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Working At Space Exploration Technologies

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Space Exploration Technologies

Space Exploration Technologies Jobs


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Space Exploration Technologies Overview


Aerospace & Defense

Organization Type





Hawthorne, CA



Founded in




Key People

Elon Musk (Executive Officer, Director),
Kimbal Musk (Executive Officer, Director),
Gwynne Shotwell (Executive Officer, Director),
Bret Johnsen (Executive Officer),
Steve Jurvetson (Director),
Antonio Gracias (Director),
Donald Harrison (Director),
Luke Nosek (Director)

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About Space Exploration Technologies

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., doing business as SpaceX, is a private US aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California.

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Space Exploration Technologies Corp., doing business as SpaceX, is a private US aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California.

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What is it like to work at Space Exploration Technologies


March 17, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Opportunities to grow your skills.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Be a judgement for different management and looking for any minimums details.. Show More


March 14, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I like elon musk. He meme funny man.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Nothing. But sometimes these big things launch into space and uh its a lot of work.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Working in elon musk commpany :D.. Show More

If Space X is a career I'd be interested in, and I am just finishing up high school, what is a good path to get there? any other advice would also be appreciated. :)

A BS in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering would probably be a great start

Many young people (such as myself) dream of working on SpaceX one day. People who are just entering universities now and plan to apply for SpaceX in 5 to 10 years. How hard of a competition someone in this position should expect for a position?

He said in another reply that internship applications were "growing exponentially." I'd recommend trying to get an internship as early as possible: it makes it way easier to get another internship or a full-time position later (assuming you do well in the first one!).

How can a Canadian citizen like myself work at SpaceX? With ITAR it seems like it would be damn near impossible to even be considered

You need a US green card or citizenship. Non-ITAR employees at aerospace companies are virtually unheard-of.
August 4, 2016 on Reddit

I hope I'm not to late. How do I better my chances at working at Space X besides having good grades. I'm starting my bachlor's in ME next week.

Projects! Join a project team. Dig deep into it, become a technical lead for some system or subsystem, become an expert in it. SpaceX internship interviews focus on that experience above most other things.
August 3, 2016 on Reddit

Hi Brian, Curious as an engineer. What is your tech stack? Java, C++? Will you guys be collaborating with other companies like Boeing to reach the stars? Thank you!

Check out our opening for [Full-Stack Enterprise Developer](!

Hi Mr. Bjelde, I'm a junior in college, majoring in mechanical eng with a minor in aerospace. I'm currently at the lower end of Spacex's acceptance criteria GPA-wise. While I'll be working my hardest to raise that in the upcoming semesters, do you have any suggestions for getting noticed among the thousands of intern applications you receive? Without getting too resume-ish, I'm already in my school's aerospace group (who just launch a nanosat riding along with an ULA rocket) among other extra curriculars.

Get hands-on! Are you on a new project yet? Work your way up to a subsystem lead position and really dig down into the work. Be an expert in something. Spend a million hours on it.

Thanks for doing this AMA! My son is just going into high school and he is extremely interested in your industry. He is extremely proficient at the maths and sciences (not to mention extremely good looking lol). What paths does he need to take as he goes through high school and later on chooses a college and program? Do most people at SpaceX have the same type of degree? I saw where you are/were an aerospace engineer....did you get your masters in that or did you have to go all the way to your doctorate?? Thanks once again for doing this. *Edit: Also, we live not far from Titusville. Are there ever tours at the SpaceX facility like there are at Kennedy?

I'm not SpaceX HR, but I'm an aerospace engineer and can answer part of your question! Most SpaceX engineers--and aerospace industry engineers!--have degrees in Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, or Computer/Software Engineering (a.k.a. Computer Science). Specific coursework in high school isn't terribly important, as long as your son takes all the requirements for engineering schools and gets good grades in his classes. After that, focus on AP classes in order to get introductory college coursework out of the way, leaving time to take more interesting electives. Pick a good engineering school. Lots of ink has been spilled on this subject. During school, advanced coursework in specific fields your son finds interesting, as well as hands-on project experience (often called "project teams" in college) is super important, both for jobs at SpaceX and in the rest of the industry.
August 3, 2016 on Reddit

How would an aspiring engineer who is about to graduate with an electrical engineering degree go about cracking into the industry other than just simply applying to jobs?

