St. Francis Health Care System Company History Timeline

1885 To satisfy space needs, a north wing is added boosting the bed count to 53 and giving the Sisters a long-awaited chapel.
1890 A south wing is added giving the hospital 95 beds, a kitchen, boiler room and a laundry room.
The hospital was first organized in 1913 when the 25-bed hospital was operated by the Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration from Williamsville, New York.
In 1916, when William K. Warren first arrived in Oklahoma, he was an impressionable 19-year-old.
1918 Another new wing is added.
The Sisters of St Francis were recalled to Williamsville in 1921 and the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Wheeling sent five sisters to administer the hospital.
In 1922, two Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary were traveling door-to-door selling embroidered cloths.
1938 St Francis Hospital acquires Peoria's first iron lung to treat an eight year old boy with a rare respiratory disease.
In 1944, a forward-thinking group of citizens founded the Greater Columbus Committee, which organized the Columbus Planning Association.
In 1946, half a million dollars was a lot of money, especially after more than four years of war had drained the local economy.
Opened in 1946, Thomas Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit healthcare facility located in South Charleston, West Virginia.
1951 In December, doctors repair the aorta of a three-month old infant in the first heart surgery of its kind in Peoria.
1954 On June 27, a new, 100-bed Children's Hospital is dedicated, the result of the first capital campaign in the history of OSF Saint Francis.
In 1954, St Francis Hospital opened its doors to adult patients as well.
That dream became reality when Saint Francis Hospital opened its doors in 1960.
1968 A seven year modernization and building project costing 7,000,000 was completed.
In order to meet patient care requirements, as well as the demands of a rapidly growing population in southeast Tulsa, the hospital was expanded in 1969 to 735 adult and pediatric beds and bassinets.
1973 On February 1, two doctors performed the first open heart surgery Peoria on an 18-year-old woman who had a hole in her heart.
And nearly a century after the first hospital opened its doors, the system was officially founded as the Sisters of St Francis Health Services in 1974.
A major milestone occurred on December 3, 1975 - the 15th anniversary of the hospital - when the Natalie Warren Bryant Cancer Center opened its doors.
During 1979, Saint Francis Hospital launched many new services.
1980 The medical center officially launches a children's heart surgery program, led by Doctor Dale Geiss.
1983 The landscape of Saint Francis Medical Center and downtown Peoria changed dramatically on June 28 with the groundbreaking of a 47 million, seven-story addition to the medical center.
1985 On July 14, Doctor Beverley Ketel performs the first kidney transplant in central Illinois.
1986 About 12,000 people attended the four days of opening festivities for the new addition to the medical center.
1987 Peoria's first heart transplant took place at the medical center on April 27.
Warren Clinic The first area Warren Clinic was established in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in January 1988.
That vision became Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital which opened in 1989.
1989 Saint Francis becomes the first Illinois hospital to mobilize a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, at a cost of 1.1 million.
1990 The formation of the Children's Hospital at Saint Francis Medical Center is announced.
1994 An urgent care facility, called Prompt Care, opened on the main floor of the Glen Avenue Outpatient Center.
The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis In 1995, The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis was established.
1995 To create a system identity, the letters OSF, representing Order of St Francis, are added to the name of each medical center, including OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.
1997 In February, the creation of the OSF Stroke Network is announced with 13 hospitals as charter members.
In November 1997, Medical Care Associates of Tulsa MCAT joined Warren Clinic.
Saint Francis Hospital at Broken Arrow Saint Francis Hospital at Broken Arrow officially became part of the Saint Francis Health System in January 1998 yet, the history uniting the two began a decade earlier.
2000 On February 15, a groundbreaking is held for RecPlex later named RiverPlex , a joint effort between OSF Saint Francis and the Peoria Park District.
2002 Doctor Ketel performs the area's first pancreas transplant on September 6 and the first kidney-pancreas transplant on September 8.
Saint Francis Heart Hospital In March 2004, the Saint Francis Health System and area cardiologists joined together as partners to open the Saint Francis Heart Hospital.
Thomas Health formed in 2007 forging a partnership based on the strength of two established hospitals Thomas Memorial and Saint Francis.
Saint Francis Hospital South Opened in 2008, this 96-bed community hospital serves the needs of southern Tulsa and Wagoner counties in Oklahoma.
2010 Ten days of events surrounded the opening of the new Children's Hospital of Illinois OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.
Saint Francis Trauma Emergency Center and Patient Tower The eight-story, 500,000-square-foot patient tower and Trauma Emergency Center TEC opened in early September of 2014.
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