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    Average Salary For a Staff Engineer

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Staff Engineer is $107,530 per year or $52 per hour. The highest paying Staff Engineer jobs have a salary over $167,000 per year while the lowest paying Staff Engineer jobs pay $69,000 per year

    Updated January 26, 2023
    Average Staff Engineer Salary
    $107,530 yearly
    $52 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Staff Engineer

    Project Manager

    Project managers oversee a specific project related to the organization's business. They manage the whole project from inception to evaluation. They initiate planning with involved departments, follow-through on the plans, ensure smooth execution of the plans, and evaluate the project for further improvements should these be needed. In line with this, project managers also ensure that the project is cost-efficient and well within the budget. They also manage the different work teams involved in the project and ensure that things are running smoothly on this aspect as well.

    Principal Engineer

    A principal engineer is responsible for monitoring the overall design phase of the construction process, including coordinating with the client for progress and updates, as well as performing adjustments as needed based on clients' specifications and requirements. Principal engineers also inspect the materials and resources used to ensure that the project stays within the budget goals and set timeframe. They should have excellent communication and organizational skills, especially in preparing reports and training new staff.

    Engineering Manager

    An engineering manager is responsible for managing the overall concept of engineering and construction projects, ensuring that the plan meets the budget goals and the client's specifications. Engineering managers approve designs, plan strategic procedures to follow the project's timetable, analyze current market trends, hire the best and efficient contractors, and coordinate with the clients for any changes and adjustments as needed. An engineering manager must have excellent knowledge of engineering disciplines, as well as leadership and communication skills, monitoring the team's performance throughout the project.

    Lead Engineer

    A lead engineer's duties vary on their line of work or industry of employment. Typically, their responsibilities will revolve around overseeing the progress of operations and performance of the workforce, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. They are also responsible for addressing issues and concerns, assessing risks, monitoring the budget, coordinating with clients and architects, and even training workers. Furthermore, as a lead engineer, it is crucial to conduct regular inspections to ensure the quality of work and maintain a safe environment for all workers.

    Staff Design Engineer

    Staff design engineers are tasked to assess the efficiency of instruments, technologies, and equipment by collaborating with the engineering team to plan, design, and develop technologies efficiently. Their responsibilities include building and setting up, as wells as improving systems and procedures. They should possess strong attention to detail, good visual and spatial awareness, creativity, problem-solving, excellent verbal, written, and project management skills, and strong mathematical and IT skills to become efficient and effective staff design engineers.

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    Staff Engineer Jobs FAQs

    How Many Years Does It Take To Be A Staff Engineer?

    The time it takes to become a staff engineer can vary by company. It takes about ten years to become a staff engineer in software development. Staff engineers are ensuring senior engineers are meeting standards.

    How Much Do Staff Engineers Make?

    Staff engineers's salary varies considerably based on industry. Staff engineer can refer to software engineering or industrial engineering with substantial pay and scope differences.

    A staff-level software engineer earns $147,000 on average, or $75 an hour. In addition to base pay, bonuses and stock options are added. An industrial engineer, in contrast, is paid an average salary of $92,660, or $46 per hour.

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