Apply to *lots* of jobs ;) Seriously, though. Lots of jobs. Many aerospace HR departments feel like black holes where your resume can get swallowed up and never heard from again, so a lot of the time it comes down to a numbers game. Apply to every company that's hiring anything remotely close to what you want to do. And if you don't have much project experience, get some!

There's a potential upside to high turnover. SpaceX is essentially pulling in young STEM graduates obsessed with mars, running them through a couple years of bootcamp, and then flooding the rest of the industry with ambitious mars-obsessed employees looking for a slightly less intense long term career. After a couple decades, the other aerospace companies and NASA will be filled with martian missionaries with the dedication and skills to become the next generation of managers and leaders. Imagine what all of aerospace could do, focused on just 1 goal, instead of splintered among pet projects and mission directorates. Is this an effect SpaceX has considered, or is actively trying to maximize? Or is it just a happy coincidence?

I don't think SpaceX WANTS their workers to constantly leave and having to learn up new workers, so seems more likely it's a coincidence

Hi Brian, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm currently going back to school to study software engineering to hopefully work for SpaceX someday. I've been studying Python and C in my classes so far; what other kinds of software engineering skills does SpaceX value? What kinds of classes should I be looking at? Thank you so much!

My best advice is to browse our current [software openings]( to learn more about the specific skillsets we're seeking. Starting a passion project and/or writing code above and beyond your required coursework is the best way to stand out!

Hello Brian, thanks for doing this! I'm looking at becoming an engineer, and my dream would be to get a job at SpaceX or NASA or some other company associated with the aerospace industry, but I'm not exactly sure what to major in. What types of engineers (I realize aerospace engineers, but beyond that) are most in demand right now amongst aerospace companies, SpaceX in particular?

Virtually all kinds of engineers are in high demand in aerospace. Aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers are all perennial favorites, but industrial and civil engineers a bit less so.

Hello! I read the book about Elon and it spoke a lot about how hard hard it was to have people joining SpaceX right when it started. I'd be very interested in knowing what made you leave your job to Join SpaceX. On another note, I understand that Elon did a lot of interviews for the engineers at the beginning, does he still have any role in hiring, does he sometimes interfere with HR? Finally, I'd like to ask you for advice! I'm still in junior high, but thankfully I already know where I'd like to work, and that's engine development in either SpaceX or Tesla (vastly different I know, but both roads are still open, hopefully). I'm already learning 3d modelling on my own now which I know is important, but I still have a lot to learn before I become a viable candidate for any role at SpaceX. I'm trying to work hard and I already know what my goal is, do you have any advice on how to further increase my chances at earning my first job at SpaceX, even as an intern? I know SpaceX has strong relations with many Universities in California, I live halfway across globe but would do everything I can to go there if it means a better chance at my dream job, so does it actually make a difference or should I pursue the best college for my situation depending on how it is in the next couple of years? Thank you for doing this AMA, and thank you for believing in SpaceX from the start!

If you live halfway around the globe, the first absolutely critical step is getting a US citizenship or green card. Critical. It is very nearly impossible to get a job in aerospace without one. Second step is doing projects, either on your own or in school-based teams. Car projects and small-satellite projects get recruited very heavily by SpaceX, and fairly heavily by other aerospace companies.

Question: Where does passion for SpaceX and its mission to colonize Mars factor into the hiring process? Background: There are obviously hundreds of passionate people here that hope to work for SpaceX. If there were two people interviewing for an engineering role, would you rather hire the graduate that had a 4.0 GPA but knows and cares little about the history and mission of SpaceX (Person 1) ...OR... a 3.2 GPA graduate who believes their life purpose is to work at SpaceX and spends their free time learning about rockets, manufacturing, etc (Person 2)? Assume both are qualified for the job. Thanks so much for your time!

