyclable Materials5.2%
5Stand-Up Forklift4.6%
6Aided Design3.8%
7Safety Procedures3.4%
8Electric Pallet Jack2.6%
9ZIP Codes2.5%
10Delivery Truck2.1%
12Unload Packages1.3%
13Postal Service1.1%
14Assembly Line1%
16Load Trucks0.9%
17RF Scanner0.8%
18Fedex Ground0.7%
19Package Handlers0.6%
20Safety Standards0.6%
21Unload Trucks0.5%
24Unload Trailers0.4%
25Sales Floor0.4%
26Steel Toe Boots0.4%
27Quality Standards0.4%
28Hazardous Materials0.4%
29Mail Handling0.3%
30Paper Grade0.2%
32Delivery Vehicle0.2%
33Sort Packages0.1%
34Package Handling0%
35Scan Packages0%
36Sort Boxes0%