From what I know, SpaceX doesn't give a *** about GPAs for people with experience. For young graduates and interns, if you're not recruited from a project team, I believe there's a GPA cutoff of 3.5 or so. Passion is a plus, but what's even more of a plus is turning that passion into an actual project that you're working on.

Welcome to /r/spacex! I'm currently a high school student (graduating next year) with an interest in aerospace. For someone who is interested in pursuing a career with SpaceX or a similar company, what suggestions would you make?

Get on a project team in college. Take a role where you get to be hands-on with hardware, software, electronics, anything. Become an expert in whatever you get to have your hands on. SpaceX interviews, especially for internships, focus almost exclusively on the candidate's project experiences.

Thanks for the AMA! Welcome to Reddit. Does SpaceX actively recruit and hire many veterans? If so, what fields and specialties do you seek out? Personally, I'm a former nuclear trained electronics technician on submarines. Now I've been working for about 7 years in the commercial nuclear industry. I've always been curious if there are many ex-Navy nukes working in the space industry.

You bet! Our Veterans are some of our best employees joining us with unique experiences, skills and leadership qualities that marry well with our culture. We intentionally seek them out in looking to bolster our applicant pools with qualified veteran candidates. We have many hundreds of veterans working at SpaceX in all fields and departments. I have the privilege of working with a Navy Veteran on my recruiting staff - shout out to Rafael! Lots of Navy Submariners working here! And more to come from all branches given we are part of the First Lady's Joining Forces Initiative where we committed to hiring many more in the years to come.

Hi Brian! Thanks for the AMA. I have a couple questions: SpaceX was attributed to having a relatively high turnover rate of its employees. Do you still have issues with the retention rates of employees? As a follow up, what kind of traits and skills do the most successful applicants and employees demonstrate? Any tips or advice about the interview process at SpaceX for an engineering position? How difficult/common is it for an employee to transition between groups/roles and locations?

Our turnover rates are below average for the industry. We have lots of employees, like me, who have been here more than 10 years and have made a fantastic career with SpaceX! Getting to Mars is a long term mission so we seek to attract employees, and retain them, for the long term.

Hi Brian, I'm young engineer from abroad who's worked in the space industry for a few years. Though I feel I have a very competitive resume (I lead several subsystems on a small satellite that has been successfully commissioned) I've never received any response from SpaceX after applying for several openings, mostly at the Seattle office. What does it take for someone without an American citizenship or green card to be at least be taken to the interview stage? Are certain citizenships more favorable than others?

You really, really, really need a US citizenship or green card. ITAR violations are taken very seriously in aerospace, and can result in huge fines and jail time.
August 3, 2016 on Reddit

Questions: 1. It's highly unusual in the US for an established technical person to assume an HR role. It's considered an essential career path in Japan for example, but not the US. Why did you transition to HR? 2. What has SpaceX done to influence its culture? 3. You stated "create more efficient and effective teams", what has SpaceX done to do this? 4. Lastly, being selfish, any chance of any openings for a senior software product manager?

That's one loaded question s2e-rloop! I'll do my best to answer here: I always wanted to be an engineer. I studied aerospace engineering at University of Southern California where I also did my masters in astronautical engineering. Over my 13ish years doing engineering and program mgmt work at SpaceX, one of the proudest things for me was just being able to build and work with great teams - not just making the technical systems work, but also the human ones. None of the historic firsts that SpaceX has achieved would have been possible without the efforts of our incredibly passionate, driven and talented workforce. So later I was given the opportunity to lead HR and that was a challenge that I couldnt pass up. There are a few traits that I think really define SpaceXs culture. First, people are really mission driven. Our goal is to help humanity become a multi-planetary species. Every day, we face short-term challenges, different internal and external customers and shifting priorities, but we always want to stay focused on the end goal. Thats how we cut through the noise. We try not to limit our thinking except by the limits imposed by physics. If someone says something cant be done, whether its a business decision or an engineering one, they better have Einstein and Newton backing them up. Otherwise its ripe for discussion. And we dont limit our thinking with hierarchies either. We have a pretty flat organization, and the best idea always wins not just the idea proposed by the most senior person in the room. We take the hardest shots. Its better to pick giant, hard to achieve goals than it is to pick easy choices. We set aggressive goals and strive to reach them. Thats how well make the fastest progress. We try to avoid analysis paralysis in all our work. We build, test, break things and iterate with a sense of urgency. And we dissent with data. We debate and disagree openly and respectfully, using facts and data to reach better decisions. Teams are organized to be as efficient as possible. We want to have an optimal signal-to-noise ratio so that we dont have a lot of bureaucracy and process inefficiencies getting in the way of the real stuff. Today we have a roughly 10-1 manager to report ratio at SpaceX, which works out pretty well. We have a generally flat organizational structure, so being a manager is less about constantly issuing orders than about creating the right environment in which people can complete the work that needs to get done, and to get the support and resources they need. Lastly, we are looking for senior Software engineers and product managers for either our flight software development or development of internal applications/tools that help our company run in the most efficient way possible. Here are a few job requisitions that might be a fit and if you don't see one then please check again soon:

Hey Brian! Really appreciate you putting this on. I have just a few questions: 1) From what I've heard, SpaceX's largest pool of hirings come straight out of college. Is this true, and if so, do you expect this trend of hiring young to continue? (Also, how does SpaceX feel about pursuing a graduate degree?) 2) Being employee #14, you must have been around Elon for quite awhile. Just out of curiosity, what is it like to work for him? Thanks very much!

We have employees from many different backgrounds, with varying levels of experience. But even folks straight out of college come with some experience. They may not have lengthy resumes, but they always have really interesting and valuable records of achievement hands-on engineering experience, first-rate research, and leadership in extracurricular activities. I've been working with Elon for a long time and he's awesome to work with...always impressed with how he can dig into the smallest of details and make the tough decisions.

Hey there. thanks a truckload for what you guys do for the human race. I exploded in tear when that first rocket landed, what a magical moment. my question is do you guys share employees and intel between Tesla and SpaceX? If i work at Tesla, might it help to get hired to SpaceX later on? (being from Canada must I add)

I cried like a baby when it landed also! I still get goosebumps recalling the moment. To answer your question: Tesla and SpaceX are independent companies. We admire the awesome engineering and production efforts at Tesla and if you worked there you would likely pick up some great experience that could help an application in the future.

Hey Brian, thanks for reaching out to this community! I have two questions for you: 1) SpaceX has grown significantly in the past few years to over 5,000 employees today. In the next few years do you expect this trend to continue, or for the number of employees stabilize? 2) In the near future, what areas within SpaceX do you think will experience the most employee growth? Thanks!

Were going to keep adding the talent we need to achieve our mission, but were going to scale gradually and over the long-term.

Lets say I really would like a job at SpaceX, any job at SpaceX (really), but do not have a college education (high school / GED and some skills, but nothing college equivalent). What's kind of opportunities, if any, exist at SpaceX? I know there's the career finder you linked to, but I am curious about this from a general perspective.

I was in your shoes 10 years ago. I started working in the shipping dept. for a large electronics manufacturing company. I made it my goal to teach myself SAP and learn everything i could about electronics manufacturing. I now work for a very large Aerospace company making close to 6 figures. You dont have to be an engineer to work in Aerospace. There are other jobs just as important. Those engineers need someone to tell them what to work on you know. :)

Hi! I'm a mechanical engineering student at a state school. What recommendations do you have for someone older that's trying to break into the field?

SpaceX is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not hire based on age or any other legally protected status. My best advice is to find your passion, acquire as much hands-on experience, and effectively present that in your application. We believe great talent can be found anywhere and are scouring the Universe to try and find it. In many cases it is not as simple as finding graduates from top Engineering schools. We've discovered great talent from all kinds of interesting places...even meeting someone at a laundromat. :)

Hi Brian! First off I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come over to our community and answer questions. Im a university student and so most of my questions have to do with interns at SpaceX - How much do you guys value personal projects when compared to technical clubs like Baja or Formula SAE? - How are interns handled when considering full-time positions? Is the exit interviews? - Do interns typically get projects they work on by themselves, or are they more alongside a full time employee? Thanks and have a great day!

We highly value all technical projects that are pushing the boundaries of engineering. The most successful candidates for SpaceX have a history of significant contributions to hands-on extracurricular engineering projects, or personal projects, in addition to a strong academic record. We have an extremely competitive internship program that is performance based. Interns who receive high marks and have outstanding performance are typically offered a repeat internship or a full time position. We want as many passionate and talented individuals to continue engineering the future with us. Our interns play a direct role in our mission to mars and are giving incredibly challenging projects. During their twelve weeks, they are fully responsible and own multiple projects. They are paired with a mentor/manager to guide them, but ultimately they are responsible for delivering on their projects. This summer, one of our Production Interns was responsible for designing a tool to help align the docking system on Crew Dragon. This tool will ensure that the spacecraft docks correctly with the International Space Station and that no damage is inflicted to either craft. The tool itself aligns the latches of the soft capture mechanism on the docking system so that they all latch simultaneously to the passive system on the ISS. In the past we had an intern design the re-entry algorithm for the Dragon Spacecraft. So many great stories like this. Pretty cool stuff!

Brian- Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Historically, SpaceX has had a reputation for overworking(50+ hours/week), setting aggressive(unrealistic) goals/projects, and a well above industry average turnover rate. As VP of HR, how have/are you working on fixing this reputation? Thanks!

> ally, SpaceX has had a reputation for overworking(50+ hours/week), setting aggressive(unrealistic) goals/projects, and a well above industry average turnover rate. As VP of HR, how have/are you working on fixing this reputation? We recruit people who are incredibly driven by our mission, but its a myth that most of our employees are working 100 or even 80 hour weeks on a regular basis. Sometimes you have incredibly tight schedules that you need to keep, and that just goes along with launching rockets. But we want our employees to be productive over the long term and that means working at a pace thats sustainable. We encourage employees to pace themselves, and our managers pay close attention to whether people are driving themselves too hard for long periods. This is one of the biggest myths I hear about working at SpaceX, so I always want to knock this idea down!

Space Exploration Technologies Employees

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Space Exploration Technologies Careers

Average Length of Employment
Boeing 6.4 years
NASA 2.9 years

Space Exploration Technologies

1.4 years
Tesla, Inc. 1.2 years
Top Employers Before Space Exploration Technologies
Boeing 14.6%
U.S. Navy 13.3%
NASA 5.8%
US Army 5.4%
Raytheon 5.2%
FedEx 2.1%
Top Employers After Space Exploration Technologies
Boeing 13.8%
Tesla 6.4%
U.S. Navy 5.3%
Aerotek 5.3%
Facebook 3.2%
SGT 3.2%
NASA 3.2%
Apple 3.2%

Space Exploration Technologies Employees Education


University of Southern California


El Camino College


University of California - Irvine


Texas A&M University


California State Polytechnic University - Pomona


Cerritos College


University of Florida


Long Beach City College


California State University - Long Beach


Purdue University


University of California - Los Angeles


California State University - Dominguez Hills


University of Texas at Austin


Texas State Technical College - Waco


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach


University of California - San Diego


Rochester Institute of Technology


Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology


Loyola Marymount University


University of Phoenix

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Mechanical Engineering




Aerospace Engineering


Electrical Engineering




Precision Metal Working


Computer Science




Industrial Engineering




General Studies


Automotive Technology


Supply Chain Management


Electrical Engineering Technology


Mechanical Engineering Technology


Liberal Arts


Project Management


Criminal Justice


Industrial Technology



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Space Exploration Technologies Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Libertarian Party


Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Elon MuskFounder $148,300Democratic Party
Gwynne ShotwellExecutive $52,000Democratic Party
Royce JeffersonScheduler $12,700Democratic Party
Timothy HughesSenior Vice President $7,100Republican Party
Bret JohnsenChief Finance Officer $5,500Republican Party
Jeff PerkinsHuman Resources Vice President $5,400Democratic Party
Luke NosekBoard Of Directors Member $5,000Democratic Party
John TaylorCommunications Director $3,516Democratic Party
Caryn SchenewerkAttorney $3,036Democratic Party
David KnappEngineer $2,700Democratic Party
SAM TellerExecutive $2,700Democratic Party
Kimbal MuskDirector $2,500Democratic Party
Kenneth BowersoxEngineer $2,500Republican Party
Eion MuskChief Executive Officer $2,400Democratic Party
Sean ReillyEngineer $1,750Democratic Party
David Den HerderLawyer $1,750Republican Party
Peter KIMEngineer $1,712Democratic Party
Rory JorgensenEngineer $1,045Republican Party
Kenneth NaishtatSoftware Engineer $1,000Democratic Party
Elizabeth SoukupEngineer $1,000Democratic Party
Bret JohnsonChief Finance Officer $1,000Republican Party
Christopher FranksEE $924Democratic Party
Kyle FaunceWeld Inspector $835Democratic Party
Craig RemillardEngineer $800Libertarian Party
Daniel ZehrEngineer $750Democratic Party
Britt AhlstromSpecialist $621Democratic Party
Stephanie WilliamsEngineer $526Democratic Party
Matthew MuellerEngineering Manager $510Democratic Party
Sombiri EnwemekaEngineer $500Democratic Party
Scott KellyCorporate Security Manager $500Republican Party
Ricky LIMEngineer $500Green Party
Lawrence WilliamsVice President $500Democratic Party
Caroline ConleyEngineer $500Democratic Party
Tom MuellerEngineer $500Democratic Party
Marvin Vander WEGVice President $500Republican Party
Benjamin HigginbothamSystems Administrator $400Libertarian Party
Marshall WrightSenior Technologist $370Republican Party
Phillip HuntEngineer $350Democratic Party
ELI BashevkinEngineer $350Democratic Party
Michael HowardRocket Engine Tester $300Republican Party
Andre KesslerSoftware Engineer $288Democratic Party
Jeremy BraunEngineer $250Democratic Party
Paul BrienEngineer $250Democratic Party
Cecilia AriasEngineer $250Democratic Party
WES CornettQuality Assurance $250Republican Party
Herlann WeissMechanical Engineer $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Paul DoviEngineer $250Republican Party
Lyle ShiptonAerospace Engineer $250Democratic Party
Jerry FielderHuman Resources Vice President $250Republican Party
Warren ScheininEngineer $202Republican Party
Brent GollEngineer $201Republican Party
James CopelandEngineer $201Republican Party
Mat DunnGovernment Affairs Researcher $200Republican Party
Axel HobsonAerospace $172Democratic Party
Noel GodinezEngineer $168Democratic Party
Teague LasserSoftware Engineer $140Democratic Party
Michael HwangEngineer $120Democratic Party
Arwin Lee de BoerSystems Engineer $105Democratic Party
David WilliamsElectrical Engineer Internship $100Democratic Party
Felipe BaezaAerospace Technician $92Democratic Party
Benjamin ReedProgram Manager $80Democratic Party
Charles HoseasonAerospace Technician $60Republican Party
Ryan ByrneEngineer $50Democratic Party
Anton GagneEngineer $50Democratic Party
Phillip LarsonCommunications $27Democratic Party
Andrew LyjakEngineer $12Democratic Party
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Space Exploration Technologies Salaries

Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $181,000
Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $181,000
Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $181,000
Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $181,000
Vice President Of ProductionHawthorne, CA $175,000
Industrial Production ManagerHawthorne, CA $170,518
Senior Firmware EngineerPalo Alto, CA $168,210
Software EngineerPalo Alto, CA $168,210
Engineering Production Operations DirectorHawthorne, CA $168,000
Senior ManagerHawthorne, CA $167,000
Director Of QualityHawthorne, CA $165,000
Vice President Of ProductionHawthorne, CA $165,000
Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $161,000
Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $161,000
Senior Mechanical EngineerRedmond, WA $161,000
Analytical ManagerHawthorne, CA $159,432
Senior Process ManagerHawthorne, CA $150,000
Senior Software EngineerHawthorne, CA $150,000
Aerodynamics EngineerHawthorne, CA $148,325
Analytical ManagerHawthorne, CA $142,425
Aerodynamics EngineerHawthorne, CA $138,000
Production DirectorHawthorne, CA $138,000
Senior DirectorHawthorne, CA $138,000
Vice-President Of QualityHawthorne, CA $138,000
Quality Assurance ManagerHawthorne, CA $136,898
Senior Process ManagerHawthorne, CA $136,386
Industrial Engineering ManagerHawthorne, CA $135,000
Senior AnalystHawthorne, CA $135,000
Process Improvement ManagerHawthorne, CA $134,743
Senior Technical RecruiterRedmond, WA $125,000
Senior Technical RecruiterRedmond, WA $125,000
Senior Technical RecruiterRedmond, WA $125,000
Senior Structural EngineerHawthorne, CA $125,000
Senior Technical RecruiterRedmond, WA $125,000
Computer AnalystHawthorne, CA $121,826
Application Software DeveloperHawthorne, CA $115,819
Process Improvement EngineerHawthorne, CA $114,000
Process Improvement ManagerHawthorne, CA $114,000
EngineerRedmond, WA $107,342
Validation EngineerHawthorne, CA $101,670
Lead Technical RecruiterRedmond, WA $100,610
EngineerRedmond, WA $100,443
Quality EngineerHawthorne, CA $100,000
Director Of SalesHawthorne, CA $91,229
Director Of SalesHawthorne, CA $91,125
EngineerCape Canaveral, FL $90,000
Validation EngineerHawthorne, CA $87,069
EngineerRedmond, WA $85,500

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Elon's SpaceX Tour - Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Dragon

Elon's SpaceX Tour - Offices

Elon Musk Tour of SpaceX 720p HD

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Space Exploration Technologies Financing Rounds

Date Amount Security Type
Jul 9, 2019Equity $313,999,846
May 24, 2019Equity $499,999,992
Jan 3, 2019Equity $499,999,992
Apr 18, 2018Equity $500,000,189
Nov 27, 2017Equity $449,999,820
Jan 26, 2015Equity $1,000,000,000
Nov 9, 2010Equity $50,625,000
Mar 31, 2009Equity $60,000,000
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Frequently Asked Questions about Space Exploration Technologies

When was Space Exploration Technologies founded?

Space Exploration Technologies was founded in 2002.

How many Employees does Space Exploration Technologies have?

Space Exploration Technologies has 4,832 employees.

How much money does Space Exploration Technologies make?

Space Exploration Technologies generates $1.1B in revenue.

What industry is Space Exploration Technologies in?

Space Exploration Technologies is in the aerospace & defense industry.

What type of company is Space Exploration Technologies?

Space Exploration Technologies is a private company.

Who are Space Exploration Technologies's competitors?


Who works at Space Exploration Technologies?

Elon Musk (Executive Officer, Director),
Kimbal Musk (Executive Officer, Director),
Gwynne Shotwell (Executive Officer, Director),
Bret Johnsen (Executive Officer),
Steve Jurvetson (Director),
Antonio Gracias (Director),
Donald Harrison (Director),
Luke Nosek (Director)

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Where is Space Exploration Technologies's headquarters?

Space Exploration Technologies's headquarters is in Hawthorne, CA.

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